Labour are behind on donations, now why would that be?


Labour official says National’s $1.8m donations in Paula Bennett fundraising drive ‘worrying’

“Worrying” is the term the Labour Party’s most senior official has used to describe Paula Bennett’s $1.8 million fundraising for the National Party.

Labour’s general secretary Rob Salmond emailed registered party supporters late yesterday pointing to the NZ Herald’s revelation that Bennett, a former Deputy Prime Minister, had raised a huge amount of money in just three weeks.

Donors included New Zealand’s wealthiest man, Graeme Hart, who gave $250,000, as did multi-millionaires Murray Bolton and Nick Mowbray.

Rod Salmon is fucking hopeless so he should be worried.

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The issue here has been building for some time, here’s what is going on.

Since the last National Party Conference that re-elected Peter Goodfellow as President, the big money barons in Auckland took over control of the Party because they wanted Judith to focus on one thing and one thing only, Fair Pay Agreements.

There are two planks that hold up the entire economy of NZ.

The first is stealing land from Māori and NEVER paying the full cost of that they back and the second plank to the NZ economy is the de-unionised work force that keeps wages lower than Australia and allows big money to operate a labour force dependent on cheap immigration.

The big money in NZ has realised that the FPAs represent the greatest tool to force them to pay more for workers, and there is no way in hell they are going to allow that ti happen.

So huge money is now being donated to National with one focus, and one focus only – stop the Fair Pay Agreements.

To date, this is how the Union Movement think they will win over voters…

…hmmm. Y-e-a-h. Might need to work on that. Maybe less colour?

Big Money in NZ has accepted Labour in power because while in power, Labour have done sweet fuck all to challenge their business interests, with FPAs though, Labour threatens their total dominance over a de-unionised work force.

They will never allow that to happen.

That’s why Luxon was so swift to attack Jim Bolger for supporting FPAs.

The fight for Fair Pay Agreements is probably one of the most important in NZs class history.

The Right understand that, the Left unfortunately are a buggers muddle of identity politic virtue signals masquerading as class consciousness.

The surface issues the 2023 election will be fought over will hide the real battle that Big Money are funding, and that’s about killing off any last chance to reverse the mistakes of the neoliberal revolution and unionise the NZ workforce.

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    • Pretty sure there are a few that are “comfortable” with it in that space @ Joe Han. Their cheerleaders sometimes come in here to educate, inform and entertain us.
      NO so much though some that have called it quits.

  1. The useless CTU (having been completely taken over by the ultra woke) will to make every effort to skew the FPA system to their own ends and ultimately (inadvertently) help to kill it also…

  2. Let’s be honest. The Ardern Labour government rarely demonstrates it knows what it’s doing. It still looks like it’s 2017, just a lot more cynical.

    You could also easily argue that donating money to Labour achieved nothing anyway, whether that money was from donors of good intent or otherwise.

    And they look like they’re going to lose. There is nothing to suggest Labour are suddenly going to snap out of their 4 plus year torpor and make it happen. The cabinet definitely does not inspire confidence and because of that neither does the person who picked them, our Prime Minister!

    It becomes a situation of no point flogging a dead horse and throwing away good money after bad on a party that doesn’t really deliver!

    • But maybe if we just give them one more term to be transformational, then they will be what they haven’t been, and haven’t even tried to be for the previous two?…

      • Mickey the current government is most definitely trying to be transformational – just not in the way I would have liked.

      • Of course. And another…

        The trouble for Jacinda was the moment she got a majority, the game was up. Turned out NZ First was never the hand brake we were led to believe, it was simply her party was too scared and or inept to do anything on their very own policy front!

    • Its the same when it comes to government spending.
      They have spent money like Nicholas Cage on speed but EVERYTHING has gotten A LOT worse.
      So IMO we would have been better off under the previous National government where things really didn’t get much worse and they didn’t spend like crazy people.
      For those people who are going to claim COVID, this doesn’t begin to cover all the excesses.
      They spent about a Billion IIRC on “Free” student tuition and the number of students DROPPED.
      Worse was the fact that this was a lolly grab for the largely middle class university attendees.

      • “So IMO we would have been better off under the previous National government where things really didn’t get much worse and they didn’t spend like crazy people.”

        And why National completely fucked our health system, finally an admission.

        • And exactly how has it improved under Labour?
          And I don’t know why this is an “admission”, since I thought John Key was a dick.
          Just because National sucked, doesn’t mean this rabble are any good.

          • More has been done to address the ills born upon us, so yes this rabble is far better, thanks Jay’s.

  3. What an interesting shortlist of richlisters!
    Graeme Hart did pretty well on the back of Government print and has screwed a fortune from that base while claiming to be as poor as a church mouse when it suited. The Mowbray empire was based on leveraging on its production base in China
    Bolton Equities, his recent $1 billion-plus Transaction Services Group to one of the world’s largest private equity groups didn’t hurt. It is notable that while the country was dependent on Government financial arrangements because of Covid that will hold us back for decades, these fuckers seriously increased their wealth. Their donations have been paid for by whom?

  4. We have our own oligarchs here in NZ and they have just donated 1.8 million to help get Luxon and his party in power. These people are apparently not happy with the direction our country is heading but they are happy for many NZers to struggle and be on very low wages and be homeless.

  5. Oh! And don’t forget. These crooks are all in court now.

    National, Labour and New Zealand First – all involved in court prosecutions over donations they have received at the 2017, 2020 general election(s). And Te Pāti Māori is currently being investigated by police over $320,000 in undeclared donations.

    • if any of ’em and I do mean any get jail time I’ll eat my hat..

      I must point out at this point I’m wearing a licorice trilby today.

      • I’m waiting for the declaration to the court …”Your Honour. ‘We’ was hacked by the Russians! They deposited the money into our accounts without our knowledge!”

  6. The FPA may result in higher wages for some but as sure as night follows day, there will be less jobs. I work in an industry that is likely to be targeted by the Unions should the FPA get off the ground. Having talked to many different people the one thing that isn’t in any doubt is that many businesses just don’t have the funds to withstand a significant lift in wages in the short to medium term so will have to fire people and rebalance their businesses.

    The other side is that it will drive prices up as businesses look to stay afloat which will be a great thing when we’re already dying in an insane inflationary environment

    • But but but….they can just get MORE MONEY, its easy!
      Every time Labour want more money they just print it or get it from taxpayers.
      Let them eat cake…ooops…I mean print money too.

      This Labour government more than any other Labour government in NZ’s history has zero understanding or regard for businesses, especially small businesses.

    • You’ve hit the nail on the head with your second paragraph, Yeti. Everyone here seems to think that businesses are greedy but no one defines what a fair return on the capital that is required to establish a business along with the risks that go with it is – has to be more than bank term deposit rates. Even the supermarkets have stated their return is only 4% – has anyone tested this statement? Of course the profit of any mega business can appear large without putting it back into the return on capital, etc. equation. 4% doesn’t appear to be much of a return to me…..

    • if jobs go then your business was overmanned and you could only afford them on slave labour wages..hence not a viable business model…WE subsidise through taxes and ‘top ups’ the incompetent managers of NZ business who’s only answer in any and all situations is ‘cheap labour’ because increasing actual productivity, or expanding markets, modernising production etc is just all a bit difficult for mail order MBAs

      • +100
        I’m buggered if I know why it doesn’t seem obvious – other than a neolib’s agenda is to complicate, manipulate, obfuscate and spin, and try and commodify everything and anything that’s left to get an earn from in order to maintain their agenda.

        The mathematics of it all were, and are never going to work out, and the longer it goes on, the more violent the outcome will be as a growing number of natives get restless.
        They’ve even spun and manipulated the language so much that things like the DEPENDENT contractor is referred to as the INdependent contractor – something that a true Labour Party could rectify in a very short time – especially given the will and a huge mandate given them.
        I’m hanging out to hear the excuses after election ’23 whether or not it’s a win for the so-called left, OR a rout.
        His and Herstories are coming closer to repeating than rhyming in this space, going forward.
        Where’s Bert btw? has it been told to pull its head in for a bit?

  7. “Labour are behind on donations, now why would that be?”
    Before I even read your post, I think I might have an idea in this space going forward.
    However I think they might need to convene a focus group and take on board various listenings from who they think are their dwindling ‘core’ suppotas, and then devise a strategy in order to get together a meaningful programme in order to contest the next election. (Keep away from the Wellington outer suburbs though).

    Sure as shit they’re not getting another ounce of my pension (or so I’m told, from most of my Labour loyal whanau) until they return to – or AT LEAST make an effort to return to their rootings.

    I understand though that while I have no debt, others are not so fortunate.
    But fuk ’em, and all who sail in them.
    Until Labour comes to its senses, never again should they be given a majority mandate we have to witness being squandered.
    Roll up Greens
    Roll up TOP
    Roll up MP

    Declare, AND stick to your policy bottom lines

    • Oh, and btw, why donate to Labour when you can donate to UTU? An organisation more committed to fair play and workers’ rights than what the Labour Party has become

  8. The Labour Government is going to leave New Zealand in a far worse position after 6 years of failure.
    Inept is not a strong enough word.

  9. “Our concern is that fair Pay Agreements will result in fair pay.” – Brett O’Riley

    Fixed that for you Brett, even your obfuscation was shallow.

  10. Labour begrudgingly likes big businesses because unlike many labour voters, even this government understood that if you kill big businesses not even the farmers can save you. What labour couldn’t give a fuck about is little business and they haven’t worked out that the majority of businesses in NZ are small. Why would any business in NZ contribute to the Labour Party. If you’re struggling with what I’m saying, imagine taking all the greedy business people away and what have you got, a lot of whining lefties that will either wonder where their next coffee is coming from or wondering where their job has gone and demanding the government gives them one. Rank and file labour funded the Ardern government hoping for change. Whoops.

  11. Not sure why you’re worried Martyn. A few million is chicken feed to the $105 million has given the media to be a mouth piece for the Labour Party. I mean who needs to go out and work to find doners when you just milk the tax payer, and this is not even accounting for the $2 billion 3 Waters propaganda fund.

    Pffttt $1.8 million is nothing compared to having every news agency going ga-ga over Jacinda waering gumboots!

  12. It comes down to one sentient fact. More and more people are realizing the lasting damage that our Glorious Leader is inflicting on the country since the handbrake was released. Watch for fundraising records to be smashed for National/Act over the next 12 months by some margin.

  13. The cuckoo shovelled money at the rich who then shovelled their excess towards the National party. She tried to befriend the dogs and found out they were wolves. She hates the poor.

  14. It honestly seems like with the moves they are making, Labour want to loose the next election. What other possible explanation could there be?

  15. And funnily enough, I got the impression the FPA legislation was a sop to the party’s traditional left that they wheeled out when they began to understand how much damage the identity politics focus was doing to the long standing Labour vote.

    It’ll be hilarious if that’s what brings the party down at the next election (National pulling out all the stops to win, unlike now). The Right dont give a shit about identity politics no matter how bad it gets but you do not threaten the business bottom line EVER!

    • largely because the right are into identity politics as much as anyone…christian values, family values, identitarian, ‘right thinking kiwis’ ‘middle nz’ it’s all just SJW horse shit just the right are ‘warriors’ for a different view of ‘social justice’ and they’re pretttyyyy snowflakey too.

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