Bottom Feeders and Rivers of Filth


National Party leader Christopher Luxon: “We don’t just do bottom feeding and just focus on the bottom,” he said. Instead, “we focus on people who want to be positive and ambitious, aspirational and confident”.

Deputy Leader of the House and Minister of Transport Michael Wood: There is a “river of filth” behind the violent behaviour seen at the Parliament protest…. 

“Bottom feeders” and “rivers of filth” are dog-whistle attacks on some of the most vulnerable New Zealanders from people in positions of power and privilege. They are not far from incitement to hatred.

Christopher Luxon should know beneficiaries pay a higher proportion of their income in tax (GST and income tax together) than he does. They are carrying him.

And Michael Wood should accept that people have the right to hold unpopular views and unpopular opinions without being tossed into his “river of filth”. It’s called democracy. Respect it.

 Both comments are unacceptable and unforgiveable. Neither is fit to represent the country.


  1. Luxon’s just a Key protege, and Key was always a common little weasel with an eye on the main chance – but for a professed Christian, Christopher Luxon’s comment is disgraceful – disgraceful for a Jew or a Muslim or a Communist too; I wonder where he gets his grubby wee mindset from. Who does he mix with ? Whose vocabulary is this ? This is off-shore.

    Wood’s river of filth proclamation should disqualify him from ever even pretending that he represents New Zealanders if that is how he regards people who think differently from him, or who even think, which few MP’s did with this occurrence, they just knee-jerked.

    Yep, there are scumbags everywhere, but this comment of Mr Wood about New Zealanders has angered me as much as Marama Davidson’s white-bashing in wake of the Christchurch Muslim massacres; both were wrong, both are immature, and neither of them should be in Parliament.

    We don’t actually need dopey pollies who are as divisive as this unholy trio.

  2. Totally agree. The comments say a lot about them both.
    As my unvaccinated brother said yesterday “we need some people in the control group”
    So we are all amazed that these bottom feeding filth are sceptical of science.
    Ok so why is that?
    -very poor procedure in the Wuhan lab?
    -the USA funding the lab to make a virus more infectious (gain of function)?
    -no crime scene investigation of the lab (no one allowed near it)?
    -no procedure to genome sequence any virus being experimented on so that any outbreak can be traced?
    -no international policy for the safety of future gain of function experiments?
    So 10 million people die and no one is implementing any change-defies belief

  3. Luxon’s “bottom-feeding” Freudian slip is reminiscent of Mitt Romney’s 2012 claim that 47% of the US population paid no income tax. It’s going to come back to haunt Luxon at the next election – if he survives that long as leader of the Nats.

  4. This isn’t the first time that Wood has over-reacted politically; he was filmed involved in some sort of altercation with an Indian man whom he apparently thought had insulted his wife. He may be too thin skinned, or simply a jerk like Luxon, but his attitude appears dreadful.

  5. Allowing those two narcissistic psychopaths anywhere near our politic would be fucking hilarious.
    They’re such a couple of highly polished, be-suited political dinosaurs and I don’t mean any disrespect to actual dinosaurs, well dressed or otherwise.
    “we focus on people who want to be positive and ambitious, aspirational and confident”. Ba haha a a! Baldy McKnobhead sounds exactly like a pyramid scheme promoter. ( And in effect he is, actually. ) He’ll be selling Amway door to door next. Unsnib the Pitbull then I say.
    Those two idiot types are precisely why we have social decay ( I.e. poverty. ) and the need for getting rowdy no matter how seemingly unfocused that may be.
    And on that note. I’m more than totally certain that it was, and without doubt still are, the dreaded Natzo Gubbimint and it’s agents who’re well inside the ‘Ground Swell’ and ‘Ag Action’ movement who orchestrated the entire embarrassing Lawn Occupation outside Parliament buildings fiasco. I’m certain it was a farce, an unruly scuffle ignited by National Party agents to block any direct action, and by direct action I mean strike action, by our primary industry. I’m more than aware of the mechanisms behind the occasional rise of dissent within farmer circles. I’ve been well within a couple of them myself and when I watched on as the direct action at play in Wellington turned into a crude, smelly, noisy shambles I smiled to myself as I pondered that I’d seen that before, now nearly forty years ago. The Machiavellian confederate rats ran from the woodpiles to diffuse and obfuscate any proper and worthwhile debate and direct action and as per usual nothing good came of the so called occupation because, and while at the risk of repeating myself, it was a scam.
    luxon is a polished wind bag who’s no different from his predecessors and he’s in his job because shadowy figures outside our political infrastructure put him there. Aye Boys?
    “we focus on people who want to be positive and ambitious, aspirational and confident”
    Well, I focus on liars and swindlers, cheats, crooks and bullshit artists. I focus on Sociopaths in suits, I focus on narcissistic psychopaths, I focus on where our farmer money goes to never be seen again. I focus on the cadre of good ol boys rolling about in extreme wealth while normal people sleep rough with their hungry kids.
    For a better insight into the inner workings of the Young Natzo, read this.
    ‘Narcissism with Dr Ramani Durvasula’
    Many CEOs across the globe are psychopaths well-adjusted to the capitalist system, focused on profit and lacking empathy for ordinary people, says clinical psychologist Dr Ramani Durvasula.
    Farmers? For God’s sake? What’s it going to take? LSD? Mushrooms? What’s it going to take to make you realise that your real power is in doing nothing? Not driving about with dumb flags on your utes or blocking up the road ways with your tractors.
    Just do nothing but strike and stay striking until the rats start scuffling, and believe me, it won’t take long before that happens.
    Ukraine is about twice the size of AO/NZ. It has an impressive agrarian industry that can supply over 600 million people with food.
    Their population is around 44 million people
    Our AO/NZ has a population of 5.1 million, is entirely agrarian but we only seem to be able to feed 40 million people. The figures, when leaned against AO/NZ, don’t match logic. So what’s going on? Luxon? Mr Wonderful, Positive, ambitious, aspirational and confident ? What the fuck’s going on mate?
    Farmers? You’re being ripped off on a scale that’s almost beyond comprehension. Actually… It IS beyond your comprehension, no ‘almost’ about it.
    Russell Brand explains.
    Now. Can I ask? Who, exactly, are the bottom feeders and rivers of filth again?

  6. There is no basis for having a reasonable discussion when words like “river of filth” are being chucked around. There is though when the reasonable discussion is with someone who says that Jacinda Ardern is the “most evil person ever given birth to in New Zealand.”

    Can’t think why the politicians wouldn’t have meetings with the Wellington protestors and their representatives like Liz Gunn.

  7. Trumpism, which most of the anti-vaxers stand for, is filth, and needs to be called so.
    It falls for the impostion of white supramecy and Old Testament Biblical law at gunpoint.
    Most of these protesters were also opposed to civil rights, abortion, LGBT rights and the teaching of evolution, as well as ‘traditional’ gender roles.

  8. Men in dark suits and corporate ties. It’s the same everywhere. No empathy for the marginalised. Just contempt. What is more troublesome is not that individual politicians hold such views but the fact that they have so much support, overtly or covertly expressed, among the electorate.

    • Anker. I see – with some disbelief – that Wood is actually a Minister. He needs to tidy up his speechifying ASAP.

  9. He said “bottom feeding” NOT bottom feeder.

    Did u even watch the NewtalkZB interview?

    It’s pretty shamefully when the entire NZ media not only quotes Luxon out of context, but can’t even quote two words correctly.

    Putting that aside.. anyone see Q+A’s cost-of-living interview this week? It really took Q+A to all time lows, what an absolute and shameless waste of taxpayers mone!

    • Zack
      Truth is that Luxon could say ‘double payments for beneficiaries’ and the left would quote him out of context and twist his words in a blind rage because he said something. That’s how blinkered they are once they home in on their targets. By the same token, Michael Woods did not call the people/protestors a ‘river of filth’ – as implied by John Minto. Woods implied they were ‘encouraged’ by a river of filth…massive difference. Hey, anyway, blinkers back on and lets go…

  10. “There is a river of filth behind the violent behaviour seen at the Parliament protest” is actually an accurate assessment of the situation. The level of the violence and destruction gleefully perpetrated by a section of the protestors robed the whole protest of its authenticity and any credibilty.

  11. Remember it’s a 3% game. Within the margin of error.

    Let’s hope it ends up being a hung parliament and two or three rapid-fire elections or, a Grand Coalition!

    There is no difference between LINO and National.

    As for the rest. They’re all pretty much parasitic, parasites.

    You can write this decade off. It’s a global political wasteland.

    • Anker, some of the actions of small groups of the tour protest were stupid and unhelpful to the cause – the aerial flour bombing down right dangerous and protestors in helmets with weapons indicated unlawful intent; but on the whole the protests were focused and effective. The mandates protest lost all credibilty about day 2 when the freedom of others was the target and destruction of property became the norm.
      ‘the river of filth’: desecration of memorials, squalid living conditions, use of children as shields, intimidation of people trying to go about their normal business; now it’s time for those that funded it to declare their income sources.

  12. John I think the rivers of filth comment was a stupid and provocative remark. That said I don’t know how you then arrive at ” Michael Wood should accept that people have the right to hold unpopular views and unpopular opinions without being tossed into his “river of filth”. It’s called democracy. Respect it.”

    Yes they do have those rights but disagreeing over views is not equivalent to hurling paving stones. If Michael Wood is commenting on the perpetrators of violence at the protest, which he appears to be, you are lumping everyone in to the same bucket which is completely wrong. I would think the majority of the protestors were not in agreement with tossing bricks about. I think you have unwittingly “tossed” everyone into said river.

  13. Luxon is a slimey rent seeking tax free capital gaining piece of shit, the type of person who Jacinda has just rewarded with millions in tax free capital gain. NZ politics is full of pure scum on every side.

    • Well spotted ex-kiwi. Succinctly put.
      But, one particularly born-to-rule Tory side of the political spectrum, and its allies and enablers, embraces dirty politics filth worse than the other side of the spectrum.

      • Mike Judge “ …born-to-rule Tory” ? Chris Luxon ? The living advert for how to grow spuds in sacks ? No. The top potato might be gleaming scrubbing- brushed clean but dirt hangs around the roots hence his rather crude bottom-feeding ideology. It’s a bad season for potatoes.

        • I heard “Spud” Luxon this morning on National Radio fluff and obfuscate again on co-governance, charter schools, dismantling Maori Health boards and because traffic was at a standstill on the Auckland motorway, I shut my eyes and could hear Sir John Key #1. ‘We’ll have a conversation, and ask the Labour Party what they mean by co-governance and then decide on whether we will support a referendum’

          A quick shudder, eyes wide open again. Same spud paddock, same rows, same light blue and yellow and black blight, different season. With Judith Collins the scarecrow, scaring away the magpies and ravens and giving my kids nightmares..

          Is it just me, or does Nicola Willis look very like Ruth Richardson? Brace yourselves beneficiaries and bureaucrats, I can smell a Mother-of-all-Budgets again.

    • I see fester the landlord twirling a glue on moustache as he demands the hand of his starving tenants beautiful daughter….

  14. Ah Joe and Jane Ordinary, who will you vote for? The kind Labour Party or the Kind National Party. Never mind their third Party enablers.

  15. The outrage of the comments made by Luxon and Wood remind me of the outrage around the anti smacking law.
    Most thinking people can work out who both these people are talking about just the way a light smack on the bottom was not the thrashing that the bill was aimed at. Wether you like it or not there are some very unsavory people out there who deserve the scorn of normal people just the same as there was a group of protestors that tarnished an message being sent by some sincere people . I know some will say I am an unpc boomer but I have been around long enough and dealt with rich and poor and both contain unpleasant people

  16. “Bottom feeding”—spoken by someone from a small sector of society with a bottomless appetite.

    The continual harping on about being CEO of Air New Zealand, trotting out old Key era rhetoric, a cronyistic appointment to where he is now; demonstrates a dearth of “ambition” or “aspiration”. As I recall, reading the news a year or two before COVID appeared, the company was underperforming. Instead of turning it around, he just left to feed from the perk laden trough of parliament.

    Given how many are struggling with the current conditions, goes to show how out of touch he is. Another overinflated ego.

  17. Actors and comedians seem to be the full package these days (Zelinsky). Give me Munter, last seen doing road speed ads. I would trust him running the ship over these two National floggers who are serious cringe. Right!


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