PODCAST: Buchanan + Manning: Can Deterrence be an effective tool against Putin’s offensive in Ukraine?


A View from Afar – In this podcast, political scientist Paul Buchanan and Selwyn Manning unpack why the west has been losing a strategic deterrence advantage against Russian Federation president Vladimir Putin, but equally how this may be about to change.

In this episode Buchanan and Manning analyse whether deterrence, in its various forms, is an effective tool against aggressive authoritarian opponents and specifically why NATO and the United States has been at a disadvantage when attempting to use deterrence to gain leverage over Putin and the Russian offensive occurring against Ukraine and its peoples.

Also, we know about the rules and conventions that prevent NATO and the United Nations from defending Ukrainians on Ukraine territory.

But what of the Responsibility to Protect principles, RTPs designed to defend vulnerable and helpless populations? The RTP principle was invoked against Serbia and Kosovo in the late 1990s and led to NATO forces bombing Belgrade. Why has it not been used for humanitarian principles in 2022?

Also, Buchanan and Manning examine the concepts of shatter and peripheral zones when it comes to war, and why Central Europe is the core shatter zone of past and present global conflict.

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  1. The US and NATO have got to be the biggest hypocrites in all of this!

    It’s hard to watch the show anymore with a straight face.

    • Totally agree . R2P for Donbass no no ,R2P for Ukraine yay ! Atypical western analysts who seem to live in a totally different reality. Unfortunately most western populations believe the crap they spout which scares the hell out of me since they mistake Russian restraint for weakness encouraging escalation.


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