Dear Wokies – about that mass surveillance hate speech police state you were building under the illusion Jacinda would rule forever…


Dear Middle Class Marxists.

We get you were scared during the Dumb Lives Matters protest on Parliament’s Lawns.

Some of you had to put up with not getting your coffee or haircuts in shops near the protest.

A child was laughed at for wearing a mask.


Forgive us in Auckland for rolling our eyes at your discomfort for 3 weeks, you see we were locked down in house arrest for 6 months and have had a city rail loop destroy the heart of our City for 2 years, so our view of your discomfort is tempered by actual suffering.

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We get that your Woke Edgelords were demanding the military and removal of the Police Commissioner and we know you wanted to smash the dirty smelly lumpenproletariat Nazis for being Nazis and we all appreciate that you’ve painted yourself into the Morgan/Neale/Clint/Tiso corner by doubling down on calling them Nazis because it’s embarrassing that once your privilege was pricked you turned into the very worst citizens.

We get all that.

However, this new Police State being built to hunt Nazi Monsters is an abomination and I can’t for the life of me see why we should allow you to build it because you were frightened and refused to de-escalate this protest.

Of course the protestors were violent – we spent 3 weeks winding them up and then call their reaction a hate crime.

This has given the far right a propaganda and recruitment win they could never have imagined but it’s also built momentum up from frightened Middle Class Marxists who demanded the Police Commissioner be sacked and the military sent in on day 2 of this Dumb Lives Matter farce.

This new Police State will focus on Hate Speech powers, vast new budgets and new surveillance capabilities.

Already the SIS and GCSB are drawing up expanded budgets to track the ‘Nazis’.

Police want their legally questionable face recognition mass surveillance network switched on to identify the ‘Nazis’.

Most MPs were ushered in and out under heavy police protection alongside the frightened Press Gallery, so their perception of threat is now magnified through their own personal ego, and when that happens any criticism of the new powers to make them feel safe will have you labelled a traitor or enemy of the State.

Faafoi’s woeful update of Hate Speech laws shows how difficult things are for Labour. Jacinda has always wanted harsh Free Speech laws passed and after the Dumb Lives Matter protest she wants even harsher ones enacted.

The problem is that after 5 years of paying lip service to the pain of the poor, she’s accidentally overseen the largest wealth transfer in NZ history to the already wealthy.

Doubt me on that fact?

Ask Bernard Hickey who has done the numbers…

Wealthy nearly $1 trillion richer since Covid began – Hickey

An economic and political commentator says since the Covid-19 pandemic reached Aotearoa, the rich have become richer and the poor have become poorer – in part due to the Government’s policies.

…and by ignoring the pain of the lumpenproletariat Labour have taken a hit in the polls.

Now I appreciate for you Middle Class Marxists that the Police State you envisage run by Jacinda is a friendly one that only smashes the dirty smelly lumpenproletariat Nazis, but the problem of that is it believes Jacinda will be the Prime Minister forever.

Last weeks shock Poll suggests that ignoring peoples economic pain for woke virtue signals might not be a vote winner after all.

We can not seriously build a massive Police Surveillance State and just hand it over to the Right!

Watch how quickly they will turn all your middle class Marxist arguments against the smelly lumpenproletariat against environmentalists, Maori and critics of free market capitalism.

Your can already see this happening right now.

Read this in horror!

Policing protest: You reap what you sow 

It’s a spin dr for big oil and gas using the very arguments the Middle Class Marxists used.

Here’s an idea.

Maybe not everyone at the Dumb Lives Matters protest was a Nazi, and maybe, just maybe we handled the protest badly and maybe just maybe this isn’t a reason to pass knee jerk Police State powers that will easily fall into the hands of the Right.

Can I say that and not get cancelled?

Let me try it another way – you frightened middle class fucks wouldn’t know suffering if it stood up and kicked you in the balls. You can’t build a Police State believing Jacinda will be PM forever and you can’t be shocked when the Right use it against us!

Am I being clear enough?

43% of New Zealanders disagreed with how the Government handled the protests, that’s a huge number who saw this as counter productive.

Watch for the Police State budgets, Hate Speech law and mass surveillance powers to all come out around the Budget mid year.


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  1. You can stop hate crimes by stopping freedom of speech, the opposite happens instead.

    If you encourage free and fair dialogue (decreasing from NZ for decades now), then you understand different perspectives and have a diverse society and less violent and extreme society.

    Criminalising thoughts and speech makes terror worse. While the SIS and police go looking for someones bad joke or religious views (most religious views will now be criminal), and the woke create some sort of cultural revolution where family members, work colleagues and neighbours put in hate crime reports about others.

    Already had a case on TDB where one poster said he didn’t want to reveal his pronouns and another worker laid a complaint to HR which was considered very serious. Seriously we are working with the dumb lives matter movement, where politicians tell others to ‘delete yourself bro’. Not a particularly nice society is forming in NZ.

    Dumb, angry and self obsessed are the Red guard brigade policing NZ, coming for you!

    Meanwhile going onto the streets and being attacked by gang and thugs, by being in the wrong place at the wrong time is increasing.

    The existing laws seem to not exist for violence, as apparently a police car was following the gang members that were operating outside road rules and attacked another vehicle occupants… if only the had made a bad pronoun joke maybe a better resourced police squad could have arrested them, as apparently woke is where the money is.

    More committees and specialist groups for a non existent problem (apart from wokesters who want everybody who doesn’t agree with them arrested) is part of NZ’s growing problem.

    Can see more brain drain, followed by non working, woksters who feel free to come to NZ and commit violent and financial crimes here, as our rules allow it while punishing anybody who speaks out against crims. Woke love to protect crims, apart from people like Assange of course. He is a criminal, guilty, without any charges.

    For whatever reason NZ wants more crims operating here and less freedom of speech to stop it.


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