TVNZ SHOCK POLL: Winners, Losers & Predictions


Ok the good news about the TVNZ poll is that the NZ Woke have cancelled all the Nazis.

Bad news about the TVNZ Poll, it turns out everyone we called a Nazi were also voters


Suddenly it’s all on.

The latest TVNZ Poll reshapes the entire electoral battlefield.

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Labour have kept the middle class marxists who have done incredibly well under Jacinda and their work from home privilege. Their online presence and ability to alienate everyone else is almost supernatural.

Right now woke NZ Twitter are asking ‘did we alienate all those voters’?


Yes. You. Did.

After calling everyone a Nazi, how will the woke win back the voters they’ve alienated?

They can’t, they won’t and they’ll be screaming about why the stupid smelly lumpenproletariat Nazis aren’t voting for them now!

Unfortunately Labour needs more than woke middle class Wellington Marxists to win.

Wouldn’t the craziest outcome be the NZ Woke empowering Jacinda to pass batshit crazy hate speech laws with huge mass surveillance powers only to hand over the perfect Police State to National and ACT?

Oh you have to laugh!

There are of course winners and losers!



Christian Lex Luthor: He’s done it! Luxon is a slick commercial for a house you can never afford preaching a toxic hot mess of selfishness and openly attacking the poor. Luckily for him, the poor are the ones running from Jacinda into his burning trap.

Wealthy NZ: They will be ecstatic that this Air NZ CEO will rain tax cuts down upon them. Like a millionaires golden shower but with more gold and piss.

ZB Troll Farm: That weird sound you can hear that’s a cross between nails on a blackboard and cats having sex is Mike Hosking and the entire ZB Troll Farm orgasming together. They couldn’t be happier.

ACT: Deputy Prime Minister David Seymour. Jesus. Fucking. Wept.

Leo Molloy: Those Auckland numbers in the Poll show Jacinda getting slammed by Luxon. Auckland suffered under a long Covid house arrest and the love for Labour has gone in the Big City. The immediate benefactor of that turn is Leo Molloy’s candidacy for Auckland mayor.



Beneficiaries: Luxon is going to unleash more neoliberal welfare experiments on you like Oranga Tamariki. Your lives are about to become immeasurably worse off under ACT and National. Jacinda made vague promises about life getting better, Luxon is making clear threats life will get a lot harder.

The Environment: Luxon will do nothing on climate change. Probably thinks global warming is only happening because God is hugging the Earth so tight.

Children & adults living in poverty: Chris Luxon is going to screw you over with tax cuts for the rich and sweet fuck all for you.

Greens: After all that eating of dead rats with the faint hope to finally be needed by Labour in 2023, they are once again the ugly partner in a 3some – always keen, but no one else is. They have no leverage now and their woke cancellation culture pure temple politics is about as palatable as Putin at a feminist poetry festival. Their only hope is Chloe as Leader.

Maori Party: Will now have the Left’s need for them to be part of the majority suddenly shine a bright light on the crazy that they imbue. The crazier they get, the more the voters will recoil. In the MANA Party, we talked about feeding the kids, building 30 000 State Houses and a financial tax to force the banks, speculators and corporates to pay more tax for social spending. MANA was done from a position of Maori leadership but it wasn’t about bullshit grand standing in Parliament or arguments about racist shoes. MANA was focused on all the people, the Maori Party are only focused on Maori. MANA was all about feed ALL the kids, the Maori Party are only about feeding the Maori kids. This kind of woke pure temple politics is the kiss of death in the Polls and as the electorate realise a Green/Labour Government would need the Maori Party, watch the free fall that creates.

Labour: Should have gotten a bump in this poll because right wing people love beating up poor brown protestors as much as middle class marxists do. Without Jacinda, they are a one trick pony short of a pony and a trick. They’ve done sweet fuck all on housing, poverty, inequality and climate change because the Wellington bureaucracy was there to trip them up at every step. Labour didn’t win in 2017 or 2020 with a legislative agenda and an attack policy to deal to the Public Service. Without a 100 day plan, you can’t be transformative.

Renters: If you think National – the Party of Landlords, is going to lower your rents, you’re more stupid than I thought! Sadly Labour/Greens have offered nothing to renters so in desperation they turn to a leader who owns 7 properties!  The Left need to cancel less + build more houses!

Jacinda: Jacinda’s insistence that there isn’t a cost of living crisis is driven by their total failure to create political solutions. When you listen to Jacinda’s attempt to answer that challenge that there is a cost of living crisis, she goes all tax wonk.

She points to a dozen little tinkerings at the edges and seems to think that the working poor and beneficiaries in this country are all certified tax accountants who are filing every month  to reap the huge gains of $10 extra a week and pretends that masquerade is a fucking solution to the chasm of cost our wage pittance is being asked to fill each week.

Rather than live in denial that there isn’t a massive cost of living crisis, rather than pretend the obtuse necromancy of working for family credit bureaucracy is a solution, rather than all that spineless lack of vision, Labour should acknowledge this cost of living crisis and actually be bold enough to present true Left policy as the solution!

Unfortunately Labour don’t have the actual vision for those solutions.



Labour saved us from 3000 dead over two years with their remarkable Covid response, but as this blog has pointed out for 4 long fucking years, if we don’t have more than just saving us from Covid, if we couldn’t live up to being transformative, then we were always going to get punished!

What do we have to show for 4 years? Bullshit woke virtue signalling!

As economic anxiety builds for the working classes in NZ, look at the NZ political left’s response.

  • Gerrymandering the Sexual assault laws so that any man accused of rape is convicted.
  • Climate change emergency declaration that doesn’t do anything.
  • Strangling off free speech with a blasphemy law and criminalizing the misuse of pronouns.
  • Ending Gay Conversion therapy that proponents can’t quantify.
  • Critical Racism theory in 0range Tamariki.

For the 200000 children in poverty, 25000 on emergency housing wait lists, the 50 000 households living in poverty plus generations locked out of home ownership, the NZ Left’s response is woke wankery.

Labour + Greens needing the Maori Party will be a gift that ACT and National exploit mercilessly.

The online Twitteratti who are alienating fellow voters on the Left with the type of care Putin takes around Ukrainian hospitals will reach fever pitch this year as the Hate Speech legislation debate kicks off.

Watch for them to end up claiming everyone is a Nazi.

We have lost the very voters we claim to have cared for!

I pointed out that if the Left didn’t want the lumpenproletariat having their economic pain manipulated by the far right, then we should have done something meaningful for them to alleviate that economic pain.

Instead, as Bernard Hickey points out, the vast amount of Covid money simply enriched the already wealthy to the tune of 1 Trillion dollars!

How did we think the poverty we have done nothing about wouldn’t bite us in the arse politically?

All the activist Left have managed to do over the last 4 years is cancel everyone who might have voted for us.

Well, congrats, we’ve cancelled everyone.

The Left look for traitors, the Right look for recruits.

Labour’s only chance now is to hammer home to voters what a National/ACT Government would actually do and actually be.

The Left need to overshadow their own poor results when it comes to housing, poverty, inequality and climate change by reminding voters what the true alternative is.

National and ACT will scare the bejesus out of the electorate and temper some of the anger Labour’s point blank refusal to de-escalate the protest at Parliament provoked.

No one in Labour should speak of National without mentioning ACT.

“I fear the possible  National ACT Government will ……” insert statement here.

They could try to come up with some true Left vision policy, but we’ve all seen how weak Jacinda and Grant are when it comes to standing up to the Public Service, so outright fear it is!

The Government’s MPs (and I sadly include the Greens in this) need to get out from behind their twitter bubbles and go be on every media outlet possible pushing their argument directly with hosts, journalists, podcasters etc etc. They need to get back into winning people over with debate rather than simply blocking or cancelling them!

Unfortunately the NZ Left has been overtaken by Middle Class Marxists in Wellington who refuse to speak to anyone who doesn’t agree with everything they believe. We have lost the art of persuasion for the blunt force trauma of puritan cancellation and deplatforming.


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  1. There is still a cpl of budgets to go before the election…the lolly scramble will be tremendous, everyone will get free money….
    Labour gets the voters back!
    That’s how it works with Labour Govts isn’t it?, Give free stuff and a bump in the polls….watch it happen, in next cpl budgets, biggest lolly scramble next year….but only get the free stuff if you vote for us!

    • You haven’t done your research( not unusal). It is Luxon offering the lolly scramble. This is historical National party policy but nothing like throwing in a bit of your tribal lies into the equation.

    • Can’t do that as it feeds inflation. Poor man’s Gordon Brown pissed all the money away on corporate welfare and piss poor vanity spending.

    • National = tax cut bribes, part of party policy.
      Give free stuff and a bump in the polls…we are starting to see the bump in the polls a week later.

      • Tax cuts are not bribes, letting people have more of their own money, the money they have earnt is not a bribe. Unless of course you believe that everybody in New Zealand should give 100% of their income to the government and that the government is being generous by allowing the tax payer any of it back.
        A bribe is what left wing politicians do with tax payer money, they take money off the hard working tax payer and pay for the bureaucrats and beneficiaries who in turn vote for them.

        • it is a ‘bribe’ we give you a lolly if you comply by voting for us…don’t be disingenuous steve

          quick question what exactly and I do mean exactly not vague generalisations would you personally cut to make up the shortfall…because that’s what tax cuts actually mean cuts to expenditure usually in social spending.

      • Oh is the tax cut the Luxon lolly scramble offer you refer to?

        I thought a lolly scramble was when the government gives people more money or benefits of some sort,

        and a tax cut is letting the working person keep more of the money they earn.

        I guess one of us is not good at understanding basic concepts of ownership and income?

        Based on your years of very nasty personal attacks, abuse and extreme bullying on this blog, I probably won’t read your answer except by accident or for amusement, but please answer if you wish, it always enlightens other readers as to your views and personality.

        • Thanks Alan, you are a very entertaining person. Your interpretation of a tax cut is amusing. And yes you are not good at understanding basic concepts of ownership and income. Have a nice day. Enjoy Luxon’s bribe as you did Key’s bribe before him?

    • I’m going to do the Right thing.
      I’m having a toupe made for luxon out of my spare arse hair because I can’t see how I’m going to survive a term looking a bald Mr Baldylocks the money fetishist slithering over his stupid minions.

      • countryboy,

        Not only do you have enough arse hair to make Snookerballhead a toupee, you have spare arse hair? Please also make him a bender moustache so I can smile more when he talks knowing what he has just above his top lip.

  2. Luxon didn’t win.
    A ripe tomato could have been at the head of National and the poll would be the same.
    All he needed to do was step aside and watch Adern “do this” to herself with her outrageous arrogance and utter incompetence.
    Ding dong the witch is dead.

    • Yep – Luxon knows this. He just has to appear calm and professional, and the top job is his.

      As the coming recession bites I can see Ardern getting more and more irrational & nasty and the media smelling blood will circle….

  3. You have seen the ingredients listed on the red and blue tins, they are essentially the same and not exactly conducive to good health. Maybe its time to be discerning political consumers and try a new brand.

    • Agreed, but who can we left REALLY vote for?
      There is no electable left wing. Mana/Internet parties are basically no more.
      So EVERYTHING in NZ is right of (a massive right biased) centre. It’s just how extreme you’d like your right wing, bash everyone but the rich (though hide it well with biased MSM) parties.

      • Jump start Mana. It could be the anti-racist and anti-sexist workers’ party that we need to fill the vacuum in society to represent the big majority who work for a living instead of the minority of parasites who live off the workers.

    • And why is that Ada can you not stand to see Maori wield some power for a change in our own country?

      • As Martyn often writes: The Left look for traitors, the Right looks for recruits.

        How do you get to asking that question, based on a fairly straightforward observation about a three party coalition, that included Labour and the Greens as well?

      • Maori already have more electorate power than anyone else via the racist Maori seats that were supposed to & should have been eliminated long ago at the introduction of MMP. Theres no democratic reason why a Maori vote should be worth more or less than any other ethnic group.

      • Covid is pa. Maori have had some very good mainstream MP’s – I knew one of them quite well – and also have the Maori Seats , so I’m not sure quite what you mean by
        “ wielding power for a change “.

    • Heaven forbid that we have clean air and water, everyone having a decent income and roof over their head, and everying having access to a decent education and medical care.

  4. “What do we have to show for 4 years?”

    Martyn I think your list of woke wonders sells the LINO government a bit short. Here’s a few other achievements you missed:

    – CRT in schools, via revisionist history
    – Radical gender ideology in schools, via “Mates n Dates” (ah yes of course, it’s an “anti-bullying” campaign)
    – Unmandated plans for a Māori ethnostate that was so top-secret that their coalition partner NZF didn’t know about it.
    – Plans to 50% privatize NZ’s water, by giving iwi 50% control (let’s not forget iwi are now corporations)
    – Requiring that tertiary institutions MUST achieve equal pass rates for Māori and non-Māori, on pain of fines (yes, apparently equality of outcome can be achieved by decree)

    • which SCHOOL (names please) teaches CRT which is a tertiary level course, of course it’s a bullshit theory, you don’t help your argument by over-egging the pudding or out right lying.

      actually citations for the rest of your rant would be nice pope…or are you in the ‘do your own reasearch’ mode?

      • The gentleman doth protest too much, methinks.

        Where did I say CRT was taught as a course in schools? The INFLUENCE of CRT can be seen in the new politicized history curriculum, and in teaching students about “white privilege”. Looky here:

        and you’ll see (amongst other things) education consultant Dr Ann Milne telling us it was “about time the reality of white privilege was taught in the classroom”, and “It is not about white people per se but whiteness as a system.”

        Is it really news to you that our kids are getting this stuff at school?

        And here is the TEC demanding that tertiary institutions end disparities in completion and pass rates between Maori/Polynesian and other students, on pain of fines:

        The other points hardly need citations – they’re discussed regularly on this site.

        • so some education ‘intellectuals’ have made pronouncements hardly the issuing of the little red book to every school kid is it?

          the other points aren’t ‘discussed’ except by rightwingers obsessed with the concept of culture war, jeez you guys subscribe to that theory more than the frankfurt school did.

          • Gagarin you look like a cuttlefish, trying to cover your retreat behind a murky cloud of obfuscation. I’d be embarrassed too, if I’d posted something as intemperate as your previous comment – and you’re not exactly a first offender in that sense.

            • happy to know you have a mirror in your house pope.

              still waiting for proof of your fox news bullet points.

              • Still waiting for YOU to identify the surplus eggs and “lying” in my original comment.

  5. I still think it will be a Labour/Green/Maaori Party Coaalition, te Maaori Party will win 4-5 Electoral Seats and god only knows how many List Seats ?

    The Dark Horse is NZF and Winston Peters can they come back from the dead and get 5%, Winston lost voters to National & ACT and his own party members voting Labour. NZF needs some New Blood in their Leadership as the General Public have had enough of Winston and his antics. NZF has good policy and good people however NZF suffers from Poor Leadership IMHO.

    • Ngungukai … Tracey Martin was the one to invigorate NZF, as a progressive leader. But unfortunately she has gone now. Much the pity really, because the party has become as stale and untrustworthy as its “leader for life” Winston Peters! Nothing there to vote for at all, just last century politics!

  6. The poll may appear to vested interest as strong approval of National and Luxon. It’s not. All the usual suspects are still there for National and their answer to everything (tax cuts for the wealthy) remains unchanged.

    This poll is more about the failings of the Government than anything else. National and Luxon are the main opposition party so it makes sense that they would be the main benefactors of current Government disillusionment.

    People are getting tired of the PM’s upbeat outlook on everything when their reality is a world away. She was upbeat about Kiwibuild, then when it was an epic fail, she was upbeat about the “reset”. End result has been a fail but the PM remains upbeat. How can you make any meaningful progress when you refuse to acknowledge the ship is sinking? Edward Smith was upbeat on April 15th, 1912, but that didn’t matter a jot to what then unfolded.

    I support the Government that are light years better than the previous National Party Government but my optimism is fading and being replaced with disillusionment.

    The latest Government fail was the way they have chosen to deal with epic ongoing Supermarket blatant ripping off Kiwi’s. “Let’s do nothing”…..or “lets arrange it so those ripping you off are expected to put things right”.

    That sort of naivety reminded me of April 2020. We had to be extremely careful who we let into NZ due to a pandemic raging overseas. We knew for many tourists, NZ was a costly once in a life time holiday. The Government stated “there was an expectation” tourists will self isolate in their hotel for 10 days when they arrive in NZ regardless if they have no symptoms and regardless if their holiday was for 10 days or less. It was only when TV3 news showed tourists arriving at Airports here laughing at the suggestion they follow Government expectations, that the Government “woke up” to their own naïve bullshit.

    In July 2021, the PM backed the gifting of 2.75 million dollars to the Mongrel Mob for meth addiction of their members despite the fact meth was a huge income earner for them.

    In the decades leading up to Meth being a primary earner for the Mongrel Mob, I saw conclusive evidence of just how cash strapped they were. Their vehicles were a heap of shit that would likely never get a W.O.F. Rare to see them riding Motor Cycles. Their clothing was mostly ragged old denims with patches that looked like they had been rubbed in dog shit for 30 years. Now they drive high end vehicles. They ride late model high value Harley Davidson’s. They have new expensive leathers. Anyone who thinks the dramatic change is the result of hard work has not been paying attention. Gifting 2.75 million dollars to these people was an obscene insult to all Kiwi’s but the PM supported it.

    If the Government wants to win in 2023, they will need to get real and pull their head out of their arses. Being upbeat no longer means squat.

    My advice looks like this.

    1) Stop smiling. Face reality. Get all hands on deck and actually their salary and huge perks. No more passengers riding on the PM’s coat tails.

    2) Don’t play nice with National. Highlight exactly who and what they are. Highlight exactly what Luxon is. You give him and National a free pass and you are gone in 2023 and will never see Government again in my lifetime.

    • 2) Don’t play nice with National

      chances are they won’t. As clearly that would also show that L is basically just a washed out purple at this stage. They are the same thing, dressed in a different frock. Both pretending not being some vultures out for their own good.

    • I think it’s time, after 4 and a bit years and 18 months with a majority, to acknowledge the Ardern Labour government are just not up to the job. They’re 100% reliant on officials to function and they appear bereft of thinking for themselves, hence how useless they’ve been.

      The latest I note is Megan Woods quoting officials advice on shutting down Marsden Point to justify that decision. If we end up having fuel shortages, and that is not out of the question because of this, Labour are wiped out, not officials.

      • Marsden Point is nothing but the shareholders not making enough money and deciding to shut up shop. If boats can’t get here ( I assume that’s what you are implying) with refined product how will they get here with crude?

  7. Apart from ‘i refute that’ or ‘i’ll get back to you on that’ (with no follow up from journalist/MSM)…she has NOT been asked any hard questions, and if so….her answers are above.
    She has kept away from any hard interviews or receiving any tough questions (patsy questions at podium of truth only)

    It’s all coming to a head where she will HAVE to answer unscripted questions and actually provide answers instead of word salads, otherwise voter confidence will sink further!

    • @ I’m Right … I have a suspicion this “she” person you keep referring to in your post, could be Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. If this is the case, it’s appropriate in the circumstances to use her name, or position.

  8. She lost me the moment she declared that she and her goverment was the source of all truth, the arbiter of what was or wasn’t disinformation. Seems a form of Divine Right, Queen Jacinda, wokes embodiment of God.

    • The one source of truth, open and transparent and never lies.

      Lost me at ‘I never lie’ – the actual words were slightly different, but not the meaning.
      I was taught that if someone says trust me, then be careful.
      Anyone who says I never lie is either a saint, or stupid, or a liar. I thought she might be a Saint for a while, but no…

  9. “Its the economy stupid” will be the next elections’ biggest factor. It is likely that the petrodollar that backs globalism just got mortally wounded by sanctions. Whoever comes up with the best policies to protect us in a sea of uncertainty will win. Chances are neither traditional parties will adapt, they are too mired in navel gazing whilst the real world changes.

  10. Labour do not learn. Remember “The year of delivery”, brought in after the year of reports (largely ignored) and non delivery which was eating away at their polling? So much so the Bridges National Party were looking a probability in 2020 to win.

    Covid saved Labour’s skin, not their delivery on policy that never happened, not their forthright inability to plot ahead.

    Now with Covid doing what it wants what have Labour got to fall back on? Nothing! They pissed about doing very little and when forced to act, tinkered. What reassurances can they give that they are a party of action? None!

    The descent in the polls is so predictable to everyone but Labour.

  11. They need to get back into winning people over with debate

    I think the time for debate is gone. Their words sound hollow.
    The only thing that could turn this around for some of us is if they were to DO something. …Something to show they actually give a damn about the poorest NZers, those thousands who presently have to beg, in effect, for food, and who feel locked out of – not “the housing market”, but out of the rental market – who cannot afford today’s rents.

  12. Sorry Martyn, i’m not sure how the environment is the loser? Labour is importing record levels of dirty coal, while signalling to the far cleaner gas industry your times up? Explain to me how that’s better for the planet.

    Ideology during sweet times is great, but when the power goes out and petrol is $4 a litre, it’s time to be pragmatic. Even Elon thinks we should be using more fossils.

    And because of the greens we’ll never contiplate nuclear.

    • Few problems with Nuclear Plants in the Ukraine at the moment. Putin has switched off the Chernobyl Plant from the main electricity grid and it is now running on diesel generators, only about 2 x weeks supply of diesel available then the Cooling System will start melting down again Evil Little Prick ?

      • yup that’s why the evil vampire child eating russians have switched to the backup supply not because the ukrainians have been sabotaging the electricity grid..

      • Well why don’t we…for arguments sake…promise not to build one near the Russian border?

        The French don’t seem to have to many issues, notwithstanding dams can fail too, should we shut down every dam?

  13. One poll a summer does not make and as for Krauty and the rest of you boomers I can see those wrinkled spotted right hands in a blur of motion, probably for the first time in years.

  14. Martyn
    You say “we’ve all seen how weak Jacinda and Grant are when it comes to standing up to the Public Service, so outright fear it is!”
    I bet if they suddenly went rogue and got in there with a baseball bat, and demanded “fucking serious action” and 110% performance according to their wishes, or heads will roll (maybe a few symbolic firings at OT and KO would do the trick)…I bet they would get a standing ovation and votes that come with. Another thing they could do is say “sorry for being woke” and reverse the now dangerous dependency on imported fuels – ie reverse the refinery decision and re-open coal and oil/gas exploration. If Norway with a left govt can do it, and earn trillions, then we can. Labour are just plain stupid in that respect!!!

  15. Trump’s cap making plant in new Mexico has ramped up production on their 2022/2023 line of M.A.G.A. caps and a new(ish) one too just for LINO. A.B.C!

    They said it was a woman with a pencilled drawing on her face that placed the order for 1 million caps of each!
    The ‘cheque’ was to be drawn from M.CorCuz account NZ Ink??

  16. They need to get back into winning people over with debate

    They can’t as they actually don’t have anything coherent to say, other then ‘I refute this’ or ‘be kind’.

    • none of our pollies and I do mean none on either side could face being interviewed by the average TDB poster, and that truly is tragic such pathetic mediocrities the whole bunch on both benches.

  17. The big loser is the PM. My guess it that the mandarins tried to spin the protest into some form of Jan 6 storm the parliament scenario. Quite frankly outside of Wellington and Grey Lynn nobody gave a fuck. Added to the fact Omnishambles is one huge clusterfuck and cost of living is getting worse not better and you see the results and many in the covid cult start to experience first hand the consequences of the government’s actions over the last 2 years.

    • Yes “won’t somebody think of the politicians” all clutching their handbags on the 4th floor balcony looking down in horror at the dirty peasantry below didn’t quite rally public support.

    • Sadly the party that she belongs to is full of glitter, cultish woke and totally bonkers.

    • Chloe is one of the few in Wellington with any natural abillity and a brain that actually works along with the 2 x Maori Party Leaders who are quite smart imo, at least they will look after the country’s interests both black and white.

  18. Other than give National a kick forward in the polls, what exactly has Luxon done, or planning to do for all the citizens of NZ? A man who owns 7 houses, is hardly one to demonstrate concern for the lower paid worker, or vulnerable Kiwis!

    • Simple, he’s not Jacinda. It may come to a surprise but some NZers have had enough of the Jacinda Media Train. They don’t trust her, she has hidden agendas ( He Puapua, 3 Waters) and any question she doesn’t like she simple refutes.

      Luxon doesn’t have to do anything but appear to be a safe pair of hands, while Jacinda and Labour go from one self inflicted crisis to the next. This week alone had been KO letting tenants get away rent free, the back down on the stupid loans scheme and getting caught using tax payers money to promote prospective labour MPs…in one week? And I’ve probably missed something.

      Answer me this then, what did Jacinda do to become Prime Minister, apart from not being Bill English? And there’s your answer

      • I really don’t think she has a hidden agenda, in fact she has no agenda and that’s the problem most pollies just want to survive until next friday using any lie or evasion neccesary to get through todays press conference, long term planning isn’t a thing and that’s why china is beating us at capitalism.

      • Banning oil ans gas exploration (logically followed by no oil and gas),
        Is another undeclared unannounced hidden agenda item.
        Open and transparent,!

    • Mary_a….and what did Jacinda to to turnaround the polling Little was getting in 2017?….bugger all!
      Obsessed with Luxtons houses I see, he worked in the private sector for decades….now how is that different from Helen Clarks 6 houses and she was on the tax payers tit for most of her political life (still is!!)….or is that not allowed to be mentioned in your house?

      • Luxton worked in the Corporate Sector for decades not the Private Sector for decades, there is a huge difference imho.

        • Shit don’t let facts get in the way of I’m Rights wrong rant. Adding to his/her ‘s long list of propaganda.

  19. Unfortunately for this Labour government it appears their lack of action is finally coming home to haunt them. Ms Adern denying a housing crisis, refusing ‘point blank’ to consider a CGT, refusing to accept that current settings are hurting the poor and working class, and ignoring the ongoing homelessness and ‘sleeping in cars’ while at the same time spouting the virtues of kindness and tolerance has become too much BS for voters on both National and Labour sides – this is reflected in recent polling.
    Labour had the opportunity to act in a transformal way and often parotted referred to this mandate but have failed to act in any meaningful way. Despite being the first government under MMP to have the numbers to go alone they chose not to.
    Finally, Labour have let many NZers down with it’s management of the medicinal cannabis and laws – which simply shut out smaller potential operators. In addition, the way that Little dismissed the incredibly tightreferendum for recreational cannabis as evidence that Kiwi’s do not want to proceed with this legislation boarders on criminal. This sort of arrogance is usually attributed to National governments but this Labour government seems to be going the same way. Unless they pull a political rabbit out a hat, this government may well struggle to be elected at the next election.

  20. Unfortunately for this Labour government it appears their lack of action is finally coming home to haunt them. Ms Adern denying a housing crisis, refusing ‘point blank’ to consider a CGT, refusing to accept that current settings are hurting the poor and working class, and ignoring the ongoing homelessness and ‘sleeping in cars’ while at the same time spouting the virtues of kindness and tolerance has become too much BS for voters on both National and Labour sides – this is reflected in recent polling.
    Labour had the opportunity to act in a transformal way and often parotted referred to this mandate but have failed to act in any meaningful way. Despite being the first government under MMP to have the numbers to go alone they chose not to.
    Finally, Labour have let many NZers down with it’s management of the medicinal cannabis and laws – which simply shut out smaller potential operators. In addition, the way that Little dismissed the incredibly tightreferendum for recreational cannabis as evidence that Kiwi’s do not want to proceed with this legislation boarders on criminal. This sort of arrogance is usually attributed to National governments but this Labour government seems to be going the same way. Unless they pull a political rabbit out a hat, this government may well struggle to be elected at the next election.

  21. Labour were also propped up by Judith Collins being the National Party leader.
    As said elsewhere its not so much Luxon but anyone sounded semi plausible and NOT Judith.

    I suspect they fell into a false sense of security that they were running a good government. Not even close!

  22. I’ll believe a TVNZ poll the day their journalism stops being a tired, propagandist mouthpiece for special interests.

  23. It was predictable that the National Party would improve their ratings under Luxton or whatever his name is. Its the poor retarded Nat supporters, longing for the return of their messiah John Key who have come out of the woodwork. I have lived through five very long years of Donald Fucking Trump here in the US. Get things in perspective you dumb fucks. The US is closing in on 1 Million deaths due to Covid because of DFT. Biden has suffered the same bullshit that you lot are trying to frame Jacinda with. Well you get what you deserve. From where I sit she has saved all of your arses and you should be bloody grateful that you had her and Labour for these terrible years.

  24. Simple .. James Shaw/ Labour govt gives me a ‘free’ electric car to replace my gas guzzling polluting bomb worth 3 grand and I will vote for the Greens. If I don’t get that i am listening to Luxton,

  25. ” After all that eating of dead rats with the faint hope to finally be needed by Labour in 2023, they are once again the ugly partner in a 3some – always keen, but no one else is ”

    After another gloomy blog you cheered me up Bomber with your wonderful way of describing what is an utter fucking shambles that this country has become and all the bat crazy participants.

    I don’t care who is in the lead and who the PM is it matters not a jot because the status quo remains and the selfish , arrogant dumb fucking hobbits keep voting for it.

    I guess like Key’s ” step change ” remember that one and Adern’s ” let’s do this ” is still a turd wrapped in fancy wrapping paper that disappoints and makes you sick every time it is unwrapped.

    I suppose Uncle Fester will try ” your flying high with National ” next year given his love of aeroplanes and amassing a tidy wealthy position for himself.

    • That line about being the ugly partner in a three way is definitely going to be keeper. I wonder if it’s in the Urban Dictionary yet?

  26. Nearly a year and a bit to go to the next election. It’s a long way to go and still, anything could happen. A War even, but probably not.
    Live footage says bugga all is really happening.
    It’s not a Kuwait or Iraq or Cambodia etc … it’s a sloooow churn, low attrition grind.
    An old US tactic they use for regime change.
    Another ‘Crisis’ on the horizon?

    Will the LINO Fascists learn anything from these last 11 polls? Or, will they continue to listen to their bubble and carry on heading into the abyss?

    Or, will they go for a makeover? Change out Jacinda for someone else now along with a new manifesto now, instead of waiting for the next election?

    Whereas the Nats don’t have to do too much, lex Luther will trip over his tongue or tie soon?

    As for the MP. 33,000 votes in 2020 and pretty much every other election result for them before. Their problem is that they’re fishing in a very small ‘pool’ literally.

    ACT will do what ACT does. Rinse and repeat …

    Who else?

    Oh, I forgot. The gweens. Say no more.

    Then there is the 8-12% of undecideds, disenchanted, piss’d off and dejected and rejected folks. Normally they decide to not vote at election time. In 2023, that might change.

    Its a case of who wants to win and offer them something or else risk having a series of ‘Hung’ parliaments?

    The last one is what I’m guessing is going to play out because of what’s on the cards,
    1. The Queen is on her way out
    2. War is on the horizon
    3. Economic devastation is here
    4. We’re surrounded by ‘Crises’! About 9!

    The trifecta +1, or a pick & mix!

    Social Upheaval
    Economic Destruction
    Environmental Collapse
    Political Disintegration

    This will playout for the rest of the decade!

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