Jacinda’s ‘Mother of Dragons’ week just got way worse with Oranga Tamariki Red Wedding

Jacinda has her 'Mother of all Dragons' moment on Parliament's Lawns

After going all ‘Mother of Dragons’ on protestors last week, Jacinda’s latest gasp inducing event is her shocking Red Wedding moment killing off any true belief that the State was going to ever be held to account for molesting and abusing children in State Care.

It’s already unacceptable that her Minister is considering killing off Orange Tamariki oversight by axing the Children’s Commissioner and rolling those powers into ERO.

In all the decades the Education Review Office reviewed Dilworth, they didn’t notice teachers were sexually abusing their students so ERO is an organisation you hand oversight over to when you don’t want oversight.

Public Services Commission Boss Peter Hughes was the chief executive at MSD in the 2000s and oversaw obscene tactics that included hiring private detectives to dig dirt on victims who were complaining about being abused in state care in a Test case that if MSD had lost would have cost the State untold in damages. Peter Hughes is now recommending any abuse inside Oranga Tamariki is now monitored out of the Education Review Office who have no skill in this area. Why is the state allowing itself to cover up ongoing abuse?

Jacinda’s point blank refusal to commit to the Royal Inquiry recommendations to legally protect children from abuse in care that her own Government asked for is to protect the State Peter Hughes champions from ever being held to account for abusing children in state care.

This is about protecting the State from future compensation claims, it is NOT about the welfare of the children the State takes into its care, because if it was about the welfare of those children, the Government would immediately back the Royal Inquiries recommendations and make the State legally responsible for the abuse of those children in its care!

It is fucking outrageous that this Government of kindness will blind Orange Tamariki oversight WHILE allowing the State off the hook for being legally held to account if kids are abused in its care.

Is Jacinda’s acquiescence to State Services over Royal Inquiry into historic State abuse craven or cowardly?

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This Government has shown an obscene deference to the Wellington Bureaucratic Elites and this is the crowning pinnacle of that spinelessness.

PM won’t commit to recommendation to legally protect children from abuse in care

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern won’t say whether her government will enact a royal commission recommendation that children in state care should be legally protected from abuse.

The Royal Commission of Inquiry into Abuse in Care released a report last year that made a number of recommendations, including that it be enshrined in legislation that children in care should be free from abuse. It also recommended that if this right were not upheld, the Government should be liable and could not delegate that liability to another party.

The prime minister’s office was approached for comment on the recommendations after Minister for Social Development Carmel Sepuloni hung up during an interview about oversight of Oranga Tamariki. Sepuloni is in charge of a bill looking to change the oversight structure of Oranga Tamariki.

Just before Christmas, the Oversight of Oranga Tamariki System and Children and Young People’s Commission Bill was slipped into the public domain with an invitation for submissions. Those who keep a close eye on Oranga Tamariki were caught on the hop and had to hastily put together a response, as the deadline closed at the end of January. The bill is at the select committee stage now.

Public Services Commission Boss Peter Hughes stabs the Royal Inquiry in to Historic State Abuse deep in the heart during Jacinda’s Red Wedding

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  1. She doesn’t give a fuck anymore. She is planning an escape to New York in the next 12 months. Otherwise why the Muldoon-like glorified vacation in the States in May.

  2. She eeds the Wellington bureaucrats in pocket for the rest of the term to carry out her digital agenda.
    Ask the Ministry of Justice what legislation they are giving adive on – digital currency, digital trust framework, a raft of others…
    Vilifying opposition and locking up Parliament lawns was cheap opportunism to protect them from the next wave of protests. She needed to stop people even thinking about protesting as these mammoth changes come up, not “wanting to be one of THEM” – and she needs the bureaucrats to deliver.
    Wellington is essentially Moscow right now, except Putin rules in the National interest; Jacinda rules us for our international masters.

    • Yes ,she has become as weak as dishwater. We are an insignificant outpost of an imperial empire.

    • it’s worth remembering that the ‘digital democracy’ will disenfranchise between 10-20 percent of NZ citizens largely the poor and the elderly

    • plus with the low glitchy standard of govt and bank IT roll outs it’s bound to be a right dogs breakfast

  3. I understand that our PM has had a vast amount of her time and energy taken up by dealing with Covid, over these last couple of years.

    I hope now that she can step back, just a tad, and review the performance of her various Ministers.

    In particular, Sepuloni. This report and its recommendations fall under Sepuloni’s portfolio. Yet, she had not even bothered to read the report!!! …let alone consider the recommendations and what need to be done, to be acted on!! Sepuloni reportedly hung up mid-conversation with a reporter trying to get answers from her, irt those recommendations.

    Opinion only: Sepuloni needs to be replaced ASAP.
    Preferably by someone with the work ethic and involvement in her work, of Kiri Allan. Someone who gives a damn about the people, adults and children, for whom she is responsible!!

    • her politics opinions and decisions are neither here nor there she’s 3rd rate and it’s that simple.

      • It may seem simple to you. But the lines have got blurred on what is good, bad, indifferent, or a brave new ground-breaking policy that will be better than the old hackneyed ones of the pastr. Why is she third rate- just briefly. If you don’t substantiate it, then the opinion, perfectly valid and correct though it may be, can be dismissed as being race-based, gender-based, lightweightetc.

        That this and other blogs have not been able to stir many MPs into action along the lines promised, or which was taken for granted previously, has to be pointed out. And the need realised to ask questions, present expectations and then these be reiterated.
        this needs to continue till we the people find better ways of choosing and more education for those with nous leading to more political newbies, giving a wider field from which to pick the prize specimens.

  4. Frank…PB…
    How can you say such things??? Bert will have you know that it’s brilliant leadership.

  5. I wonder what all these other MP’s have been doing the past few years haven’t heard much from them just this stinking Covid hopefully it is just about over ?

  6. The neoliberals who sucked AO/NZ dry are now setting fire to our country/economy to hide their greed motivated crimes while they make a run for it with our money.
    We need urgent independent intervention. Fuck knows where that might come from but we need it.
    Has anyone seen the Governor general? What’s her name?
    Here she is:
    We should giver her a ring.

  7. Warning rant following:
    Kindness and fairness and effectiveness – they all have to hold hands. USA President Johnson I think said the one about useless politicians unable to walk and chew gum at the same time. That’s old fashioned now, times are even more demanding, and hegemony heavier, and people coping with more burdens supposedly easier with the help of fast modern technology.

    Huh, computers and cellphones etc are today’s passes, South Africa issuing passes to black people to confine them to specified areas decades ago, has nothing on what we have now. If you don’t buy your transmitting and receiving device, then you are isolated from the mainstream, all past means of communication are dropping away.

    Kindness, fairness and effectiveness – we don’t have these most basic virtues or values. But the PMC have accepted this system, suits them, adjust, move forward read the latest propaganda, look at the latest brochure for retirement villages with happy, laughing oldies relaxed without care, deserving of a long happy retirement for having washed regularly and kept their lawns mowed, wof fresh, bills paid, and life organised to suit themselves. Worthy of great reward – shining examples of civilised people. Deserving of living how long – as long as a piece of string – till they get everything and the young ones get b.a. Sorry the cupboard is bare, says Mother Government!

  8. Same old insults towards our PM by the same old bitter righties(males), why aren’t the old insults updated,as they are becoming boring

  9. nor can underfed and uneducated child meat shields run from the abusive anti-vax parents who deliberately put babies in the firing line, roz

  10. I can’t say I agree with the removal of the Children’s Commissioner as one of the overseers of OT, but there are others that do the same – e.g. Voyce.

    What do you suggest we should do about the historical abuse for children in State care? Do you think these children would have been better left in their abusive home environments?

    I know that being abused in State care is disgusting as children should be safe in State care. Having said that, many children that were in State care suffer from attachment disorder and this makes it very difficult for them to have normal lives – no matter who they live with. In addition, many of those kids abused in State care have been abused in whanau placements – a fact that continues to be pushed to the background. That is, children removed from immediate whanau are placed with other whanau they may know but this is where they have been abused.

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