National Party State of Denial: Luxon will screw the poor & love the rich


I like how Nicola Willis has to explain who she is, because no one does.

National State of Denial is being live-streamed and this is Luxon’s chance to stamp the tone of who he is and what National stands for.

Nicola Willis claims Luxon has entered NZ politics to serve, which when you consider the romper stomper hard right bash the poor speech he’s about to give you wonder who exactly is he serving.

“Personal Responsibility” is part of todays National Party Bingo.

Luxon attacked Labour MPs for being socialist – he’s critiquing socialism and then links to running Air NZ without acknowledging Air NZ had to be bought out by the Government.

Luxon arguing his corporate rule of Air NZ is why he should run the country which is a bit like a Pilot asking to run Air NZ after a year flying.

Luxon is claiming the difficulties we are under going is all because of the Government, no, it’s the pandemic that did that plus the near decade of National DOING NOTHING on those issues of housing, poverty and inequality.

Luxon champions free market mythology mixed with migrant hard work ethos. It’s small business morality for corporate interest.

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He’s now into welfare.

Bashing beneficiaries is just such basic basement bullshit – National are the ones who built the cruelty into WINZ and MSD. His ‘goal’ is the usual stick before carrot crap.

He is proposing more of the neoliberal welfare experiments of Orange Tamariki as his ‘solution’ Jesus wept, it’s just the worst welfare policy.

Luxon is pointing out how awful Labour have been on poverty, inequality and housing, which is totally justified, but Luxon’s solutions will make those issues FAR WORSE.

Luxon is now – surprise, surprise – going to give the rich tax cuts – so it’s bash beneficiaries with more Oranga Tamariki style Frankenstein social welfare policy while giving the rich tax cuts???? It’s like a cheap 1984 with more cushions.

I agree with him on the tax bracket creep – Simon Bridges is right about that.

‘World Leading’ – more National Party bingo.

Claims NZ needs a change of ‘mindset’. Like he’s selling a TV advertorial for right wing mindfulness. Each ‘mindset’ change gets a massage chair.

Thank God Christian Lex Luthor is politically tone deaf.

His romper stomper hard right speech is a horrifying regurgitation of every part of right wing reactionary policy that has been relentlessly exposed as making things worse.

Labour’s pathetic tax increases that National will overturn were virtue signals in the first place so National’s cancelling them is equally political pantomime.

Labour have refused point blank to do something meaningful on tax like a CGT or a Financial Transaction Tax, so National’s tantrum is equally farcical.

The new focus on bashing beneficiaries while giving the rich a tax cut is such basic bitch right wing policy it’s insulting that they’ve taken 5 leaders to work up to this.

Luxon is a slick commercial for a house you can never afford preaching a toxic hot mess of selfishness and openly attacking the poor.

We just lived through a once in a century pandemic, people rushed to the State for protection, they don’t want to hear that National will take a chainsaw to that State.

This speech and its naked aggression for selfishness and benny bashing will help solidify the Right. Luxon avoids all the heat of Judith’s spiteful language by wrapping the policy up with KPI optimism and CEO authority.

This allows urban male right wing voters to get their tax cut with an electorate vote to National while giving their Party vote to ACT for their ideological urges.

I think this dynamic of urban right males electorate voting National and Party voting ACT will create an MMP overhang.

The left has done little meaningfully transformative over the last 4 years for the poorest amongst us, National are promising to give them even less.

For the poor, they get vacant promises from Jacinda to do something while they get vague threats from National that something will be done.

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  1. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know National is the same old shit, practically the same bucket, self serving pander to the rich wanks they’ve always been. They are as original and as inspiring as reheated week old porridge.


    What the fuck is Labour?

    Talked the big talk. Pretended to care. Failed to achieve Jack Shit.

    I think it is crystal clear our student politicians and old hack senior civil servants (like Poto) masquerading as a government are in it to be in government. End of story. There definitely appears to be no bottom line. They are so hands off that their vague urges that double as Labour Party policy, are given over to the ministries to deal with, unchecked. There appears to be no passion about Labours reason for being! An example surely would be the entire Covid management has been entirely left to the deeply bureaucratic MOH, (hence the God awful RAT debacle). This very day they have NO idea how bad the Omicron outbreak is.

    The most involvement we get is that the PR to sell the message left to the politicians. Hence the never ever think ahead that has replayed over and over.

    And in all the hands off-ness Labours most unforgivable example is the appalling track record of setting new unaffordable house price records, month on month, year on year, the worst ever of any government ever and a growing pool of destitute left in these records wake. All roads to the damage done in society lead back to housing. Labour are just far too indifferent and clueless to notice or care about the very people these charlatans pretended to care about. Has a Labour MP ventured into those squalid motels where the collateral damage of Labours housing failures are hidden away in? A resounding NO.

    So do they deserve to be re-elected? No. Because although they’re not National, they are barely different in reality. And so what is the point?

  2. he had no knowledge of the millions the company he was CEO of was making refurbing jet engines for the incompetent CEO or liar…..?
    you tell me.

  3. What a glorious time to be a Kiwi voter, eh? Such a rich array of brilliant possibilities on the ballot papers.

    I think what I like most about you, Martyn Bradbury, is your support for Simon Bridges – someone who actually understands the realities of the lives of ordinary Kiwis. Unlike this prick of a corporate CEO Hollow Man.

    • Agree 100% even Winston is starting to look good compared to this guy, despite being 80 years old and 1/2 senile.

      • Even David Seymour, on his most OCD, Aspergerry day, is way better as an opposition leader than pale, stale Chris Luxon.
        Even Chris Luxon, dancing around the truth, obfuscating his ignorance, building a Warehouse barbeque, is a way better dancer than David Seymour.
        So, a win-win for both of them.

        BTW, however, your photoshopped image of Luxon leering over Ardern’s shoulder, is creepy to all sh!t.

      • While he won’t remember me I worked with him for a couple of years when he first started work in Unilever (Petone, Wgtn). A smart engaging person who listened well to people at all levels in the organisation.

        His decades in Unilever, a world class multinational, gave him a good grounding in managing high performing teams in a culture where resources were always limited & failure wasn’t an option. I look forward to seeing his impact on the NZ Public Service.

        • Interested to know how he is going to fund the Tax Cuts, and address the Cost of Living, very simplistic jingoism at this stage, I guess the devil will be in the detail.

          • Simple. Cancel the fucking stupid 15 billion dollar train idea, already outdated by the time they launch it, and there is your money.

            • Agree will take 20 years to build through the middle of Auckland, Michael Woods tram set is not a good idea however I have not seen the Cost vs benefit Analysis.

            • or do what a bad mediocre manager always does cut wages..or in this case social spending despite the fact that you increase social problems all of which costs money but the costs are moved to the ministries/local authorities which you thenmdeliberately underfund hence the nation circles the plug hole….the fact is it’s the SOP of the right it never works but they’re stuck in the 80’s no intellectual progress for 40 yrs

            • Shows you know nothing about how a city needs to function. Accelerated climate change is real. It’s happening. It won’t care about your echo chamber or keyboard warriorness. Nor mine.

              The right are backwards looking, always have been. Fearing progression and innovation.

              • Sour Putin/Kraut, The New Kraut/The old Kraut/ Saur Kraut/Fuck Wit or whatever it’s name is backward? Who’d have thought. Also wants to frack, drill for more oil, build more roads, increase our population with his hard right immigration policies. Perhaps his multiple personalities disorder is an excuse for not coming into the year 2022 and realising there is a roading congestion in Auckland or as you say daryl, he is simply backward. Note; the idiot offers no solutions.

        • How were resources ‘limited’ at Unilever?

          I note his father worked for another multi national=Johnson & Johnson…the silver spoon route.

        • But government is not a business. Robbie we have had the fat cut out of everything in government and now we are skin stretched over bare bones. And I want a government whose purpose is to run as a not-for-profit with salary levels that are lowish, allowing for high productivity, and worked out on pay scales as they used to be, going up with years, assessment of value each year and with bonuses when the department has been more than satisfactory . But it’s great news that NZ Post is making a profit! WTF.

          This is a good obituary of a trade unionist who has just died. Ron Burgess has died at 92, used to represent the Post Office.David Lange gave him a definite assurance that the NZ Post Office would not be privatised!

          • GW. The problem is if you don’t run the government like a business it goes broke. You lot on the left have never worked it out. To be a kind wealthy country that looks after it’s less fortunate you have to have MONEY. You know the stuff that grows on trees. In my opinion the only way a socialist survives is by being a capitalist. My definition of a capitalist is someone who works hard enough and is lucky enough to save something out of his or her weekly income. If you don’t like capitalism then fight for communism ( oh but you’ll get a capitalist leader eventually. Even in communalism you’ll get a fuckwit running the show. Socialism is fucked because any sort of wealth requires capitalism. The best you can hope for is a kind socially minded capitalist party. Who knows it might be National.

    • Simon Bridges!…do me a favour…the expert in body language…a Key wannabe who negotiated a deal 3rd world countries would reject with Anadarko…frssst.

  4. So, will Labour roll out a list of exciting, helpful, and very needed policies to combat National, or start name calling, pulling faces, and refusing to talk to ordinary Kiwis regarding those policies?

    • Vote grabbing headlines as usual. The one thing National and Luxon doesn’t say(as usual) is when he reduces all these taxes and cancels a lot of them, how will he increase wages for the health and educational sector, how will he pay for roading infrastructure? Will this be the same as John Key’s “I will not raise GST” then immediately do the opposite? I imagine it will be.
      Or will he rely on massive immigration and a return to National’s ponzi overseas home ownership investment scheme as his bread winner?

      • Hard to say Bertie. You might be right however there is sooooo much fat in the system that they might not need to. You only need so many diversity officers, right? Right?

      • Ohhh Bert, I see you only comment on blog threads that are against National, but conspicuously absent posting on ones where Labour/St Jacinda is being pilloried….
        For your info, and I’m sure you already know….The increase in GST was offset by a reduction in income tax of same amount, a neutral increase.
        But pleased you got to mention Key again in a post, he is living rent free in your head, how delicious!

        • I notice you troll me with your hard right anti Labour/ Ardern posts. Now when was the last time you posted a pro Labour comment again? Ohhh that’s right!
          But it wasn’t a neutral increase given its still at 15% so many years later without reductions in tax. Your math is as flawed as rhetoric. But pleased to.see you keep trolling me.

            • Sour Kraut, using the Royal “We” to describe your alt-right troll cabal?
              I see your Dirty Politics brigade didn’t help Jeremy very much. You didn’t give him any support, when he fluffed and obfuscated.

              And we hear his dad has kicked him out of his basement.
              I guess being a paid Dirty Politics operative wasn’t lucrative enough for Jeremy to pay his board and lodgings.

              Jeremy wouldn’t denounce Nuremburg NZ Sour Kraut.

              Will you, as an ‘alter ego’ of a German, denounce having an execution list of Maori and Polynesian leaders, health experts, politicians and media?

              Or is that a bridge too far for a Dirty Politics operative like yourself?

            • These alt-right trolls take on names they think will undercut Labour and democracy.

              Pseudonym Links to Dotcom and affirming their links to alt-right: Sour Kraut; New Kraut because we all know that Key invited FBI agents into NZ and served Dotcom up for extradition to the US. Every time Nats think of Dotcom, they have to hand out Viagra to their male and female operatives.

              Links to Labour in UK: Jeremy (Corbyn)

              And Denny Paoa (Tane/male/man not female/woman) – more anti-Maori and gender misogyny (see Fuman below)

              More pale, stale Hone Carters and Roger Bridge “Merv from Manurewa” alt-right trolls, shilling themselves for a few bitcoins and rubles.

              But not enough rubles for Jeremy to pay his basement rent.

            • Sour Putin, who?What about the lie, no answer to that Troll Putin/Kraut /old /new /saur? You need a doctor with your multiple personality disorder.

              • Hey Bert?

                New Kraut and Sour Kraut have gone quiet when asked to denounce Nuremburg NZ

                Do you think we touched a few raw, racist, homophobic nerves by asking them to condemn a site that sums up Dirty Politics in one giant cess-pit of hate and bile and hatred?

                A bridge too far for the Tory trolls to denounce

            • Hey Sour Kraut denounce having an execution list of Maori and Polynesian leaders, health experts, politicians and media?


              Or is that a bridge too far for a Dirty Politics shill operative like yourself?

            • Will the alt-right trolls get together and all denounce:

              I know Jeremy’s dad has a basement he is looking to rent out, now that Jeremy has moved out to live in a tent in Cranmer Square.

              The occupation of Cranmer Square started in November, after Judith Collins was benched. There are no coincidences in the Dirty Politics playbook, not even in the index.

          • @bert Jeremy has gone bye-byes bert. N

            ew Right has taken his place as the paid shill for the Dirty Politics National Party. Expect 20% flat tax, 20% GST and 20% business tax as the bottom line for ACT to be in cup-of-tea coalition with National. Expect Destiny Church to extract a quashing of their tax-free status, for their support.

          • Nice one bert That definitely was an admission of Key’s lies by Im right.

            That will mean that “I’m right” will not get paid his shill fee because he admitted to Key’s lies.

            I’m right’s a lot like Harete Hipangi and Maureen Pugh supporting the convoy of hate, until they were told to ‘shut up and get in behind!’ Dirty Politics operatives were tumescently whipping up the poor deluded antivaxxers and conspiracy theorists into a frothing mob.

            435 lies of John Key #27 and 28

            27.I won’t raise GST
            28.people who are on the average wage and have a child are $48 a week better off after the rise in GST

            The John Key and Chris Luxon mutual support society

            Pale, stale peas in a pod, lying together.

      • bert,

        On the money!

        Strangle the health system. Strangle everyone that’s not a National Party supporter. Ensure the wealthy get wealthier at the expense of everyone else. Underfund basic infrastructure. Ignore the plight of anyone doing it hard. Deny there is a housing crisis, increase our reliance on China and of course continue pushing the myth that only National Party supporters work hard………………………..Then call it a …………..”Rock Star Economy”

    • Already been answered Nathan.
      No exciting, helpful, and very needed policies because we know that’s not Labour’s gig anymore these days. It’s all slogan policies. But yes, immediate name calling and face pulling. Labour spin doctors had options ready for the speech: “Hey Robbo, if they announce three things let’s call it a Bermuda triangle, get it? three things? triangle? Bermuda… where things disappear…disaster? And so it came to pass that Roberston called Luxon’s three initiatives a Bermuda triangle. Yeah we got it Grant, very clever, not. Well, we’re waiting for the exciting, helpful, and very needed policies from the smug prick that he is, our deputy PM!

      • Where was the name calling from Robertson? I didn’t hear it. I did see you write that Robertson was a “smug prick” Is that some sort of Germanic salutation or would that be considered name calling?

        People are doing “tough” but lets reduce the bright line from 10 to 2 years and put back in place interest deductibility. Wow that will help with inequality.

        I would support increasing the lower brackets or reducing the rate on the first bracket but why not fund PAYE reductions with a CGT?

    • Nathan. They could have an enquiry, and when they find something that works well, like the
      Commissioner for Children, they could dump it, and replace it with a committee of overpaid persons who never clean the backs of the shoes they lunch in on Lambton Quay.

      Next question ?

  5. There ya go…See? Cock-Head luxon being boldly Cock-Headedish.
    Le me remind all you tax paying hard working young people… It was dirty fucking national that swindled public services and amenities which should have belonged to you because that which belonged that they took and sold was paid for by TAX PAYERS.
    Then. The dirty little natzo’s planted confederates within Labour who hatched out from within, called themselves neoliberals i.e roger the stunted pig torturer douglas and his useless, lazy, cadre of worthless cunts then sold your TAX PAID FOR stuff and things out from under your noses so natzo’s mates could become millionaires and billionaires.
    I reckon luxon’s on a mission to plaster over those historic crimes of trust and basic crimes of crime generally because natzo’s lies and deceits will be busting to get out.
    Here’s a wee stitch, let me pick at it.
    “Looking Back”. Aw bless.
    Free, open, transparent and very public Royal Commission of Inquiry Please?
    Farmers? Don’t be dip shits all your life. Wake the fuck up! The national party are exploiting and extorting you. The national party have been ripping you off for a century now. Yep. That’s one hundred years.
    From the moment the national party was formed from a dubious coupling of Auckland bankers and money lenders, they’ve been fucking you without the kissing.
    The thing that troubles me now is where do you go for the kind of political representation you need?
    Labour’s fucked because national parasitised it as mentioned above and that particular parasite’s not yet abandoned its host. roger douglas was a labour mp from 1969 to 1990 then he became ACT from 2008 to 2011. Does that say he’s a politician devoted to the well being of the primary industry AND a Labour servant calling on altruism to be his guiding light? He’s a greedy fascist traitor and that’s the best thing I can say about him.
    ACT is a goose stepping master class in small-cock fascism and The Green Party is merely a kind of organic fly spray excuse for a well composted natzo/ACT/Labour mishmash of righteous career politicians banking your taxes enabled $ix figures plus entitlements annually.
    Look? I keep writing; we’re all in the shit. National are boldly greedy and have our primary industry mesmerised by a miasma of High Wank to make sure that delicious income stream keeps streaming in, that’s the income stream our farmers wave goodbye to at the farm gate while they’re left to count the pennies they were thrown by the natzo owned and operated producer boards. The Labour Party are the same thing. Adern isn’t so much a pretty communist as a Machiavellian confederate and a dentists delight. Without the bloody virus what else would, indeed could, she have done to be noticed? It wouldn’t have been her heralding in a radical departure from nearly forty fucking years of neoliberalism, I can guarantee you that.

    • Who are you refering to Fay & Richwhite, Fletchers, Gibbs and the Kiddy Fiddling Stamp Collector ?

      We the Taxpayers got fucked over big time by the Neoliberals and there cronies.

      • Tell you Sour Kraut, Nuremburg doesn’t like politicians either. Or women, or Maori and Polynesian leaders, or health experts or media.

        You still haven’t denounced the alt-right site Sour Kraut

        You can’t can you, because it’s just another alt-right attack site, like you and your born-to-rule tory trolls visiting and commenting on an independent media blog site.

      • I NEVER have any trouble following Country Boy’s rants. But like him I grew up on a farm in the South Island so I know what he says in his own inimitable style is right on the money. If you can’t understand where he’s coming from read Bruce Jesson’s ” Only their Purpose is Mad” or Jane Kelsey’s ” Rolling Back the State” Both are good starting points for understanding the theft by Douglas and his cronies of state created and owned assets. The beginning of the mass inequality we see today. The homelessness, the lack of opportunity, poorly funded health and education and the glorification of greed. All the result of neo liberal free market economics. And now we have a government of poorly educated twats who believe that there is no other way to run an economy.Who are too ignorant and useless to do anything but perpetuate the misery inflicted on the people of this land. Overpaid idiots with no real world experience who cannot even run a housing program for the poor!
        But they can divide us with every announcement of policy . e.g. Three Waters =a recipe for race war and more theft by the state of assets already paid for.
        Sate Abuse of children = remove the Children’s Commissioner and never admit responsibility.
        Awesome! These a re the spineless pieces of shit we elect every 3 three years to shaft us and wonder why nothing ever changes.
        Got the picture Ben?
        Corporate lackeys who do not give a fuck about us the people.

    • Yep you are right CB, with your very passionate take on ACT. “The dirty little natzo’s planted confederates within Labour who hatched out from within, called themselves neoliberals i.e roger the stunted pig torturer douglas and his useless, lazy, cadre of worthless cunts then sold your TAX PAID FOR stuff and things out from under your noses so natzo’s mates could become millionaires and billionaires.”

      Shane Jones was a more recent “confederate” that was supported by Mr Hekia Parata, Lieutenant-Colonel Sir Harawira “Wira” Tiri Gardiner, when Jones ran for Labour Leader, before heading over to destroy New Zealand First.

      And Winston Peters never saw it coming. No wonder Peters was so pissed at Labour, for ‘inheriting’ the Labour-leader-reject Shane Jones. Winston was so pissed off that he took his mask off and walked through streams of convoy of hate protestors’ sh!t, just to give Labour the same sh!t that Labour gave to NZ First. Shane Jones effectively ended Winnie ‘Kingmaker’ Peters’s party.

  6. can you please, please, please stop calling the labour/greens government ‘the left’.
    They are simply slightly less right/authoritarian than the current National Party position.

    • Oh yes yes yes.
      There is no one on the left in parliament.
      They have that programme on Monday morning at 11am on Nat Radio supposedly one from the right and one from the left, the latter wouldn’t know left if they fell over it.

  7. NZ is finished. A once decent country ruined by such scum as Luxon all the way from Douglas. The same rubbish infest other countries no hope in emmigration.

    • NZ was good country 40-50 years ago until the sewer rats like Lange, Douglas, Preeble and Co wormed there way into Government.

    • Agree ,the country has been sold out from underneath us.

      Little wonder Jacinda Arderntoinette is not interested in looking at 200,000 empty homes in NZ/40,000 in Auckland.
      The landbankers only had to spend 10 million on property and got citizenship as a bonus!
      Money laundering through RE ,Keys attempt at a tax haven,NZ has a reputation as a country enthrall to foreign capital.
      Ask Peter Thiel…its embarrassing.
      As for the O.I.O….just a farce.

      • maybe we can attract some russian oligarchs black cash
        …oh shit that’s right our bent legal class are already laundering away like a laundering thing.
        How about we stop our underhand dealings to help the ukrainians? well that ain’t gonna happen our corrupt financial sector is as deep in it as boris…so all we get is handwringing and concerned looks.

  8. I can’t believe that this shallow little burke Luxon, can be the best that National can buy. National the party that is disloyal to its name, and its country. Fancy settling for that lower taxes stuff – it shows the empty heads of these right-wingers; National not a new idea since when? Perhaps 1951 and that idea wasn’t a good one. I think it is that slick idea that generic managers are good for the future. THERE IS ONE WAY to manage, One Ring will rule them all – the bull-ring that is, everything will be fine tomorrows for right-wingers. Fairy tales for the masses, jam tomorrow, and hard dewfinite contractual under-the-table dealings for the Managers and the Politicians are just managers as Luxon was.

    The money-mad will persevere to the end just for unromantic figures on a screen, not working hard to find bright gold as in this song about real hard workers mostly New Zealanders. Derek Metser’s song and a bit about it – Farewell to the Gold.

    This from a great Maori New Zealander, among many but all superior to Luxon in integrity, but Inia Te Wiata is best for now:
    I Got Plenty of Nuttin from Porgy and Bess.
    I think this is the easypeasy attitude that Luxon and National want to take with us. But Porgy was a brave character determined to make what he could from his hard life, bloody but unbowed one could say. Bess has said she loves him and he, with no legs past his knees is determined to hold onto bits of good fortune as they fall. But that’s no way to have to be and people can’t stand more of what both Parties are dishing out to us.
    And we will have a declining education standard offered to us in the lower classes, worse than now. Watch out, Porgy ajd Bess is the scenario for our future tucked behind the gateway to the right-wing mind.

    Porgy and Bess, Act II, Scene 1: I Got Plenty o’ Nuttin’
    George Gershwin
    Oh, I got plenty o’ nuttin’ And nuttin’s plenty for me
    I got no car, got no mule I got no misery
    De folks wid plenty o’ plenty
    Got a lock on de door ‘Fraid somebody’s a-goin’ to rob ’em While dey’s out a-makin’ more
    What for?

    I got no lock on de door Dat’s no way to be Dey kin steal de rug fom de floor
    Dat’s okeh wid me
    ‘Cause de things dat I prize Like de stars in de skies All are free…

    Oh, I got plenty o’ nuttin’ And nuttin’s plenty for me
    I got the sun, got the moon Got the deep blue sea
    De foks wid plenty o’ plenty Got to pray all de day
    Seems wid plenty you sure got to worry How to keep the debbel away

    I ain’t frettin ’bout hell ‘Till de time arrive
    Never worry long as I’m well
    Never one to strive
    To be good, to be bad What the hell
    I is glad I’s alive

    • Greywarbler. With respect, “ Burke” is spelt “ Berk”, an abbreviation of ‘The Berkshire Hunt,’ and is rhyming slang for the Marama word. Funnily enough, she has been replaced by Mallard as my least favourite MP, whereas Luxon vies with B. Tamaki as the sort of male who makes my skin crawl – a gut sort of thing.

    • If a voter spoils the ballot paper, does it show up under the ‘informal’ category. ie does it get counted as an invalid vote?

    • What will a “NO CONFIDENCE” vote do?

      If someone hasn’t got confidence in anyone else to do (what they see as) the right thing, should they step up themselves and see if people have confidence in what they would do?

      • Silly comment
        the right thing, should they step up themselves and see if people have confidence in what they would do?

        a No confidence vote would be useful and specifically show that we think that none of the parties in parliament are catering for those who are truly on the margins nor are any of them dealing with climate change.

  9. If Luxon really wants to reduce the cost of living AND cut taxes, how about removing GST from all essentials including food and rent?

    There you are Chris, two birds with one stone.

    • There is no GST on rent so that is easily fixed.
      When you say take GST of food does that include junk food or just healthy food like vegetables but what happens when they are cooked and make into chips our loaded with butter and called mash. Then there is the cost of the accountants having to keep all dockets for food seperate . Have a son who ran a food business in Australia it is a nightmare and is a good reason why all governments both left and right have not adopted it as a policy

      • Good facts Trevor. I would like GST dropped to 10% and be coded to show up the locality figures. Then 5% of the GST from spending in the area would go to the area and help with infrastructure mainly. It would be managed by a Trust from the area, which would take applications for use of parts of the money. It would be meant to be of practical use, update the tourist toilets, improve the kids school bus service to extend up a side road etc.

    • @Cooper oil? What does voting for cannabis reform have to do with the above narrative?
      I’ve been to meetings whereby someone during the heat of the debate, pops their head up to request some random thing that goes outside and beyond the topic at hand and they’re usually in cahoots with a fellow meeting member sitting across the room or hall. They’re called ‘confederates’.
      The job of the confederate at meetings, and certainly here, is to derail the narrative at hand, effectively steering the momentum of discourse into a cliff so that nothing specific happens and the focus on the drive of the subject at hand fizzles out.
      Therefore, what the fuck has voting for cannabis reform got to do with the current narrative? Go to where cannabis is being debated.
      We, as AO/NZ’ers, are writing about how divided and at risk we are at the hands of a cadre of dodgy crooks who are in charge of our lives and I, for one, think they’re doing a totally shit job of that.
      Works great for them though, have you noticed? Beautiful clothes, beautiful hair, beautiful head polish. Before c-19 I’d have to pick my way through people sleeping in the streets of Auckland and Wellington and now there’s a deadly virus they’re all “Aw, poor, poor people, it’s all about care and respect. ”
      Where the fuck was that care and respect BEFORE the virus? Adern? Can you help me with that? Or are you merely helping yourself while hoping to Christ you get kicked out at the next general election?

      • Countryboy, perhaps you could read my comment as – there is nothing to vote for.
        A sentiment many express above.
        Even you wrote ” The thing that troubles me is where do you go for political representation you need?”

    • one issue politics the bane of democracies, because some things are more important than you getting stoned copper

      • You are correct. The tragic part is it feels like i am leading the politicians 1-0.
        At the ballot box next year is all i am turning up for is to tick against what i hate?

  10. Personal Responsibility. If this was in place child poverty could be cut education levels could improve and those in work would feel the pride it brings .. If this happened benefits could be increased to support those that genuinely fall on hard times and that can happen to anyone.

    • Personal Responsibility – so true Trevor – it’s been out of fashion for decades. Great comment.

      It’s extraordinary that people in New Zealand are quick to blame their woes on the Government. My family and friends struggled a lot over the last 30 years but it is ludicrous to blame our own (often poor) personal decisions in life on either a National or Labour Government.

      This is often seen in the business sector where there is an almost pathological hatred of any State assistance to the Poor and Neglected.



      • If personal responsibility meant anything…you would not have had the never ending bail outs for Wall St over the last 13 years.

      • @ Trev and Sid.
        There you go. Two confederates tag-teaming to protect our greedy political losers too dumb to be real estate agents.
        “Personal responsibility my hairy arse. That’s the neoliberal mantra 101.
        You do realise that neoliberal politics is the politics of business, not of human beings, right?
        In AO/NZ our primary industry is agrarian and they’re on the bones of their arses as much as anyone else and Big Business has it’s hands around our politics’ throat.

        • your arguements are all based on meaningless names like neoliberalism which means different thinks to different people . I am always happy to argue the point with a comment or like Bert who has real arguements based on real facts whereas you throw out a lot of titles with no real basis in fact,.

      • when pollies, buraucrats and capitalists in general start taking personal responsibility maybe it’ll wear off on the hoi poli, let’s face it the example coming from the alleged ‘great and the good’ of NZ society isn’t that flash.

  11. It really doesn’t matter how dim the future looks I love being able to come onto TDB and have a rare good, hearty chuckle at some of the comments, insights and humour.

    It makes existence barable. Well done to all involved.

    • UBR Your pseudo and ‘barable’. go together. Was that a typo or your own contribution to the chuckle?

      • Yes indeed. Thank you for pointing out my mistooks and eras. And even noticing.
        We should all proof read them before pressing send to eliminate such silly things getting throughin future. Especially after the 4th beer of the afternoon and distractions like the cat.

  12. What’s to get excited about? It’s a bog standard National Party Wishlist for the privileged. It will undercut ACT but that’s about it.

    Labour despite the dearth of ability in it’s Ministerial ranks will clean up in the next election. Luxon went with the scum – “there are good people….” Middle New Zealand will remember that and vote no….

    • Trumpian gobsh!te. There are good people on both sides.
      Except in Charlottesville

      “Speaking in the lobby of Trump Tower at what had been billed as a statement on infrastructure, a combative Trump defended his slowness to condemn white nationalists and neo-Nazis after the melee in central Virginia, which ended in the death of one woman and injuries to dozens of others, and compared the tearing down of Confederate monuments to the hypothetical removal of monuments to the Founding Fathers. He also said that counterprotesters deserve an equal amount of blame for the violence.

      “What about the alt-left that came charging at, as you say, at the alt-right?” Trump said. “Do they have any semblance of guilt?”

      Trump supporter and MAGA-hat collector Todd Mueller, must be writing Luxon’s speeches?

      So let me get this straight. Luxon agrees that Arps is one of the “good people” and Arps should have the right to go and witness public executions of politicians, Maori and Polynesian leaders, health experts and media?

      FFS, New Zealand will be the 53 state of the US if Trump and Luxon and his cabal get elected. At least Todd Muller would be great as US ambassador to a Trump US, he already has the hat!

    • Taking the bright line down to two years from ten, and reinstating interest deductibility certainly doesn’t scream helping under privileged

      Moves to reduce income tax in the lower brackets make more sense to me.

      • only works if the lower brackets actual earn a decent living
        ….a buck a week helps no one

        …fixing our low pay part time culture is neccesary…5 people working two shifts a week isn’t 5 people employed it’s five part timers who need other work so if they get a couple of shifts elsewhere that’s another ’employed’…our stats should count those in fulltime work..if that’s made up from 2 or 3 employers fair enough..but it’s 1 ’employed’ not 3.

        and the first person to mention the benefits of ‘flexibility’ gets the booby prize let’s all agree that’s not the intention or the fact(sitting waiting for a call that might or might not come isn’t flexibility) the gig system is designed to stop all workers benefits and lower wages FULL STOP.

  13. I remember an NZ, where most of us were happy and hard working. Where there was a large degree of national unity. Where we were described by overseas analysts as a “rock star” economy and where there actually was a ‘team of 5million’.

    What happened?

    • What the hell are you on about Andrew! There would have been plenty of people that did not feel part of any team of 5 million I would think. If it was so utopian National would still be in government.

    • The reality is that the rockstar economy didn’t take into account people having to live under bridges and in cars nor did it take into account years of stagnant wage increases, so hardly surprising that overseas we looked to have a rockstar economy when in truth it was completely the opposite. People were so unhappy and Winston new the truth.

  14. Agree it will take 20 years to build through the middle of Auckland, Michael Woods tram set is not a good idea however I have not seen the Cost vs Benefit Analysis. Could be a white elephant.

  15. Agree it will take 20 years to build through the middle of Auckland, Michael Woods tram set is not a good idea however I have not seen the Cost vs Benefit Analysis. Could be a another white elephant.

  16. every dollar cut in tax or dollar of tax dodged, has to be made up somehow or cut from spending, tax cuts and avoidance are theft from the pockets of regular NZers..cutting the tax intake doesn’t reduce the costs of what the tax is spent on….so how to close the gap? NZ as a nation slides further down the shit slope and we all concentrate on avacado toast.

  17. Hmmm…let me think?

    Keep more of the money I got up every day and earned, or give it to Jacinda and Grant so they can give it to the Mongrel Mob, dead end train sets, the media to tell me lies, wasted cycle bridge feasibility studies, 3 Waters propaganda, social media spying, bribing Winston Peters or dividing pakeha and Maori????

    Decisions, decisions….

    • BG I get the idea that you are naturally right wing and go towards National. This is the Party that takes from the poor and gives to the rich. I hope that you get to the wealthy side quickly as there is no slow incremental building up under National; the only thing is that Labour doesn’t promise much better to most.

      They scatter opportunities on the ground and like hens we have to rush around and compete with all the other dumbclucks for morsels, then if we do get something and run away to lay down our nest egg, someone will open the nesting hatch and bingo our egg/s gone. Might as well play bingo and drink all day as no way in this economy with these blinkered people with their extra-fuzzy logic, can most people get ahead. Shall we start a new Grassroots Party, to help those who end up having to eat grass roots? The people that most need wise policies, are so confused they wouldn’t know how to vote for someone who was a real hero, they would go after the smart-arse who is merely into getting reaction, not protecting the good that we have/had in this country.

      • Please explain how National “take from the poor and give took the rich”?

        I have pointed that Labour takes from the poor to give to the Mongrel Mob, to expensive consultants (IE the rich), media propaganda and Winston (who’s been sucking off the tax payers teat since 1978). Now who takes from the poor and gives to the rich?

        I guess the difference between you and I is that I believe I can more wisely spend my money, than someone who’s only real job is a fish n chip wrapper, and a political science/career politician graduate. Happy to pay for things we all need, not happy when it gets wasted.

    • yeaH YEAH YEAH bg I object to some of the things tax is spent on, don’t we all…but letting the rich/corporations off paying their fair share empties your pockets as efficiently as anyones…

  18. I felt what Katie Bradford said about Luxon on the TVNZ news spoke volumes.

    She said it was more of the same National Party stuff you’d expect BUT…..if Luxon wanted to win over Kiwi’s, he’d have to show them who he is. That’s where the trouble starts. Luxon is at pains to avoid showing his true self as he’s smart enough to know his true self will result in kiwi’s recoiling in droves.

    Anti abortion. Anti euthanasia, Anti minimum wage increases. He’s leading the National Party so most people recognize a list of other things he’s anti. The significance of religion in his life is huge but he falls over himself playing that down to voters but it will dominate decisions he makes every day. He owns multiple investment properties and was totally unaware one of those properties resulted in a forty two thousand dollar gain to him for 52 weeks in a row. Oh yes, he can relate to kiwis. Yea right! The other one plays jingle bells.

    The time for a highly religious extremely wealthy white National Party leader has been and gone. His biggest positive is the fact he’s not Judith Collins but that’s hardly a recommendation.

    • Katie Bradford????

      Totally unbiased then! I’ll never forget the line when Labour were in opposition, “No matter what we do, no matter what we say, the polls still favour National”, basically admitting that she and the MSM were trying to remove National.

      I thought it was a political journalists job to tell the news,not try to redirect political polls?

      • BG,

        One question mark would suffice.

        I’m not a big fan of Katie Bradford and her mother Sue was also not a person I would quote.

        That aside, what Katie Bradford said about Luxon was 100% correct in the two things she stated yesterday.

        1) The policies he’s quoting are just more of the same National Party everyone would expect.

        2) If Luxon wants traction he will need to show Kiwi’s who he is.

        My take on point 2 is that Luxon simply can’t afford to show Kiwis who he really is as they will recoil.

  19. He will go for massive immigration National have always done this and then they wonder why we don’t have enough suitable houses and we have run down infrastructure. And who actually benefits the most from massive immigration and who does it actually hurt that is what NZers need to ask.

    • Bang on Covid is Pa. Overpopulate the country and worry about things later. National fucked the country, end of story.

  20. Indexing the tax brackets is a good thing, so is being able to keep more of what you earn. Luxon is right, you do not have to cut core spending, when simply reigning in wasteful spending and bureaucracy can add up to billions of dollars.

    • “you do not have to cut core spending, when simply reigning in wasteful spending and bureaucracy”

      When has that ever happened in the last forty years? C’mon, we are all grown ups here, we know that when politicians utter these words, all they ever do, is cut or freeze funding to education, health, and conservation.

    • what core spending exactly mickey? c’mon now don’t be shy..
      health(lets sell it to insurance co. that works well) roads (road toll not high enough hey maybe make all roads toll roads with no speed limits) aged care/pensions(rip off kiwis who worked all their lives) maybe education (after all who needs education?)or that good old favorite bennies

      C’mon mickey which core spending would you cut???

        • The alt-right trolls are getting angry.
          Don’t poke the pale Irish-style stales like Danny Boy and Mickey Boyle.
          They don’t like their tax the poor, and tax the rich and businesses less.
          Pulled the ladder up behind them and would rather use the stick against the serfs.
          Or better still, bring in temporary workers who will do shit for less and won’t complain.

    • You mean like failed flag referendums or referendums on electricity SOEs sell offs that you ignored completely, that wasteful spending?

  21. The Dome Headed One has spoken. And you might as well join Biden in staring out of the window, as you ponder what separates him from Key… Don’t waste your time… Nothing.

    Tax cuts, nudge nudge, wink wink as if we are too stupid to know.

    This man has the political instincts of a goldfish. Ms Ar dern must be laughing up the sleeves of her voluminous green shift.

    But at least he has saved us the trouble of mental anguish as to who to vote for.

  22. Nationals tax cuts equate to f…k all. I worked it out to be enough money for a block of cheesed bread, butter and milk money for most people. Putting two dollars and fifteen cents extra a week in the pockets of those that earn 45k and those earning slightly more wont even get $20 extra a week not exactly ground breaking or shifting people from poverty.

  23. Enfranchise some more foreign citizens to get the Transnational capital party over the line… easy. Can’t vote in your dictatorship, but want to vote in our sham No Zealand failing state? Come on down! it’s a race to the bottom… just remember to get some bars for your windows.

  24. At least the Tories tell you they are going to screw the poor – Labour just do nothing but worry about pro nouns and all the other politically correct crap.

  25. @ Fuman Are you and Danny Boy (aka Denny Paoa) related?

    He/she has that same LGBTQIA-phobic comments and a hereditary red glow around the back of your necks.
    You shouldn’t type these sorts of comments with your back to a mirror in front of your laptop camera.

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