The Parliament Lawn Dumb Lives Matter Protest: Winners, Losers & Predictions


If Key’s Government had overseen the Parliament Lawns violence this week, the old left would be on the streets next week screaming at the heavy handed Police response – but because they are protestors we loath on the Left, the middle class marxists cheer!

The damage to the reputation to the political Left is immeasurable.

Jacinda ignored the feral lumpenproletariat and Trev goaded them.

In the end there were no adults left in the room and instead of de-escalation, we allowed the worst angels of our nature to win.

Listening to the Left praise the Police abusing protestors IN THE SAME WAY the Right do after a protest shows how far we have drifted

There are of course perverse winners and broken losers.

You want me to do what now?


Trevor Mallard – Out of this entire disgusting debacle, Trev is one of the biggest winners. He managed to enflame and provoke protestors into the spastic rage it became and he gets NO BLAME AT ALL! On Thursday February 10th, the protest movement was fading. Their attempt to gain entrance into Parliament had failed the day before, the factions had splintered into disagreement and the leader of the biggest faction had left Thursday morning. Instead of allowing this to implode because of its own philosophical instability, Trev threw a tantrum on the morning of the 10th and stupidly demanded Police clear the lawn. That created a common enemy and ended up being a 10 hour live streamed recruitment video. He added to this strategic blunder with petty psyop tactics that were childish and beneath the mana of Parliament. Trev then pressured the Press Gallery into filming from the balcony automatically creating an us and them mentality and threatened journalists if they attempted to interview the protestors there would be consequences. The need for the Government to paint every protestor out as a Nazi to justify the heavy handed tactics means Trev will never be held to account for provoking this violence. Everything that happens from this point on traces back to his manchild tantrum. Disgustingly the Press Gallery & Jacinda will not hold him to account.

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NZ Far Right – The other big winner in all of this is the NZ Far Right. They can not believe the propaganda coup we have handed them by provoking the Police into heavy handed over reaction. They leave empowered and plotting the next attack. We helped them recruit 10 000 new stormtroopers. Well done everyone.

David Seymour – Is the only MP who tried to de-escalate this and has stood for the right to protest. ACT do best when they are a right wing values party, this will give ACT ammunition.

Winston – By wandering through the protest, Winnie hopes to harness those former rural Labour voters for his 2023 campaign.

Police Commissioner Andrew Coster – By resisting the middle class marxists and not sending the tanks in, Coster walked a fine line between giving into Woke vengeance fantasies and starting a civil war. His Police were professional right up until they took over a firehose from Firefighters (The FireFighters Association have now lodged a formal complaint about Police doing this) to attack protestors with and opened fire on protestors with rubber bullets.

Dr Bryce Edwards – Not so much a winner but a hero. Ever since he disagreed with Woke Queen Morgan Godfery on Radio NZ, the woke have tried to cancel him and have him sacked from his University job for daring to challenge their narrative that everyone at the protest was a Nazi. His reporting that undermined their narrative was some of the best at this protest.



Public Broadcasting – Why did so many people fall down the rabbit hole of social media hate lies? How has CounterSpin been so successful? Why is Nz On Air public broadcasting elitist echo chamber opinion and faux journalism like ‘Furries work in your IT department‘ held up as investigative reporting when it has lost the trust of so many citizens? Our Public Broadcasting Minister is a joke and the Government refuse to do something meaningful other than hand more money out to editorially compliant media that people don’t trust.

Press Gallery – NEVER doubt the power of middle class Wellington or the Press Gallery to get the order their privilege demands. Their coverage was utterly compromised in all of this and they are less believed than when it started.

Jacinda – By ignoring the protestors she only enflamed it. By refusing to hold Mallard to account she enflamed it. By refusing to acknowledge the pain of the poor she professes kindness towards, she damaged her reputation. This was Jacinda at her worst: aloof, haughty and as disapproving as a head girl while people her supporters despise suffered.

Labour – Labour WILL get a Poll bump out of this because the right love bashing up brown protestors as much as middle class marxists do. After the sugar high from angry National voters who love to bash poor brown people passes however, Labour will see the damage they’ve caused their rural and provincial electorates as protestors return home with toxic anger and an oath to never vote for Jacinda again. This has permanently lost Labour 5%.

Greens – Where was the great political party of protest in all of this? Hiding like cowards.

Political Left –  Watching middle class Wellington Marxists cheer the filth for smashing smelly lumpenproletariat reminds us how far the NZ Left have drifted intellectually and philosophically. The arguments I’m hearing from the Left about how underserving these protestors were are exact same arguments the Right have used previously.

CTU/PSA/ETU – Gutless middle class Wellington bureaucracies who have sold their self interest as the pillars of NZ egalitarianism. A revolution came to Parliament & it was middle class woke activists who were revolted! The Middle Class Marxists want a revolution that knows its pronouns! It doesn’t want the smelly lumpenproletariat spoiling the aesthetics of their dinner party activism. Fuck them and their sanctimonious preaching, this was the week we saw what their true values were. Themselves.

NZ Democracy – This was a dark week for NZ Democracy. Instead of de-escalate, we wanted a fight with these feral lunatics. Instead of compassion, we reacted with hate. Instead of any attempt to understand their pain, we called them all Nazis. These scars from Parliament’s lawns won’t heal because both sides refuse to admit they were wrong.

1913 – 1951 – 2022


1 – 53% of these protestors voted Green/Labour, they were the bastard sons and daughters of rogernomics drawn from the provincial and rural electorates that Labour dominated in 2020…

The picture painted by Curia Research is of a protest crowd drawn overwhelmingly from rural and provincial New Zealand: Fully 67.6 percent of the persons questioned came from somewhere other than Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. Rural dwellers made up 7.7 percent of the crowd; those living in provincial towns 18.9 percent; and provincial city-dwellers the remaining 41 percent. This latter figure is almost double the actual number of New Zealanders living in provincial cities.

This skewed provincial representation is significant. What it tells us is that the people participating in this protest have a great deal in common with the Americans who supported Donald Trump. They, too, hailed from places seldom visited by the metropolitan elites. Cities and towns that once boasted thriving industries and buoyant economies, but which, over the past 35 years, have seen far too many factories – along with the small businesses that serviced them – shut down and fail. Communities that once boasted public hospitals, polytechnics, post-offices and banks – not to mention their own proudly independent newspapers – have been stripped of key infrastructure and left to rot.

For many years, however, the primary victims of this neglect continued to vote for the parties of change: Labour, the Alliance, the Greens and NZ First; in hopes that their lives would be made better. Curia Research reveals that very close to 50 percent of the protesters occupying Parliament Grounds voted for one of Labour, the Greens and NZ First in 2020. This finding is powerfully reminiscent of the significant number of 2016 Trump voters who had backed Barack Obama in both the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections. Hell hath no fury, it would seem, like a voter scorned, disappointed and betrayed.

That nearly 30 percent of the protesters voted for Jacinda Ardern’s Labour Party in 2020 also suggests that at some point the Prime Minister said or did something that shattered their allegiance to her and the Team of Five Million she purported to lead. Given that the dominant reason/s for their presence outside Parliament was their strong opposition to Vaccine Mandates, one might reasonably speculate that it was Ardern’s reneging on her promise not to introduce vaccination mandates and passes that provoked these protesters to desert the Labour Party.

That the consequences of refusing to be vaccinated appear to have fallen most heavily on occupations dominated by women: retail, hospitality, teaching, nursing, aged-care, midwifery; would also explain why Curia Research reports women making up 55 percent of the protest crowd.

Another factor relevant to the number of women participating in the protest could well be that in the rural and provincial communities ravaged by the economic impacts of neoliberalism it has, overwhelmingly, been women who have held together the threads of community and mutuality. Mothers, daughters and wives who had once been encouraged to look upon the State as their friend, have – decade after decade – been given every cause to see “the government” as their enemy.

The explanation for 27.2 percent of the protest crowd identifying as Māori is, almost certainly, much the same.

Throughout the 1980s and 90s, in Māori communities scattered across the provincial landscapes of the North Island, jobs, and the social cohesion that came with them, were laid waste by the neoliberal revolution. Without the industries that paid for them, key infrastructure similarly decayed and disappeared.

…those 53% who voted Labour/Green return home broken and angry to their rural and provincial electorates with a toxic version of Jacinda’s kindness and they will never vote for the Left again.

I believe this will ultimately see a 5% amputation of Labour vote over all come 2023.

The question is where will that vote go to?

In 2020 we saw conspiracy parties like Advance NZ, the NZ Public Party,  the New Conservatives, the Outdoor Party and Vision NZ run and gain 2.73% of the vote.

Add to that the 5% lumpenproletariat who will never vote Labour again, and the far right conspiracy vote could win 8% in the 2023 election.


2 – Watch the middle class marxists and woke argue that we now need far reaching Hate Speech laws so that they can start the purge of people who trigger them and can use the Police to silence and censor opinions they disagree with.



This protest didn’t happen in a vacuum.

Last month the Salvation Army released its report on dire poverty while house affordability rose to another obscene level while Covid assistance has mostly gone to the rich…

Wealthy nearly $1 trillion richer since Covid began – Hickey

An economic and political commentator says since the Covid-19 pandemic reached Aotearoa, the rich have become richer and the poor have become poorer – in part due to the Government’s policies.

…this protest may not be working class politics, but it is working class misery that is being manipulated by the far right on the lawns of Parliament!

This is the Left’s fault!

Imagine if Labour and the Greens had done something meaningful over the last 4 years for the lumpenproletariat so that there wasn’t this rage to exploit by the far right in the first place?

What did Labour do? Pour billions into the pockets of property speculators and is now trying to pour billions more into an unemployment insurance scam that empowers white collar union workers the most!

We have allowed Jacinda and Labour and the Greens off the hook for transformative change for too long, and yet act surprised when those most punished by the mandates rebel.

Let me be as clear as I can be – I support Jacinda and Labour for their magnificent Covid response! I salute the courage and skill to have navigated us through this most horrific of tempests and believe the mandates are the best way forward.

I believe NZ having some of the lowest death and hospitalisation rates is a public health victory of extraordinary magnitude.

Yes as a post-marxist anarchist environmental socialist I detest the State up in my grills as much as the next free individual, but I agree with this curtailing of my civil liberties for the public good.

B-U-T we on the Left have failed to challenge the neoliberal economic hegemony that continues to devour so many lonely lives and fills them with such hopelessness that they are bait for Facebook hate algorithms.

I have zero truck with these feral lunatic’s arguments, hell I was attempting to goad them into voting me in their Nuremberg hanging list a fortnight ago, but they have a right to protest and their rage has been manufactured by the Left’s lack of transformative change.

I have yet to see one interview with a protestor that after a terrible & painful personal mandate experience – that truly pulls at your heart strings – that then doesn’t veer off into some crazy demented conspiracy theory – there is no doubt this misery is being manipulated by far right propagandists with malicious intent.

If we don’t want so many angry, frightened and hurt working class people turning to the Nazi’s, maybe do something meaningful about their anger, hurt and fear first?

Instead of de-escalate this, the Speaker of the House and the Government provoked it.

This will stain us.

The woke have had their vengeance, Trevor Mallard has fiddled while Parliament’s lawns burned and the Government have shown the lumpenproletariat their pain will never be acknowledged.

At any other time, the violence police used today against protestors would be rightfully decried up and down this country by the old left – todays middle class marxists however cheer State force because we hate the protestors.

We have lost our moral compass on the Left.

I passionately disagree with these protestors on every argument, but I defend their right to protest in a liberal progressive democracy.

Using State violence to crush this when Omicron & end of mandates would have de-escalated it is a political choice.

We lost something this week.

All Parliament have succeeded in doing is recruit for the far right.


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  1. Martyn
    It’s a seriously weird time to be living in NZ. Left, right who cares, pandemic or not, but something just feels wrong. Maybe it’s the fact that autocratic politicians are now in control of the country and our lives. When in the past the country sort of ran itself and we were in charge of our own lives. Christ, banks aren’t even allowed to run their own lives!

  2. What a load of crap. These idiots will be forgotten in a week. Winston is a traitor to the sane.
    Police and Jacinda/Govt big win for putting out the trash.

  3. There’s only one result from this protest and that is, we, the people, have lost. This protest was fighting for everyone, fighting for the rights of the people, fighting for freedom of the people. But the powerful were too strong, their mechanisms of power, led by the media, turned the people against their own.
    Now, now we are powerless. Sure, we will win immaterial battles that do not threaten the bottom line of the powerful, let alone their very exalted existence, thus giving-us an illusion of self-determination, but an illusion is all that is.

    New Zealanders have proven themselves to be gullible and weak, our only hope being, that other countries, other people, show more guile and backbone that we’ve been able to muster here.

    • If the people are represented by that mob then I feel sorry for the people but I think you are wrong and most people are saying good riddance to lot of them

      • Trevor Sennitt I have spoken with police and I do believe that the demonstrators who converged on Wellington, were a very mixed bunch right from the start, including some with genuine, if misguided concerns. I also believe that some were calling out, “ Peace” and “ Love”, while the hands behind their backs held crude weapons waiting to be used. There were some who didn’t really know why they were there, plus the stupid air-head females enjoying a free camp out in down town Wellington. It looks as if the bad ones are now trashing the south coast, and worrying Wainouiomata, and they did leave a filthy mess around Parliament, and cared nought for impinging upon the freedoms of little old ladies and harmless schoolgirls trying to go about their daily business.

  4. Winston didn’t do himself a lot of favours going to the protest in Wellington trying to get a few extra votes to try and tip himself over the 5% mark at the next Election. Not the key voter base NZF should be targeting.

  5. It’s interesting to see in articles like this pointing up the polarisation of thought in NZ that people use the opportunity provided by the comments section to help prove this true. There’s no offering of opinion, only a shouting down of those one disagrees with. People forget that it’s better to keep one’s mouth shut and have others think them a fool than to flap it and prove them right.

    • The shouting down people is nothing new its been going on a few years now, well since Trump got involved in politics anyhow.

      Respectful discussion seemingly has gone out the window now its a battle of who can shout the loudest while simultaneously plugging their ears

  6. Yes, that protest in Wellington will make it into the School History Curriculum within a few years…I believe this is a tipping point in the fall of the current Government…regardless of what they (the Government) say, and the main stream media as well, the footage was astonishing.

    • Nathan. On the contrary, the Ardern government may emerge squeaky clean from this, for shutting down the rabble – which a number of them were, dumb deluded rabble. The fact that the irresponsible and also dumb actions of Trevor Mallard exacerbated the situation, is being conveniently ignored. The fact that the PM engaged in sanctimonious preaching rather than engaging directly with the protestors, also exacerbated tensions to an unnecessary extent and may have prolonged the occupation, who knows ? Don’t forget that the PM has a degree in ‘Communications’ – albeit from the University of Waikato – but remained unable or unwilling to speak with the protestors even on her home ground, and that the perfidious useless Greens, and the brain-dead National Party, went along with this. Direct dialogue (s) may have been a waste of time, but should at least have been attempted, safely, inside, and the PM herself is aware of the importance of symbols.

      This is not the end of the matter. The cop in hospital with a hospital with a spear in his upper arm fashioned from a shaft of the New Zealand flag will recover ok, I should think, as will the cops drenched in petrol from Molotov cocktails, and some polices’ kids will doubtless be pleased when Mum returns home from Wellington this weekend, and the invisible buses may be back on their normal routes, and local workers mightn’t be fearful about wearing masks in the CBD, and the historic Law School building may not have been burnt down, but this may be in spite of ineptness of the arrogant bottom-warmers of Bowen Street, all of them, who will be the least affected, having achieved nothing very much as usual and probably having made things worse.

  7. There is a big push in the MSM to highlight this story. We are the closest to WW3 since the 1970s and this led the news….. I look at it as the PMs battle of the bulge. Like crazy those on the left are trying to push this as an assault on democracy akin to the Chch terrorist attack. Here in the burbs in Auckland no one cares. There are far pressing issues such as rampant inflation, supply chain issues, businesses shut due to isolation rules and general aggravation. The PMs minders attempted to manufacture a crisis. In 15 months time we’ll see just how badly they misread the tea leaves.

    If you truely want to see how badly the left have misread the situation, put your brain into neutral and watch 5 mins of the Project

    • And what about Christchurch Frank? Are you going to dismiss what we are going through down here?

      This rabble, pushed out of Wellington will swell the smell and tents in Cranmer Square. And no doubt the seething anti-everything mob would have learnt the tactics used to oust them from the Capital Building.

      The battle in Wellington was lost by the protestors. The War in Christchurch is about to begin.
      And it’s not going to be pretty. It’s pretty smelly at the moment and the same sort of intimidation of innocent passers-by we saw on our televisions, is happening here too.

      It’s a disgusting mess in all the meanings of that phrase, caused by malevolent forces inside and outside of NZ/AO.

      • Just end mandates. Chipkins said that will happen anyway. There is NO scientific reason to have them for omnishitter. Do it now. Give them a bone for the good of the nation. Stop the petulant behaviour from the Beehive and let’s focus on what truely manners. Fuck it if it means the protesters think they win. Dealing with teenage kids I have learned you need to toss them a bone sometimes.

        Oh and stop the melodramatic overtures. A real crisis is occurring in Ukraine – we don’t know how lucky we are. This didn’t need a special debate in Parliament. Melodramatic wankers in Wokeington.

  8. It’s all a bit like handling Covid. You don’t get a second shot at it. And you can’t ‘unexperience’ or ‘unknow’ what has actually happened. Because of that all contexts put forward are conditioned. Even putting forward the first magic steps back when are not in the vacuum needed for the purity of a ‘different way.’ Let alone any steps along thne way.

    So saying now what you would have done right from the beginning is an exercise in fantasy, because anything, everything that happened along the way wouldn’t be part of a set of infinite variables.

    But okay, what would you have done on day one or day zero, or zero minus one? Accepting you’re not going back to day minus whatever where you say, “We’re not having any vaccinations because merely having them will cause a whole lot of people to go crazy and think that the PM is using them as part of an international plot to take over the world.”

  9. For a win/win and healing, all sides must be heard and listened too. And action taken. If they can’t transform the people’s needs into action, they are not leaders or transformative.

  10. panzerboi – I wouldn’t piss on the project if it was on fire, if you think they’re ‘left’ you need to visit a library son.

  11. Like it or not, it is the second of March that will be remembered long after memories of herb gardens, alternative therapies, political dis-discourse and purple flappy pants!

  12. Martyn I get you are disappointed. I understand Trevor is a child who Jacinda won’t discipline. I get we lost something today but in my opinion we gained more. What would the result be of not getting rid of the protesters after three weeks. Try looking at the situation regardless of the government. It’s not simple like freedom at all costs. Yes this government could have done more to avoid this in the last four years. But they didn’t. Costa was employed to be a wet weak fuck but yesterday he showed some guts. More than the government that he works for. I thought Jacinda finally fronted and I respect her for that. I need to wash my mouth out but I stand by that.

  13. The rural and provincial protestors will be back driving their new tractors and utes to the next Groundswell do to tell us that it’s Jacinda’s fault they’re all broke and their world is finished.

    I’ll probably not take all that much notice as I’ll be busy repenting that I didn’t do my best to treat Brian Tamaki, Karen Brewer, Leighton Baker, Kelvyn Alp, Carlene Hereora and Matt King with more compassion and respect.

    • so this is somehow the farmers fault. I know you wanted a new ute too but you need to grow up Pete.

  14. I think the MSM have been appalling, comments like ‘the partys over’ and other similar stuff just grates on me. They all ran the one line. I think Bomber this article is excellent. We needed a lot more double vaxed people going in to support those who were there to opposed the mandate. The mandate should never ever have happened that is how you divide people even more than we already are with the rich getting richer from the Labour government and the poor poorer.

    I was listening to checkpoint and I thought wouldn’t it be great if those who are so angry at the state of parliament’s forecourt ‘tut tut’ were really really angry about child poverty, housing and all the other dreadful things that Labour have not done a thing about.

  15. “Woke Queen Morgan Godfery” – naughty boy, Martyn!

    But seriously, that sledge is very apt.

  16. You keep mentioning the Left @ MB…?
    What Left?
    There hasn’t been a political Left in AO/NZ since after John A. Lee died in 1982 and even he lost his left arm in WW1.
    There’s no Left. All that’s available is a riche and motley crew of fascist neoliberals ripping each other off in that giggly, sporting sort of way that only appeals to the terminally cruel. You know the types. They’re the ones who snort in delight at an other’s suffering, they make schadenfreude seem polite and elegant, like mike hosking on a hoi polloi spite high.
    It’s all just horrible really. There’s no new vector to pin one’s hopes on. There’s only a Walmart society of consumers eating in the front then shitting out the back. We’ve become a tragic species, a rat with a dull coat and a boring one at that. We’re an all but lifeless infestation on a beautiful planet. Think fleas but with less charisma and a greater desire to suck blood.
    The people who protested are now detested, but if they never turned up they’d be called gutless so stop whining.
    What a fuck up, but the fuck up isn’t theirs. They did their best at what they thought was a good idea while we gutless wonders looked on in full tut-tut mode.
    The end result is that the neoliberal fascist traitors and liars win, again, while we, too fragile to get our designer T shirts dirty, can look on in scornful arrogance. That doesn’t change the literal, actual fact that they went to dirty little wellington and made a fuss, they caused a ruckus and got proper rowdy and we shouldn’t care why, the important thing is they did it. I don’t care that some of them believed covid’s dubious origins or that say they like trump. Who gives a fuck? They did it. Go them!
    House of Pain.
    Jump Around.
    Once Were Warriors theme song

  17. Two videos doing the rounds on social media are one of a cop dragging a guy violently from between a ute and the one where the cops are punching a women on the ground. These two videos are edited to look like police overreaction but I have a different take on them.
    The first one is a cop seemingly strolling along then suddenly rushing to grab the guy. if you use your brain its not hard to figure out the cop was setting that guy up. My guess is he is someone who has broken a law, possibly thrown a rock that hit a cop and has been dodging arrest. The way that cop arrested him was quite obviously a setup to lull the guy into a false sense of security then BANG you’re arrested. So not really police violence in that scenario eh?
    The other one where the cops are hitting the lady on the ground. If you watch it properly the lady is climbing on top of a cop on the ground in what looked like an attack to me. so the cops are fully justified in their actions to stop it. The point is… Don’t automatically believe heavily edited short videos. They lack context and are designed to fool the muppets.

  18. “Don’t automatically believe heavily edited short videos. They lack context and are designed to fool the muppets.”

    They’ve got Andy fooled.

    • And my brother-in-law . . because of all this anti-vax disinformation he is now nuttier than squirrel shit.

  19. Too late now but would have been interesting if someone had produced a few signs marked Anti-vax / Anti-mandate / Anti-1080 / Anti-Maori / Anti-ute tax / QAnon / MAGA / Just confused / Just angry / No where else to go / Just sightseeing / Just flat out stupid / Looking for Wally / My crystal told me to come here / I can’t tell the difference between reputable news sources and what Mad Barry down the road has just posted on Facebook etc and we were able to see exactly why they were there and in what proportions.

    • Yes business opportunity lost there, selling hand painted, organic protest signs, they take a bit of time and materials getting set up especially if attached to a pole or on a wide banner with a pithy saying. And for a fee could have a lightning artist put an icon or for a lot more could do a quick cartoon.

  20. Loser: David Seymour. His advert in the Herald, Move On, paid by parliamentary services does the exact opposite. Move on from division keeps it in the news and amplifies the situation. Radicalising and unearthing a small component for your political gain, yes that’s all it is, does nothing for our country. Yes I know his support is tanking and Luxon is looking more credible by the day, even statesman like and people know my feelings on National. Seymour and ACT are an alarmist party. Seriously bad for our country. Martyn, you may like Seymour and detest the police and Mallard but Seymour is no friend of the people, he is an individualist, here on behalf of the worst type of politics, a dirty deal in Epsom.

    • Hi Bert – I totally agree. I listened carefully to the comments from the various leaders of each of the parties in Parliament after the riot was quelled by the Police. Luxon was luke-warm on the rioters but Seymour showed his true colours when all he could do was have a go at Mallard for his churlish actions. Don’t get me wrong – like, I agree with the sentiment about Mallard but my point is that by not condemning the rioters, Seymour actually aligns with them which dove-tails in with my slowly forming opinion that the instigators of this whole “protest” and those who drove the conspiracy theories had their own motivation for doing so which suited the right wing parties such as National but especially Seymour’s crowd.

      As an aside, I see that like the feral vermin they are, the rioters and instigators quickly disappeared when the cops moved in on the final day.

      So, well said – yet again you get straight to the point.

    • As a person I find Seymour likable but Act and their policies never appealed to me even in the dark days of Collins reign.Now Luxon who I heard today is sounding better as he gets a feel for his role as next leader of the country.
      Jacinda looked good in the way she handled the situation which has been her trump card all along but she is surrounded by mupets and needs to deal harshly with Mallard to retain her mana.

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