Wellington Middle Class Woke gloriously cancel Mayor AND Human Rights Commission???


The Wellington Middle Class Woke are now cancelling their own Mayor for meeting with the protestors…

‘Dangerous’ and ‘appalling’: Fury after Wellington mayor meets protesters

Some Wellington City councillors have sharply criticised mayor Andy Foster for meeting with occupation influencers as “extremely dangerous” and an “embarrassment” to the capital.

…and hilariously they want to cancel Human Rights Commission for doing the same…

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…A working class revolution came to Wellington and it was the middle class marxists who were revolted!

The Middle Class Marxists want a revolution that knows its pronouns! It doesn’t want the smelly lumpenproletariat spoiling the aesthetics of their dinner party activism!

The Woke must paint out any disagreement as persecution and the winner of Woke Olympics is the one who can be the most offended by the worst monster.

The woke’s argument is, “Nazi! I win!”

How can you negotiate with Nazi monsters?

This is the terrible blind spot in woke culture. If you exist to cancel the other, how can you walk that back intellectually when you actually have to engage?

The Woke Left have to paint these protestors out to be Nazi monsters to justify extreme State force in their removal, negotiating with those Nazi monsters would be worse than bashing them off Parliament’s lawns.

There are no adults left to de-escalate this, the woke have too much social capital and likes on Twitter at stake to do anything other than denounce Nazi monsters and claim anyone not denouncing the protestors as Nazi monsters are themselves Nazi monsters.

The modern left are middle class, they have benefitted from work from home because they have nice homes. The perverse outcome of Government Covid support has made the rich far far far richer while those on Parliament’s lawns have suffered.

The way many middle class NZ twitter cry out for military intervention in this protest is extraordinary and I don’t think they appreciate how this will stain them or the wider Left forever.


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  1. Andy Foster rhymes with Coster and is remarkable for still being compos mentis considering the company the poor man is forced to keep – the women the women – like terrible Greek chorus stand-ins. Mayor Foster deserves a cuddle from Commissioner Coster for being damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t, but as an elected official, he’s in the line of fire, and his female cohorts largely bred Green, work hard at making the whole town pay for their identity nuttiness, grateful that those sirens are just the WCC and not our next door neighbours. C’est la vie. As for the Human Rights chappie, it took him long enough to butt in, predictably boringly, and they’re a suspect sort of bunch themselves. Time I contemplated reporting a Green pollie to them I discovered that she was one of their advisors, and likely paid by my taxes for being so, and, unlike the WCC, they are not voted in but are conjured out of thin air like some insubstantial pageant and may not matter very much at all and could consider cuddling each other instead of bickering like squashed sparrows or hungry children living in cars, it is alleged.

      • Gagarin You exaggerate again. Foster’s involvement in local politics well and truly predates Jackson’s involvement in politics, if that’s what you’re implying. I talked with him before the last local elections, and he engages in dialogue in the way that thinking people do, not bought men; prior to that he’d made his mark on Town Belt issues and was always a conscientious attender of meetings; like Bill English – who can be hopeless to talk to – he’s not a charismatic person, but he is open to engaging in dialogue. Try him. If he can cope with those women councillors he should be able to cope with you.

        • tell that to the councilors who get midnight texts informing them of radical agenda changes for the next days meetings.

          • Gargarin I ‘m not sure what this means, but changes to agendas don’t necessarily predicate changes to outcomes, and last minute changes can be counter-productive, but this doesn’t indicate that another party is controlling Foster. If it happened often, councillors would have legitimate grounds for complaint – there should be some process to cover that.

            A couple of would-be mayors apparently visited the protestors because they “ wanted to be part of history “; at least Foster was trying to do something useful, which is more than can be said for the small-town poseurs.

            • OK — SIDEBET
              I bet you a movie/military museum (both great ideas and good for tourism) gets built not withstanding wellies many many problems……more than likely but not necessarily at shelley bay.

              • I don’t like Peter Jackson, I don’t like Tolkien’s magic being appropriated by a digital whiz kid, I don’t like tourists coming here believing that Mt Victoria and other places south or north are the shires, I didn’t see but heard adverse comment about Jackson’s previous war ( Anzac ? ) display, and I am too despondent about the trashing of idyllic Shelley Bay, to want to take a punt on anything to do with any other money-making schemes of some persons, but thanks for the offer, and if you get the chance, visit the colonial section of the Canterbury Museum in Christchurch, a quiet place, and a splendid picture of early pioneering life in New Zealand, which I think is also going to be demolished in the interests of the insane political correctness which now rules, and diminishes, but you may be right and I will query the mayor about this should we run into each other again, on foot.

  2. Seems to me the twitter left is pretty much the authoratarian left… broadcasting to the rabble from their digital balconies… bit like a certain Romanian dictator… we all know how that ended.

  3. I would just point out that while Wellingtonians work out whether they want “Robocops or Rainbow Cops”, in Auckland it is business as usual at international pallet company Chip in O’Rourke Road Penrose. Cops are getting heavy with union members.

    Pallets including plastic ones are an essential part of the supply chain for supermarkets and others.
    These First Union members are on strike to try and get a few more miserable dollars to the level of the Living Wage. Auckland Police have been very aggressive with the mainly Polynesian workers niggling them on the picket line and issuing trespass notices at the boss’s behest. The notices were withdrawn when their unlawful nature was pointed out

    Support is needed if you are in the area.

    p.s. Martyn–lets get out terminology right, it is a smear on Marxism to associate it with middle class wankers who love the employing class not want to overthrow it!

    • BS TM. I know staunch Marxists -Leninists for 20 years+. But now they’re compliant LINO middle-class wannabee’s towing the Neoliberal line. How very sad.

      • Well that is humanity for you–people do change their minds and belief systems.

        It is hard to swim against the tide and pressure to conform for a few years, let alone a life time like some of us. John Minto, Mike Treen and Dave Brown have held the line even if some do fold.

        You have skated over my point though–don’t call non commos marxists please. The nutter brigade started it with “cultural marxism” which is crap because classic marxism is based on a materialist philosophy–“Seek truth from the facts” as Mao said. Todays cowboys from Fox to Jones to Rogan to Peterson use post modernism where little is ever truly verifiable.

  4. Our Dear Leader coulda/ shoulda been out there on day two.
    I was pleased to see AF had the nous to go out there. Didn’t do any harm did it? Also Winston, no harm done unless he caught Covid.
    When people are angry, doesn’t matter why, if there’s conflict they NEED to be listened to. Even pretend listening helps.

    • New Plymouth that area is full of red necks and it doesn’t surprise me as much of the Maori land taken and under perpetual leases with all the theft and confiscation of Maori land you have many unhappy Pakeha and we can’t have that can we nah!

      • Police have found people to talk to. Maybe the people who organised the protest security and told some to clean up the cenotaph, especially as those people complied

    • Magit. Given the volatility and nuttiness and threats of some of the execution advocates, the political leaders going out to meet the illegal demonstrators may not have been a good idea. But there was nothing to stop them inviting representatives to come inside, and meet them on their home turf. Instead they produced Trevor Mallard standing up on a balcony watching the people he’d turned the hoses on and blasted with loud music, garnering sympathy for the demonstrators from all over New Zealand. One meeting, or two, or three, or four, would have signalled government’s willingness to listen and to discuss, and could have helped avert the current scenarios. Ironically, the politicians are the persons being least affected by what’s going on now, and that’s not right.

  5. I’m more worried about woke cancellation of the children commissioner so OT can continue to employ people who have no accountability taking away the children based on dubious, subjective and incorrect reports and making freedom of speech, a crime with the hate speech legislation – I can see the protestor lawsuits against the vaccinated already as they become ‘alarmed’ at being discriminated against….

    • Yes savenz
      Gummint can’t be trusted to keep citizen welfare and service and social xdeveloment at near top priority.
      When people could be turned out of homes because of a whiff of drugs, using some business to make important, cold judgments with no responsibility to the people affected, just a tickbox – done, pay up please – it was on a par with the bailiff behaviour in the Highland Clearances. OTT is the right term for this fake social service that goes back to the poor attitudes of Minnie Dean’s time, early colonial days. Shameful attitude from the smug, callous government and their willing wankers.

    • Really, it’s all that “I have complete faith in my officials” shit by politicians and inadequate functioning bullshit detectors. (And I comment as someone who is directly related to an OT casualty – as are 3 of his siblings before him).
      The fact that Jesus Christ (aka John Campbell) has taken a shine to him I really don’t think is going to make a blind bit of difference.
      Way past time a Seponoli and one or two others really got their shit together – it ain’t going to go away.
      Can someone please give JA a functioning bullshit detector, and maybe some sort of medication to deal with that stubborn, control-freak behaviour. She could actually be bloody near perfect if only that little human failing could be resolved.
      If that could happen, I’d nominate Her for beatification, except I’m irreligious. If my nomination was held out of order – she could always plead the Tony Blair

  6. This is why the US midterms are so interesting this year. If, as predicted the left face electoral wipeout then it is a clear sign for the new left here. The problem for the new left is they are a religion of sorts, inflexible and doctrine based therefore unable to take a practical, common sense approach.

    • the dems like the LINOs have done precisely nowt..and they may well pay the price in the midterms jacinda should take note stasis is not an option…trump will not return but the gop will put up another ignorant raving money grabbing nutbar…cruz anyone?

    • John – Some were having a summer holiday in Wellington -it became a place to go for free – and they cared nothing for others’ freedoms – took freebies – enjoyed themselves.

  7. Oh! Someone better Cuddles Coster aka The Lantern a cuddle. 🙂
    The PM isn’t happy.

  8. I don’t think [it’s] exclusively about c-19, the vaccine or any one of the many other frights, fears and freak-outs regarding living an unnecessarily anxious and frightening life in one of the richest, most beautiful and certainly soon to be proven, safe, countries left in the world.
    It is, in my opinion, about being manipulated by very rich people who surely intend to take our country off us, or at the very least, have us under their control and so powerless to act other than to work tirelessly to create their wealth.
    You really need to read this by George Monbiot, a brilliant writer with The Guardian.
    “What price British democracy when a rich elite has the government’s ear?”
    George Monbiot.
    I found this quote particularly interesting:
    “We should never forget what the billionaire stockbroker Peter Hargreaves, who donated £3.2m to one of the leave campaigns, said about Brexit: “We will get out there and we will become incredibly successful because we will be insecure again. And insecurity is fantastic.”
    A multi billionaire stock broker was quoted boldly saying; “… insecurity is fantastic. ”
    IN-security is fantastic. Is it. An influential Billionaire stock broker and donator to Brexit said that.
    If only the Wellington protest was about neoliberalism and of how vitally important it would be to purge ourselves of [it] instead of a sad collection of desperate and cruelly manipulated but otherwise good people raging unknowingly for their masters who remain hidden within plain sight being the overt face of neoliberalism. A disease, effectively infecting the vile The National Party, it’s tumorous hanger-on The ACT party and lets not forget the arch enemy, the Party of true believers in neoliberalism for its expertise in spreading Insecurity to turn a profit for it’s enthusiastic master/investors, The Labour Party. The liars who comprise the labour party are, to this day, unrepentant. The liars who are National and ACT are duplicitous in their callous support of labours disease. Meanwhile, foreign billionaires can buy citizenships for themselves while they step over our homeless living in poverty with their kids.
    Is it with the stench of cruel irony; If you see nothing wrong with that you’re either one of them, or one of us.
    Clearly, nothing’s going to change unless we good people change it.
    I sneered to myself the other day when I read on RNZ that adern says she’ll not concern herself with small groups of people. But Jacinda? Our entire population is only about the size of Melbourne AU? You’re the fucking prime minister of a small group of people! How much smaller do we need to be before you can keep justifiably ignoring us?
    You’re neoliberal. Your MP’s are neoliberal. .Your bureaurocracy is neoliberal. Our lives are neoliberal and I for one don’t fucking like it one little bit!

  9. Great post Martyn. The woke are confused by the existence of a protest that they’re not leading.
    I admit to suffering from more than a little schadenfreude over this: For years now the general population has been on the receiving end of Wellington’s Woke diktats: Tax increases, fuel levies, crazed climate change policies, mad cycle lane schemes, race-based theft of assets and more recently oppressive lockdown and vaccine mandates that defy the human rights act.

    So now it’s time for Wellingtonians to be on the receiving end of the shit, both literally and figuratively.
    As for those Uni students – I’m not shedding a tear for them either, because exit polls showed they nearly all voted Labour/Green so they can suffer the consequences of their naivete and hopefully get an education in Realpolitik.

    • Those taxes you complain about pay for hospitals that treat the sick and other public services that help people.

      Quite frankly if you are an enemy of public services, you are an enemy of humanity and have forfeited any and all right to exist.

      Not too keen on your constant anti LGBTQ rhetoric either.

  10. I know between 20 and 30 people – friends, family, facebook friends – who are anti-mandates, don’t believe in the risks of catching Covid etc, some of whom have attended and even been arrested at the protests. Not one of them would I categorise as “working class”. There’s certainly a cultural distinction amongst the protestors but so far no-one has been able to define it using traditional categories.

  11. But is it the prostest itself that is the problem, or the blocking of streets and aggressive behaviour of said protesters? I personally have no issue with people protesting in front of parliament for 14 days straight or whatever, even if I 100% strongly disagree with their opinion as in this case. However what seems to be annoying the fck out of everybody else is the manner in which they’re conducting themselves. The constant media coverage of what is essentially a tiny minority view is also making mandates out to be a much more contentious issue than they actually are. We know what the position of the protesters is, so how about we drop the constant protest updates on the news until something actually newsworthy happens.

    Also I don’t know that Martyn is correct in his portrayal of the protesters as all working class struggling to make ends meet. I’m sure some of them are. But there’s more than enough kooky antivax 5G Destiny Church Russel Coutts Maori nationalist patriots in there that my impression is it’s morphed into a grievance orgy for every person with an agenda to come scream at the government.

    • except for the ‘grievances’ that might actually help them..POVERTY, HOMELESSNESS, GIG ECONOMY, DUOPOLY etc etc et-bloody-cetera, hence the suspicion around who funded this clusterfuck.

  12. Well I, for one, celebrate this evolving Dictatorship of the Chattering Classes … elated to see the downtrodden & dispossessed of Kelburn, Wadestown, Ponsonby & Grey Lynn rise up out of their slumber, flinging their avocado & kale hors d’oeuvres to one side, as they heroically seize control of the State … to keep it safe from the dreadfully uncouth working classes.

  13. People getting sick from devices, (pity the poor bastard with the hearing aid. He must be near death), police plants in the crowd, serious sex offenders, gang members, the guy with the Epstein sign, making up their own trespass laws, breaking into orgasmic delight when they think they get one over the police. Do these clowns honestly think they should be taken seriously? Time to call it for what it is. A complete shit show with dwindling public support. Go home and stop embarrassing yourselves.

    • it’s alright sylvain covid (not ‘secret weapons’) will go through them like a dose of salts….they’ll clog up wellie health services some real patients may die whilst the numpties fill the wards…and they’ll blame fuckin rainbow unicorns rather than the virus….cozzzzz very dim bulbs….
      but hey bright side what covid doesn’t finish their proposed re-enactment of dunkirk across the cook straight will…where’s the sailor-whore coutts now? he must have a boat…step up for freedumb son.

      • Great comments Sylvian and Gagarin. Totally 100%. Don’t forget abusing, threatening and assaulting people who they think are not conforming with their distorted narratives. And then there is the non-stop anger and aggression as well as them starting to fight each other. Someone with artistic skills create an animated cartoon about these people.

      • I’m rather hoping Arps and Chapman set sail with Captain Lugger and get lost at sea. Although if they do make it I’m sure some of the big guys seen at the front of the protest line will take a dim view of their white supremist ideology.

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