The Daily Blog Open Mic – 11th February 2022

Announce protest actions, general chit chat or give your opinion on issues we haven’t covered for the day.


Announce protest actions, general chit chat or give your opinion on issues we haven’t covered for the day.

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  1. I’ve watched the Lone Ranger at parliament over the past couple of days with interest. The one with the sign that says
    ” Natural Immunity is 99.6% effective ” or words to that effect. His best friend appears to be g-g-g-g-google, and I’m sure he has a degree from Facebook Medical School specialising in virology.

    What he neglects to tell us all in his infinite wisdom is that the natural immunity he refers to is only AFTER people having contracted, and recovered from COVID. I’m pretty sure he’s referring to an Israeli study, and that the study is relevant to WASPs. Tough luck if you’re brown or black, or with any underlying conditions.

    If anybody else can refer me to the research on which this expert bases his claim, say your piece now and I’ll defer to his brilliance and lick his feet, because sure as shit he has to be admired for his persistence – as ignorant as it may be.
    There used to be a Wellington Bible basher a few years ago that preached in or around Westpac in Lambton Quay. He’s gone now, presumably saved and ensconced somewhere on the other side of the Pearly Gates.
    I’d nominate this fella as his replacement. He could become a Christchurch version of the Wizard and suck on the Council tit for a bit of funding

  2. One other thing. As the media’s natives, the Polis, the twitterati and commentariat, and various politicians seem to agree.
    This bugger’s muddle of a protest lacks leadership and has lost its way – clouded by a number of ush-youse. Rather than call in a marketing spert at great expense, can I suggest some sage steps forward and claims a representative right (maybe simply on the basis of His oversized ego), and claims to occupation is simply about ‘The Tyranny of The State’.
    Even then of course, you might be facing headwinds in that space going forward, but at least you could possibly claim protesting about peace, love, and goodwill to fellow Man. That theme at least has historical precedence.

  3. By raising the possibility of staying past 2024, Rio Tinto has thrown a wrench of uncertainty into decarbonisation pathways and power company construction plans, Marc Daalder reports

    FFS – Rio Tinto was never going to leave, as NZ produces some of the best aluminium in the world.

    NZ power consumers and taxpayers have been subsidising Rio Tinto for decades now. In some calculations something like 25% of all consumers power bills is caused by Rio Tinto subsidies and power use.

    Just when we thought they would finally go, they decide to stay.

    Why does our government think that 30 million in power subsidies every few years to rich polluting corporates is ok, and then somehow allow themselves to be held to random for a few thousand jobs when on the other hand they make it so easy to make hundreds of thousands redundant and never support environmental initiatives?

    Rio Tinto pollute and taxpayers have to clean that up too!

    Rio Tinto waste – just throw your hazardous waste in the local towns – years of meetings, no action.

    Please Rio Tinto can you just F**k off so we also don’t have to pay for your carbon credits too, in the Gweens stupid carbon accounting scheme to help polluters stay polluting on taxpayers dime in NZ.

    I can only think how much worse it’s going to be under NatzACT as Labeen squander their chances with their constant pandering to business sucking the financial and environmental life our off NZ taxpayers again and again ,only to be told to pay more taxes as workers to keep subsidising NZ polluting and badly run exploiter worker businesses.

    My guess is Rio Tinto looked all around the world and couldn’t find any government as stupid as the NZ government to support and subsidies their polluting ways, thus change of heart.

    Squark, Squark, I think I can hear the hospitality and tourism businesses wanting more taxpayer billions in wage subsidies for their billionaire lodges and exploiter food businesses.

    Remember it’s an election year coming up!

    • We may have to suck up a National Party gaining power just to get the old guard in Labour to f…off. It may take that much hurt and damage. Look at how Labour acted in the UK and I think that our worthies follow in others’ footsteps. Our lot appear incorrigible. Tiwai Point and Rio Tinto has so many landmines attached to it that no-one would want to touch it with a barge pole. It is a good bad example of the deviousness and
      underhandedness of corporates.

      And the Greens are such a disappointment with their flighty approach way above the hard but rewarding work with poorer people, who are beginning to be like kept animals, while the Greens go after the wild environmental ones. The middle class are more in tune with the tui and the kea and the extinct Haast eagle. But people are becoming wilder too. Perhaps we have to regress to a certain level and have special blood lines becoming extinct, before they will take an interest in humanity.

      And subsidies – Labour did what they considered a righteous thing and stopped it with farmers, but now have transferred the brown envelope to tourism ventures, and agencies squeezing aspirational people from India etc to come here and better themselves. All to gain export earnings so we can have the money to spend on imports which are mostly things that NZ people could and should be making themselves. They have done away with those jobs, to be replaced by gigs, and contracts. The mafia put out contracts on people; and the word has foreboding attached to it. And they call ours a good economy; but that’s using an economy of words for the true expression of what it is.


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