No need to send the riot cops in today Trev, you’ve done enough damage for 1 year


Folks, folks, folks


Yes these feral lunatics are rude, obnoxious and threatening. These are the dispossessed, those bearing the cruelest blows of mandates most harshly. Did you see that woman screaming her husband had been vaccinated and that she was leaving him?

These people are to be pitied not feared. They are so far down the rabbit hole there’s no longer a rabbit or a hole.

This is what Facebook hate algorithms inspire, but these frightened people live in a liberal progressive democracy and they have the right to protest, and our tolerance of how far that protest goes tells us something of the strength of our democracy.

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Unfortunately Trevor Mallard’s temper tantrum exposed how very thin that veneer of strength really is.

On Day 2 their factions were collapsing and their attempt to push through the lines were rebuffed by the professionalism of the Police – BUT THEN Day 3 and Trevor throws a tantrum & demands the lawn is cleared and ran a day long livestream recruitment video for them!

They face the worst of the mandates, they have a right to protest – all we’ve done by agreeing with Trevs temper tantrum is radicalise more people by showing 120 of them being dragged away for arrest!

The Police should never have been asked to do what they did yesterday – the Executive of Parliament must get together to urgently rein the Speaker in.

These are fucking stupid tactics that are horrifically counter productive!

Do you honestly think after this there won’t be an explosion of radicalism?

They should have been left to fade away, instead Trev gave them a common enemy and live broadcast to millions of global allies!

Labour – can’t build houses, can’t raise welfare, can’t help renters & can’t implement a Capital Gains Tax – BUT CAN radicalise the fringes into political violence!

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  1. Why can’t your comrades see what is patently obvious. They only have to look to Canada to see how taking a hard line to protesters that you don’t agree with pans out.

    You are spot on with your analysis.

      • Options before wiser heads prevailed included bringing in the army. Laughably if you bring them petrol you can be arrested. They have been called terrorists, racists and Nazis yet the evidence on the ground indicates this is a fraction minority. As many have noted their actions are far more peaceful than the BLM protests a year ago.

        And like here the petulant child running the joint refuses to acknowledge or meet with the protestors.

        These situations could be defused if governments engaged and placed a definitive timeline/conditions on when mandates are/could be listed. It’s not hard – put in expectations and meet them

        • but are the army on the streets of ottawa…no petrol is trying to freeze them out seems a ‘peaceful’ tactic to me..

          in an evolving situation definite timelines if broken by a change in oh lets say morbidity of the next varient would just give your mob the hump…if the last 2 yrs have taught us anything it’s that ‘no plan survives 1st contact with a new variant.

          the rest of your comment is the usual strident unsupported rhetoric you tediously provide us with regularly

  2. “Labour – can’t build houses, can’t raise welfare, can’t help renters & can’t implement a Capital Gains Tax – BUT CAN radicalise the fringes into political violence!”

    This ‘Caretaker Government’ can’t even take care of parliament grounds!

    They came into government with 5 Crises. Now there’s 8 and possibly one more making nine, fuckwittedness!

    • The government have lost this battle.

      They’ve lost the moral high ground because of the violence perpetrated by the Popo.
      The protest is grown and has real traction and the Popo again have scored another pen goal by turning up with batons.

      Hacienda has to resign. These people will not be leaving.

      Ihumatao MK11

    • Speaking of fuckwittedness.
      Mallard the duck strikes again!
      He ordered that the grounds sprinkler system be turned on and left on for the whole weekend.
      Whilst there’s a Water Shortage and Restriction in place!
      I bet you there’s a ton of complaints been sent to the Wellington City Council!

      What a cock the Duck is!!

  3. “They should have been left to fade away”. When do you think that would, or will, actually happen? The woman who left her husband because he had a booster (!) did not appear likely to be named Faye Dingaway.

    Is it fair on those Wellingtonians caught in the middle to have to endure this situation for quite possibly weeks?

    • The weather would have seen them disperse over the weekend. Yesterday hardened the resolve and more a heading into Wellington myself included.
      I’m vaxxed but Antimandate and yesterday was a disgrace.

      • Take your raincoat.

        FRI: Light rain developing this morning, then becoming heavy and persistent tonight.
        SAT: Rain, heavy at times.
        SUN: Rain, heavy at times.
        MON: Rain and gale southerlies at first, gradually easing.

  4. Mallard is in charge of the environs. Maybe he should be the caring father, the benevolent overlord.

    He could get down to MSD and get them to send their troops in. Their staff members can find what assistance the protesters need. Got enough food and drink, suitable clothing? Sunblock? Bedding suitable? In the event of rain I’m sure something could be done to give them some shelter.

    For out of towners maybe collect their laundry if they’ve been on site for days and get it done for them. Get regional staff to go round to their houses and check that things are okay. And certainly, that their pets are tended. Naturally a military kitchen facility should be set up, I mean they need to be kept in the best of health.* There could be special problems for some too and maybe emergency housing could be considered.

    *Imagine how quickly you could get stories through the throng about the food containing microchips and substances to control them and they’d rather starve than touch the food. The hysteria in that alone would be worth the price of admission!

  5. Labour: more worried about the integrity of parliaments lawn than the integrity of parliament.

    I notice a distinct contrast in police tactics to the BLM protests which happened under actual lockdown where nothing was done, or the Lycra warriors on Auckland harbor bridge being given a (disappearing) 700 million dollar cycle bridge reward.

    We can all see the hypocrisy.

    It would have been best not to create these dispossessed people with draconian mandates in the first place but from here the best way forward is to have the PM or health minister address the crowd and give a timeline for mandate removal.

    This can’t happen though as the PR strategy is to make the non vaxed the deliberate scapegoat for government failures in disease preparedness, and “control” of covid is all the government has.
    I’m vaxed but find the demonization and othering of unvaxed people abhorrent. We are all kiwis, we don’t all have to think the same. Omicron doesn’t care.

    Mandates need to be wound back, the government is looking drunk on control. Mandates messily force high rates of vaccination and that was done.
    Have they forgotten who serves who?

    • Well said. It’s a shame people want authoritarian leaders to enforce their beliefs on everyone.

      It will take generations of healing to undo the damage done by the mandates and the discrimination enforced by the state

      • Yes Glen the left enjoy being told what to do by their leaders personal responsibility doesn’t occur to them.
        They want state control.

    • “We are all kiwis”. That would include all people just trying to get on with their lives, businesses. going to school etc, who have had nothing to do with introducing mandates. Do you find what they are being subjected to as abhorrent?

      Agree we don’t have to think the same and we will have to agree to disagree if you think waving Trump flags and shout outs for Brandon doesn’t deserve a dose of derision. I will say I do feel for those who are there to voice anti mandate sentiment as it appears they have had their mission well and truly hijacked.

        • QAnon and the National Party dirty politics are behind all this, including the comments by the likes of Jeremy and Glen here.

          You hear them every night on Magic Mushroom Talk radio. This is a full on, every-media-outlet-invented onslaught of frothing hate, division and QAnon anarchy.

          It would have been better to have kept Judith Collins as leader.

          At least her malevolence was motivated towards her perceived personal enemies.

          But, this heaving hateful mass of rent-a-haters in their convoys is way more sinister.

          When you see the video posted by Action Zealandia, the execution list at and the BFD site, it makes Jeremy, Glen, Hone Carter, Mike Hosking and Paul Henry look like right wing choir boys. Roger Bridge would be held up as a hero to the cause:

          This is all dirty politics filth and it needs to be traced through its money trail to its source. Obviously these right-wing groups are being monitored because the Action Zealandia video was found. If Nicky Hager can find out about Dirty Politics 1.0, surely our security agencies can “follow the money?” to find the backers of Dirty Politics 3.0

  6. let’s not forget they are the creation of 30yrs of neo-lib lies and a weak as piss media..just like other ‘deplorables’ they have been ignored, sneered at, ground down and generally fucked about..YES their response is wrong…but do they have grounds for frustration YOU BET.
    does that mean they’re right NOPE
    does that mean egging masked kids is ok NOPE
    does it mean that endangering the lives of other kiwis with their covid fuckwittery is ok NOPE
    does that mean swastika graffitti is ok NOPE

    I COULD GO ON AND ON AND ON…..but you get the gist.

  7. “Yes these feral lunatics are rude, obnoxious and threatening.”
    What? Like Auckland real estate agents? God help us all then.

  8. Why don’t the working class revolt?
    Oh, no, not that type of revolt. please go back to your hovels and your gruel. Only come and revolt when it is a left wing approved cause.
    And seriously, stop saying they are feral, lest someone one day calls you that and points the waterhose at you.

    • So much of the NZ left has lost their shit over Covid… the clamour for authoritarianism has been startling. Sad really.

      • Cricklewood you seem to be a bit flaky. Good governance by people for people cannot be dismissed and described as authoritarianism. The fact is that the government did it, but it has been done with some care. I don’t think everything has been done right, but downplaying the difficulties and the actual facts of government’s good performance over Covid is unreasonable. Put another string on your harp and get a better tune.

  9. Being conscious more of the hardships that Covid restrictions were putting on people, would have resulted in limited numbers and lower outrage. But Labour is reaping what it sowed. Most people are vaccinated and those who having their uncertain lives and mores virtually overturned, have lost their moorings.

    The antivaxx are going to cause a great cost to the country and risk of contamination to others though so KCCO’s points and kindness are more than is reasonable.l Some people seem to interpret kindness as willingness to serve them to the point of giving them preference over all others. Can only be done as an exception which means rarely, and only in certain and few situations.

    Watch this and even though it is open to some criticism it is informative about hive minds, which we are all afflicted or affected by to some extent, for good or not.
    A Killing of the Mind | MASS PSYCHOSIS – How an Entire Population Becomes MENTALLY ILL

  10. Is that woman naked in the iomage? If so how and why?
    ODT giving a measured report on it.

    It occurs to me that being dragged by her hair meant that the police could move her without putting their hands on her body and then being accused by the malicious protesters and particularly woke women of lewd behaviour by just touching her skin. Also to choose to use her precious freedoms to go naked in public as she probably did is taking self promotion and twisting her rights OTTT.

  11. Nothing against protests, but these guys are just taking the piss. Once reports came in that members of the general public were being assaulted or attacked and death threats being made, my support for the whole thing vanished. Girl going to the supermarket getting abused for wearing for a mask but car full of protestors.
    Bring in the military to back up the police and get rid of the lot. It is no longer a peaceful protest.
    They are preventing people in wellington from getting to and from work or home, with streets blocked off, with illegally parked cars etc. Its government land and not public property, Government have the right to trespass people. Protestors are also breeching the rights of those people trying to move about the city, and go about their lives. The company I work for has a branch down there, they have spoken to a lot of people who just have had it with the protestors. They doing more harm than good for their cause, most people just want to get on with life.

  12. I don’t see the problem with what Mallard has done. At some point this had to happen. What would “Bomber” [ironic name] have the authorities do? The protestors should thank their lucky stars they are not dealing with the Metropolitan or Bristol police. It is all so Kiwi – quite low key, but with underlying nastiness.

    • With the underlying nastiness? Some of them fed off the long run up when Bill English missed out. They absolutely feasted, gorged themselves on Pissed off Salad with Loser Lettuce when Ardern won comfortably the second time round. If English had been in and had diametrically different approaches to Covid they’d be so happy with him keeping deaths to 20,000. The impact of that on the economy? A shrug of the shoulders and “you can’t win all the time.”

  13. I am double vaxxed and boostered but I think Mallard has gone too far this time. Watching that lady getting dragged out by her hair is too much. I am going to protest. This is not NZ.

    • Oh please. Ask yourself why she was naked. To me it was obvious she did it to stop them arresting her. She thought if she was naked she could do/say anything she liked and they would be too scared to touch her least they be accused of sexual assualt. I think the police did exactly the right thing. They didn’t touch her private bits and still successfully arrested her. So she got her hair pulled. whooped de fkin do. Now the poor little petal is traumatized. Yet she could stand in a crowd of hundreds naked and not be. I call setup bulshit.

        • Not many of the men were naked in that freezing weather. Male protestor body parts would not have been prominent enough to have been used by the police to pull them out of the crowd. Thank goodness no men were naked.

      • Bang on. In fact this naked protest is either becoming more widespread or it’s the same professional protester. A naked protester on Waiheke Is a few months back rubbed herself all over the security guard trying to remove her.
        If it was a man doing it to a woman he would be arrested and charged with a sex crime.

        I see they’ve dug up Trev’s front lawn, to drain the water.
        The little prick will be spewing.

  14. Very good ccc.
    Couple of points;
    We don’t have a Minister of Health.
    Ardern is all about control.
    Different police tactics for different groups of protesters.( as you point out BLM/cyclists)also add land occupation, climate protests etc etc.
    Labour love scapegoating to distract the public from the real issues like hungry children,homelessness,record house prices
    rents at record levels,the rich getting richer the poor poorer.
    Oh that’s right Ardern’s election promises were to fix these problems but due to complete incompetence they have worsened.

    • Three people commit the same transgression.
      Exactly the same treatment by police or different for different ones?

      Yes Labour love scapegoating to distract the public from the real issues like hungry children, homelessness, record house prices, rents at record levels, the rich getting richer the poor poorer. (You forgot crappy roads.) That’s why Ardern got her international mates to create coronavirus.

      Yeah, we don’t have a Minister off Health. Or a Minister of Finance.Are you at gthbe protest? It sounds like you have a lot to offer them.


    To catch them off guard with a new ploy, they can be offered transport to vaccination stations, plus a sandwich and cup of tea. Some will be ready to sell their soul for a sitdown and vacc. Also they can be addressed by loudspeakers by our PM thanking them for showing their concern for NZ, only she thinks they are misdirecting their energies. But they have made a sacrifice to travel to Wellington to protest and she is sure that they will feel better if they have succeeded to put their case over. And what is promised must be able to be carried out ie consultation, and something done to improve the problem stated.

    Set up an online site where they can state their stories which will be acknowledged. If they csn group themselves according to one concern and state that on top of their input either on paper or online – pay, or housing, or environment, or local funding, or 3 waters, and state what they think government could do about it, while keeping NZ running, their ideas will be scrutinised and they will be contacted on their noted address after this has been done.

  16. For Christ’s sake, most demonstrations are over within hours these guys have been tying up the city for days now. At the very least tow their bloody vehicles and impound them. These guys put the lunatic in lunatic fringe.

    • Agreed DR. I’m no labour supporter but this government has made these decisions for the greater good in a pandemic. The Covid mandates are their for a reason and not for popularity. If nothing else the protesters are selfish and self absorbed not willing to rationalise that the majority have rights to. Happy to have their freedom at the expense of someone else’s. The businesses and people of Wellington deserve better. The protesters need to go. Jacinda will be ringing her hands knowing she can’t be popular either way. What a fuck up.

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