Omicron in NZ – Political Winners & Losers


Look at Hooton’s Omicron spread this month using the Hootonian equation of 33% Omicron increase…

…I suspect he did this to shit all over the modellers advice so that he could attack the Government’s credibility, but look at those numbers, if he is right we are staring down 111993 cases by the end of the month.

There is no way NZ is ready for that.

Omicron is the game changer, it’s the version of the virus that can spread fastest while leaving most with simply a very bad head flu.

That said, we’ve been threatened with terrible consequences from previous variants that never eventuated BECAUSE we did as we were told and our 90% double vaccination program worked.

This leads to an insane situation where people’s impatience at inconvenience eclipses our low death rate and hospitalisation rates.

Jacinda’s success is being used to damn her!

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While that happens, ZB Host wannabe and future National Party candidate, Charlotte Bellis is claiming the Taliban are kinder than Jacinda. That’s like seriously claiming Donald Trump had the election stolen.

There are of course winners & losers.


Taliban – After Charlotte Bellis’s glowing reference, the Taliban are now woke as fuck and would like us to all know their pronouns are He-Him.

David Seymour – His line that Labour are subcontracting maternity leave to the Taliban was so hilarious, it hides the far right race war mongering of ACTs policies.

Death Cult Capitalists – They have finally won the day by demanding the borders open so that hyper tourism, migrant worker exploitation, International Student scams and death can re-enter NZ because nothing matters as much as the travelling class getting back to their winter holidays in Thailand.

Globalists at Stuff – The globalists at Stuff have won with their never ending sob stories to ensure their own global skill set can always travel.



Luxon – He is screaming for MIQ to be closed and will have those words force fed back to him if Hooton’s numbers explode.

Labour – They are incapable of moving on the real issues their voters elected them for, Housing, Inequality, Poverty and meaningful climate change. Keeping us safe from Covid is yesterdays story, what have you done for me lately Labour? Where’s the vision? Their face masks have blinded them.

MIQ – It has served to protect us and is now more hated than Hitler. It has kept us safe and yet it has been denigrated, wait for the scream from Kiwis to shut it if Hooton’s numbers eventuate.

Domestic Kiwis – The hyper tourism market that exist to sell red bull to tourists are laughing. The industries that benefit from migrant worker exploitation laugh. All those kiwis stupid enough to travel during a pandemic are gleeful. The international student scam are dancing with joy. Welcome back exploited migrant workers and Students and tourists who will block our public transport, who will place rent pressures on domestic renters, who will crowd our groaning infrastructure! Expect house prices to explode. Weep dear Kiwi at the plague seeping in, weep at our Fortress NZ protection ripped away from us at a time when external shockwaves become the norm, weep that our quality of life plunges again.



Labour’s previous defence of Covid isn’t enough now, politics is ruthless like that. If we get the numbers predicted, if Omicron hits us hard, people will flee back to Labour because that’s what happens during an emergency, and 400 dead by April and hundreds of thousands sick and over filling hospital wards will be a national emergency. If it doesn’t eventuate, Luxon can pretend Jacinda’s over caution is the threat, not Covid.


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  1. NO MIQ has not been denigrated, who was denigrated is the invisible burocratic highly educated Idiot who refuses to give MIQ vouchers to pregnant women and their unborn children, but hands them out like lollies to the likes of overseas DJ’s, Lorde, Taika Waititi, Green MPs that go on a useless trip to Scotland and Labour MPs that feel they need to vacation in the Netherlands during their Omicron Outbreak.
    As for Charlotte Bellis, bully her, thanks to her now, pregnant women can come home. How dare she. Don’t she know that if a faceless burocrat sasy no, she is to find a ditch and disappear? She should have said that she is coming to NZ for some summer festival. lol.

  2. What happens if we get a high level of cases but the associated death rate is very very low due to the high vac rate? Does that favour the left or the right? I think it might favour the death cult capitalists as the overall experience will be that of a cold so many will start to question all the restrictions

  3. I guess we are about to find out how short changed our hospitals are. But we must have tax cuts. And we must have neo liberal governments.

  4. It’s a crying shame that Charlotte Bellis has romanticised the Taliban as saviours of women when nothing could be further from the truth.

    Bellis enabling UK tabloids, Fox News, ABC Aus, and others to depict the New Zealand Prime Minister as a cruel tyrant, and this segueing into sickening aspersions about Ardern and her fiancé, was unnecessary and shabby. She got to Afghanistan as an employee of Al Jazeera, and as far as I know Al Jazeera has not joined in the witch-hunt against PM Ardern.

    Even though Bellis is an American trained reporter, she should know enough to know that her application was not rejected personally by Arden or politicians, but by bureaucratic processes, and I think it intellectually and morally dishonest to allow global media to push this line, and therefore she may be well qualified to be a National Party politician.

    • “Even though Bellis is an American trained reporter, she should know enough to know that her application was not rejected personally by Arden or politicians, but by bureaucratic processes”. AND by senior bureaucrats who know their responsible Ministers always have complete ‘faith’ in them, and who seem unwilling to use existing processes to shuffle them off into the blue yonder when they don’t meet their ‘deliverables’.
      Snow White – you should know by now: RESPECT THEIR AUTHORITAH!!!!!! The Labour Party sure as shit does and it looks like they’ve no intention of hopey hopey changey stuff until maybe they lose the next erection and are forced into some sole searching (in that space going forward).

    • All of that because a faceless burocrat thougth she was just as all the other pregnant women who were denied entry in to NZ. Ah, don’t she know her place.

    • Bellis has been a disgrace and has insulted and heaped scorn on the families of the 10 NZ Government soldiers killed by the Taliban and the many others who served in the forces. Bellis with her right wing support will be lined up by Granny Herald or signed up by Natz in the Dirty Politics team.

    • the fact that she as ‘a proud strong kiwi female’ worked for al jazeera owned and funde by a repressive regime who paid her wages…says all we need to know about her….you take their money you support their regime … it’s that simple, it really is, no it really IS that simple.

  5. 400 dead by April, can we stop the scaremongering?

    We’ve got some of highest vax rates in the world, there’s no way we’re having 400 dead by April with omi con, and that’s if we end up with that many dead at all.

    Although the way they count people dying WITH covid (ie – gunshot guy) rather than dying from covid, who knows.

  6. What purpose will be served by MIQ when there are more cases in the community than in holding pens .
    Luxon on RNZ this morning sounded like someone with answers while Jacinda hides and gives no interviews incase she is asked any hard question like why have you ignored Maori leaders in the fight against poverty and covid

    • Luxon sounds like someone talking in tongues, giving out mixed messages vague messages. When he can be understood, his response to any action by the government is to say “we would have done it sooner”.

      • His reply ‘We would have done it sooner,’ is nonsense, isn’t it?
        To imagine they could have navigated their way through a pandemic successfully, maintaining the economy in part while protecting lives, when they couldn’t even find a viable leader until the end of last year, is wishful thinking. It’s all just big talk.
        Don’t forget, as an election looms next year, that the same old hopeless, dirty politics playing crowd is still there.
        Just because Luxon is new it doesn’t mean the rest of them have had a miraculous make-over and would suddenly turn into the government we would want if we elected them. They were decimated at the last election and bad habits die hard.

    • It may prevent or slow the entry of new and potentially more deadly strains of Covid entering NZ and adding to the chaos as Omicron peaks.

      It has many additional but unintended benefits such as being a deterrent to unnecessary travel during a pandemic, the slowing of things like migrant exploitation, hyper-tourism.

      We are in a climate crisis so the reality is we need to minimize unnecessary travel anyway.

      • That’s exactly right.
        ALL unnecessary travel needs to be reduced, not just car use.
        Tourism needs to become a thing of the past.

    • You’re so right about that, Trev. Any minute now, Luxon, everyone’s favourite follically challenged happy-clapper is going to start sounding more like a credible future leader, rather than a ventriloquist’s dummy with John Key’s boney fingers stuck up its arse (sarc/ for all the dimwits out there).

    • If Luxons management shaped Air New Zealands operating culture into what it is today,,,,

      Then we could get a right wing christian Prime minister ,,, who would take us further into five eyes and opportunitys to make money out of killing children and civilians…

      Like Mfat/Air NZ did in our names,, for the five eyes backed Saudis,,, to help them starve Yemen children .

    • MIQ is more than a holding pen, it also restricts the volume of arrivals into the country. Without that bottleneck the volume of travelers isolating at home would be much higher and so would the community case numbers. The goal of MIQ at the moment is to help hold Omicron back as much as possible to allow adults to get boosted and children at least one dose of the vaccine during February. At the end of the month MIQ restrictions will be begin to lift, and Omicron will already be widespread locally.

  7. Labour are losers? Well this iteration of them certainly.

    Where as the Clark Cullen and even NZ First government got on and got things done, let’s not forget AIR NZ went bust spectacularly amongst other issues during that time, and God forbid, the Lange government, who can never be accused of not leaving their mark, Jacinda’s Labour has now proven to be like a bunch of actors playing ministers of the Crown.

    In Poto, Megan Woods, the Faf, Little, David Clark, and who could forget Phil “the failure” Twyford, its bad actors. And it would be very easy to argue guest starring B grade soap performer Grant Robertson, for his Chernobyl redux of the NZ housing market, just to top off a litany of failures.

    As Omicron hits it is likely to show us all how inadequate our heath system really is. The dirty little barely kept secret will be there for all to see, Jacinda will either disappear into hiding because blame will quite rightly be attributed to her government or spin her way into centre of the earth, pretending black is really white and the last vestiges of Labour’s credibility will be gone.

    Meanwhile Michael Wood will incorporate 500 km/hr overhead monorail into his uber complex underground light rail pretence whilst simultaneously offering condominiums on Mars as part of the package! And it still won’t be built!

    • 🙂
      Oh come now @ XRAY. Don’t be mean.
      Labour have got David Slack’s speech writing software on tap. He’d have preferred supplier status.
      A quick call in the morning, and he’s got time to don the lycra, out for a virtuaous little ride for a couple of hours, and be back in time to send off the finished product, have changes made and OK’d, and be ready for RNZ’s The Panel and various other media outlets requiring a rent-a-voice

  8. Thanks Martyn for not putting Labour in the winner column…they (Labour) have not done much in the last 2 weeks to be in the winner column.

  9. If the numbers get that high its time to abandon ship to Ozzy. Afterall, what has NZ got to offer if it hasn’t got COVID escape… House prices? Fuel prices? Food prices? Empathetic people who care about people coming back to see dying loved ones? No, NZ is finished. It might as well just open up to escapees from the third world because nobody else wants to be a part of the most unequal society in the OECD.

    • Unless you have an Aussie passport be sure you and your family do not get sick or laid off as you will get nothing no matter how long you live there or how much tax you pay .
      For all its faults even under Labour NZ is a great place to call home . It could be better under National but save that arguement for another day.

  10. I’m just thankful that Jacinda and labour and the scientists have been in charge of NZs security. She leads the world in defending and protecting Aotearoa from the enemy COVID. Those right wing governments around the world have been great failures and losers for their citizens and beaten by the enemy have the largest death rates since WWII. Thank god natz and act werent in power or we would be worse than UK, USA, Aussie, Taiwan, Italy, Ireland and other places their grumpy old political advisers hosking, plunket, garner, said the follow.

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