Unemployment Rate At 3.2 Percent – Statistics New Zealand


Seasonally adjusted unemployment reached 3.2 percent in the December 2021 quarter while the underutilisation rate stayed at 9.2 percent, Stats NZ said today.

The unemployment rate remained low in the last quarter of 2021, down to 3.2 percent, from 3.3 percent (revised) the previous quarter, while the underutilisation rate did not change at 9.2 percent.

“The labour market continued to show the tightness we saw in the September 2021 quarter, with both unemployment and underutilisation rates remaining low,” work and wellbeing statistics senior manager Becky Collett said.

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  1. The govt must know that everyone knows this Stat is absolute bollocks and the true figure, taking the thousands on other benefits like job seeker is vastly higher

  2. It would be beneficial if those publishing this travesty be made unemployed.

    The only thing meaningful here is that this department can’t even refer to itself as concerned with statistics. “Stats NZ”–for all one knows it may be concerned with thermostats. Should they desire any credibility, the Department of Propaganda is more apt.

    “Stats”, what is that? Juvenile branding to sound hip? Could swear this place is staffed by those who flunked Mathematics with Statistics at secondary school.

  3. Such a low unemployment rate compared to other countries. Not only are we less susceptible to Omicron, we are more financially astute. This country is currently abuzz with rumours that the labour government printed off many billions and billions of dollars of money and that this act sparked a high rate of inflation. What a load of nonsense. It is the Reserve Bank which retains the right to print currency and their decisions are independent of the government of the day. Also they have yet to make a decision that’s radically different from the normal regulations and guidelines which they come under.


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