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  1. Contradictions abound with humanity. The relatively ‘tough’ staff of Corrections refusing to comply with requests for vaccinations. That’s weird – is it cowardice, or do they feel closer in ‘setting’ to the prisoners anti-social behaviour and tendency to use extreme physicality instead of mental exercise than they feel to organised society?

    And teachers, particularly those at ECE, or kindergarten level refusing to have vaccines. Do they have any personal commitmenet to their vulnerable young charges. The caring society we hear about, where has it sprouted in NZ?
    I hope these models climb out of the computer screen and wander off into the great beyond! But that is a passing thought wishful, from someone who has had three vaccinations. But I have to keep trying, mask wearing, rinsing and drying them etc. Changing my old cellphone.

    Wondering if we would have these problems if we hadn’t globalised. Remembering it was a tourist-type of traveller who caught and transported the bug lto Europe, sort of like a plague flea. If we had settled for quiet pleasant lives with national income distributed throughout so that much of the the dosh didn’t pile up in some people’s pockets and stuff up their brains with the disease of acquisition. Have you read the Lovejoy books by Jonathan Gash from which the tv series was made? He had genes that resonated to genuine antiques. The upperclass are like that now with anything that smells of money. And so it goes.

  2. Someone might enlighten me here. We know the government is spending $20 million on Covid advertising. I don’t have a problem with that. There’s some criticism of the spend on social media but I don’t use Facebook etc so can’t comment but if it’s encouraging the punters to get vaccinated I can’t complain. The drunk driving and speeding ads are there for a reason but I don’t believe those who watch them act on what they’ve seen and if that’s the case they’re a waste of money. Our money. The ad that really makes me squirm currently is the road speed study with the dopey road guy yelling across the road to the kids. At best this ad is informing the public that they’re going to change some speed limits and at worst it’s blatantly using our money to justify their contentious speed change policies. If they believe their policies are best for us why advertise. Just do it. Don’t spend millions of our money unnecessarily selling a policy that isn’t going down well with those wanting to get from A to B in reasonable time. Instead of improving the highways we’ll just slow everyone down instead. This government has never had a problem spending other peoples money. I feel better now.

    • Yes PR with pictures about policies for good can have a huge amount of money available to them.. Hands on stuff is not so well funded.
      But there is a tendency to trivialise information to the public don’t you think. An introduction of cute figures that jump up and down and tell you things with smiles as you would have on children’s programs. I think I noticed this on the new designed site of TradeMe. Google always seems to have some icon moving.

      • We all know ads can be tiresome but private enterprise can spend what it wants if it believes there’s a good return. Government spending, no matter what government should be scrutinised more. When we watch this stuff, which is them justifying their decisions and policies, we don’t think of it in terms of our money but it is. Worse than that the information is biased by virtue of the fact that they’re the government and want to be seen in a good light. Oppositions don’t get to pilfer out of the public money trough so easily. This government will be just starting to understand that the endless supply of borrowed money is beginning to run out. Who pays the price of their frivolous spending. We do.

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