Maori Authority Calls On MP To Resign; Calls On Mass Campaign To Alleviate Parental Fears Of COVID19 – National Maori Authority


The Chair of the National Maori Authority, Matthew Tukaki, has called on National Leader Christopher Luxton to sort out one of his MP’s and called on other political parties to get in behind the campaign for childhood vaccinations ahead of the expected arrival of Omicron into the country. Tukaki has said the work needs to be done to quash misinformation online including the narrative that childhood vaccines will be mandatory. Tukaki has also said everyone needs to be on the same page – and that includes every MP in Parliament.

“Lets face it the errant National MP has had multiple opportunities yet she sneaks away to this protest and that knowing full well her presences gives license to those behind them – often peddling mis-information and lies. Its not the first time she been caught out and it’s a little late deleting the old Facebook posts – its like that age old truism of act first and ask permission later – in this case the question is what else has she been supporting. And if she doesn’t like it – then leave the adulting to others and bring back people like Jo Hayes who worked damn hard to advocate for Maori.” Tukaki said

“But the main aim in town must be to get the campaigns underway for child hood vaccinations. We have seen the impact of the virus on children in Europe and the USA, we are seeing the unfolding mess that is Australia so acting now will be imperative – and that includes being blunt about some of the messaging – for example; it is a lie that vaccinations for children are being mandated. They are not” Tukaki said

“The second message needs to be one of the right information – of the vaccination and its health or other wise impacts on children and so on. Informed parents create informed consent and that is what we need to aim for. To all of those irresponsible idiots out there who are saying they are going to attack vaccination centres – exactly where will you be if New Zealand children start losing their lives? I bet your bottom dollar they will move on to the next campaign slogan. Campaign slogans do not save lives – action does.” Tukaki said

Tukaki also had a message for those targeting retail and hospitality staff and those small businesses openly flouting the rules:

“Grow up and stop acting as if you are some sort of heroes. You’re not heroes. People on our front lines including hospitality and retail, our health workforce and emergency services are the heroes. They have kept Aotearoa ticking. And for those in Te Ao Maori still spreading mis-information – cut it out.”


  1. Hmmm…slight problem here…with the mass vaccination of the tamariki with the current Pfizer product. It doesn’t actually work for the variant du jour.

    But fear not…Pfizer is all over this, and by March will have one that (might) do the trick.

    “Pfizer’s chief executive says a redesigned Covid-19 vaccine that specifically targets the Omicron coronavirus variant is likely needed…”

    So hold off on the jabfest there Mr. Tukaki until Pfizer gets the recipe right. In the meantime make sure the kids are in tip top physical condition by getting good healthy kai and plenty of excercise out in the sun and fresh air.

    It is all kinds of batshit crazy giving this stuff to kids who are are little to no risk from Covid, and especially when the manufacturer says it wont work for omicron.

    Oh…and one does not normally “sneak” then post one’s sneaking on social media. Just saying.

    • Nothing wrong with exercise but if you look at some of those that died they were pretty fit eg rugby ref champion kick boxer .
      I have encouraged my grandchildren to be vaccinated so that I can see them .

      • Well said Trevor – excellent response. Good healthy food and exercise is not going to stop the virus invading the body.

        • Good grief!!! Can neither of you read?

          Tukaki is frightened that Omicron with get to the tamariki before they are safely vaccinated. He is demanding that ALL Members of Parliament get in behind the ‘vaccinate the little children program.’

          Trouble is, as the Big Boss of the company who makes the shot states…the current formulation doesn’t actually stop transmission of Omicron, and that is why they are frantically working on a new formulation. Perhaps this will be ready by March?

          The Pfizer shot is not without risk for children who are, if healthy, at almost no risk from Covid whatsoever.

          So why the frantic drive to inject little children with an untested product which will not perform as Tukaki expects?

          Good healthy food, and exercise in the fresh air and sunlight will do more to assist these children with dealing with an Omicron infection than the current Pfizer product.

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