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  1. The Editor’s Idiopathetic Dump List means Mike Rose won’t be typing another intelliGENT word on this or any other topic,
    You’re on yer own, buster.

  2. I see the MOH and Ashley Bloomfield have stipulated very strict rules around the use of the Maori data they hold and they have reluctantly passed this information on to John Tamihere and Whanau Ora who needed it for vaccinating purposes. My concern is do our NZ police and any other government agencies have access to our information generated from this pandemic. As this information should only be used for the purpose it was intended not for any other reasons. This is why many NZers are concerned about privacy as the National government gave the Police and GCSB even more powers and now it seems we see an extension of these powers under the auspices of a pandemic.

  3. Three Waters. Places like Wellington need it. Where else in NZ has maintenance and replacement been avoided till urgent? But would government/some expensive agency, be more reliable or just hold localities to ransom? ‘Green slime from multiple sewage leaks’

    I don’t trust anyone these days to do their jobs at a reasonable cost. Except the medical profession and public system that we have, speaking from personal experience.

  4. You have to wonder why violent people who break the law on visitors visas are not deported and visitors visas cancelled after the first attack and sign of trouble. Why allow this horrific events to continually happen in NZ?

    “The 28-year-old Tonga national, who is currently in New Zealand on an interim visitor visa, will be sentenced in February, after pleading guilty to four charges, including attempted murder, injuring with intent, and assaulting a child.

    On June 19, he was charged with injures with intent to injure and was released to an Ashburton address on strict bail conditions, including not to contact the victim or travel south of the Waitaki River.

    At the beginning of August, he returned to Oamaru to live with the victim and her children, in breach of his court bail conditions, the court heard today.

    At approximately 3.50am on September 2, after a prolonged drinking session, he became argumentative with the first victim.

    She’d had enough of his behaviour and asked him to leave, calling 111.

    As the first victim stood in her house calmly speaking to 111 call taker, he grabbed her around neck in a stranglehold and using both a kitchen knife and scissors stabbed her around the head and body.

    While he continued his attack, he put both his hands around her neck and put his thumbs into her neck so she couldn’t breathe.

    He told her in Tongan that it would be the last time anyone would ever see her and that he would be the last person on Earth that she would ever see.

    She fought back and “began screaming in terror” while he repeatedly stabbed her in the back, arms, face, head, shoulders, and upper body.

    Hausia used so much force that the scissors broke in half. Emergency services would later find them in her tangled hair.

    Her screams woke up her cousin who happened to be staying the night – as well as two children who got up and saw Hausia repeatedly stabbing their mother while she screamed for help, covered in blood.”

    The man should have been deported after the first assault, that would have saved the woman and children serious harm, saved police and justice time, save more hospital stay, more NZ jail time etc

    • NZ is basically a cowardly country, won’t stand up for what is right as a rule. So children can be assaulted and abused for years at Lake Alice, but we can’t refuse to put up with bad stuff from an adult from another country.
      If these violent people are held they should be put through rigorous confrontational mind training. Either they learn to control themselves, what they should have learned as children, or they should be returned to where they grew up. If they learned their behaviour here, then returning them would be like the returning 501s from Australia. We are basically unkind and unprincipled when you look behind the facade.

      I was just listening to The Hollies singing He Ain’t Heavy, He’s my Brother. We used to try to be good to each other, now that is abandoned as an idea. It has to start at childhood, and helping parents be as good as they want to be.
      As adults, they may be fixed in mind; the behaviour over vaccination, and sex identity demands, shows personally disturbed people who make demands and pass on to violent talk and possible action. These words would herald a better society:
      So on we go
      His welfare is my concern
      No burden is he to bear
      We’ll get there
      For I know
      He would not encumber me
      He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother

      If I’m laden at all
      I’m laden with sadness
      That everyone’s heart
      Isn’t filled with the gladness
      Of love for one another

      Many will have forgotten the murder of 6 year old Louisa Damodran in 1987.
      Her murderer has been in jail since then, and has done courses and tried to be a model prisoner but is he over his sexual offending which went on for over a decade? Better help for parents, workshops, weekend camps, payments tied to attending parental courses, etc. when the children are young, and for recidivist offenders a jail farm where they may get to have their own cottage and friendships, family visits, conjugal relationships possibly. At present the government has taken out the three strikes idea, instead of tailoring it to be reasonable and effective. Dealing with violence and protecting women sometimes from themselves, would result in less nasty crime.

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