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  1. Scary stuff as well as charging the parents they are also now considering charging the school officials over the US school shootings.

    Can’t see many wanting to be teachers with this sort of carry on. If they remove a child from the school they can be sued and if you get them to see a councillor then ask the parents to take him home (which they refused) then apparently the school officials may be charged if the child comes back and shoots people.

    Crazy, anything for the state and government not to take responsibility on why children are allowed access to guns in the first place!

    You could say the parents should not be letting the child have a gun, but then the US laws allow and encourage it!

    Michigan mass shooting: Prosecutor criticises school over run-up to attack

    You have to wonder what where they supposed to do? Kafka, Salem mentality at work.

    Likewise in NZ at woke safe, prosecuting the scientists over the volcano while ignoring that it was woke safes and NZ laws that allowed the tourists to go in the first place to an active volcano with virtually no interest that it was a hazzardous place!

  2. Hey how come New Zealanders are repeatedly prevented from knowing when celebrities and sportspeople beat their partners or deal drugs by court suppression orders, but these same courts are now ordering the Health Ministry to turn over the medical histories of the entire race of Maori to some third party business venture?

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