Political Caption Competition


Elliot doesn’t seem to have a functioning knowledge of the words ‘Apartheid’, ‘Starts’, ‘So’, ‘The’, or ‘And’.


      • Bertie the problem with the new conservatives is that despite being their target market I can’t fucking stand them and half their policy is out of the handmaid’s tale.

        And now Act has swooped to in to their target market. Time to put a green tent around Elliot and his mates. They are wasting votes on the right

  1. I think Elliot is still thinking he is the US under the Trump Humping regime?
    In his stand-ups in election mode. He comes across as a clown. light entertainment, intermission? A break from the serious(usually) discussion happening around him.
    A shaman snake oil salesman of the worst kind.

  2. They are in red as they are the epi center of Delta and to be safe this gives us more time for more NZers to get themselves fully vaccinated. And if there is thousands of people currently self isolating in Auckland its probably for the best. Soon many Aucklanders will be free to roam the motu and it will not matter what measures we have in place we will see Delta more widespread as we are seeing now but on a much larger scale unless we vaccinate. Its only a matter of time when Auckland will join the orange brigade and no doubt we will still hear whinging.

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