Luxon the Christian Lex Luthor is National Leader! Winners & Losers

A loaf of National MPs

NO WAY! The coward clowns of National have elected the worst case scenario – Chris (he once put out a memo to all AirNZ staff to call him Christopher) Luxon – The Christian Lex Luthor as leader!

He hired a black Mercedes to drive him across the road to Parliament, the symbolism of which manages to eclipse anything else he said in his mediocre list of right wing ZB talking points.

His naming of tool brands felt as contrived as it sounded, a marketing ploy to catch bored male attention.

‘He like same tool as me’!

How dumb do they think the electorate is and aren’t they already voting National?

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There are of course ‘Winners’ & ‘Losers’ in which amputated limbs are the winners.



Christian Lex Luthor – He only won because Judith’s acolytes spite voted for him alongside the Liberal Muller Traitors – this is a leadership built on malice, vengeance & cowardice! His first speech was Top Table Right Wing KPIs mixed with Leighton Smith morality. He also has the same dead eyes of his puppet master John Key.

God & the Christ child – Having a devoted servant like Chris Luxon as leader will bring about the rapture quicker. All hail Jesus!

Labour & the political left – Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!



National – The liberal Muller cowards like Chris Bishop and Nicola Willis who destroyed the party by backing Muller and refused to admit their self destructive narcissism have backed Christian Lex Luthor. How will those pretending to be liberal back a Handmaiden’s Tale level anti abortionist? Let’s pop the popcorn and find out.

Jacqui Dean – Oh now she says she was sucked into a whirlpool and was used by Judith when she suddenly dredged up a manufactured MeToo moment to destroy the career of Simon Bridges. What a great win for snowflake triggered feminism, destroying a mans career for a flippant comment made half a decade ago, truly we live in the age of the glorious puritanical matriarchy.

Judith Collins – The race baiting, the casual malice, the spite policy, the constant head banging, the appeal to our angriest natures – that was her political legacy! The once mighty defender of the kiwi battler crushed by an ego that was always a reflex punch. If Judith Collins had fought for New Zealand half as much as she fought for herself, this country would be a better place by her hand. She didn’t and it isn’t. They will need to bury her in 3 seperate coffins on hallowed ground at midnight to stop her coming back from the grave!

Satan – With a soul spirit warrior like Christ Luxon as leader, the fallen angel of Lucifer best be worried and concerned that his days of trickery are over once all the abortion clinics are closed down.

Simon Bridges – He gave his heart and soul to National and he actually personifies the very aspiration that National supposedly values – to lose the leadership because of a manufactured MeToo character assassination is such a cruel smear. I’ve always said National would be mad not to offer him the leadership back and he would be mad to accept it. These nasty toads don’t actually deserve him.



Simon Bridges could have won 2023 because he’s such a clever player of the game, Luxon only won because of the turmoil and vicious nastiness amassed against Bridges. For Labour & the political left this is a huge win. Will NZ at a time of science dictating social policy really listen to a religious evangelical who has a literal interpretation of the Bible?


That’s like voting for a flat earther to lead the local Geography club.

National are suffering from a massive lack of female voters, I’m not sure antiAbortion Christian Lex Luthor who looks like a character from The Handmaids Tale is the leader to bring National to the promised land.

If Chris Luxon is the answer, the question was, ‘Who will help the lamb Christ spill the blood of Satan’s heathen scum and purify the Earth for Rapture’?

Good luck with this National, drinks on me!


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    • I can’t wait to revisit this post in two years time to see how well it aged. I’m quite confident that National and the left will be switching places on your winners and losers list when all is said and done.

      I haven’t seen a new National leader this well received by the media and twitterati since… well, ever!

      • He is not well received by media, check first two stories on him by Newshub. You are just employing magical thinking by say that. Lex is clearly a massive dick with dead eyes that looks at least twenty years older than he is and has failed twice already….good luck with that National.

    • 7 House Luxon.. doesn’t want large falls in house prices – cycles through the same lines as PM Ardern.

      Act would have to overtake National in the polls to get my vote. 7 House Luxon seems VERY happy with the status quo.

      National are outrageous fronting 7 House Luxon. Guess they’re desperately trying to hang onto the homeowner/speculator vote?

      Sorry to tell 7 House Luxon this; PM Ardern has worked hard pumping property prices and backing this Ponzi with the full force of government/RBNZ.

      Listening to Luxon you wouldn’t even know a Housing Crisis existed in NZ. Just go away Luxon.

  1. Yeah dunno what one can add to that rant, but I did notice a lot of National code for more neo liberal ‘solutions’ coming from Luxon interspersed with a lot of feel good ideals. Or maybe I’m just sensitized to it now. If it all goes pear shaped, National is in deep doggy doos this time round.

  2. I would be a long way from saying Labour are winners just yet. Luxon is no Collins.

    I’m guessing ACT will now starter this shed votes though.

    Obviously there is an awful long way to go with Luxon and he could turn out to be a dud but I am picking National have about fought themselves to a standstill and there nothing they love more than power. And all of that will be unifying.

    Collins is a spent force and is a constant internal threat to National and with Key driving this change I’m picking her days are numbered.

    So it’s very much wait and see but if National project competency and key players convince the public they have the working experience to actually deliver on policy, Labour are stuffed. Because Labour’s record so far on most major policy projects incompetence and no experience to deliver.

    • But people don’t care. They either have have rusted on belief in Jacinda smilingly or frowning eternally, or they criticise woke politics every day like Martyn and Chris but pretend it’s neo-liberalism that birthed it (and is the source of all evil) – not actually its real birth in Left-wing academics and politics.

      Life will continue as ever. (Well, actually the new normal – a semi-democratic healthocracy).

      With most social and media institutions are captured by Left-wing progressive identity politics (Royal Society anyone?) and a $55m journalism slush fund, the game is almost up. Even if National win the next election (unlikely), it will merely be some tinkering around the edges.

      We’ll be “Aotearoa” shortly after our course in linguistic and ethnic coercion reset not unlike (in ideology, not physical violence) Kampuchea or Mynamar after their new Year Zero regimes. Most of our citizens don’t want to make a scene anyway, not after a fear-addled two years, and learning to obey the Government endlessly as it parroted a ridiculous binaries between obey or face mass death and destruction. Selfishness was engineered to mean anything that didn’t submit to the endless power plays to the minor risk for most people from Covid-19.

      Welcome to New-New Zealand. It’s not going away anytime soon, no matter how many Nga Mihis or boosters you regurgitate. Sit down and shut up, you selfish, racist, granny killing bastard.

      • I am increasingly feeling as if we are in the midst of a ‘woke revolution’ comparable to the Cultural Revolution in China during the 60’s – 70’s . . steady renaming of place names etc and in a larger sense a general Maori cultural indoctrination foisted upon us without any consultation or permission given . .

        • James’ Brown. No, never suck it up. Process it, and share if you want. Don’t be cancelled.

          I’d thought for a while that we are living through the breakdown of civilisation as we know ir. But the National Library’s burning of books, the kneecapping of statues, the kneecapping of our young guys, the lies about other people’s wars, the determination to obliterate the rich tapestry of our short history, the gender obsessiveness of whacky pollies, the widening gap between the haves and the have nots, all lend credence to what you are saying, and it started well before this current government took office.

          The Employment Contracts Act signposted a work already in process; the glibness of the Key years stultified many who are now too intimidated to question anything at all, so go for it.

      • S(j)W…THERE IS NOTHING, zilch, nada, nichts, nowt leftwing about SJWs so your talking points are without substance, you can critisise them until the cows come home for me, but they are not about economics like the rightards ans anti-vaxxers they are about middle class feel feels being offended.

    • ” I’m picking her days are numbered ”

      I cant wait to read her tell all book as she shafts all past and current personnel.

    • I don’t know why those in Nats pushed down and out don’t do their own thing. Collins does have some friends and fans. Imagine her taking helm of NCP or forming her own outfit. Bridges could do a Winnie and hang his own shingle with his allies. Nats in past worried no support ally parties now might end up as support party for ACT.

  3. First appearances for Luxon looked very strong. Great reference to the Ryobi drill set at Bunnings to seem like an everyman. Very few tradies would use a Ryobi though. Actually that drill set would be bloody handy to repair his 7 houses. Quite the housing crisis for the Luxon’s maintaining all those houses.
    I lost all respect for Key when he couldn’t hit that nail with his hammer trying to put up that billboard.

    • Turning up in a hired (who paid?) very expensive car for a few 100 meter drive says, I’m important and YOU should ‘respect my authority’. So NOT even tryng to create the TraitorKey manipulated image of the Kiwi-bloke.
      Plus he did the usual poli thing, ignore the questions meaning and give a preplanned statement that has the minimalist link to the question.
      So another fake, looking more and more like Todd Muller take 2.

  4. Simon Bridges loses the National Party leadership to a loaf of white bread – again.

    I agree with most of what you’ve written above Martyn, but I suspect Luxon’s religion won’t have much influence on the Nats policy. If Luxon ever becomes prime minister (and I hope he doesn’t), I think he will be another Key-shaped “transactional” leader, happily selling NZ’s long-term future down the river for short-term political gain. I can’t see Luxon and Willis rolling back many of the woke policies that’s being inflicted on the country by the current LINO-led government.

    The Nats have decided the way to power is to be a more business-friendly and more competent version of Ardern’s LINO.

    The worst of it is that I can’t see Luxon or Willis having the kind of understanding that Bridges has of those who are doing it tough in crime-ridden poor suburbs, where gangs compete to recruit their kids in the local school. Honest, hardworking people who are forced to live next door to the Mob or the Headhunters because they can’t afford to live anywhere else. And unlike so many bleeding-heart liberals, Bridges is very aware of the fact that Maori are over-represented as VICTIMS of crime.

  5. For all the talk of Hand Maids tale and left and Right, the votes in the provinces will be decided by the quality of the information out about He Puapua and 3 Waters and whether the Angry Men can get their women to turn on She-who-shouldn’t-be PM because she’s a younger woman.

  6. Bridges appears personable and genuine…..but he barked at every passing car when he was a leader in a desperate attempt to gain any traction against a PM the country was hailing as a savior at the time. Had he not relentlessly tried to vilify Ardern at every turn for his own benefit, he could have become our next PM. He didn’t box smart and allow for the evitability of nature taking it’s course.

    Luxon was the right call. He’s a good communicator who will sell the need for his alleged business acumen at a time novices in charge appear lost in the mist looking for someone else to lead the way. Ardern has spent much of the last two years with a mindset of “on the advice of the Director General of Health” that she appears to have abdicated making big decisions or at least accepting responsibility for them. The Government getting National onboard to assist with the housing crisis “appeared’ more evidence of a Government bereft of their own plan in this key area. If Megan Woods is the answer to the housing crisis then we are in even deeper shit than we thought. The cycle lane on the Harbour bridge reflected a Government well out of its depth and disconnected from Kiwi’s at that important time for NZ. No money for nurses despite the carnage unfolding there but a bottomless pit of funds for a cycle lane that so few wanted and nobody needed. Despite that they pressed on and spent tens of millions before realizing it was a train wreck and shitcanning it. Had they known which way was up, that nonsense would never have seen the light of day. All important confidence in them melted away like a small ice cube under a hot grill.

    We’ve all witnessed what bureaucracy with far too much power looks like. At the very time the PM keeps pointlessly advising NZ to “be kind”, we’ve seen people who have traveled long distance for that primal human need of being with a dying loved one at that hugely important time but being repeatedly declined compassionate leave despite being double vaccinated providing very recent negative Covid test results……yet 2 minutes down the road we are seeing the Police standby and watch Brian Tamaki and co undermine all the sacrifices made by so many others. The innocent at their most vulnerable being forced to endure suffering while the guilty who are taking the piss are gifted another free pass. Where was our caring “be kind” Government? Standing by watching and doing nothing. That image speaks volumes.

    Now along comes Christopher Luxon who I trust about as much as I’d trust a $2 Shop Rolex watch. The epitome of insincerity……BUT, he can communicate well, he can highlight what most of us are seeing more and more of with the Government, he can play down his religious beliefs when needed and just as easily talk them up when required. He can inspire business confidence while the Government flounders. He’s not damaged goods and most importantly, he’s NOT Judith Collins. Whatever happens now we know one thing for sure, the Government has a genuine opposition party with National.

    My short term prediction is National will take a huge jump in the next political poll. I’m picking mid to late 30’s and Luxon will be in the 20’s in the preferred PM poll. Will be very interesting to see where that support comes from.

    The Government will likely still win in 2023 but they have a fight on their hands now and will need to lift their game several levels…..if they are able.

    • That has been a feature of this Government, come down hard on & threaten those who obey the law, while tolerating & ignoring those who’ll happily gun down Police officers in the street. Somewhere along the line their priorities have gotten skewed and the rights of everyday citizens are trampled underfoot. Something has to change.

    • Well one things for certain Luxon will poll higher than Collins and potentially jump Seymour because let’s be clear, Seymours about as inspiring as a fresh dog turd.

    • Agree with you about Simon Bridges. He just objected for the sake of objecting. I don’t buy into the rest of your comment. Nurses got an average 1.75% increase annually under National, Labour gave them a 14% bump if you include the lump sum payment they got. Sure the government wasted money on the cycle lane and sure that was stupid. How much money did Key spend on redesigning the flag? Urging people to be kind is not pointless, even if most people ignore it. In fact, it’s a breath of fresh air to hear a politician say such things. It’s a pity it’s been memed on so much it’s becoming a stick to beat her with now. It’s the power of the beaurocracy that has kept us home and isolated and with a covid outbreak peaking currently at 200 cases daily. It amazes me the disconnect of people that comment on how we should be open and free to mingle because there’s hardly any disease and most people are healthy. Do people not understand these restrictions are the very reason most of us are covid free currently?!! Now we’re switching to a new system that will give the vaccinated even more freedom, but people will still find something to whinge about with the traffic lights. Yes it is heartbreaking that people who travel halfway around the world to see a dying relative can’t. But that doesn’t make it the wrong decision. And I would probably agree with you that the risk isn’t that great if they were allowed out. Yet the difference is that covid in the community will grow at a set defined rate, but new covid introduced into the country will boost the rate of growth. The government is obviously being extra cautious about this, and yes it probably is “on the advice of the Director General of Health”.

      National will jump in the polls for sure, but mostly at the expense of ACT. Act’s high vote was just because national voters couldn’t stomach Collins. ACT is never a 16 point party, even in their wildest dreams.

      • Yep. Obvious that with Luxon, Act will now loose a significant amount of voters back to the tribal fold. Lets see Act reaching around 12% by election time. Or less. 2 years is a long time. Ample time to make a lot of balls ups.

      • Brad, you do appreciate salary and conditions negotiations between the NZNO and the Crown have been going on for several years and have been excruciatingly slow due to there allegedly being no funds in the kitty? So far the nurses have received exactly NIL and won’t until 2022.

        The amount of money flushed due to the farcical cycle lane was obscene. Due diligence? Tens of millions thrown away on a load of bollocks Auckland didn’t want or need. It reflects on a Government well out of it’s depth. I remember the absolute arrogance of Michael Wood when he dismissed every objection put to him as if Auckland was too bloody stupid to realize what was good for them.

        John Key’s ego trip referendum was also obscene on every level. He could so easily have added a question on the voting form at the following election and understood where NZ was at for a fraction of the cost. Key didn’t want a bar of that as he knew he was leaving Parliament and his ego trip would be gone. NZ has a lot of respect for the Queen so waiting until her Majesty in her 90’s was no longer would have been the prudent and respectful thing to do. Then you have the question of who can vote. Tens of thousands of Kiwi’s have fought and died under our flag so there is a lot invested in it. We are told that approximately 90% of the Chinese population of NZ voted to change the flag due to the way they view Britain.

        It seems you’ve bought into the nonsense regarding the management of NZ’s Covid battle. I was 100% in favour of the first lockdown in early 2020. As things got more complex in late 2021 the handling has become inconsistent, confusing and an accident waiting to happen. The introduction of “steps” to level 3 was a confusing farce timed to appease school holiday families. The message many people received was we are winning the Covid fight and on our way to normality. In the following weeks our area of Auckland looked more like a alert level 1.5. I understand it was similar all over Auckland. It is no coincidence that moment coincided exactly with a surge in new case numbers despite the PM stating there was no connection.

        For three months leading up to the latest outbreak starting I repeatedly advised everyone I know to enjoy the freedoms as they won’t last. Australia were suffering a surge in case numbers and our vaccination levels were appalling. We were gifted the perfect opportunity to get ahead of the disease via vaccination and totally blew it. Had we done so the need for an inevitable long lockdown would have been mitigated. The level of vaccination after the outbreak got under way was impressive but it was an astonishing 12 weeks too late which coincidently is approximately the same amount of time as Auckland’s subsequent lockdown.

        It is painfully obvious that the allowing of unvaccinated Aucklanders to travel freely around NZ from mid December is easily the worst decision the Government has made during the pandemic. The PM states those that travel around NZ without a recent negative Covid test will be fined….but the Police soon after stated there would be NO fines, just education. The Police also said they will find offenders (stumble upon) via “spot checks”. In other words the odds of offenders being caught is virtually nil and the chance of them being fined is even less. What message do you think the staunch anti vax brigade determined to have their freedom will get from this development? Bloomfield stated he doesn’t expect to see a surge in cases around NZ as a result of this plan. How can anyone in his position being so far off the mark? I very confidently predict NZ will see a massive unprecedented increase in new cases by mid January. If the number is less than 1000 new daily cases I’d be genuinely surprised. There is also ambiguity and Government naivety around vaccine passes. The Government says they won’t need to be shown. The Ministry of health disagrees. There will obviously be highly dubious vaccine passes from the unvaccinated which will put the vaccinated in danger as they will be blissfully unaware the person sitting nearby is a positive case who is also unvaccinated with a higher viral load. Same situation will unfold with airline travel but that side will be even more farcical. An unvaccinated person can’t go in a bar or cafe at the airport but they can however walk 300 metres and board an aircraft and sit next to others in a confined space for x amount of time. 105 minutes from Auckland to Queenstown.

        Preventing family members from being with dying loved ones at this most important time is only justifiable if the person is unvaccinated and hasn’t had a recent negative Covid test result. The people people repeatedly declined compassionate leave have traveled great distance, are fully vaccinated and have multiple recent negative test results yet are heartlessly being repeatedly declined. That is so wrong and should never happen. If life is so precious we do everything to save it then it should also be so precious that we allow under the right circumstances for compassionate leave. This makes a mockery out of the PM’s call to “be kind” and makes it appear exactly like it’s just pointless fluff.

        Being cautious during a pandemic made perfect sense and I applauded it every step of the way despite my own business being decimated without hope of survival after working so hard to keep it alive after the 2020 lockdown. What’s happening from mid December is a slow motion train wreck. I can’t and won’t applaud that.

        Pressure from business, opposition parties and “freedom” protests have obviously played a huge part in recent decisions. I fear all the sacrifices made will be flushed and we’ll be back to square one only worse by mid January. The team of 5 million has been brutally exposed for what it really is. A farce and a charade. We have two teams. The vaccinated and the unvaccinated. One group understands and respects the science and the rules. The other group doesn’t.

        The shutting down of kiwi’s attending Waitangi day yesterday was very telling especially when that event is still some nine weeks away. The day before the announcement was made, some Iwi had been calling for Aucklanders be prevented from visiting the Bay of islands this summer due to low vaccination rates with local Maori. So despite there still being another 9 weeks to put that right, the Government has decided to approve a call from Maori to shut down attendance at Waitangi on NZ’s national day. If that is not the unvaccinated preventing the fully vaccinated from attending an important NZ event, then please show what is. It’s a disgrace and highlights inconsistency. Extreme caution for one group in one area. She’ll be right for the rest of NZ. It is what it is.

    • He will take acts votes first and then any others mugs that believe his spin. His speech was very much what would have come out of his mate John’s mouth. Wait till he actually comes up with some alternative policies only then will you see his true colors.

  7. Indeed, he did come across as more polished than Muller, but if Goodfellow is still there, who knows what will happen……..

  8. Just heard him for the first time this morning. Wow he actually answered questions. When was the last time Jacinda answered a question without waffling on and on, hoping that if she keeps talking then there will be no more time for further questions.

    The National strategy will be targeting Jacinda waffle. She’s getting worse and worse.

  9. With improved spelling…

    I would be a long way from saying Labour are winners just yet. Luxon is no Collins.

    I’m guessing ACT will now start to shed votes though.

    Obviously there is an awful long way to go with Luxon and he could turn out to be a dud but I am picking National have about fought themselves to a standstill and there nothing they love more than power. And all of that will be unifying.

    Collins is a spent force and is a constant internal threat to National and with Key driving this change I’m picking her days are numbered.

    So it’s very much wait and see but if National project competency and key players convince the public they have the working experience to actually deliver on policy, Labour are stuffed. Because Labour’s record so far on most major policy projects incompetence and no experience to deliver.

    • Yes will be interesting, however I don’t think Luxon is the Whailoit type. Sadly Collins is and she’s still there, as is Woodhouse.

        • Get your hands off it gentlemen. Uncle Fester will be being coached by your mate Johnny – he’ll be 15 steps removed from any shenanigans.

          I wonder how long it takes for NZ’s favourite political schizophrenic, Hooten to attempt to ingratiate himself to the new leader.

          • Johnny will be 15 steps deep in doggy doo as he was last time with those texts disclosed he was in regular contact with the baleen whale when he declared he wasn’t… we will see….

  10. My take-aways from Luxon’s inaugural sermon were: There was no apology for their total failure as a coherent opposition, nor for their collective spineless acceptance of Collins’ behaviour. Plenty of talk about attracting back voters who have fled to Labour, but no mention of the bigger group who have fled to Act. As for if this is a ‘reset’ or a ‘page turning’, we the electorate will determine that, not them; we will decide based on what now happens to Goodfellow, Key, Collins, Reti, Bridges, the Epsom accommodation, their policy on living wage; and there abilty to adapt to the new style of leadership being provided by Ardern.

  11. This seems oddly relevant…
    “Idaho professor says women should stay out of engineering – they belong at home with kids”
    Was having luxon chosen to ‘lead’ the natzo’s as a result of filling up a child’s sand pit with nitrous oxide?
    We should become a republic like Barbados because God only knows, we have enough bananas.

    • Well, did the professor define the ‘women’ he is speaking of? There are lots of different women now, non binary women, women who present as men, men who present as women, and then there are non males.
      Which one is he speaking of?

      • Yup! That Confuckery needs to be killed off! As well as the gweens too!

        The ‘Hate Speech’ legislation as well and any legislation that the Gweens & Labour have supported that is considered ‘Social Engineering’ needs to be fuck’d right off.

  12. So… To be clear, and correct me if I’m wrong. I’m not averse to educating myself in an on-going way.
    National are an historic amalgamation of Auckland bankers and money lenders dating from about 1937.
    United Party.
    Reform Party.
    [They] then started swindling off farmer money into urban privateer pockets and as I write, nothing’s changed.
    And now? We have a God bothering corporate as National’s new leader who was once the CEO of what was our national airline. An airline that was once a state run asset then privatised by neoliberals headed up by roger douglas, a far right wing, pig farmer fascist hiding within the socialist Labour Party..?
    Isn’t all that like a dog apologising to its fleas for it running out of blood?
    And I can guarantee, I bet you, the phone lines between Adern and luxon will now be running hot.

  13. But is this the end of Crusher?
    Will she quietly fade into the back benches and slumber through committee meetings until the day of her retirement?
    I believe she is, at this moment in her mountain lair, adding baboon blood and tiger brains to her bubbling cauldron as she summons up the powers of darkness against her foes.
    Her mindless slave, Jacqui, awaits the next orders of her mistress.
    Just a sidenote. Judith is a friend of Winston Peters. Remember how he was repeatedly given up for dead but survived to see the demise of Hide, Key and others.
    How much has Collins learned from him? Has he granted her a draught from his elixir of immortality?

  14. Luxon has adopted John Key’s persona… you can hear it in his verbal phrasing and style. This is a dangerous signal, for it suggests he does not know himself. Surely Key is gratified by having a puppet in the top seat but ultimately it will be a hard sell to convince the voters there is anything real to Luxon… he will become the reciprocal of tension between keys agenda and the unresolved turmoil within the party.

  15. Brilliant & witty writing Martyn……its the best article by far I have read on Luxon all morning.

    • It’s not the colour of the fairy he believes in that is important, it’s that he believes in fairies at all.

    • And will the same interviewers ever ‘grill’ Jacinda on her devotion to Socialism or will the $55 million kick in?

  16. Talk to a few women. Luxon has repelled me, gut-wise – right from the start. So I was pleased last night when a friend, NZ First supporter, said exactly the same thing ; she also mentioned the black Mercedes, and that he is conceited. No one I know likes Willis, but she is polite to shopkeepers and I don’t think that she likes the police – which could be a plus or a minus. Apparently there was a second black Mercedes car trip to Parliament just to transport Willis – all quite comical optics – Sesame Street level. ( Reminds me of UK winter Christmas pantomimes – terrible timing. )

    Luxon’s ‘ Bunnings-bloke-just-like-you stunt’ is straight from the Meghan Markle playbook, and assumes that the hoi polloi are all gullible fools, which suggests that he himself probably is. Not a good ploy, clumsy, maybe
    connected to John Key struggling to hit a nail with a hammer, but still far too contrived.

    • Between Deborah Russel, Mme Kerekere (and the men are women and non males need to shut the fuck up bill, aka the self ID bill, pushed by Labour and the Greens ) and Luxon, Non males in NZ have no chance. But men presenting as women will have a right ball.

      • N Spur – I think he had to say Bunnings because Bill English works for them – you know, producing plastic buckets whose handles fall off the first time you use them. Mitre 10 are better now on paint than Bunnings, so I expect that Chris will touch base them next time that he… paints…his…house (s) and I’m looking forward to his tips on how to wallpaper ceilings – that’s quite tricky – while whipping up a batch of cheese puffs and gutting whitebait for all the neighbours. Sigh. What a man. Sigh.

    • And a few hours ago heard from a former Air New Zealander who was in an open lift when Luon and two others in his party went to use the lift.. Luxon told him to get out and take the next one. So conceited yes, arrogant, most certainly.

  17. What is this, America? This is the leader for all peoples? This out of touch, corporate ghoul who fleeced more from New Zealanders in one year at Air NZ than most of us earn in a lifetime? This is the guy?

  18. So many commentating that is is John Key 2.0 without understanding that Jacinda is actually John Key 2.0. Oh the irony.

  19. Bomber I know Simon is your favorite Tory HOWEVER he is the wrong candidate at the wrong time. The hard right (like me) have broken off from National and are now fairly firmly welded onto Act. Unless Rimmer gets done for bestiality it’s unlikely that Act will drop below 15% indeed they will go further right to satisfy us who will now be their biggest voting block. Think post GOP Trump without the lunatic religious edges.

    Simon straddles this group whereas a corporate, globalist faux wokester like Luxon doesn’t. Luxon, Willis, Standford and the Tobacco salesman have one job – take 5-7% of the white, middle class female under 35 vote. Worsening economic, social and law and order will take care of the rest. In order to do that they need to show they aren’t a complete rabble and a government in waiting. While Uncle Fester ain’t my cup of tea his first day was better than reasonable.

  20. The real loser was Reti. He was too busy working at his Marae and local GP’s in Whangarei with Mahi for vaccinating people in his region. Going about his work, real work instead of fucking about with the wankers in Parliament.

    “But some in his party felt it wasn’t the best use of his talents; there are more than 5000 Covid-19 vaccinators, but only 33 National MPs – he should have been in Parliament.

    Reti’s identity as Māori is another gain for a party which has had to defend its ethnicity credentials.”

  21. He’s come out firing with some good calls.

    But his 7 property greed portfolio sinks him. It says voting for this guy who is firmly part of the housing problem is a waste of time.

    And he’s bludging off the taxpayers by making us pay for his electorate office rental, that he owns!

    • I will hold my opinion of Luxon for a few months . Let’s see how he shapes his response to the problems heading our way .
      However I do not understand why owning 7 homes should be held against him unless he is keeping them all empty and holding on to them for capital gain. I am sure this will be checked out and if true will quickly sink him. Due to Labours hands off approach house prices have risen so less people can huy so a large pool of rentals is going to be needed for the foreseeable future.
      As far as accepting the rent for his office if it falls within the rules why is it bad form ?

      • Come off it Trev! A black Mercedes to ferry him from his flat over to Parliament ? It wasn’t exactly Germany after the collapse of the Berlin wall, but just another guy getting to lead an imploding political party in windy old Wellington N Z – perhaps lacking a sense of proportion here. But totally delicious that black Mercedes – cringe – cringe – plus country music. Pinch me. Tell it’s not happening.

      • Because Trevor, at this pointy end of the housing crisis, multiple home owners/investors/speculators are culpable party’s to the crisis. Their greed means less homes for other people to own, and means prices keep climbing pure and simple and frankly I cannot tolerate these self absorbed greedy pricks. We can all make a difference and own one house to live in and that’s it.

        And why is this wealthy man, already being well paid by the taxpayer, think its quite okay to buy his electorate office and then have us pay his rent to him? It might be legal but its plainly immoral.

        And yes, the current government have proven utterly useless too with housing. I was probably futile in my hopes this turkey would be different. He ain’t!

    • And yet house prices have risen by record amounts under darling Jacinda. Slag him off as much as you want, he isn’t in the position of power to change housing affordability. Ardern is, and look what’s she has achieved, well done her and her “kindness”.

  22. Well, it is two years to early to make any predictions. Its like the fucking virus, don’t celebrate the day before night falls.

  23. Absolutely marvelous Bomber, and that goes too for the equally lively comments, all of which some scribe should condense into an article in its own right – with full attribution of course – so that even more might be so thoroughly “informed”. The immediacy of the electronic medium, allowing, as it does, for so much clever inciteful, spiteful commentary to be published in real time, has made cartoonists like me redundant. Best laughs I’ve had in ages – wonderful – I think I’ll read it all again. long live TDB – the people’s voice.

  24. Jacinda is bound to welcome Christopher as her political opponent and get on with it. Lets see how he performs. I am sure Jacinda is looking forward to giving her debating skills a “reset” in return.

  25. LUX-ON, LUX-OFF? Old, Male, Pale & stale as last weeks loaf of bread, under Luxon, the new National Party looks pretty much like the previous old one? The National Party reset has begun under the latest, revolving door Leadership appointment of yet another great white dope, Christopher Luxon! Who isn’t fooling anyone, NZers remember National’s previous 9 yrs of incompetence when they were last in Govt! I had to laugh during Luxon’s Corporatist babble maiden speech, declaring that National is back & that he’s the Businessman to save NZ! Where have we heard that spin before, oh that’s right, it was under the dead eyed John Key who promised the World but delivered nothing but Govt Debt & Social destruction, Labour’s had to try & fix the damage of National’s mess & incompetent 9 yr rein & deal with a Global crisis like the Covid Pandemic! I don’t think Labour & Jacinda will be quaking in their boots over the appointment of Luxon & going by the bead of sweat on his chrome dome, at the Press conference, his work will be cut out for him managing the nasty Natz, it’’ll be easier herding a bunch of feral cats? And for all his Neoliberal Corporate nous, Socialism saved Air NZ not Luxon as CEO or Capitalism? The great saviour of Air NZ was the NZ Taxpayer who has saved this Company, numerous times & continues to do so during Covid, with Taxpayer Bailouts, which enabled the greedy elitist Luxon to collect his 4 million dollar a year salary! The National Party is a leopard that can never change it’s spots & Luxon looks like a more balder version of Todd Muller but with a little more spine, but not much else? And for all his Corporate gobblygook, Luxon couldn’t articulate what he would do to manage the NZ Nation & Economy any better than Labour, all we hear is the same blame game towards Jacinda & Labour without Luxon or National stumping up any ideas of their own? Why? Because they don’t have any solutions, they never have! The more things change, the more things stay the same & this saying totally sums up the NEW National Party, Luxon’s just a new sock in a old Boot! Ba Haha!

    • And demand a REAL answer to the military maintencnce work of ANZ, that conveinetly like TraitorKey (re: Springbok tour, etc etc etc), he has no recollection of.

    • If NZers thought National had 9 years of incompetence why did they reach 45-46% in the 2016 election and then maintain that in the polls until Covid kicked in? There is 400,000+ swing voters who could easily move back to National if they show themselves to be a decent option. I would imagine that most of that 400,000 + the existing National voters would appreciate that Luxon is a successful businessman and not a career politician.
      The polls were starting to close when National had the most unelectable leader in recent history, Luxons’ promotion can only bring them even closer.

    • Look for tax cuts as being the first policy off the rank for National-worked for key in 2008- and then when/if they get in, asset sales and then the strangulation of funds for social services (ACC, Education, Health,benefits) priming them for privatisation. The tired and failed neoliberal agenda, ramped up, to finally turn us into a South Pacific image of the USA. And middle NZ will buy it because they are greedy, selfish narcissists having been subjected to almost 40 years of neoliberal brainwashing.

      • No, we will be turned into a failed vision of the Mont Pelerin society’s Max urn von Taxis far right Freidrich Hayeks Austrian school of Economics, rich mans paradise in the South Pacific. Whups!,- its already happened ! And middle NZ will buy it because they have been cowed, put on menial wages and employment contracts after having been subjected to almost 40 years of neoliberal legislated theft of the commons and bullying.

  26. Careful once the woke hate speech laws are passed some of these criticisms and insults about his religion will be considered hate speech! That law needs to be kicked down the road indefinitely.

  27. Winstone should try and woo Simon Bridges into the fold. With Simon as leader of NZ First, he could move that party into something more relevant for this day and age (if his politics arent fixed which I suspect they are) and give centre voters and women someone to vote for. And again if they only ever rise to the role of handbrake, it will slow down the extremes of either party.

    I think National may win back some voters from Act but with Luxon it doesnt have a hope in hell of getting those 400K under 33 women voters. For the Nats to get in, they need Act + Nat + the Centre. So I dont think they will get in despite the numerous F Ups and betrayals of LINO. Also, women are creeped out by Luxon and get a real ‘biatch’ vibe from Willis.

    • I think Simon Bridges would be a lot more palatable to NZ First voters than Shane Jones. But I can’t see Winston going for that.

      • Interesting thought, but I think Simons on a mission so wont leave National. That comes with his temperament and being a lawyer, methinks. But yes, I could see him as an NZ First person. He would fare a lot better and possibly be an asset. But alas, the neo liberal appeal blinds him to the advantages of the Keynesian nation state.

  28. ” He hired a black Mercedes to drive him across the road to Parliament ”

    I no longer listen to what people say, I just watch what they do. Behaviour never lies.

    Winston Churchill.

      • ” ” a murderous war-mongering colonial racist ”
        No i could be quoting Ghandi but i read Churchill’s observation and despite your personal view of him i think he has got it right.

        “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.”
        ― Mahatma Gandhi
        Just as pertinent.

      • ‘murderous war-mongering colonial racist’

        And what was Hitler?

        C’mon, if England didn’t have Churchill you would be speaking German or even Japanese if they had won. That is,… if you had passed Hitlers racial tests.

  29. Considering the right wing media in this country fawned over Key during his tenure, hardly ever criticising him, and constantly ‘asking’ for his opinions on absolutely everything (even when he is out of politics), they are salivating over Key’s hand-picked successor. I can’t recall the same gloating during the period of Labour leadership changes when they were in opposition last. My guess is that John Key still has significant influence within the National Party but the conundrum for National will be choosing between China and USA, both having great influence over party decisions, when the crunch comes. Another National leader brought in by parachute- must be annoying to the non-sycophantic National poly’s.

    • ‘National choosing between China and USA’… interesting,…the swamp Kauri, the water sales, the ban on USA nuclear armed ships in our ports and the South China seas aside,… just WHERE will National go?

  30. ” ” a murderous war-mongering colonial racist ”
    No i could be quoting Ghandi but i read Churchill’s observation and despite your personal view of him i think he has got it right.

    “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.”
    ― Mahatma Gandhi
    Just as pertinent.

  31. Martyn
    It’s clear that you are very selective with who’s opinions get posted. You give many looney lefties a free run here but as soon as a slightly contradictory view gets posted, it doesn’t get published. It’s free world. Please don’t expect for any more contributions from me.

    • Well, for you there’s always Kiwiblog, or the Bfd. And yes, it is a free world, and Martyn is free to choose who contributes to his blog.

      • But if you censor arguments you don’t like, then it just becomes an echo chamber until reality bites & people get killed by followers of the religion of peace, cops shot by unarmed, friendly gang members who just want to help their communities and protesters get arrested for terrorism while the Police arm white supremacists.

        A debate has at least two sides, if suppress one side, then all you are providing, is propaganda.

        • What “arguments”?
          Comments can be omitted for various reasons – Some of us “Lefties” have learned that over the years. If Kraut (or anyone else) has something he genuinely would like to say and that would actually contribute to discussion in a positive way then he could reword and try again.

          If, otoh, he just wants to spew hatred or otherwise make like a troll then big KUDOs to whichever Mod weeded it out!

          • I disagree. Vehemently. If posters are in diametric opposition to Martyn Bradbury’s opinions they should be heard. There are many important aspects and nuances that can be missed with a censorship of ideas from ones opposition.

            The qualifier as far as I am concerned is with foreigner’s coming here and stirring up unwarranted shit we have to clean up after them as they leave these shores.. Such as the Canadian white shit stirrers Loren Southern and her mate.

            We didn’t ask them here, we have nothing to do with their nationalistic racial problems. And we don’t need them around anyhow’s.

            Lynyrd Skynyrd – Sweet Home Alabama – 7/2/1977 – Oakland Coliseum Stadium

    • Kraut, It would be a mistake to take it personally!
      Sometimes words are caught in auto-spam traps; sometimes posts may be delayed or omitted for various reasons. Sometimes they’re mistaken for a troll (sometimes they ARE a troll).

      I’ve had comments withheld, so have other ‘lefties’ – some of whom have complained loudly too.
      If you’re sincere in what you want to say, in the point you’re trying to make, then give it some thought and re-work it a bit maybe.

    • Rabid righties get their chance on here, what are you on about. Labeling others as looney Lefties, then your views as ” slightly contradictory ” was when reality became delusional.

        • And you’re still on this site after saying you’re leaving, a rabid right wing nut job if I’ve ever seen one, now back to Nazi Germany with you Whail Oil

          • Bert et al.
            Don’t mind a good ribbing or even a verbal beating. But to suggest I am a Nazi or belong in ‘Nazi Germany’ is a fairly offensive comment, based on the assumption that I am German. I suggest you control your juvenile temper when you run out of wit. A comment like that won’t need hate speech laws to be considered hate speech. An apology would go a long way.

            • Can I apologise for him?

              Bert’s been working throughout the pandemic, not just work-online as some of us have the luxury of, – out there in the real world with some of the casualties of life as we know it. He has to be more than exhausted sometimes, I think. Be patient and tolerant yourself, okay? Sticks ‘n stones, y’know…

            • PS, I thought Kraut’s “I should have just said Bert” was really funny, laughed out loud, – and felt no malice.

              I hope we all can be a bit more patient with each other… (While still calling it as we see it)

          • Steady on lad, it takes all types to make a world ! 100% for your passion, but as I have learnt ( still learning ) we have to see all sides in a democracy or else it isn’t one.

          • Nup’s, we need the Kraut, he/she may be even a left winger to goad out what some lefties want to say and have their opinions shown for their weaknesses. Iron sharpens iron, as they say… that is the danger of the echo chamber,…folly in ignorance.

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