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    Disability advocates regularly remind us to be aware of others’ needs, to consider disability in our thinking. With all the controls over this end of life legislation and the fact that it is for the terminally ill, to have a disability advocate cast doubts on legislation relating to the wishes such people in general is unfair. This should be viewed not just from a negative and protective disability viewpoint.

  2. This 16 year old boy dead. One feels for his parents.
    A 46-year-old man and two women, aged 43 and 36, had their bail applications declined.
    Further details as yet unknown, tragedy Friday 5th, 46 years man arrested Saturday 6th, but Tuesday 9th little information apart from one other mature man being sought.

    Is more crime being carried out by people in 30 to 40 age group?

    This is the second young person killed at a party in Christchurch. Aug.14/21
    Police were called to the scene and found three people with serious stab wounds, including the 16-year-old who later died in Christchurch Hospital.
    The two other victims – aged 14 and 17 – are in a serious, but stable condition.
    Police said this morning the house in Medbury Terrace, in the upmarket suburb of Fendalton, had been rented specifically for the gathering.
    They said there were 80 people, mainly young people, at the party. the party, attended by more than 80 people, at an Airbnb property in Medbury Tce, Fendalton on Friday night.

  3. NZ Every step forward followed ny a backward step, wiping out half or three-quarters of the good.
    The kaiwhakairo of the pou found in the Christchurch region diced and desecrated over the weekend has spoken about the mamae caused from the act of vandalism.,,
    Caine Tauwhare along with students from his carving school Whakaraupō Carving Centre Trust, carved the pou and gifted it to the Christchurch City Council in 2012 to help grow the presence of tāonga across the Banks Peninsula region.
    (This is the sort of thing that could come from those that love to wallow in stories about cannibalismaand Maori and digging up stories and myths of a negative sort from the past.)

  4. More about the Willhemina (Bill) for short, but Bill sounds too male!
    Usually after passing the second reading a bill goes back to MPs to make final amendments, but in this case it is going back to the public to have a say…
    Under the bill, people would no longer have to go through the Family Court or show evidence of medical treatment to change the sex on their birth certificate.It passed its first reading at the end of 2017 and went to select committee for public feedback.  Clauses enabling people to change their birth certificates were added at select committee in 2018, following a petition.   That was done after public submissions had already closed ultimately leading to the bill being put on the back burner.That was until the bill was picked up by Internal Affairs Minister Jan Tinetti…Tinetti said she wanted to hear more from Māori, Pasifika people, the country’s diverse ethnic communities and young people.
    Groups like Speak Up For Women are worried what the changes might mean for women-only spaces.

    Sounds like gummint down’t want to hear what women across the spectrum think.

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