Furious at AntiVaxxer nutters protesting today? Don’t worry Covid Karma is coming


89.3% of NZ has been vaccinated – these thousands of miscreants protesting Parliament with such underserved smug delusions do not represent the vast majority of us – they are the political conclusion of poor public education and welfare services alongside algorithms of hate.

They wouldn’t know what to do with ‘freedom’ if they got it.

So from what I can glean from today’s protest:
-Jacinda is Hitler
-3 waters is racist
-vaccines are Nazis
-Labour are Nazis
-Crystals can cure cancer
-Trump 2024
-something something ‘Nazi’
It’s a hot mess from people who only source news on Facebook!
Look at these fucking lunatics…

Heavy police presence at Auckland borders as protesters arrive

Anti-lockdown protesters are blocking State Highway 1 at Auckland’s northern border, causing delays for motorists.

A heavy police presence is standing guard at the Te Hana border, just north of Wellsford, today.

Officers can be seen standing in front of a large truck, blocking protesters.

…and they’ve caused Parliament to be locked down after screaming they would charge Parliament and arrest Jacinda…

Lockdown protesters gather in Wellington to march to Parliament

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Thousands of protesters have brought Wellington CBD to a standstill as they prepare to march to Parliament against Covid restrictions.

The Freedoms & Rights Coalition are marching to Parliament this morning to present their demands, which include an end to Covid restrictions and vaccine mandates.

Wellington City Council has advised traffic is expected to be disrupted in the city centre and people should expect delays after 10.30am.

Parliament’s Speaker Trevor Mallard said security had never been as tight as it was today.

…fuck these Qanon AntiVaxxer scumbags!

They are so feral, one actually bit a Police offcer...

A police officer was bitten this morning by a protester at the northern Auckland border.

…Tino rangatiratanga and MAGA flags?

This is the most intellectually confused fuckwittery I’ve ever witnessed in NZ politics!

Defending your decision not to vaccinate is one thing, convincing others to also endanger themselves, causing possible spread via protest and attacking vaccine centers is completely another.

One simply makes you an AntiVaxxer, the other makes you AntiVaxx scum!

It’s important to remember more people got vaccinated today than protested throughout the country.

I know us Double Vaxxed want to hit back at these fanatics but I don’t think we have to, something far more dangerous is chasing our unvaccinated friends – The Vid!

The thing this virus does best is cut through unvaccinated populations like a hot knife through butter. Wait for the tsunami of these stories…

Man who intentionally caught virus wishes he hadn’t done it

An unvaccinated man who intentionally caught Covid-19 and was hospitalised now says he regrets his actions.

In a post to Facebook, an Aucklander said he had tested positive for Covid-19 and was left weak and bedridden. The man became very ill and it’s understood he infected several family members.

…we don’t need to extract revenge from these AntiVaxx scumbags, Covid is coming for them.

They don’t understand how limiting the vaccination passports will be…

…All these AntiVaxxers will have in a months time is sickness, hospitalizations and regret.

The double vaxxed will have schadenfreude.

We don’t have to punish these AntiVaxx lunatics, karma is about to do that for us.

The Wellington woke have gone on and on and on about staying in level 5 so the precious vaxx hesitant can be given MORE time to decide – well they descended on you at Parliament today – they’re lunatics aren’t they?

We end lockdown at the end of this month – fuck them!

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    • @ ms
      Have you just arrived on Earth?
      Where were you when the Natzo’s were laying waste to our farmers, our environment, our media, our health, our society, our economy, our pride and our foreign relationships while allowing four foreign banksters to steal off with $6 billion a year in net profits while homelessness and child poverty are now the new norms the natzos left in their wake? If The Judy had been ‘in’ you’d likely have covid right now so it’s just as well you’re a late arrival.
      Did jonky foresee this shit storm coming? Nothing would surprise me. Is that why the hook beaked little coward ran for it?

      • The average national house-price has increased 50% since PM Ardern/Labour came to power.

        House prices skyrocketed under PM Clark. Like the Clark government, this Labour government is also using the likes of Working-for-Families and Accommodation-Supplements to prop up the housing market.

        For 9 years Labour said nothing about the growing problems in NZ, to say otherwise is demented.

        Labour is a failure and the hate-speech-laws are on the way.

        Their is footage of Albert Einstein waving goodbye as his boat sails to America. He was smart lol.

      • Neanderthals don’t understand ‘long term effects’. Such was damage wrought by Key, it may never be fixed in our lifetimes.

    • Labour can go and likely will. The country however will still be peopled by fuckwits.

      The mob up north this morning want people to have freedom and choice. Truckies exercising their freedom to work and chose to head to Whangarei were stripped of their rights to simply go about their business by the idiots. Others going about their lawful business were hampered.

      Freedom and Choice Coalition? Arrogant arseholes. The braindead lunatics have been empowered by the American Trump movement. The worst of that is now here.

      • In 1981 some folk who just wanted to watch a game of rugby had their lives impinged as well. Or are we declaring now that the ‘right to protest’ needs to go completely?

  1. Im in Welly CBD, I could hear the protesters chanting earlier. They’ve pretty much guaranteed we will now have a covid outbreak here. Sigh.

    • Yep! Very likely.
      There were around 1000 protesters in Hamilton just over a week ago and we Waikato folk are all waiting for the daily cases to have a significant increase from that. (Of course Covid is already in my community so pretty much guaranteed. You may get lucky. Fingers crossed for you.)

  2. Looks like we should just open up then and get on with it. The numbers are high enough vs the rest of the world especially in Auckland.

  3. Shame on them.
    And shame on the political parties who have stirred them up for cynical gain.

    What sort of existential threat does it require to get these lower-quartile-IQ types to care about others I wonder?

  4. The people seen above are the victims of a Prof Stanley Milgram-esque mass hypnosis initiated by neoliberal capitalists using social media influencers via a corrupt MSM.
    We can find them here, as seen above, but The Daily Blog, its followers and contributors are far too smart for them.
    They people above are not stupid so much as they don’t have the information and the perspective they need from a free-speaking MSM to make informed decisions about critical elements in order to ensure a healthy society.
    If they did!? God forbid! They might also be able to make informed decisions about other, non covid aspects of their lives. Like being parasitised by foreign banksters let loose on them by all bought and paid for neoliberal capitalist politicians and their lobbyists.
    Our minds are hugely fragile and can be manipulated very, very easily and in many cases subliminally.
    That’s why I think commercial advertising in public places should be illegal.
    Banksy, the artist once said when asked why [he] sometimes targeted commercial advertising: ” When an advertisement is placed in public view, it belongs to the public who can then do what ever it likes with the advertising. ”
    Like fuck it up.
    The people above have effectively been fucked up. They don’t know it yet but they’ve been manipulated. ( And in all fairness, they could say the same about us. )
    The difference, of course, is that there’s this general consensus from medical health specialists that categorically state that if you are vaccinated, you stand a much higher chance of NOT dying of a horrible death after giving it to others first than if you were not vaccinated. That’s a pretty convincing argument for getting vaccinated I reckon.
    There will be ghoulish neoliberal capitalists watching these developments and learning from the behaviour of those protestors to further hone their stats and skills for future use.

  5. Don’t laugh too loud, the vaxxed are just a able to get the covid as the unvaxxed. At least the unvaxxed who survive a covid infection as 99% will, will have a stronger immunity than the vaxxed.

    • wrong, more anti-vax lies spread by american billionaire psychos. You are much less likely to catch Covid if vaccinated and much less likely to spread it, and have a much lower viral load than non-vaccinated.

      Grow a moral spine and stop spreading lies.

    • yessssss but the vaxxed TEND to get a mild dose whereas the unvaxxed TEND to get a severe dose look anywhere overseas it’s a plague of the unvaxxed.

      and yessssss a vaxxed person with a mild dose can pass it on the unvaxxed and they get a severe dose…remind me again how this helps the unvaxxed??

  6. And what opposition is that? is it the one with the leader polling almost the same as the Act up party and the lot that said open the borders in July.

  7. And what opposition is that mikesee ? is it the one with the leader polling almost the same as the Act party and the lot that said open the borders in July.

  8. …and the Dems were critical of the deplorables! They may not all be racist, sexist, homophobic or xenophobic but they share the same sentiment: a belief that the current government has overstepped its mark in curtailing personal freedom. The Covid-19 pandemic is incidental to their cause. But unlike the USA they are a minority without a leader.

    • calling those who voted for trump or boris ‘deplorables’ is to miss the point for 35 yrs neo-libs of both shades did nothing, zilch, nichivo, nowt for them so they took a punt….now does any of these seem even vaguely familiar here in NZ

      • I think the point I wanted to make is that the Gen Xers in the frame have plently to grumble about: largely locked out of the housing market and the feeling that Covid restrictions and vaccine mandates are sympomatic of a totalitarian govt that is doing nothing, zilch, nichivo, nowt for them. Some have a real grievance, just as the deplorables. But you’re right, its not the US or the UK.

  9. This is kind of what I mean.
    Actually, it’s more exactly what I mean.
    Russell Brand/Facebook
    Was It All A SCAM?! What REALLY Happened With Facebook Crash??!
    When it comes to vaxx or not to vaxx I guess one must also ask ” Would I risk spreading while dying of a disease to prove that getting vaccinated clearly wasn’t necessary. It was all a hoax.
    What does common sense tell you?
    I can forgive people making ill informed decisions based on poor information, or none at all. I will never forgive those who make money or take advantages from that while they knowingly spread disinformation. I mean, you’d have to be quite the arsehole.

  10. What IS interesting is they have freedoms and rights probably because they were all vaccinated against…

    Chicken Pox
    Hepatitis B
    Pneumoccal disease
    Whooping Cough
    Human Papilliomavirus
    Hepatitis A
    Meningococcal C and A,C,Y W135

    Or are the anti vaccinated just hippocrites?

    I suggest you stick to your Right leaning blogs or are they just the voice for the anti establishment.
    However given you are able to post your opinion and you don’t agree with TDB, that’s democracy. That is your right.

  11. The person that bit the officer today should have been tasered my dog wouldn’t even do that and they are lucky they live in little old Aotearoa/NZ in some other countries they might have been shot.

  12. Based on some of those looney comments it sounds like some of them have lost the plot l hope they aren’t spreading the virus in our city.

  13. So this is what NZers have come down to now is it? Biting another human because they are being prevented from getting their own way. And here’s me thinking NZ is a civilised nation. Obviously I am wrong, considering the feral like actions of one of the protesters today!

    • Biting is what 3 year olds used to do when they couldn’t get their way Mary. If they are protesting to make a point, they have, 3 year olds the lot of them. And of course they will go into full 3 year old defence mode, ” it was the police fault “

      • When someone is putting a choker hold on you, the quickest way to get em to release is to bite their forearm, …just sayin from a close quarter combat situation, …however, in peace time?,… that sort of thing is just down and dirty and unwarranted.

  14. Thinks – There is demand for rights. We have been granted by our larger society, the right to education, first the right to read, and how to count, and how to multiply in all its meanings, and we can exercise our imagination, think widely and become more knowledgeable persons, and potentially more understanding and wise. But we often don’t take up these rights which are essential to wending our way through life and turning the obstacles than crop up either into stepping stones, or marker points for happenings of note.

    I am amazed sat how many males don’t use their imagination much perhaps watching television, letting someone else display a theme or story that fascinates. They don’t read fiction much, even the excellent crime and detection novels that offer a rich backdrop against which the book’s actors live out their days. And women – buying those sickly magazines in the supermarket with royals and celebrities on the cover. WTF.

    About our rights. We arrive here by random event. Others have laboured hard and long to build the world that good humans need; their past work is taken for granted and is being removed by up-themselves bright b….gers. What is needed from us is a response from most as determined as DrWho’s Daleks only our chant should be ‘APPRECIATE, APPRECIATE, APPRECIATE’. (And note that bright b..gers in the BBC are acting in a way that will prevent more and fresh uprisings of artistic sensibility that brought us Daleks and Monty Python.) Part of our febrile brains will be closed down under the new mass, puritanism that is unfolding in front of the unimaginative mass.

    Are we back in the time of the Frankfurt School? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frankfurt_School
    Think with Kierkegaard. He has already expressed today’s cries of the confused and fractious. https://www.goodreads.com/author/quotes/6172.S_ren_Kierkegaard

    “How did I get into the world? Why was I not asked about it and why was I not informed of the rules and regulations but just thrust into the ranks as if I had been bought by a peddling shanghaier of human beings? How did I get involved in this big enterprise called actuality? Why should I be involved? Isn’t it a matter of choice? And if I am compelled to be involved, where is the manager—I have something to say about this. Is there no manager? To whom shall I make my complaint?”
    ― Søren Kierkegaard

    • Oh bollocks , mate. You were / are God ordained. As every other human life is. You can no more match the exquisite art of God in the mere temporal leaf of a tree in spring with all our technology and computers and DNA/RNA technology and still you would get it inaccurate. You could not get its 3 D depth or its light refraction and even Leonardo or Michelangelo would struggle to compare.

      The truth is, we humans are only as gifted as to be mere imitator’s for a time. And that time is on this temporal earth.

      We have the creator ability’s of God, but of a very limited kind. Gifted as we are to eventually be elevated as the very Sons and Daughters of the creator God. So take heart. Help is on its way. My gift to you.

      Little River Band – Help Is On Its Way

  15. Unfortunately half of the protesters are vaxxed freedom not covid 3waters parent rights all are issues beings protested about mandates are bout control not co look at what Singapore is doing government says have a Vax or not government pays for Vax injuries freedom

  16. “We don’t have to punish these AntiVaxx lunatics, karma is about to do that for us”

    Que sera sera @ Martyn. As long as you’re not letting your disbelief at the stupidity of it all jeopardise you health. Survive and you’ll live to be able to piss on their graves.

    Let it play out. Let the Krystal Karens who’ve qualified in medcine from Facefook Medical School struggle for air as they watch their patients kark it, or those with genuine reasons to feel alienated
    and disengaged with sussoighty watch their nearest and dearest kark it, or those claiming various religious rites the values of witch they’ve selectively adopted. It all amounts to the same thing – the outcome will be the same.
    There’s a growing number of graves I’ll be pissing on (possibly even emptying my colostomy bag on) when I come closer to meeting my maker because it’s Moi Roit!!!!!!

    • Entirely correct OWT, especially about KKKK – Kovid. Karens. Krusher and Karma.

      These protestors and antivaxxers are turning New Zealand into a South Pacific version of Trumplandia or Idiocracy (2006).
      Flying Trump flags in New Zild FFS.
      Changing MAGA to Make Ardern Go Away. It sounds awfully like the work of Steve Bannon.
      But, it all smacks of Dirty Politics again, and the godawful stench of Krusher Collins and Whaleoil Beef Hooked.

      The only problems for the protestors and antivaxxers is that they are being egged on by hypocrites.
      But they are too far down their rabid-hole to see they are pawns in a rightwing divide and rule modus operandi.

      You can’t tell me that Beef Hooked, Krusher and the Tamaki Destiinatii are not already double-vaxxed.

      Interesting too that Krusher wanted to lure Ardern to Tamaki Makaurau to speak to Aucklanders. I’m sure Biff Hooked and Krusher’s rent-a-mob would have been there to foment, froth and slobber, like rabid Orcs.
      Much like Krusher’s other meeting during the last election:

      “Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive!” (Sir Walter Scott, 1808), and (Krusher Collins 2021)

      I can see the National Party’s 2024 election slogan already.

      Make Krusher, Kovid and Karma great again

  17. Have we thought of the poor [children] Aucklanders enough? I think that this Christmas Aucklanders who have been vaccinated should have the keys to the Queendom and the rest of us isolate at home. Let Aucklanders rampage around NZ/AO and at last shut them up. Let’s keep ourselves safe from those JAFAS.

  18. These people aren’t all anti vaxxers. Many of them are opposing mandates, covid passports or other measures this government are taking. To right them all off as anti vaxxers or the “far right” is disingenuous, lazy and wrong.

    • To not is wrong as well. They need to be seen as far right before the government and police will actually look into them. The fact that they threatened physical violence to push their politics, makes it obvious they are the far right.

      By the way, the far right does not need “”, as we know very well the far right exist in this country. They have a extensive track record of of political violence, and murder. One of their precious rights I guess.

      And whilst not all those people are politically far right, the far right is the loudest voice beating the drum of violence at this protest. So maybe people should have thought about going before being lumped in with the far right, anti-vaxx, Qanon shitfuckery.


    To kill or to maim, that is the question, that is the only question, and there is nothing noble about either choice. If you are someone who out of choice/religion/facebook/tinfoil hat, or whatever other platform, have been manipulated into the position of not wanting to be vaccinated, you must answer that question.

    You have made the decision not to be vaccinated for whatever reason and I agree and acknowledge your absolute human right to make that decision…..but what I want to know is that by making that decision, what overriding reason or factor is in that decision that allows you to kill and maim other people with impunity?

    However if you are one that ‘still’ believes it is just a flu, or worse, thinks it doesn’t even exist. Your ignorance is beyond definition and probably any form of valid redemption, and I believe there is a very special place in hell for you.

    We recoil in shock and horror when we see a mother or father kill their innocent children, how does that differ from the family member who chooses not to be vaccinated and knowingly frollicks with the innocent and the infirm at a family gathering (maybe even a funeral/tangi), shedding death and despair with every breath and footstep. You laugh at the silly old buggers who got vaccinated as you give your favourite niece/nephew permanent lung damage and a lifetime of invasive medical treatments. Also, while your dancing that waltz/jig/breakdance, rejoice as you spit death into the face of the aunty/uncle who bought you up and sacrificed everything to give you a better chance in life.

    Then when the inevitable starts to occur, the mass hospitalisations where our families will endure extreme pain and suffering and in the lucky ones, permanent damage and a lifetime of invasive medical procedures. I say ‘lucky’ because for all the others it will be death. A slow very painful and very lonely death. Celebrate your human rights as your mother/father/son/daughter/workmate/best friend gasps desperately for air, this is what your decision has made happen……..stand by and watch them die…

    But don’t worry, this will give you the chance to don the cloak of pious grief, while hiding behind the virus. Some of you will buy fabulous new cloaks to burnish your grief with, while others will weave them. But all of you will shudder as that cold cloak envelopes you, and the only thing you can smell is the stench of culpability……….

  20. That’s a motley mix of protesters right there!
    I can’t get a bead on the demographic other than disobedience for disobediences sake and frothing ravers.
    Not a great sign for the left when a multi spectrum protest forms to be fair, they just want a whinge and a fight, whatever that may be and where ever that may present.
    Assuming the throng are actually unvaccinated, that “freedom of voice” may bite them hard.

  21. what interests me is the largely fictitious ‘moscow gold’ of the cold war—cartoon cossacks etc.. and the complete lack of interest in the likely moscow and looney yanks funding of these nutbars…and yes we should be worried a destabalised NZ is prey to even more drastic neo-lib/neocon subjugation. these dummys are the tools of greater forces who have nothing to do with ‘freedumb’

  22. They are well organised and funded.

    The Club:
    Kelvin Alps, Sue Grey, Elliot Ikilei, Jamie I tell Lies Ross and Chinese dissident billionaire Guo Wengui and Steve Bannon and his lackey Damien de Ment.
    Heather Meri Pennycook, from the Agricultural Action Group (AAG) and two others, Robert Willson and Fred Roberts. Groundswell, as well as Tamakis’ other group And journalist Roy Kaunds. Oh and don’t forget Hannah and the Bishops knobhead Brians Freedom and Rights Coalition and Dysentry Church with a couple of mowrees thrown in for good measure.

    Link, 2 part series;


  23. Im vacced, under duress. To see everybody here like Bomber denigrating people for chosing not to accept a medical procedure is disgusting. Go ahead and lose your liberty. Be the East German blokwarts. Such myopia. When they come for you who will you call?

  24. These protestors are pathetic and embarrassing. People with nothing better to do and zero knowledge of how an economy works. The USA went through all this rubbish months ago. The antivaxxed have been brainwashed by offshore nutjobs – Australian, American et al. I can’t believe they are being galvanized by the rhetoric spewed by someone whose name is ‘Demented’. I used to be proud of NZ’s Education system, but its failed all these feeble minded #domesticterrorists.

  25. Too many groups at yesterday small protest with personal agendas and as for our media saying it was a huge crowd and no one will listen to them, who cares the NZ people have already spoken and 89% have been vaccinated. And when we (Maori) marched for our foreshore and seabed did we get listened to, no of course not. People need to put this in it perspective, it was small group with many personal agendas and if they all sat down together to talk many would have problems agreeing on anything. I didn’t see people marching when John Keys national party introduced many measures to curb and encroach on our privacy and rights. And today the ‘consent to assume online internet identity’ is but one of the measures taking advantage of some people and using this mandate for other means when this was probably not the purpose it was originally intended for. And then for Stuart Mills (NZ Police) to say on RNZ ‘we have been using it since 2012’ well this does not make it right nor does the fact other countries are also using it either. The National party were in power 2012 and the spying agencies were given more powers as were the NZ Police and where were the protest marches back then as far as I am concerned this protest is at least 8 years too late.

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