The fall into AntiVaxx cult madness of Liz Gunn is a cautionary tale to us all



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Former NZ television presenter Liz Gunn claims earthquake was Mother Nature’s response to Jacinda Ardern’s Covid-19 announcement

A former high-profile New Zealand television and radio presenter has taken aim at the government and Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern in a controversial and bizarre anti-vaccine rant online over the weekend.

Former Breakfast, Good Morning and RNZ presenter Liz Gunn made an emotional claim, saying Friday’s earthquake that hit the central North Island was Mother Nature’s response to Ardern’s announcement about new vaccination targets, passports and the traffic light system.

In a video online, Gunn relayed a message saying the worst part of the jab and traffic light system is its ability to “separate us” from one another.

The former presenter then hit out at Ardern claiming mandatory vaccinations are “rape” and that Mother Earth is rising up against a “tyrannical” leader.

…on the upside, it’s nice to know that the Gay Community aren’t getting blamed for earthquakes any more, isn’t that progress?

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As for Gaia responding to Jacinda’s announcement on 90% vaccination rates by shaking the earth violently, that’s a special kind of Kooky middle class woman healing with crystals phase level crazy isn’t it?

While I am open to a philosophical and scientific debate on how complex life systems can be construed as living organisms because of their interconnectedness, suggesting that amounts to a sentient consciousness is like saying your pet rock can think.

This is the real world, not Harry fucking Potter land ffs!

Now let’s be clear.

I’m old enough to remember Liz Gunn and there was no doubt that in her day she was the mustard. Intelligent, insightful and ruthless, she was the perfect team with Mike Hosking, like an extra pair of jaws for a pack of piranhas.

That she has fallen so deep and so far into the AntiVaxx Rabbit hole is a cautionary tale to us all not to base our understanding of the world from your Facebook feed.

For Liz and the Maori Party, the following is a real representation of what Labour is literally doing this week…

…that’s not a metaphor, for Liz and the Maori Party, Jacinda has literally built a Homicidal Disneyland where Maori and AntiVaxxers are butchered while Grant Robertson bets with Andrew Little on who will win.

According to the Maori Party and Liz Gun, this is actually Ashley Bloomfield…

…yas queen.

Liz is a Crystal Karen, the middle class new age conspiracy clique who will become culturally ostracised by the vaccine passports. Let’s see if the witchy spirituality magic of fatherless daughters from the first wave of feminism divorce in the 1970s is more powerful a value than her ability to fly to Thailand for a chakra cleanse next year.

Like all Crystal Karens, she just needs a big hug from Dad.

The next few months are going to be frightening and many people will get sick. Get off Facebook and spend time with friends and family.

Being vaccinated protects you from Covid but it must also inoculate you from hate and stupidity.

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  1. If it was really “mother nature” – as the one-dimensional call the natural world – showing her displeasure you would have thought she would have made a better job of it.
    A small tremor that causes no damage can hardly be considered a response – to anything, but I suppose if appealing to God doesn’t seem to be working you have to take what you can get.

  2. No, Liz Gunn is much worse than the crystal healing people, their reasoning derives from old beliefs with some sort of basis, even if flawed, and they are positive, and the power of positive thinking is pretty effective.

    Liz Gunn’s primitive punishing with earthquakes depends upon a tyrannical Old Testament God who thinks the way Gunn does and punishes accordingly, in the way of many religious tyrants. No way such a person can be described as particularly intelligent. She can think what she wants, but depending upon her public figure clout to spread her negativity and equate it with sexual violation, is sick as.

    • That Earth Mother, Gaia thing is more pagan than Christian, Applewood.
      Strangely there’s a lot of it about. A few years ago they were doing some realignment on SH1 north of Whangarei. Some people claimed there was a monster, a guardian of the underworld inhabiting the adjacent wetland. Work was duly stopped for a week (at considerable cost and inconvenience) to allow some arcane rituals and incantations to be performed to assuage the mythical beasts animosity.
      Or how about this woo-woo wankfest from our own Reserve Bank Governor Orr and their pledge of allegiance to the Spirit of the God of The Forest, Tane.

      “We use the Māori legend of Tāne Māhuta to tell the story of the Reserve Bank.

      Tāne Māhuta – the god of the forest and birds – separated the earth mother (Papatūānuku) and the sky father (Ranginui) so that the sun could shine in and life could flourish. Thereafter, Tāne Māhuta served as the kaitiaki (guardian) of the forest ecosystem – protecting it against threats, and enhancing the wellbeing of everyone within it.”

      • There are many ways of describing, and of experiencing, reality, including through art, poetry, drama, and yes, legends of ‘the ancients’.

        Cold, dead scientific descriptions of certain aspects of life can be like the description of a human being through the eyes/ notes of the mortician who has just done an autopsy. There may be little correlation between the remains on the stone counter and the life that was lived, and the way people knew and understood that person. The same with Nature, with many aspects of the natural world.

        However that person who has recently claimed that the “earthquake gods” (or whoever) have spoken out against the use of vaccines??????

        Somewhere in there, someone’s brainwaves are just a tad confused.

      • DG
        HAHAHAHA but the best part of the Reserve Bank story is that Adrian Orr, unlike Tane, is like a wilting weed in the wind, waiting for Almighty Grrrrrunttt Roberston, God of Rolling Banknotes, to tell him what to do next. So much for being an independent guardian then.

        • Yes, The Kraut, looks like we’ve got a genuine “crystal Karen” running our reserve bank.
          I wonder if the Norwegian central bank look to be informed and guided by their ancient pantheon of gods, ghosts and goblins. I doubt it, they’d be rightly regarded as a laughing stock if they did. Our clown obviously has no such concerns.

  3. Yes, this was so disturbingly twisted that it has even brought me back to say so, – however briefly. There is craziness out there, but this is ramped up another level.

    • Kheala please don’t go away for good. Your ideas are good to read.
      About Liz I think she may be suffering from alien possession. And it will be a sneaky way of joining us up with that quake app (Google’s?). It specially advises when to freak out. So useful.

      David George I think that you need to defragment your mind, it seems full, even stuffed.. It seems that you cannot stretch yours to include folk understandings. Unfortunately for us, ine can’t believe in anything rigidly,; many scientific assertions turn out to be a soggy and require cleaning out; being credulous can apply to any group.

      • Grey warbler…explain the actual real difference between superstitious mumbo-jumbo favoured by bourgeoise hippies and the ‘folk understandings’ of other groups….g’wan enlighten me…..or is it just a purely ‘political’ approval of certain concepts that are promoted by the elite to keep the proles superstitious and down…?

        ‘WE don’t need no education’ as a concept has consigned hundreds of thousands to lives of poverty in a ‘gangsta’ fantasy.

        • Gagarin, a nod to Maori to allow them time to do a ritual or whatever is culturally appropriate for taniwha, is no great ‘task’. It’s a sign of respect. Who cares if it took a week and some company experienced costly delays (which they should have budgeted for in the contingency plan). I respect the cultural beliefs of my kiwi comrades. ‘Folklore’, whichever branch of folk it may be, is a nod to the past and our forebares and reminds us also how far we may have come. What’s wrong with that? I’m not sure where your Pink Floyd reference fits, but one can be educated whilst also honouring the past. “Superstitious mumbo jumbo”, gee I dunno, how about live n let live? Life isn’t black and white. Eyes open…. see all the colours?! *waves pagan Disney Princess fairy wand at Gagarin* – *shrugs and walks away*

          • sinic

            I referred to ‘white middle class delusions as mumbo jumbo and those of other groups as folk understandings, being careful not to turn this into a race thing…’s about rationality, I’m equally scathing about whichever ‘sky-pixie’ people choose to fantasise about…

            By all means have meaningless ceremonies just don’t expect sincere buy in.

        • gagarin
          You do need yo allow other people the right to their own concepts on some things. You of course know all correctly. Just as long as they aren’t OTT.

  4. So, is she saying that the planet is in direct, personalised communication with our PM then?
    Wow! Does she see it as communicating similarly with other world leaders?
    Good grief.

    And, is she saying that the planet does not like the fact that this present govt and health personnel have kept AO/NZ safe with one of the lowest Covid death rates in the world.
    Absolute bonkers.

  5. I await her interpretations of the other thousands of earthquakes that occur each year with some anticipation… ok, trepidation.

    “The Quake Whisperer arises!!”

  6. Unlike Martyn, I am old enough to remember Liz Gunn on radio and TV.
    She never cut the mustard.
    She occasionally seemed to verge on the hysterical in her TV presentation and as a National Radio newsreader, she often mis-read her script and mangled her vowel sounds (a la Jim Bolger).
    She was, imho, certainly not a ‘high-profile’ or credible newsreader or presenter.
    Nor is she now.

  7. The Hosking………..I thought you’d photoshopped someone else’s hair on him at first. But no, he did actually comb, shave and wear something he didn’t have wrapping something up in his shed!

  8. Perhaps it was mother natures way to punish Liz by pairing her up with the narcissist Hosking all those years ago. Having to listen to Hosking daily would have the effect of strange and bizarre thinking.

  9. Completely agree. You should check out the pile on Sean Plunket for calling Liz Gunn unhinged. The majority of the people attacking him appear to be white middle aged women, aka Crystal Karen’s,

  10. That seems an old image with, is it, Mike Hosking being the tailored blue-eyed boy.
    Power tends to corrupt. when there is popular media and money. I think it is important for that type of media person to stay in the limelight …somehow. Liz Gunn must remain relevant. Probably never got over John Hawkesby’s windfall of up to lucky $7 million, for having an interruption in his Cloud 9 life.
    Feb.7/2000 – Court documents released today revealed that sacked newsreader John Hawkesby was awarded over 5.2 million dollars in an arbitration pay-out with state owned broadcaster Television New Zealand.

    Money is at the back of it – Hosking and Kate Hawkesby are still near the money. What a different media we would have if the state had the balls to hold onto television for the people and maybe lease out rights for the peripherals. Now Kris and Ko. are toying with radio., or letting the private ferrets in.

    Money is good there! Hosking and Hawkesby pay $4.6 million for Remuera apartment › life-style › homed › latest › hos…
    3/01/2019 — Broadcasters Mike Hosking and Kate Hawkesby paid $4.6m for their Remuera apartment, which is $1m over CV.

    • Poor Ole Mikey has never gotten over being spurned as moderator for the previous election debates. His bestie had him moderating all of the other election debates, thus the bromance.

  11. “Get off Facebook and spend time with friends and family.”

    People probably would, if they could. But often these lockdowns won’t let them (e.g. if your family is outside the city, let alone in another country). However bad Covid supposedly is, actions ultimately need to be carefully weighed up against the consequences, i.e. mental health, financial issues, isolation, and personal freedom. The outright glee that many in New Zealand have embraced government tyranny without considering the ramifications is truly frightening.

  12. It is a sad reality that some people go down Alice In Wonderland rabbit holes into complete unreality. When they do this it is very very difficult to bring them back out into the real world. And it is very tempting to have a fixed belief system from which all conclusions stem rather than doing the hard yards of altering your beliefs as new information is discovered. Besides, there is so much mis-information around in our modern computerized world that it is sometimes very difficult to work out what is real and what is nonsense if you are not versed in the particular subject in question. We should be gentle with people like Liz. They can’t help it.


    Another middle-class pakeha claiming to have superpowers! A ‘Seeker’ of all knowledge that’s been handed down to the ‘chosen’ few who are above all!
    The lycra middle-class hypters are going insane in lockdown!

    Let’s give it a few more weeks for them to start handing themselves in at their local hospital mental unit. Lets hope.

  14. I’m old enough to remember before Breakfast there was educational television programming. Documentaries on various subjects, language learning, etc. Genuinely interesting programming.

    I can also vividly remember the first promos for that show and the overwhelming sentiment of disgust expressed in the household.

    I felt an earthquake Wednesday night around 10:30 PM. What was the subject of the communiqué delivered by Mother Earth at that hour and day?

    What I found interesting and bothersome yesterday, listening to the radio most of the day, every hour the news bulletin announcing a “woman crushed” in a car accident. Only towards the end of a rather lengthy item on the matter on Prime News at 5:30 did I finally learn the condition of the person involved. Next item, the road toll, followed by “after the break” news of a flying car.

    Got the impression the media revelled in describing someone as being “crushed”, a typical example of sensationalism.

    On reflection, no wonder we are in these dire times.

  15. That, was bloody funny @ MB.
    God, you never know, do you? What lurks behind the thing that you thought was the primary lurking thing.
    If Adern did incite an earthquake then that’s real power man. I’d like to see what she could do to, say, Balclutha? A bit of a nudge Jacinda? A wee poke?
    The thing I’ve discovered is that the most sane, the most grounded, are those who can’t speak a word of English.
    We’re well on our way to Idiocracy. I can’t wait. I have my Brando, I have my toilet-chair and I can’t wait to see ” Ow! My Balls!? ” hosted by Mike Hoskings ! In the immortal words of Arnold Schwarzenegger ” I vant to help you become a fama…. Here’s a couple of acres” And with that Arnie kicks the bad guy in the balls.
    I’d love to help wee mike become a fama…give him a couple of acres.
    Aren’t these strange times…? The only thing we must be certain to never loose is our sense of humour. When that’s gone, we’re fucked. Just look around at those who already have?

  16. I was just looking at wee Big Mike and his power position over Liz Gunn in that photograph…?
    That looks super fucking iffy to me. He looks like a pink and clean American perineum bleacher! ( The area between the anus and the scrotum FYI. Any one read Fungus the Bogey Man? ) He looks like he’s on a power trip! Are we sure that Liz Gunn isn’t taking the piss?

    • I thought exactly the same thing at first (i.e. that maybe she was taking the piss)..
      But even IF she’s having a meltdown and scared of becoming irrelevant, do you really care? In this neoliberal world, I’ve got better things to spend my finite emotional capital on – like the 28 dead from flooding. If she’s in need of any mental health services, she’ll be having to line up behind a number of others.

      And now we have some pathetic twitting spat between Hamish Keith and Dave Dobbyn – both reasonable blokes, and both with valid POVs. They should probably just the fuck of Twitter or we’ll all be in danger of everyone from Russell Brown to that Devonport cyclist fella to just about everyone that pops up on Wallace’s The Panel fretting over it.

      I seriously wonder how this “Team of 5 Million” might cope if ever there was a hot war – one we’re destined to be caught in the middle of.

  17. People like Liz Gunn are nauseating. They should be banned from mainstream and social media, and cast into the wilderness where they belong.

  18. Once upon a time there wouldn’t have been a big discussion about it. Someone would have said, “She’s fucken mad, she’s round the fucken bend.” And everyone judging quickly on what was evidenced would have agreed.
    The mad one would then have shrunk in ignominy and disappeared from public view.

  19. Thanks Martyn, your blogs often make me laugh “just needs a hug from dad” so true. TDB is my go-to feel good while getting the facts media. The commentors are a joy also, with all all of our insightful, opinionated, sometimes wacky or harsh, colourful but hearty , comments. Thanks everyone! Btw, we are not entering “West World” (great sci fi series), just preparing for war (on covid). Hang in there, and watch out for them pesky wabbit holes!

    • Sinic. I think that Jason is their son and he is her mother and should give her a father’s hug like a Golden Fleece, or a prime Canterbury lambskin might do the trick, but I don’t really know.

  20. “….it’s nice to know that the Gay Community aren’t getting blamed for earthquakes any more…”

    At the time of the terrible ChCh earthquakes, I remember comment that they were punishment from God because ChCh people weren’t godly enough. Don’t think gays were mentioned then, though maybe I just didn’t see it. Magical thinking, that’s for sure

    Nowt so queer as folk, huh?

    “That she has fallen so deep and so far into the AntiVaxx Rabbit hole…”

    It really is a strange thing, isn’t it. I also remember her as sharp and insightful: I wonder what went wrong.

  21. Pro covid vacciner’s, take your tinfoil hats off, im sick of all you conspiracy theorists pushing your nonsense on us guilt tripping and blackmailing us to get the jab.. if you love the jab so much, you can have all of mine, knock your selves out…


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