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  1. When it came to the Whakaaari eruption in 2019 it seemed like, ‘Look Mum no hands’ that’s the happy way we run things in NZ – no, or a minimum of pesky controls from government. Probably in Whakaaris case it would be the insurance company for the tourism business that would have most concerrn. That is my feeling, after watching government inertia – may not be true.

    Latest news – (Trial 2023?)
    A volcanologist explains: I have collaborated with scientists from all over the world on Whakaari and always worked closely with GNS Science. Our focus was to understand the volcano, how and why pressure builds up and rocks explode, rather than on making risk management decisions. The focus of GNS Science teams was to work out how to better monitor the volcano, especially when pressure was building or magma was rising.

    I have asked several of my friends at GNS Science why they do their job and their response is “to save lives”. They use the most up-to-date science to monitor New Zealand’s volcanoes, and I use their publicly available reports to inform my decisions when visiting volcanoes with colleagues or students.

    NZ Geographic did a great cover of it.
    In which this opinion was documented after a study of a 2016 eruption: .. The pyroclastic surge, though just five millimetres thick at its extremities, had nonetheless covered 95 per cent of the track. “These eruptions clearly pose a significant hazard to the tourists that visit the island,” the authors wrote.
    (NZ Geographic is a NZ wonder,that is something to support informing us ito a high standard.)

  2. I have found a new source for the word ‘woking’. It appears that Douglas Adams and John Lloyd in The Meaning of Liff came up with that below:
    standing in the kitchen wondering what
    The Meaning of Liff app, which is available from the Apple app store, is based around the 1983 book, which takes British place names and assigns them with phenomenon which English does not have a word for, such as Woking, which is defined as – “standing in the kitchen wondering what you came in here for”.3/12/2014

    Meaning of Liff app from Faber | The Bookseller › news › meaning-liff-app…
    (I thought this was interesting but realise that it may not pass the cut.

    It may have been seized by radical feminists and a Court case need to be instigated to wrest the innocent word back to the locals. Just imagine if unfriendly people can steal your place name. Nothing is certain after that.


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