10 Reasons to Use Instagram for Small Business


What makes Instagram so popular among entrepreneurs? Not only is it a high-class advertising platform where you can find everything from TonyBet New Zealand casino ads to offers to learn a foreign language in 2 hours. Instagram, on top of everything else, offers a lot of business opportunities, which we’ll talk about in this article.

1. Show the Face of Your Brand

You can make the connection with your customers more personal. Photos and videos of your team and happy customers can help. Fill the feed with employee events, event reports, and testimonials from grateful customers.

2. Become an Expert

Develop your own expense – provide an audience for useful information about your product or services. Let them see an expert in you – it raises confidence in the brand. Publish useful tips in pictures, show reviews, test drives, the production processes in videos.

3. Gather Information

Encourage dialogue by using the “Survey” feature in Stories. This will allow you to get customer ratings and feedback on your product, their propensity to build a collection, and complete various promotions. Business accounts also approach research, where you can get valuable factual data, such as the number of impressions and information about the endorser segment.

4. Direct Traffic to Your Website and Other Pages

In Stories, you can add active external links that guide users to your website, blog, and other accounts on social networks. These links can provide additional value ​​for your audience and offer more useful content.

5. Zoom Sales

Instagram can be used to spread the word about your IPS, announcements of sales and promotions, and announcements of product expansions and new services. A beautiful feed will increase your reach and an attractive offer will increase purchases.

6. Engage Your Audience

Stories – Unique Instagram tool. Short videos are fixed in the account header and are always in plain form – important information is not lost in the tape. With their help, you can announce the hottest offers, day sales, publish answers to frequently asked questions, place viral content, conduct contests involving the audience.

7. Direct Broadcasts

Instagram can conduct live broadcasts. This can be useful to educational projects, bloggers, travel agencies, and many other companies that want to show exciting moments and interesting events that are happening here and now. Live broadcasts can also be used for quizzes, questions, and answers with subscribers, interviews with interesting people related to your business.

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8. Communication With Partners

The meaning of social networks is to establish links. And Instagram is an excellent place to find like-minded people with similar interests. You can expand your contact network and enter into partnership with a brand or influential person to increase the audience coverage. The advertising content of your partner can be placed, for example, in Stories to attract more clicks and conversion, and on the same conditions to get up with advertising in his account.

9. Attract New Users

Give users the opportunity to easily find your account on Instagram – use hashtags and geolocation tags. You can create branded hashtags and track their use.

10. Stay in the Trend

Share your interest in the current situation in the industry and society. Publish Content to a specific holiday, a loud event that affects your audience. Use trends for promotions, distributions, and bonuses. Following trends will help you attract new customers and will demonstrate your interest in society.

Connect Ads

Saturating your channel with interesting content will give you a significant advantage over your competitors: increasing the attractiveness of your Instagram account, attracting new users, engaging them in your sales funnel, and turning them into loyal customers. However, working with your account alone may not be enough to reach a new Instagram audience that does not yet know about you, but shows direct or indirect interest in your products and services. Such users can be found and attracted through targeted advertising.