Colin Powell – another US war criminal bites the dust


It was worse with Powell wasn’t it?

He was the great warrior philosopher who was supposed to stay the hand of the stupid President when America still respected bipartisan cabinets.

Powell was the respected one who was sold as the restraint over Bush’s hawks on meth gang.

But he failed, instead he sold the big lie of WMDS to the UN and tricked us into a war that we never should have started and which had nothing to do with 9/11.

The Iraq war cost nearly $2 trillion and killed up to 1,033,000.

I don’t think your God is going to be too happy to see you Colin.

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    • Apart from being an obnoxious thing to write, it is patently missing the point… It’s idiotic drivel like this that is making me wonder why I still bother to make any efforts to stay here.. Indeed, if it wasn’t for the fact that my family is here, I wouldn’t be wasting my time hanging around in what has become a nothing but loserville.. You all kept a predatory government in power that has successfully munted this country, possibly forever, and now all that I’m seeing is a mix of pseudo intellectuals parading their limited vocabularies, and self serving morons who think they’re smart blowing their opinions out of their arses.. Most of whom will vote for more self abuse, until this country has no choice but to invite one of the “superpowers” in to run things for them as they set this place up as a staging post for attacks against the current “enemy”.. I’m hoping that this time we become part or the coalition of the stupid against Eastasia… Colin Powell was a highly intelligent man who was easily smart enough to see through the obvious bullshit of the premise for the “war on terror”. He went ahead and gave this idiocy credibility anyway.. So he “regretted” it afterwards…. Nice one powelly boy.. Pull the other one, it plays jingle bells… And yes, he did wear his “faith” on his sleeve. Just like anyone who needs a scapegoat for their lack of moral fibre…

  1. The polite war crim as some have called him today. The “banality of evil” scenario where even death camp Nazis and Dictators and torturers down the ages often went home to the missus at night and tucked the kids in.

    US Imperialism remains the major threat to world peace.

  2. So he supported Obama who signed off every Tuesday on drone strikes that killed thousands indiscrimanently and was a democrat…the party from the south who originally supported slavery…

    Funny that,….. eh. Time maybe for the pot to call the kettle black, dont you think? Have a thunk about that.

  3. And I was surprised to see that The Guardian paraded him around, representing him as if some great elder statesman.
    You can see photographs of the old wretch pressing skin with bush, clinton, and fucking evil chaney. I think most of us are aware of the sub tropical dick and don show. Fly to Cambodia, go for a stroll in all that tall grass and scrub that everyone else seems to avoid. I dare you? Go and say hello to the NGO’s fitting kids with prosthetics because as kids grow older, and consequently heavier, the tracks they’d been using hid more than one unexploded land-mine.
    You God Botherers? Can I ask? If there was a God? Don’t you think the Big He would have swooped down and smited the Yank freak-show greed-fest that was the terrible and murderous slaughter they took to such beautiful and serene people?
    A great obstacle for evolving humanity is God Bothering bullshitters.

  4. The problem is they find more shits like him. He was a truly disgusting individual, they climb up and they kill off anything that gets in their way, they are all lying bastards just like Blair another war criminal.

  5. “….tricked us into a war that we never should have started and which had nothing to do with 9/11.”

    Some of us weren’t fooled by the WMD nonsense. Before Bush’s insane adventure in Iraq began, we were among many who marched on parliament, imploring the Clark government not to send troops to Iraq.

    Clark listened to us, at least to begin with. Though later, she sent army engineers, and of course the SAS to provide the engineers with security.

    If we ordinary citizens of an obscure polity knew that there couldn’t be WMDs in Iraq, we can be sure that Powell also knew it. But he demonstrated for all to see the ability of uncle Sam to put its own propaganda ahead of the facts.

    Powell was just another tool of the Washington Establishment.

  6. Remember Doctor David Kelly. The Weapons Inspector.
    he died because of America’s lies and Blair and Powells lies too about WMD in Iraq.

  7. Colin Powell seemed to be the honourable man we the unimportant were told he was, before this happened.

    When the US Secretary of State presented his case against Iraq at the UN Security Council on 5 February 2003, a tapestry of Picasso’s Guernica that routinely hangs there was covered with a blue curtain. This symbolic denial of a supreme artistic response to war moved Ariel Dorfman to poetry.

    Pablo Picasso has words for Colin Powell from the other side of death
    Ariel Dorfman
    25 Feb 2003

    Yes, even here, here more than anywhere else,
    we know and watch what is going on
    what you are doing with the world
    we left behind

    What else can we do with our time?

    Yes, there you were, Mr. Secretary,
    I think that is how they call you
    there you were
    standing in front of my Guernica
    a replica it is true
    but still my vision of what was done
    that day to the men to the women
    and to the children to that one child
    in Guernica that day in 1937
    from the sky

    Not really standing in front of it.
    It had been covered, our Guernica,
    covered so you could speak.
    There in the United Nations building.
    So you could speak about Iraq.

    Undisturbed by Guernica.

    Why should it disturb perturb you?
    Why did you not ask that the cover
    be removed
    the picture
    be revealed?

    Why did you not point to the shrieking
    the horse dying over and over again
    the woman with the child forever dead
    the child that I nurse here in this darkness
    the child who watches with me
    as you speak
    and you speak.
    Why did you not say
    This is why we must be rid of the dictator.
    Why did you not say
    This is what Iraq has already done and undone.
    Why did you not say
    This is what we are trying to save the world from.
    Why did you not use
    Guernica to make your case?

    Were you afraid that the mother
    would leap from her image and say
    no he is the one
    they are the ones who will bomb
    from afar
    they are the ones who will kill
    the child
    no no no
    he is the one they them
    from the distance the bombs
    keeping us always out of sight
    inside death and out of sight

    Were you afraid that the horse
    would show the world the near future
    three thousand cruise missiles in the first hour
    spinning into Baghdad
    ten thousand Guernicas
    spinning into Baghdad
    from the sky

    Were you afraid of my art
    what I am still saying
    more than sixty five years later
    the story still being told
    the vision still dangerous
    the light bulb still hanging
    like an eye from the dead
    my eye that looks at you from the dead


    beware the eye of the child
    in the dark

    you will join us
    the child and I
    the horse and the mother
    here on the other side

    you will join us soon
    you will journey here
    as we all do

    is that why you were
    so afraid of me?

    join us
    and spend the rest of eternity
    next to us
    next to the remote dead
    not only of Iraq
    not only of

    is that why you were
    so afraid of that eye?

    your own eyes sewn open wide looking
    at the world you left behind

    there is nothing else to do
    with our time

    sentenced to watch
    and watch
    by our side

    until there will be no Guernicas left
    until the living understand

    and then, Mr. Secretary,
    and then

    a world with no Guernicas

    and then
    yes then
    you and I
    yes then

    we can rest

    you and I and the covered child

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