Greta is right to mock NZ on climate change


‘Build back better blah blah blah’: Greta Thunberg mocks Boris Johnson during youth climate summit in Milan

Youth climate activist Greta Thunberg lashed out at global leaders today over their promises to address the climate emergency, dismissing them as “blah, blah, blah”.
Speaking at a youth climate gathering in Milan, Greta said: “Build back better. Blah, blah, blah. Green economy. Blah blah blah. Net-zero by 2050. Blah, blah, blah.”

Greta is right to mock the latest climate junket in Glasgow and she is right to mock NZs meaningless climate emergency virtue signaling.

As TDB has pointed out for 5 years, being carbon neutral by 2050 is a joke looking for a punchline.

James Shaw going to Glasgow is a hollow virtue signalling joke but not for these shallow reasons. Glasgow 2021 is to hammer out carbon neutral by 2050, but being carbon neutral by 2050 is bullshit!

By 2030, over 50% of the oceans will be collapsing as bio-habitats.

By 2030, East Coast cities in the U.S. can expect to see two to three-times as many flooding incidents.

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By 2030, 122million will be driven into extreme poverty as  direct result of climate change.

By 2030, 100million will die as a direct consequence of climate change.

By 2030, even if the Paris Agreement is actually implemented, we will see a planet warm to 3.4 degrees by the end of this century meaning there will effectively be no future civilisation capable of surviving on a planet that warm.

By 2030, the global annual cost of global warming will be $3trillion.

2030, the number of extremely hot days — classified as maximum temperatures of more than 35C — are tipped to climb in all capital cities.


And by 2050 we might be carbon neutral.


See, when you actually compare what the planet will look like by 2030, being carbon neutral by 2050 looks meaningless doesn’t it?

The magnitude of what we need to do to adapt to counter the nightmare unending capitalism has wrought upon the planet is simply beyond the capacity of the current political establishment and that is most apparent with the Greens.

The Greens are more driven by middle class identity politics than meaningful climate change. They are more focused on free the nipple protests for vegan cycling Trans mommy bloggers than actual change.

This is less transformative and more glacial, except there won’t be any glaciers by 2050.

If you think being carbon neutral by 2050 is a solution, you are part of the problem.

Like the NZ Green Party, Glasgow 2021 is too little, too late.


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  1. Being in coalition with a hard core neo liberal main party has effectively castrated Green party politics. The Greens have the policy, now watered down to align with mummy boss hog, but no power whatsoever to get it implemented by Govt. Notwithstanding all the woke crap I’d bet my left arm they can’t do a damn thing about it, except tow the line and nimble on the crumbs left for them. Pure Labour party mantra so far. Again, Neo Liberalism is the culprit. Money is the root of all evil.

    • Too true.
      Unless interim goals are set with real figures, we’ll never get close to net-zero by 2050. Not sure we have the political will or knowledge of how to achieve net-zero anyway. There are many hard choices that will need to be made and politicians don’t like making hard choices.

  2. So who are you going to vote for Martyn? You keep bagging the Greens but they are the only Party who are more than left of centre.

  3. It’s all bullshit Martyn

    We simply don’t have the technology to be carbon zero, and what technology we do have that would make a big difference – Nuclear Power – we’re too precious or technically illiterate to employ.

    This place and the people in it are a joke.

    • Crap!
      If we have the technology to create it then we must have the technology to undo it.
      Your pleading that it can’t be done is the default position of those who don’t want to lose all their creature comforts and are too lazy to think about it.

      • Mike, let me introduce you to my friend Mr. Entropy. He’s rather a dismal character.

        I mean if we can scramble an egg, it must be just as easy to unscramble one!


  4. The clock is ticking!
    Take 15.45 minutes and look at this video – sobering viewing.
    If we don’t act soon, and it may be already too late, then it will be too late!
    All the other problems facing NZ and the world (including Covid) pale into insignificance compared to the catastrophe of climate change.
    So we need to judge and vote for our politicians on one criteria and one criteria only – their plan to tackle climate chaos.

  5. Look – global warming and rising sea levels are only problems for people who do not have holiday homes in Queenstown – in which case it is their own fault for being poor.

  6. Let’s be honest and each individual needs to look in the mirror.

    If you own a car. You do not give a shit about climate change.

    If you own an EV. You do not give a shit about climate change.

    If you are not a vegan. You do not give a shit about climate change.

    If you travel overseas, looking at you James. You do not give a shit about climate change.

    If you do not walk or cycle every where. You do not give a shit about climate change.

    Before anyone preaches about what the govt ‘must do’ yet for themselves ‘it’s just a little too inconvenient to do the hard yards themselves’, then they’re full of it. Just like these student climate protestors who march shouting their best Greta slogan, only after being dropped off at school every day in mummys SUV and stuffing their faces with McDonalds.

    • So I will walk to my cave and sit there feeling virtuous then what ? I suppose owning an ipad and writing on this blog is out as well.

      • Afraid so, I can add to the list if required. LOL

        The point being, those that preach ‘we must get to zero carbon’ that are not doing all those things are just hypocrites. Clean your own shit first before telling the world what to do, and people just may respect you a little more.

        I myself do not do all those listed, as although I believe in climate change, I have a fatalistic attitude towards mankind. That being, we are guaranteed to die out and become extinct, that much is certain, if not now, tomorrow or a million years, it won’t make one iota of difference.

  7. We stand by and allow the free-market to manipulate the closure of Marsden Point refinery that was on-track to produce cleaner marine fuels, and was working with Air NZ to develop BioJet. Now Air NZ is having to find a new partner to do this work; I wonder who now owns the IP from the BioJet project?

  8. Oh dear, now the mainly older white self-entitled un-intelligentsia have a dilemma because they openly mock both Greta and Jacinda. How do they react to this one then? Who do they support?

    If they mock Jacinda, as a totally forgettable one-cell amoeba did once on TDB saying she was weird because she had funny teeth (like, really), then by default they must support Greta and therefore support her rage about climate change.

    If they mock Greta , who they openly despise, calling her all sorts of names including being a nutcase – I’m not sure what factual basis they rely on to label her with names like this – simply because she like many qualified scientists have also identified and which satellite imaging has confirmed, climate change does exist, then they must support Jacinda who they despise simply because she is a young woman who is doing a great job running New Zealand.

    What a conundrum these people face.

    • No conundrum at all. It is party mode for the next nine years till 99.99% of us slide into oblivion.

      But just think, somewhere in a Brazilian or Borneo rainforest a tribe of hunter gatherers move to higher ground and start anew human dynasty. In 50,000 years they will have cracked the Atom as well.


      Maybe we should move to Fiordland and be one of the .01% survivors to start the new dynasty?

      PS Greta has started a new meme. Blah. Blah, Blah.

      Next time someone prattles on we simply go Blah, Blah, Blah.

    • oh dear…I’m an “older white”, and to make it worse I’m also a male – which I know is offensive to the Woke – an old pale stale male. And as such we know nothing, we are all rapist capitalist pigs that own a house, vote Trump, love coal, and drive a fossil car. Yep that’s me, apparently according to you.
      But never mind that, I’m not offended, because I actually love Greta and the way she stirs it up. She is absolutely onto it, we are truely farked as a species and she is making many uncomfortable. I think the best we can do really is just delay the inevitable collapse of our biosphere, eco-systems, our oceans and planet! There are simply too many of us buying and consuming crap that we don’t need beyond the capacity of the planet to supply. I feel very sad for our grandkids and beyond.

      • @Oldie – What a great response and it is wonderful to see you are a Greta fan. Actually my comment was not directed at you or older (wiser) people like you. It was directed at the older, not necessarily men, but mainly men who despise Greta and Jacinda because they cannot handle younger women making a mark on this world. And yes, the men I am referring to are in the main Trump supporters because he too is a misogynist, amongst other things.

        I have to make a correction to my comment above. I referred to a totally forgettable one-cell amoeba who mocked Jacinda because, according to him, she had funny teeth. I was wrong and I did wrong by one-cell amoebas. I should have referred to him as a one-cell anaerobic life form, yet to be identified, who resides in a toxic morass of a swamp.

        Anyway, thank you again for your great response. I hope you are keeping safe and well.

  9. Can I say, “It’s all because of capitalism failing. The GFC was when this cycle started and there is no end in sight. It’s due to collapse, it’s just a matter of time. We’re at or very near the tipping point. CC is a distraction.”


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