Rename NZ as Aotearoa so the woke can pretend they’ve done something meaningful


Aotearoa-New Zealand name change debate: New poll shows while majority in favour of status quo there is support for change

A new 1News Colmar Brunton poll has found a majority of respondents want New Zealand’s official name to remain the same.

The poll found 58 per cent of people prefer the status quo, while 41 per cent want Aotearoa in the mix, 1 News reports.

Of that 41 per cent, just 9 per cent want Aotearoa to replace New Zealand entirely, while 31 per cent voted for a double-barrelled official moniker – Aotearoa New Zealand.

Firstly it’s wonderful that Aotearoa NZ has such a large support, that’s positive and we should just do it so we can stop the identity politics Left from holding it up as a meaningful response to the problems we face because the issue with the modern woke Left is that all they are good for is virtue signals.

As economic anxiety builds for the working classes in NZ, look at the NZ political left’s response.

  • Gerrymandering the Sexual assault laws so that any man accused of rape is convicted.
  • Climate change emergency declaration that doesn’t do anything.
  • Strangling off free speech with a blasphemy law and criminalizing the misuse of pronouns.
  • Ending Gay Conversion therapy that proponents can’t quantify.
  • Critical Racism theory in 0range Tamariki.

For the 190000 children in poverty, 24000 on emergency housing wait lists and generations locked out of home ownership, the NZ Left’s response is woke wankery.

Rather than focus on jobs, houses and poverty (because they are hard) we get middle class virtue signals.

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Thanks to middle class identity politics, the Left have spent more energy since 2016 on fighting heteronormative white cis male patriarchy than capitalism so give them the country name change and then force the Left to actually do something on the neoliberal economic hegemony.

Hungry children and the homeless can’t eat or live in a country name change.

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  1. Woke wankery is just an annoying smokescreen, a distraction that has worked like a charm for the Neo Liberals. Neo Liberalism is the culprit. We need to focus on the culprit. Ignore the wokism.

    • The woke can’t be ignored, they are the ones in power who are just as ideological as the neoliberals and want the same types of policy.

      aka solve ‘the housing crisis’ by giving developers free money and help to demolish some of the affordable housing available and erect polluting housing developments that nobody can afford on NZ wages to be possibly build by 2050 (if the government/councils/poor pays up, again and again, held by random for all the extras like infrastruction and hand outs)!

      Too late for generations of people, including children growing up in motels instead of those nasty damp houses (sarcasm) of villas and state homes that previous generations celebrated. Don’t see the boomers and Gen X having major problems after growing up in these new enemy of the state, state houses and villas.

      The worst for health effects are the leaky ‘new’ buildings which have black mould and made from materials that are not necessarily traditional wood, and like Grenfell, are made of foam/aluminium panels that are highly flammable! Woke are very easily brainwashed by industry!

      Lucky enemies of the state, private landlords are being replaced by much more focused businesses. Who cares if business don’t notice the bodies in student halls, are peddling expensive accomodation for battery hens at double the price. Taxpayers are paying for it and beggars can’t be choosers, now that alternative lifestyles and alternatives are being eradicated to make sure there is no competition!

      • Sorry SNZ but disagree with your first sentence. Neo Liberals are in power, supported by the woke (Greens). That’s according to Martyn and he knows. Construction at the Mount from about ’85 going forward most new builds were clad in either 40 or 60mm foam sheets and it’s still popular now.

  2. I agree. All this legislation is simply an expression of the powerlessness of the left to actually do anything significant

  3. Martyn.
    You know this govt is totally reactive to ‘popularity’, and no more so than after bad poll. So I am asking you for a favour: Doesn’t matter of you vote Labour or Greens at the election – that is your right and good on you. But for the next few polls, can you urge everyone in NZ to answer NO to Labour?
    The resulting polls will get you the all action you want – suddenly, magically!
    After that, everyone can go back to voting Labour and Greens at the election, all good. Come on folks, we did it by giving Jacinda all our votes Now you can do something for the whole country – give Labour a massive kick up the arse!

    • Yup I am for the first time going to have a look at NZ First . . can’t go ACT but if there was a dedicated socialist + anti-woke party they would have my vote straight away.

      • This is the party I’m looking for! Or almost.

        Everyone here thinks I’m a raging right-wing or Libertarian; I’m just an old school Liberal lefty out in the cold.

        Actually I would love an anti-woke, social-freedom promoting party that delivered solidly on economic inequality. Have a financial transactions tax, limit the income of CEOs as percentage of the lowest income, bang a inheritance tax and CGT, stop the ridiculous beneficiary tests. But stop the Woke nonsense and social engineering bs.

        It would be one half Act, one half the Geeens before they turned into identity politics obsessed, vapid idiots.

        Short of that, it’s Act (too neo-liberal) or NZ First (too xenophobic)..but needs must and above all, Labour cannot get a new term.

        • Yup Gordon we need Party X to:

          – Actually do something about the housing crisis
          – Feed all kids in schools
          – Stop the Woke Madness in it’s tracks / NZ’s slide in to a new apartheid
          – Address increasing inequality
          – Stop pussy footing around China and call them out for the bastards that they are
          – Do something about people being screwed over by the supermarkets
          – Put Hosking on a plane to Aussie

  4. The left won’t do anything of substance because that would entail a thorough analysis of the problem and they might not like what they find.
    Instead they declare what the cause is, based on their ideology and then tilt off at a tangent to address nonissues.

  5. Referendum on name change will not get over the 50%, at this time.
    Maybe in about 2035 or there abouts.
    Please Jacinda make it official by ramming it through parliament without a referendum as you have the numbers…go on Jacinda. (Preferably before next election)

    • I’m right
      If that is what you want (and you can add that to 3 Waters, Hate Speech, rape accused, landlord rules and all other ram-through policies) then the election will be won by National/Act/NZ1 without a single decent policy. All they would have to campaign on to win is revoke revoke revoke revoke. Is that what you want? Make no mistake they will do it. Ah well, I guess revoke revoke revoke is a lot more appealing than woke woke woke.

      • GreenBus. “ I have a mandate “. Ha ha. We all know John’s idea of a man date, and it involves girls with pony tails, and I think that’s not a very nice attitude towards women.

  6. It makes most sense to me that Aotearoa is used as a name much like ‘Britain’- eg an official name pertaining to the land, the geographical form, the collective of people perhaps, and using New Zealand in a form like the ‘United Kingdom’ the official name for the nation state/ political entity.
    The double barrel thing is unwieldy and confusing for foreigners and the bi lingual approach a french-canadian style a dividing compromise.

    • I think you will find this country is run from twitter, via Wellington. As long as policy can be explained in 280 characters, leave the complexity and intent to the neoliberals who care about that stuff.

  7. 91% want the status quo

    I don’t know anyone outside of upper middle class media, academics and politics who want to change the countrys name or give a damn what it’s called.

    How much privlidge does one have to have to be sitting loftily on a cloud pontificating about the name of the country.

    If that’s an activists biggest concern…

    Working class Maori don’t give a damn about the country or ministry departments names they want the same thing every other kiwi wants affordable housing.

    The Maori party and the greens are so absolutely out of touch on this issue that it’s parody at this point.

    The country doesn’t even wanna change the colonial flag, 5% more people want am act government than a name change.

    Housing Housing housing housing

  8. I’m getting really tired of these people being called “leftists”.. They actually sit most comfortably in the right wing side of the spectrum… As in, the side that promotes personal profit over the needs of the many… Being left wing means that one believes that the creation of a properly functioning society, and political system creates opportunities for the thinkers, and creatives to make the contributions to our evolution towards maturity as a species… The selfish bullshit I’m seeing, and reading from this “woke” rabble is the opposite of that.. It’s actually a regression to the good old days, when bookburning was seen as the right thing to do… And who’s idea was it to suggest it to the peasants? Give that some thought… For me, the straw that broke the camels back was seeing a man that made a huge amount of money from the utterly broken housing market, and then became a “star child” without even a shadow of recognition as to his contribution to the misery of hundreds of thousands of his own people.. That sort of self absorbed selfishness is at the heart of the “woke” .. It is an artificially introduced idiocy that plays into the hands of those who would rule us in perpetuity, and it’s worked a treat. Two generations of Kiwis incapable of taking the responsibility for making the hard decisions for the good of their own people… The most frightening thing is that these fools will have taken over by the time I’m an old man, and vulnerable to their heartlessness and bigotry… And the rank stupidity that denotes a species on the wane..

  9. There are always the recalcitrants–but Aotearoa NZ is coming–after Queenie departs for her well earned eternal rest, a campaign for a republic will gain momentum.

    Māori Parti have suggested 2026 for a transition to original place names, and that would be good timing for a triple banger binding referendum–Form a Republic, Leave 5 Eyes for non aligned nation status, Name change to Aotearoa (NZ) including a new flag.

  10. I was upset that National spent $26 m on the flag when so much needed to be done for the homeless now we have far more problems effecting thousands and the main parties on the left think we have time to spend on the name of our country and the towns and cities within it. If things get worse some of those cities will be burning either through revolution or the result of climate change.

    • Trevor -I doubt anyone has addressed the logistics of changing the names of every settlement in New Zealand into Maori. It’s not the way we do things here.

      It would take years, cost heaps, provide employment for the culturally oblivious inflicted with tunnel vision, and we’ll just as likely be Chinese ( or other) by the time that it went through. But it’s a great little diversionary tactic, and a useful ploy in setting people against each other which, unfortunately, appears to be the sole reason why some fairly sub- optimal characters get themselves into Parliament. C’est la vie.

      The irony of Aotearoa is that it literally translates into exactly what many of its advocates object to : “ Land of the Long White Cloud. “ It needs to be reworked and get rid of the “ white” word, which can be seen as being pretty racist. A beige cloud might work, although I much prefer taupe as an actual colour, and gun metal grey
      is trending too, and multi -symbolic. What a conundrum. How utterly we useless we are at prioritising.

      Name change ? Climate change ? Change of shoes for the kids ?

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