Statement from Waipareira CEO John Tamihere is response to Act Leader David Seymour



Today Te Whānau o Waipareira was attacked by the Leader of the ACT Party for supporting it’scommunities in difficulty.

He did so with the full knowledge that the first Delta death occurred amongst our community withone of our Māori nannies passing away three days ago. The first Delta death in Aotearoa.

Seymour stumbled upon his Māori Ngā Puhi ancestory late in life and used it to advance his political ambitions. Today he trampled it into the gutter.

Today he willfuly sabotaged a vaccination programme where Māori were seeking equality of accessto vaccinations. Nothing more and nothng less.

Mr Seymour demonstrates his entitlement, his privilege and his disdain for vulnerable New Zealand communities. Today he demonstrated he will use us as a brown political football to kick around and drive hate. Today he destroyed good will and good faith amongst the team of five million.

Today he practiced the worst form of politics in the worst possible time of our nationhood story.

Today Mr Seymour not only causes hate, but runs the possibility of causing death should Deltaexplode in our under vaccinated Māori communities.

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  1. As a Maori, how do I not have the same access to vaccinations as any of my other brothers and sisters currently? There are no barriers whatsoever in booking a vaccination. Covid-19 doesn’t care about ethnicity and neither does the ministry of health? If you want to get vaccinated, book an appointment.

    • You’re quite right. The entire commentary of Tamahere & his Maori party cohorts is racist dog whistling at it’s worst.

      Worse still is the patronizing dependency they & these Govt policies engender. Most of us have brought up kids: we know that the longer we treat them as special needs children the longer they will take to realise their independence & reach their full potential.

    • Agreed. No one in the health authorities have prevented Maori or Pacifica from getting a covid jab. There has been no inequality of access to vaccinations the message get vaccinated has been the same to all groups. Perhaps JT can suggest why there has been lower uptake amongst Maori? I would suggest poorer levels of science education and Billy Tahika. The team of 5 million needs everyone vaccinated and pragmatic response is extra special effort and messaging to get higher maori vaccination rates.

      Seriously the goverment should be running a covid vaccinaton lottery where the jab gives you a chance to win millions. This has been an effective strategy in USA to get the vaccine hesitant onboard.

      • Perhaps you need to acquaint yourself with what’s called “supply and demand.” When it is assumed that everyone is the same, that makes it impossible for supply to meet demand.

        Vaccines like every other medicine has to be prescribed by trusted doctors. Each will have there own flock and some will lose faith in medicine.

  2. The usual identity politics line: inequality of outcome can only mean inequality of opportunity.

    “Today he destroyed good will and good faith amongst the team of five million.”

    I wonder if you’re overestimating Seymour’s influence. As far as I’m aware, he doesn’t have superpowers.

    • Well he certainly doesn’t wear a blue suit with red cape, more like a white sheet with holes cut out.
      Seymour and gutter politics but we knew that already.

      • The Klan insinuation is grossly unfair to Seymour. The guy has his faults, and his party’s economic policies seem utterly bonkers. But I’ve seen no evidence whatsoever that he’s a racist. Seymour is clear-eyed enough to know pandering when he sees it, and gutsy enough to call it out – unlike far too many MP’s on both sides of the house.

      • Tell me, what has Seymour done to warrant comparison with the Klan? The guy has his faults, and his economic ideas seem utterly bonkers. But I’ve seen no evidence at all that he’s a racist. Seymour is clear-eyed enough to recognize pandering when he sees it, and gutsy enough to call it enough – unlike far too many of our parliamentarians.

        • People will see only what they want too. If you want a definition of pandering think the Epsom electorate, enough said.
          Seymour has clearly made this issue about race but not clear eyed enough to know that 85 % of vaccinations at Te Whānau o Waipareira were Pakeha. So why the big deal other than being racial?

      • His actions were straight out racist but many will pretend they don’t understand.

        John Tamahere…
        “To put it in perspective, our programme itself has vaccinated 62,000 people, of those 48,000 are Pākehā, and just 10,000 are Māori and Pasifika.

        So I ask again given that the vast majority of vaccinations were pakeha with Tamahere’s programme why did Seymour do this or does he consider himself privileged..

        “Seymour and deputy leader Brooke Van Velden were vaccinated in May under a Government priority system for party leaders and health/Covid 19 spokespeople.”

      • That’s exactly what I’d expect from you. As soon as vaccination rates fall behind it’s all, we are equal now. You lot are like a whind up doll. One more half twist and all the bolts and springs will pop right out of you.

  3. Tamihere’s statement that “Seymour stumbled upon his Māori Ngā Puhi ancestry late in life and used it to advance his political ambitions” is not true.
    In fact, Seymour very rarely — if ever — mentions it unless he is asked.
    When Moana asked (at around 54sec in the video below): “So your mum is Ngapuhi?” …
    Seymour said: “Yes, that’s right…”
    Generally he doesn’t say anything about it.
    She asked him if his Maori background influenced him and he said: “Yeah. Absolutely.”

  4. I understand why Maori were getting preference for vaccinations, but average New Zealanders of all races including Maori won’t understand why and will not be offended by this because it’s pretty simple to book a vaccination without a code.

    All this will do and all continuing to talk about it will do will be to give Seymour and Act free coverage and free promotion, and his poll numbers will only go up because there’s a huge sector of the traditional left who believe in universalism and despise these kinds of policies, the kinds of people of all age groups and ethnicities who’d usually vote for Winston and his populist brand of universalism and currently have nowhere to go will like that he did this and the more outrage about it the more of those people will hear about it.

    Just ignore the fool.

  5. Nasty and unnecessary. By Seymour.
    Even though I believe that Maori have every opportunity ,the same as main stream to get the vaccine. But there is hesitancy by many, and the xtra effort being put in is worth the effort.
    Shame on Seymour for his actions.

  6. Every single advertisement I have seen on tv and all other forms of media makes it look like its a Maori only vaccination. I understand why they are hesitant, but if they haven’t got the message yet its willful ignorance. Still, i agree, this is David playing politics.. nothing more.

  7. He is correct though. Plenty of non Maori awaiting vaccination, use the system to get vaccinated quicker if you feel vulnerable and if that means using a code for only one section of NZ then so be it.
    You guys can bemoan and hand wring all you want but most of NZ will agree with Seymore and pandering to Maori because the vaccination rates are low, when they have the SAME method of getting vaccinated as rest of NZ, but for some reason dont. So they need to be hand held as ‘special’ and bugger the rest of NZ who are waiting.

  8. I guess all that money spent by the Government starting in MARCH and targeting Maori to get Vaccinated was a waste of money then.
    Tamahere got a chunk of that money!
    So why was Maori uptake so bad???

    So having a shot at Seymour is just cheap attempt at trying to gain profile.
    Sad bastard.
    Back in the day he used to be a good guy.
    Now he is just a sad political animal.

    • “Tamahere got a chunk of that money!
      So why was Maori uptake so bad???”

      A very pertinent question for Mr. Tamahere.

  9. Well it kinda doesn’t surprise me when you take into account that Act was given birth by another racist party, Labour. Go Figure!

  10. Well I can’t speak for everywhere but here in Picton the local Marae was very quick off the mark vaccinating their people. They were also very generous extending vacs to the locals.
    So maybe it’s not a race thing Mr Tamihere. Maybe it’s a function of the shit town you live in.

  11. It’s as if it would please the yellow-pantied twerker if Maori were to take up the injection he introduced en-masse.

  12. Ra Henare you are absolutely right and most people know that but race separation and political bias will trump their intellect.
    Jacinda Ardern is blatantly practicing separating NZ on race and religion she and her government are ripping NZ apart.
    I think they know that but it plays to their desire to win elections
    It’s incredibly concerning.


  13. Sky’s falling down again is it ? No big deal. David S might be a bit naughty but he’s not depriving anyone of anything. Bit of a mystery why nobody is wailing cultural appropriation and bellowing colonialist privilege and why they’re a firebrand and somebody called me a cunt. Show’s over – time to get planting.

  14. Most of you people just don’t get it. From the moment white people landed here and saw the opportunities here they have shafted the indigenous people. When you have “democracy” as 1 person: 1 vote, and numerical superior numbers by one particular group then it is all over for the minority group. White people seem to think they are fair to Maori. PIFFLE. National and Act are despicable in their policies in these matters.

    • Yes agree with ya garibaldi and that is why National and Act are not in power. Based on many of the comments above I can see why we have some many inequalities in our country. Looking forward to seeing if the new Maori Health Authority will make a difference it won’t be easy fixing the 150yrs plus of inequalities created as a result of a monocultural system with a one size fits all approach.

    • Agree with you garibaldi except for singling our Nats & Act. I think it’s more a colonial ‘we know what’s best’ attitude which pervades all parties (except Maori) and much of our bureaucrats thinking. Hopefully things are changing; we are currently experiencing a new style of leadership that the ‘old school’ are finding very difficult to cope with. I can only hope a sufficient number of electors find it refreshing enough for us to be able to continue along this path.

  15. Nothing but rage bait to keep us distracted and fighting amongst ourselves. The government need us looking the other way as much as possible.

  16. I have said this else-where:
    When I think about it abit further I come to the conclusion that like Judith Collins David Seymour is nothing short of a bully. And that explains why bullies like Collins and him think they can get away with their actions with no repercussions of the consequences. No amount of denial and of course the traditional route of Blame-Games(that National are famous for)will redeem David Seymour of thls latest botch up of his.

    Additionally bullies do always seem to look after Number One i.e themselves. Any caring of others just doesn’t enter their minds/mindset. They are only Doing This for the purpose of attention seeking for say political reasons/agendas or being the centre of attention especially by those that take whatever the bully says as Gospel. They care ONLY about THEMSELVES, OF THEMSELVES and how much publicity they can make in these attention seeking stunts.

    He probably considered himself as invincible especially as he may have got abit over-whelmed with the increasing ranking of ACT over National in some polls. Lets say he had vision of grandeur and that he is more superior and should be listened to than anyone else eg the experts in the health sector and some Maori leaders like John Tamihere.

    Though I am not Maori I feel there is hesitation by many Maori towards the COVID vaccines. I don’t know why but can only imagine the hesitation could be due to either mis-information by some anti-vaxxers or a deep seated distrust of anything Pakeha.

    I do hope more Maori and P.Is please do get the vaccine. As a pakeha I have had my first COVID injection and the ONLY side effect was a soreness at where the needle went in on my left arm. I was supposed to have the second vaccine yesterday but due to Level 4 in Auckland I had to re-book for end of September.

    To get the vaccine done gives me peace of mind and I hope others do so as well.

    Take care NZ.

  17. Could Te Whānau o Waipareira actions be considered to be racist? It was certainly race based, but that does not make it a racist action, so very debatable.
    Were Te Whānau o Waipareira actions illegal or have they the legal right to do what they did? No one has suggested so far that their action was illegal.
    Did Te Whānau o Waipareira act in good faith to try and ensure their community got vaccinated (a action beneficial to us all)? Undoubtedly.
    Did David Seymour have the right to question Te Whānau o Waipareira action? Unquestionably.
    Did David Seymour have the right to publish correspondence not intended for him or the audience to which he released it? Absolutely not.
    Was David Seymour’s action in releasing the correspondence malicious and intended to sabotage the efforts of Te Whānau o Waipareira for his own political purpose? Unquestionably.
    Has West Auckland been served well by the work carried out by Te Whānau o Waipareira during the Covid crisis? Undoubtedly.
    Keep up the excellent work John T, your efforts and that of your team are truly appreciated by us Westies.

  18. I may be wrong but isn’t it Tamihere?
    Spelling a persons name correctly is courtesy.
    To infer a person requires daily meds is demeaning to mental health in general.
    It’s far from nice incredibly distant from kind.

    • Hi John, when you are repying to a specific comment it would be helpful and make your comment more relevant if you used the small ‘Reply’ link directly under that comment. This means your comment will stay with the one you are commenting on. Cheers, Peter.

    • John, incredibly distant from kind is exactly what we should expect from Bert. He admits to goading people in the comments yet calls others trolls. He defines differing views as hate speech.
      He is the very thing that he argues against.

      • I goad because I have not seen anything from you or John that is worthwhile debating. If all you’ve got to offer is Government/ Labour bad, then that is trolling and is only worth the same retort back. If you search you will find I will enter into intelligent debate, as which I have seen none particularly from John and certainly not from yourself. As for spelling John, be very careful, I’ve also read your posts.

        “Jacinda Ardern is blatantly practicing separating NZ on race and religion she and her government are ripping NZ apart.”

        That is a statement John, can you provide proof of your statement?
        It sounds more like propaganda by you John.

    • Perhaps next time think before you post..

      “Ra Henare you are absolutely right and most people know that but race separation and political bias will trump their intellect.
      Jacinda Ardern is blatantly practicing separating NZ on race and religion she and her government are ripping NZ apart.”

      Seems your political bias trumped your intellect John, to use your own analogy.

      And sorry how do you know Jacinda Ardern is blatantly practicing separating NZ on race and religion and ripping N.Z. apart?
      No one else has ever mentioned this, or is this just your opinion rather than a statement of fact. If it is fact, provide your evidence.

  19. Quite rich for you to criticize David Seymour on discovering his Maori Ancestry quite late in his life there John, you have only started to embrace the Maori ethno-nationalist agenda after you lost the Auckland Mayoralty (you ended up getting less votes than John Palino when he ran). Before that you played up your blue collar class credentials as the Waitakere man but now after your failed bid to win Auckland Mayor that avenue to power and the resulting trough has dried up for you, so now you are playing the oppressed Maori card as you way back into some form of power.

  20. Intelligent debate what on earth does that mean?
    It’s at the very best informed debate.
    To attribute intelligent debate to oneself is in itself silly.

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