This is not us – now we know it was an ISIS terror attack on NZ soil we must not do what the Greens & Woke did!


When the Christchurch terrorist committed his atrocity, the Green Party & woke argued this was all on white people because white cis male heteronormative patriarchy etc etc etc.

It is so important that in the wake of this shock of an ISIS terror attack on NZ soil that we do not do what the Greens & Woke did in the wake of the White supremacist attack in Christchurch and blame all white people – this extremist DOES NOT represent Islam

This despicable ISIS terrorist represents all Islam the way Brenton Tarrant represents all Christians – we must not allow the petty tyrants of our nature blame our Muslim brothers & sisters for the actions of a deplorable individual.

ISIS is to Islam what the KKK are to Christianity – judging all by one leads to cruelty.

These extremists want to sever our ties and bonds between us. We must not allow the terrorists or the ideological to find ways to divide us whether they use violence or dogma.

Identity politics divides, it refuses to acknowledge the common humanity between us in favour of divisive hate.

This happens in the shadow of Gower’s Hate documentary and the 20 year anniversary of 9/11.

We must know hate and vengeance merely begets more hate and violence.

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This is when our hearts and faith in each other’s common decency is tested.

This is not us.

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  1. It’s also another Crisis that this government has failed to protect innocent New Zealanders. Too much talkie and not enough dooey.
    Middle-class politicians with aspirations and dreams are not the makings of good policy or governance.
    “Going Hard!” “Let’s Do This!” Jingoisms don’t cut it. It’s proven over the last 4+ years to be a failed plan to deal with all of NZ’s Crisises! You know, the Housing Crisis! The Homelessness Crisis! The Health-Covid Crisis! The Education Crisis! And now we can add another one to the Crisis list, a Security Crisis!
    The list should be getting shorter! Not longer! FFS!

    • Oh no, no, no, my boy. The list of crises must get longer. Much much longer. That is the only way to get great change. We’ve been doing counter terrorism (not very well) for the last 20 years, the results of which has netted it’s masterminds, your Hellen Clarkisms, John Keyisms, and Jacinda Mania.

      Where is terrorism now! It’s in New Zealand. You better believe that this Nation is ready for huge change on the level of my favourite, Fortress Aotearoa.

      Anyone who even thinks about grabbing a household item in anger must feel the fear of us all, and die with no honour and no martyrdom.

    • And Judith Collins had every chance to stop this guy when she was police minister. National had every chance to tighten the terrorism laws but deemed it a low priority. Cut the one eyed bullshit.

      • People are dying, lets not make it a political issue. We had Tarrant, we have “S”, we have a plethora of other criminals victimising others and profiting from others in NZ illegally in the past decades, time to say, enough is enough, for the sake of everyone else living in NZ, whether you are ACT, National, Greens, Labour, The Maori party and NZ First change the law so it is crystal clear, if you come to NZ and are convicted of a crime that involves any fraud including labour fraud, drugs/contraband/tax evasion, violence or terrorism then you must leave NZ and not come back. Our justice system is becoming overloaded with these cases and they are getting away with it.

        • Agree wholeheartedly – it’s failures all around, but the likes of Denny and Kraut need a rebuttal to their partisan rubbish they pump out all the time.

          Nothing is black and white, and we are clearly in a regressive phase worldwide. Conservatism, individualism is eroding the fabric of democracy and progression.

          Unfortunately a lot of this emanates from the right, which seems particularly toxic at the moment.

  2. PM: They are us.
    MB: This is not us.

    I am hopefully waiting to hear NZ Islamic community leaders versions.

    IL: He is not us.
    IL: The new victims are us.

    • What did Christian community leaders say about “versions” ,,, after the 50 fold more violent attack by Tarrent,,, who saw himself as a ANZAC Templer Knight Crusader ,,,in the Andre Brevick / AZOV mold.

      Both Osama Bin Laden and George Bush cited Crusades and Crusaders as motivation for their actions / cause,,,,

      ISIS = Wahhabi extremists funded by the Saudis ,,, and used at various times by the west, including currently against Syria, China and Iran and in the past against Libya, Afghanistan, Palestinians etc .

      Despite huge casualties, victims and provocations from the evil conducted in the Wests “war on terror” ,,,, “Costs of War: After 9/11 Attacks, U.S. Wars Displaced at Least 37 Million People Around the World” ,,,, despite what we have done,,, the Muslim world has been largely restrained in ‘pay back’.


      Finally the lesson that has been largely forgotten or ignored from the Christchurch terror attack,,,, was the humanity, the dignity and love expressed and emanating from what must have been their crushing grief.

      Most people everywhere are good ,,,,, we are all threatened by the same common enemies ,,,,

      Muslims , Christians and Atheists recognize the wrongfulness of stealing, greed and exploitation ,,, we all know murder and killing is evil.

      Now more than ever the NZ Brother & Sisterhood of the good must pull together…

      Solidarity among good humans,

      Hello Brother

    • Al Noor Mosque has started a GiveALittle page for the New Lynn attack victims.

      “All terrorists are the same regardless of their ideology whether it is white nationalism or ISIS they stand for hate and we all stand for peace and love” – Imam Gamal Fouda

  3. Were the police too preoccupied with him wearing a mask inside the supermarket? Too busy guarding the open air Auckland prison instead of doing real policing ay? Ffs the government stops Kiwis from coming home meanwhile this wingnut is allowed to live among us? He should have been deported years ago instead of getting the kindness treatment

  4. Just waiting for Golriz Gharnaram and Ricardo to blame the patriarchal, hetero normative NZ society and the government’s repressive immigration policies for radicalising this terrorist and causing the attack today!

  5. Successive governments are failing us. We need whoever signed off on this guy as suitable to live in NZ to be responsible and prosecuted with any act taken by him. Maybe then they will take their job seriously.

  6. The perpetrator was associated with an Auckland mosque and carrying out the literal exhortations written in the Koran – kill the unbelievers wherever you find them !

      • Oh Gaby why don’t you go back to your fantasy of annihilating all Palestinians and Muslims so you can your Zionist mates can steal more of their land. Oh wait, that’s what you’re already doing in Palestine/Israel.

      • ” Islamic Women’s Council spokeswoman Anjum Rahman wanted to pass on her sincere sympathies to those injured, their families, and those who witnessed the attack.

        “We all understand how terrifying and awful this all is.”

        The Muslim community “feels shocked and distressed” about it, and no-one wanted to see people hurt by hate crimes.”


        ‘Imam Gamal Fouda survived the March 15, 2019 terrorist attack that claimed 42 members of his congregation at the An-Nur (Al Noor) mosque in Christchurch. ” ,,,

        “Fouda said the incident was the darkest day since the Christchurch attack on two mosques, and called for New Zealanders to stand together as a nation in peace and love. ,,,,

        the man responsible was a Muslim, but Fouda said the attacker’s brand of “so-called Islam” was not what he studied and preached.

        “This person is brain-washed.”

      • Gab Just for once, just for once, can you please not trivialise a human tragedy, and negate a dead killer whose history was more multi-dimensional than you could even start to understand and far beyond pigeonholing for dummies.

  7. Sorry folks – we can only do our best in this mixed up world. We have been shaken and stirred by so many western invasions etc and been involved in them, that have stirred up or devastated other countries. The internet and social media play further havoc with our brains and beliefs. We are not separate, Covid is a triumph at making an individual stance.
    Martyn recommends thought and a wise overview as first response to this latest outbreak of violence. Thanks Martyn, let’s stick together in that.

  8. Actually this IS us, because NZ governments have neglected to poor and working class for 40 years. Nice platitudes are worth about as much as second hand toilet paper. We need serious reforms! Stand up more mental health facilities. More housing. Reform the egregious tax system. Reform renters rights. Tax capital gains and tax land FFS. Stop rewarding the biggest arseholes in society and punishing those who do all the work.

    As Chris Trotter eloquently wrote yesterday, it’s a cry of agony from the people that our “kind” kiwi society has left behind.

    • Well, there is a reason they got left behind ay. The core percentage is less than 1.5% of the population but they make a lot of noise. Hence the term used is cry, babies.

      It’s just a ‘fad’, it will wither away and die shortly, thank fuck for that!

      • I am talking about the disease of poverty and inequality that kills more than Covid or terrorism in NZ. Arseholes & neoliberals prefer to ignore it.

    • If you looked at the example set by NZ’s Muslim community and their lack of aggression or slurs against christianitys ‘cruesaders ,,,, which the racist nut who mass murdered and injured them self identified as.

      Then NZs muslim community,,, both then and now ,,,, make you look like a ugly shit talking stirrer ,,,, James Brown

      “Al Noor Mosque has started a GiveALittle page for the New Lynn attack victims.

      “All terrorists are the same regardless of their ideology whether it is white nationalism or ISIS they stand for hate and we all stand for peace and love” – Imam Gamal Fouda”

      • Ask yourself reason how often are there Muslim terrorist attacks in western countries as opposed to westerners attacking Muslims in Islamic countries.
        The former is routine while the latter is almost unheard of.
        Groups such as ISIS and the Taliban are at the end of the day literal adherents of Islam, and ‘moderate’ Muslims are conversely only partial adherents of Islam.
        Rolling out ‘Islam is a religion of peace’ after every terrorist attack is getting a little tired don’t you think?

        • Ask yourself dickhead ,,,,, how many hundreds of thousands of pounds of high explosive have we exploded on them versus them to us ????

          What about the Christians Bush, Blair and Eric Prince ,,,,

          Who is toting up huge body counts and causing millions of refugees ??

          You are a low grade disgraceful idiot ,,,, are you inferring NZs muslims were ‘tricking us by their example s which make you
          look so shit-house.

          what Biden just did in Afghanistan is far more extreme terrorism than what just happened in NZ.,,,,

          Family of Ten Wiped out by Biden Drone Strike In Afghanistan

          • You’re talking war, during which there are deaths on both sides. James Brown was talking terrorism, like the Sri Lankan bombings of Christians a couple of weeks after the mosque attacks: death toll over 300. Dickhead.

      • I blame the woke and neoliberals that flooded us with these high needs types who the woke won’t deport after their stints in prison, Not the muslims, it isn’t them champing at the bit for these nut jobs, it’s the lucrative immigration industry full of individualist fraudsters, legally, people trafficking.

        OZ manages to deport people during Covid, but NZ government uses every excuse in the book to keep the criminals here, not change the law to make it mandatory to deport criminals living here and detain them while they wait. Instead the NZ laws quickly gives them NZ permanent residency/citizenship so they can victimise others in NZ.

        It’s not just the physical harm, it’s also the message they are sending and encouraging more lone wolves/terrorists/criminals/fraudsters, to come to NZ, because of all the loopholes.

      • Try reading the fifth verse of the ninth surah and framing your response with that in mind.

        Without question the majority of Muslims are like the rest of us, just trying to get through to the next paycheque.

        Sadly though, there are enough muslims who believe in the strictest interpretation of the Koran and given that it is believed to be the literal word of Allah, to be a Muslim means that a true believer must adhere to the instruction of Allah.

        The standard response to this is that the Bible has awful instructions which it does. The clear difference is that Islam has never experienced a reformation whereas Christianity has.

        Until Islam jettisons this archaic and medieval instruction there will continue to be Muslims who will attack non believers on religious grounds.

        To insist otherwise as you do above simply means that the cycle will continue as there are none so blind as those who will not see.

      • your muslim hatred is showing strong today Gaby ,,,,

        Kahanists are the Jewish ISIS ,,, Hateful killers

        Both are religious extremist terrorists ,,,, and not representative of the vast majority within their religions.

        Although it has been noted that Juliet Moses is much like you Gaby ,,,,

        Using the Christchurch terror attack to raise fears against Muslims and their religion ,,,,

        Antisemitisim from Juliet ,,,” Today, we face it not only from the extreme right, such as the Holocaust denial that social media is awash in, or the attack on a Pittsburgh synagogue in October last year in which 11 Jews were murdered, or more recently the Poway, California synagogue attack, leaving another Jew murdered.

        “We face it from Islamists who have targeted and murdered Jews in France. And also from the extreme left.”

        Lumping them all together Juliet gives the impression that a group like “The Islamic Women’s Council of New Zealand” ,,, could be plotting terrorism.

        It was no accident Juliet left out any identifiers like ‘Terrorist”, ‘ extremist, , militant , etc etc ..

        She’s just more subtle than Gaby but the message is the same ,,,, Jewish people are better ,,,, ” they use their children as human shields “,,, bad Muzzie mothers compared to Juliet ….

        IDF “We know where every shot lands.”

        • I’d say it’s a strong possibility that the muslims dobbed him in, in 2016! My guess it is not the muslims who protected him, it’s the woke and crown and laws that helped make this happen. Same as Tarrant, the gun club robbed him in, but the those in power did not get the job done because woke is infiltrating the police and everywhere else. Malta here we come, where the government and criminals work together to keep the status quo by selling visas.

        • * I’ve just noticed Juliet Moses did indeed say “extreme left”,, which is shorthand for ‘extremist,,,,, the problem is Juliet was most likely referring to Jeremy Corbyn.,,,

          ,,,Like her broad brush Islamophobic smear against the vast majority of Muslims who are not extremist ,,,,she is purposely non-specific to smear all lefties.

          Also how come a woman who says we must talk about terrorists and terrorism ,,,,has never spoken the words Khanists and MEK ,,,

          What is the MEK? People’s Mujahedin of Iran, Terrorist Group Endorsed by US

          Free Iran with terrorism,,,,

          NZ should get out of the sanctions and starvation measures against Iran, Syria,
          Yemen etc ,,,

          Evil begets evil .

          NZ should be a force for good.

  9. Hi Martyn, were you following this guy on twitter? I seem to remember you were one of Tarrants followers there.
    Will we now ban knives. Maybe shut down Countdown supermarkets as they were stopping the emergance of Kiwi food.
    Is the perpertrator not showing his undeniable beliefs in his culture.
    He Tangata, He Tangata , He Tangata.

  10. WTF was this guy allowed in to NZ for in the first place? Too many immigrants not properly vetted. Apparently he wanted to leave too a few years back but wasn’t allowed to. Deport these losers ffs.

  11. The biggest question is why the government refused to let this guy leave NZ and go back to his own country. He was not happy in NZ and should have been allowed to leave so that the country he lived in, could deal with his behaviour, and not have Kiwi’s be the brunt of his violence.

    “In May 2017, he was detained at Auckland International Airport after booking a one-way ticket to Singapore. A search of S’ apartment in Auckland found material that glorified violence, including images of him posing with an air rifle, and a hunting knife hidden under his mattress.”

      • Yes, woke logic probably kicked in, so they gave him NZ citizenship so he could kill Kiwis here and protect those poor overseas people from this hateful man, for compassionate reasons and protect ‘s’ from the likely consequences of his actions overseas such as overseas prison immediately.

        • Judith collins had every chance to kick him out. Cut the bullshit. Oh wait, let’s not make this about politics right? Yet every comment you make is denigratory. Grow up.

              • Most woke are incapable of looking at themselves in the mirror.

                You are the one bringing up Judith Collins as though she is to blame. Get your timelines right, all the political parties were negligent, but now is the time for all parties to agree to get rid of the criminals and stop the nut jobs getting into NZ on student and other visas that apparently you can convert to refugee status.

                WTF would you risk your life and pay double in a refrigerated truck, when for less you just book a plane ticket to NZ with a student visa in tow and $20k and your family can join you later.

                Once here, the most entitled never leave. Why would you with the woke giving them every hand out possible to stay, while complaining about micro aggressive Kiwis, who not unsurprisingly want to go about their business without harm in malls and churches, get on that health waiting list, not get Covid or be victim of the latest scammer who is getting richer and richer here.

                • twas a good fight you to. But I’d give it to my boy SaveNZ. Not because I detest the woke but because daryl is far to quick to throw out what was then a foreign student. Not the ones Daryl.

                  • Not interested in fighting, definitely interested in calling out bullshit when I see it. Not you Sam, SaveNz has been getting ever more hysterical

  12. On social media, people are posting about how the ISIS terror bride was allowed to come back to NZ, and apparently her parents were quietly allowed into NZ too! (not sure if true, but would not be surprised).

    NZ is becoming a crazy place, full of the woke and government getting terror families into NZ who the rest of the country has to pay for and live in fear that their extended family are coming into NZ to be supported – even worse it is during Covid, when Kiwis can’t get MIQ places!

    NZ is truely becoming a crazy country, where the government welcomes terrorist families while NZ families are homeless. Then blames the middle class for the problem and thinks that terror is caused by white micro aggressions and middle class NZ need to pay more taxes to apparently support more ISIS bride family members and aged parents to come back to NZ taking up housing, welfare and pensions here.

  13. Get a grip.
    They didn’t set up the law to keep this guy off the streets – that’s bad
    They compensated by having a security detail on him 24/7 – not ideal but as good as you could expect given the above
    The detail got in his face and killed him within 60 seconds of the attach – best outcome in the circumstances.
    I’m sorry for the six victims and I hope none of them die but for the ISIS guy, better that we are dealing with body than another defendant.
    The guy on Paddy’s programme said there would be more. We didn’t have to wait long. My pick: this is still not the last.

    • They should be deporting him and all the other high needs people coming to NZ. In addition they knew for years that so many people were coming to NZ who were coming fraudulently or should not be here. Instead of cracking down, the woke opened it up so that they could stay for years on new visas, and then refuse to leave.

      We now have generations of NZ children who don’t have any housing and are in poverty, while our taxes go on this crap. Security fail because it is almost impossible to stop nut jobs killing people when they want to, and in this case apparently are being held against their will in NZ, by NZ woke government officials. Let him go back to a muslim country or his own country, and another country can deal with him.

  14. The NZ Herald is reporting:
    Stabber was a violent extremist with a knife fetish, a criminal record and a desire to do harm
    Stabber was being followed by an armed tactical team
    Stabber acted not from his Islamic faith but from an unspecified ideology according to Ardern
    Stabber received a sentence of supervision served at an Auckland mosque after a high court judge ruled that ‘preparing a terrorist act’ could not be prosecuted under the Terrorism Suppression Act 2002
    Stabber threatened Kiwis on the socials

    • “Stabber acted not from his Islamic faith but from an unspecified ideology according to Ardern”. What a lot of bullshit! Did she ask him then? “Maybe before he went nuts…or after the act? She must have. Well, what can I say, if Ardern says so, then it must be absolutely true. Ardern is never wrong. For my money, someone in love with ISIS did not act out of his catholic faith. Or Hindu. Or Buddhist faith. Does Arden think we are stupid????

      • ” Federation of Islamic Associations (FIANZ) president Ibrar Sheikh said the attack had resurrected the trauma the Muslim community felt two years ago, and he condemned Friday’s act of terror.

        “Terrorists who do such inhumane and vile acts do not belong to any religion. They act out of sheer hate, and they have no place in our country.

        “Our first thoughts and prayers are for the victims and their families.”

  15. Distinctly remember the left deliberately inducing moral panic after Tarrant and blaming white kiwis and gun owners to push their gun control agenda. Now Nash and Ardern have armed the gangs with stupid policy.

    That said, I agree this latest terrorist incident doesn’t make all Muslims bad.
    It does make the woke and the globalists stupid for importing religious radicals.

    Two foreign nut jobs now, or is the latest a dual national and if so why?
    Why all this suppression for terrorists rights while taking away good kiwi citizens rights?

    • A lot is being said about importing religious radicals. I’ve yet to see specifically how that should be dealt with.

      Every single person who comes into NZ is asked on arrival at the airport, “Are you a religious radical?” Or, “Are you a nutcase likely to go crazy?”

      Put them in isolation while a team of investigators checks them out? They submit information about themselves prior to coming here?

      Everyone or just Australians and Sri Lankans? Mass shootings are common in the US so Americans too?

    • Perhaps you could ask why the right rejected policy on counter terrorism in particular Collins…

      “It is, however, an offence in the Counter Terrorism Legislation Bill, currently before select committee, which the National Party supported at first reading.

      Collins told RNZ this morning that she had texted Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern last night offering National’s support to pass the bill into law under urgency.

      Asked about her comments in 2013 about having no substantial or urgent concerns with New Zealand’s counter terrorism legislation, she said it was “really unfair” to ask her about decisions from eight years ago.”

      • What about the whataboutism?

        Didn’t happen on Judiths watch.
        Perhaps ask the greens and Labour why the changes didn’t happen after this guy was actually done in court.
        Ardern broke all the wrong records passing draconian gun laws against her own citizens after chch but let terror legislation get slowed by the greens and Maori parties for months.

        • What about whataboutism

          It’s always Arderns fault even when it’s not, even when Collins admits she cancelled a review into terrorism. Fuck your guns and ACTS Rambo leader, luckily the gun law meant he only had a knife. All the right records I’d say.

  16. Yes he is responsible for this, not Islam, not the Sri Lankin Govt.
    We need to be thankful this guy was being closely watched by the police and they intervened promptly.
    We need to be grateful that he didn’t have a gun or guns.
    And I hope like hell all those in hospital pull through. Sending them and their loved ones love.

  17. From a poster “Prince” elsewhere on the Internet:
    Ardern after Christchurch…
    “This was an Australian citizen but that is not to say that we do not have an ideology in New Zealand that would be an affront to the majority of New Zealanders.”
    She said there was a responsibility “to weed it out where it exists and make sure that we never create an environment where it can flourish”.

    Ardern today…
    “It was hateful, it was wrong. It was carried out by an individual, not a faith. He alone carries the responsibility for these acts.”

  18. It’s another right wing attempted murderer.

    And like so many right wing actors in this country – nasty, violent, and no regard for human life.

    I am going to say the right in this country take no responsibility for the violence they whip up over, and over with their constant death cult cupidity bullshit.

    This is the world they have created and we are stuck living in, one of rabid macho individualism, and people who worship violence and death to solve problems and issues.

    How much more of this crap do we have to put up with?

    Let me be clear, I see right wing as set of beliefs which embrace individualism, property rights, and free markets. Including the religiously self righteous who think they speak for God.

    I’m over these violent Heretics – The Churches, Temples, Mosques who turn a blind eye to this individuals have to start holding them to account. We have to call them out as what they are, heretics who do not ever speak for God, only their own self delusional paranoia, feed by a society who embraces extreme greed for wealth and/or material gain as the ultimate good.

    The reaction to all this will be the usual – enhance fear, which will feed into this system more excessive consumption, and right there will be ground work laid for another right wing terror attack to protect that which can never be satisfied – avarice.

    We need to stop the bus, we need to end this social experiment of death cult cupidity. We need and economy and society which works for all, not just a few.

    God Bless, good night, and my prayers are with you all.

    • 100% ignatius.

      in Māori culture, ownership of territory was tribal and shared, as were all resources. That seems more just than our present greed oriented individualistic ownership model

      • Doubt he had a gun license.
        Considering your gun buyback and punishment of citizens has driven between 100 000 and 700 000 banned guns underground already, this guy and guys like him will only find it easier.
        Australia’s Lindt shooting and Darwin mass shooter used grey market guns.
        How’s the gun crime going in Auckland?

        • “How’s the gun crime going in Auckland?”

          Ask the shot cop’s family.

          “Doubt he had a gun license.” But how would you know, you personally?

          “has driven between 100 000 and 700 000 banned guns underground already,” I call more bullshit on those numbers
          and you know this how? And if it was that much easier to get “underground” guns as you say, why couldn’t he get one even if he didn’t have a license?

        • “However the amnesty has faced some criticism from some groups including the Council of Licensed Firearms Owners.

          The group’s spokeswoman Nicole McKee told the New Zealand Herald that she believed there were 170,000 prohibited guns in the country.’

          700,000 EH?

          • “Nicole McKee told the New Zealand Herald that she believed there were 170,000 prohibited guns in the country.”

            “Modelling from Auckland University New research suggests up to 80,000 Kiwis could die from coronavirus without strict measures such as the country-wide lockdown.”

            That second bit became “Shaun Hendy said 80,00 are going to die” and became a stick to beat him with. Apparently he doesn’t know what he’s talking about because he said 80,000 were going to die.

            McKee said what she said and the world is going to end because there are 170,000 prohibited guns in the country.

            It’s amazing to me how those who complain about kids coming out of schools illiterate, innumerate and just plain dumb are themselves so dumb they can’t discern bullshit or can’t comprehend and then spout the bullshit further.

          • Do a bit of a google. How many now illegal guns were imported? All of them ultimately.
            Both importers and police had a record of what came in to the country.
            If only you true believers had a clue.

  19. Given the circumstances, the government did all it could to manage the risk of this guy: In that they had an STG unit following him 24/7. (Imagine the cost!)

    However let’s take a step back and wonder how this person got into the country. Where are all the cheerleaders of ‘diversity’ and ‘multiculturalism’ now?

    • Right with you Andrew.
      Also who asked us if we wanted 1 million more people in the country in less than 10 years?
      When was this policy notified to the general population?
      Why is rushed unregulated unplanned increased population a good thing?
      Our infrastructure is inadequate we are supporting old people from countries who do not reciprocate our welfare system why is this beneficial to New Zealand?
      When attending demographics lectures in 1970’s I was firmly informed that NZ’s population would not reach 5 million before 2030. The rest of the term’s lectures revolved around the need to prepare for that and what was required in training and infrastructure. I guess that’s far too much like long term thinking for economists and accountants.

      • Yes how many kiwis were saying yes we want to increase the population by another million, very few, only the employers and the Key regime. NZAo population must be capped at 5million.

        • And people ask why we have so many problems today? Simple mathematics, far too many people encouraged in without the required infrastructure. 1 million in ten years is your answer. And we all know who was responsible.

  20. This is going to be political bomb for the Labour government.
    The fact that a known terrorist sympathiser who had previously made threats on social media was able to walk freely around and plan an attack will hurt the government big time.
    It doesn’t matter whether the government was following the law or not, people are going to see it as the government favouring the rights of foreign terrorists over the rights of law biding New Zealanders.
    National will (privately) be giving thanks to God for their deliverance.
    Jacinda and the government are going to take a big hit on this.
    Part of the aims of this terrorist was to sow the seeds of racial hatred and polarise New Zealand society.
    He will gave given ammunition to the haters of this country.

    • Agreed Mike. However given this date, facts remain, equally National are responsible if not more…

      “In May 2017, he was detained at Auckland International Airport after booking a one-way ticket to Singapore. A search of S’ apartment in Auckland found material that glorified violence, including images of him posing with an air rifle, and a hunting knife hidden under his mattress.”

      Labour has governed New Zealand since 26 October 2017.
      The question remains, how and who let him into the country?

      • The terrorist was incarcerated on charges of distributing extremists material following the May 2017 incident and was released in 2018 at which time he was not deported.
        You have indicated governed New Zealand at the time of his release.
        The question is why he was not deported by that government.

        • Read the link, it will give you the answer, legally because of the Government was bound by the previous Government of the times non terrorism policy.
          “National Party leader Judith Collins ..

          She is also defending her decision in 2013 when, as Justice Minister, she removed a review of counter-terrorism laws from the Law Commission’s work programme saying “there does not appear to be any substantial or urgent concerns arising from the operation of the [Terrorism Suppression] Act”.

      • Yes yes you win Bert! National let him in. There there, 20 points to you. You’ll always find a way to pin anything on National, so well done once again. Have you actually worked out that National is not in charge of this country now, and hasn’t been for many many years? We all have, all of us here, just read all the comments here, so you look a bit stupid in that respect. Maybe time to catch up? It’s hard to fathom who is in really charge of NZ these days when it comes to big issues. Security, crime, child poverty, infrastructure, jobs…you name it. Who is in charge??? Who slams down the fist and says ENOUGH! Certainly not your Adored One. She’s too ‘kind’ and too soft on all the big pressing issues – other than 1pm Covid briefings with pre-programmed questions from the hand-picked press gallery.

  21. They are not us.

    Actually they are us, as that is how easy it is to become a Kiwi in NZ.

    And more nut jobs and high needs grossly individualist people are coming to NZ, because normal countries don’t let high needs people in, while NZ welcomes the worst types of people in our woke virtue signalling, offshore processed visa centers in China and India.

    Sorry, in neoliberal NZ we can’t get around to processing the migrant doctors visas or have any money to train NZ youth into NZ doctors and nurses, who we now need to patch up the victims of terrorism and Covid.

    • We welcome them because they are easily exploitable people from troubled countries with histories more troubled than our own, and willing to settle for being low paid workers to keep our own workers low paid. We gave Bill English a knighthood for this.

      When suggesting that New Zealand – oops -Aotearoa – look at attracting immigrants from countries with values and traditions more in line with our own – Danes – Dutch, continental Europeans – even Scots – I get jumped on. And we know that China and India, and I daresay Sri Lanka, have dodgy agents who make big bucks back home by facilitating pathways to New Zealand, and yet we continue to do the same thing over and over again.
      This small country with a small population is skewing its demographic into a possibly incompatible mix, but divide and rule rules.

    • Exactly. Too many criminal donations that politicians don’t want to give up and the media and unions wants their criminal money too. Easier to blame the middle class who are too busy working to lobby successfully (but vote).

    • Labour never changed the law yes, but straight from Judeaths mouth…

      “National Party leader Judith Collins ..

      She is also defending her decision in 2013 when, as Justice Minister, she removed a review of counter-terrorism laws from the Law Commission’s work programme saying “there does not appear to be any substantial or urgent concerns arising from the operation of the [Terrorism Suppression] Act”.


  22. Hi All
    I need help (you all knew that!) – this is the part I don’t get:
    ‘The man reportedly told a worshipper at his mosque he planned to join Isis in Syria, then was caught at Auckland International Airport after booking a one-way ticket to Syria in May 2017.’ So he buys his own ticket out of NZ, good riddance, bye bye…then our govt stops him so he can remain here? What am I missing here?

  23. We look after Immigrants more than we do our own people, new immigrants getting houses, benefits, pensions etc while our own people are suffering and homeless.

  24. According to Judith Collins the Sri-lanken murderer was not deported because although he arrived in Oct 2011, NZ rushed to give him NZ citizenship and thus even though he came to the investigation of police in 2016 (only 5 years later) he somehow has gained NZ citizenship within the ten years he was living here.

    Note this is a person described by a judge as

    “extreme attitudes, isolated lifestyle, sense of entitlement and propensity for violence”.

    Once someone gets citizenship it becomes extremely hard to remove it.

    So the lesson learnt and changes needed are around giving out NZ citizenship cart blanche in very short periods of time such as within 10 years.

    Malta is a valuable lesson of what happens when you sell citizenship to criminals and take donations from criminals in a small country.

    “An inquiry into the car-bomb assassination of Maltese journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia has singled out the country’s former prime minister and his entire cabinet as bearing responsibility for the 2017 murder that shocked much of the world.

    In a 437-page report on Thursday, the inquiry’s board, made up of former judges, accused the Maltese state of creating a pervasive “atmosphere of impunity” that allowed her killers to believe they’d face minimal consequences.

    “The state should shoulder responsibility for the assassination,” the inquiry board wrote, according to the Times of Malta.”

    • “NZ rushed to give him NZ citizenship?” How so? Did he get citizenship more quickly than others (from wherever) who arrived that year?

      • Well he came to attention of police within 5 years and tried to commit mass murder within 10 years, I’d say giving him NZ citizenship was too quick and he’s not the only one, as there are a plethora of cases of criminals who got NZ citizenship and residency against any logic or thinking of the safety of others. Woke need to take responsibility for their actions because they are the biggest advocates for overseas criminals remaining in NZ.

  25. With the facts we have been told so far it is an understatement to say ‘due process’ has not served us well. I am sure that we all expect government, courts, police, and security services to act in accordance with the law.
    But it is also an understatement to say many in authority saw the extreme risks posed by this individual and tried many avenues to deal with the threat.
    Should the PM be given powers similar to the USA Presidential Executive Order (maybe supervised by the GG) that enable such situations to be dealt with until due process catches up? or do those powers already exist?

  26. With the facts we have been told so far it is an understatement to say ‘due process’ has not served us well. I am sure that we all expect government, courts, police, and security services to act in accordance with the law.
    But it is also an understatement to say many in authority saw the extreme risks posed by this individual and tried many avenues to deal with the threat.
    Should the PM be given powers similar to the USA Presidential Executive Order (maybe supervised by the GG) that enable such situations to be dealt with until due process catches up? or do those powers already exist?

    • Peter K. It looks as if the guy might have been a paranoid schizophrenic; there’s a number of comments about his paranoia, and Andy Coster commented that he had a vision the day before he ran amok. Whether being a Muslim from yet another war-torn country, stuck in an alien culture here in New Zealand, was the cause of what may be a medical problem could stay unknown – depending on what suits government

      It’s interesting that the NZ Police decided independently to keeps tabs on the man, because, unlike the judiciary, they saw him as a threat to the safety of the community, and as things so tragically panned out, they were right.

      • Thanks Snow White. I do wonder how independent the Police Op was as the problem was obviously being discussed at the highest levels. I think trying to play the political blame game will not solve the inevitable delays involved with ‘due process’. To me the Executive need a limited and monitored power enabling them to quickly respond to known threats.

        • Peter K. Give that that particular police unit is a small and highly specialised one, it stands to reason that they may, as you surmise, sometimes operate based on
          “ outside” advice. In these circs, I don’t have a problem with that, while they are still operating within the framework of the law – it’s not as if we have a rogue government using them as assassination squads. However this may be a compelling reason to continue with our Westminster system of government with indivisible sovereignty, and not succumb to woke pressure to have two, or parallel, systems of government or/and justice operating seemingly alongside each other.

          Yep, political game playing is opportunistic and pointless, the focus has to be on establishing processes to try to avoid similar tragedies. However, whether neolib ideology can legislate to avoid triggering psychotic breakdowns is a different matter altogether.

    • No matter what system or ideology, humans have the potential for good or evil. It’s a choice
      Don’t blame religion, or mental illness, or white supremacy.
      Yes there are problems with all human systems, but a criminal must bear the responsibility for their own actions

  27. I’ve been noting, that for the last week or so, that the “crazy” is starting to emerge here in NZ.. This incident, and the largely nonsensical overreactions, as evidenced by this comment section, is just one more symptom of people who’ve reached their limit when it comes to “soldiering on”, and are now settling in for the all out shit fight that has been brewing for years…
    WE are now entering into the third stage of our separation anxiety, as a result of being slowly weaned off the teat of fantasy millionaire roulette, as brought to you by the snake oil salesman from hell, John Key… The only really scary bit here, is that to rise above this childish longing for what we should never have been taught in the first place, requires “maturity, and common sense”, neither of which I’ve seen in a large enough supply to make any difference to the looming “clusterfuck that we had to have”..
    To give this sad, and deluded person legitimacy by giving it the “ISIS” seal of approval is just going to give license to the building pressure to find scapegoats to pay for our “sacrifices”.. for “at the end of the day” we are still just a mob of sheep who need someone to lead us to the fresh grass… and god help anyone who gets in the way…

  28. We will not not utter his name

    Funny how the government is pushing for Stabby from Sri Lanka’s (the RELIGIOUS extremist) name to be made public after making a gigantic deal of not ever saying the Australian mass murderer’s name out loud.

      • Not using his name is superfluous posturing. The guy’s dead. His name is likely unknown or likely to be forgotten within the the umbrella of Islam, – apart from his mother and whanau who will forever feel his loss. Many deaths do impact in that way.

  29. Not sure if true, but apparently Labour tried to change NZ law so that migrants committing crimes could be deported from NZ.

    Stopping the law, was Greens, ACT, Maori party and National.

    Would be good to know if this is true.

    Maybe Labour need to re-look at this law and at the very least run it again, so that it is clear which party is most keen for criminals to remain in NZ to victimise other innocent people.

      • ‘S’ pleaded guilty to a crime and held in prison for a year, according to the reports.

        “S was held in custody, denied bail for more than a year, and eventually pleaded guilty to charges of distributing restricted material. Because of the length of time S had already spent in custody, he was sentenced by a High Court judge to supervision.

        S did not abandon his extremist views. The day after he was released — August 7, 2018 — he purchased another hunting knife. Counterterrorism police, who had continued surveillance on S, arrested him again.”

        On May 26, he was found guilty by a jury of possessing propaganda-style material supportive of Islamic State.

        Apparently he was also on bail when he committed this attack fore attacking prison guards.

        The biggest issue is why he was given NZ citizenship in the first place, when he has been a vocal extremist.

  30. Just for what it’s worth, I think NZ as a country should start applying more stringent rules of ‘Right of Admission Reserved’….not ‘We take in anything that looks good at the UN”.

  31. Jezzus The Daily Blog needs a good hose out–a fair proportion of the comments above are nasty filth from grumpy blokes, and would be better posted on Kiwiblog.

  32. NZ is Paradise for ex Gangster Criminals from Australia, Multinational Drug Cartels and now Terrorists with extreme views, we are a safe haven for undesirables, we need to harden up like Australia and deport undesirables rather than giving them a slap over the hand with a wet bus ticket ?

  33. Well it will be interesting to find out what essential skills NZ reqired of him to give him citizenship. Perhaps he was a nuerosurgeon or an engineer or a computer scientist or simply qualified in farm management. Lets hope he wasnt given a student visa just to work at the Bottelo.

    • Yes we eagerly await what incredible skills he had, that mean’t he got NZ citizenship so quickly in spite of getting police attention within 5 years of his arrival.

    • Citizenship? PR? Not quite the same. But didn’t he come here on a student visa. We don’t know how that ended up – some dodgey qual no doubt – but we all know that student visas for many became a backdoor to PR, and then citizenship.

      • Some of the news reports with Judith Collins involved, (so not sure if true), is that ‘S” became a NZ citizen, otherwise it seems pretty unfathomable why he was still in NZ with a police detail of 2 people and spent about 3 years in prison out of 10 years in NZ.

        The worst criminals just refuse to leave NZ, and the woke fight tooth and nail, every case for years, holding up the courts, to make sure the most hopeless, high needs, entitled, illegal cases are supported for the rest of their lives in NZ so they can victimise more people and send the message, that breaking the law in NZ, contributing nothing and harming others, is all perfectly acceptable here.

        • Yes, as many others have commented, it seems pretty unfathomable why he was still in NZ. No law in existance to deport him it appears. Which, yes, perhaps indicates he had become a citizen of NZ. Citizenship is not granted on arrival of course so with his background how did that happen?

      • Now some report that he was a refugee, who alledgedly falsified his application.

        So, a student using the backdoor to PR and reportedly citizenship, or coming here (perhaps on a student visa) and then claiming asylum?


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