Political Caption Competition


We have some concerns about the lack of cycle lanes.


  1. Do you think we can get NZ$2.75 million to help fund our Opium rehab program from the NZ government? It’s a foreign demand led business, helping diversity in Central Asia? SURE! That’s become our best used criteria for government funding!

    • No you won’t get the Government fund but here is ACT’s pro gun funding to help you get on your daily business of killing.

  2. The boys from Miss Clarke’s class in Room 9 excelled themselves in last year’s Christmas performance.

  3. As smart as they were in dodging the 1080 drop the rabbits of the Panjshir Kush would be quite unprepared for this year’s Gun City Annual Big Bang Bunny Shoot.

  4. “Well fuck that Joe Biden! If he bombs Afghanistan one more time, we’ll cut the Americans off from all of our heroin we supply to the United States! Watch the entire country collapse from the drug-supply shortage in the ‘drug’ industry in the US.”

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