Judith’s race baiting ‘Aotearoa’ referendum is further evidence of why National are failing


Oh for Christ’s sake, how lucky are we on the Left that National and Judith are so fucking hopeless?

Judith Collins suggests referendum on name of New Zealand, despite using ‘Aotearoa’ while in Government

National leader Judith Collins has backed calls for a referendum on the name of New Zealand, saying Kiwis are getting “tetchy” about the word Aotearoa being used without consultation.

Fresh from an incredibly damaging Poll that showed Labour eye wateringly lose 18% of their support in just one month, what does Judith do? She doubles down on her ham fisted racism shtick and highlights why she will cost National the 2023 election by demanding a referendum on the use of Aotearoa by stealth!

Despite Key putting the word on our money and Passports, Judith decides THIS is the most pressing issue?

190 000 kids are in poverty, they don’t give a fuck what you call NZ!

4000 kids live in motels and they don’t give a fuck what you call the country either!

22512 people are on emergency housing lists, generations are locked out of home ownership, inequality is rising, the planet is melting, gang wars erupting, post Covid reality demands attention but what does Judith think is a priority?

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A referendum on whether or not the word ‘Aotearoa’ is being secretly implemented into our culture after National added it to our bank notes and Passports?

What the fuck is she doing?

The vast majority of Kiwis under 50 know too much history to ignore our historic injustices against Maori and see co-governance as a solution, not an end to the Westminster system of Democracy. That’s why none of the political support is going to National!

Only men over 50 who refer to the Prime Minister as ‘Cindy’ get worked up by claims of  ‘separatism’ and ‘segregation’ and they already vote National!

2023 will be the first election in NZ history where Gen Xers & Millennials will be a bigger voting block than boomers, National are trying to politically fight the year 2000 in the year 2021.

This race baiting shit doesn’t have pull any longer and that’s why National didn’t benefit from Labour’s polling collapse.

National thankfully don’t understand what the polling data tells us.

Losing that many voters in barely a month means Labour are losing men in the Suburbs.

This is a culture war, it’s not economics.

Left wing men, already alienated by the middle class woke identity politics are reacting to the Hate Speech laws and woke overreach- that’s why it’s going to ACT.

The Farmer protest already supported National, nurses don’t vote ACT and property speculators are already right wing voting, no this is a backlash to woke dogma and it’s in the suburbs now.

That Judith is so enraptured by bashing Maori even when it serves no actual political gain is something she needs to take into therapy.

If anything says she will be rolled, it will be this referendum nonsense.

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  1. Sludge Judy is on the way out and she probably knows it.

    She knows how to waste NZ Taxpayers money because she saw the spending sprees of the previous National government.

    But all in all Collins is a legend in her own mind. That is: She is a person who affects or believes that they are of greater importance or notoriety than is actually the case.

    • Collin’s is a Professional Trougher very similar to Don Brash and John Banks. All as RACIST as F%^K IMHO.

  2. Add to Judith’s repellent repetoire her suggesting the Minister of Police should be bottled and then thinking she was ever so clever by saying like a genie, you have all the required evidence to see why Covid is a more popular choice than her.

    Judith is saving Labour. And the trouble is for National is she is so egotistical and so destructive, she’d rather take the whole ship down with her than resign as leader.

  3. Aotearoa is the land itself.
    “New Zealand” is the construct, the present social framework in which we live.
    Aotearoa, our land, needs to be protected. She cannot speak for herself.
    When they carve her up and sell off great chunks of Aotearoa to foreigners in foreign lands, they are carving up the body of Aotearoa, in similar fashion to organ harvesters.
    (Can I say that? Or is it about to be ‘hate speech’?)

    • I tend to find everything National say as edging onto Hate Speech.

      But of late and due to the overload of negativity by National I have now completely switched off wanting to listen to them. Their negativity has become boring, tiresome, repetitive and a drain on the senses. So to me too much negativity which is what National are doing right now has had an adverse affect and one that ensures I wouldn’t vote for National ever again.

      Would I be so wrong to say that as is human nature when there is too much negativity that people no longer take notice of the negativity whilst searching instead for something more positive? What National are doing is a dis-service to itself in the long run.

      But I am sure they will always live in the past and blame everyone else but themselves for THEIR failures and mistakes.

      • Are we in the midst of a battle between “Relentless positivity” on the one side and “Relentless negativity” on the other, I wonder…

      • “I tend to find everything National say as edging onto Hate Speech.”

        That’s got to be one of the most ridiculous comments I have read for s=a while.

        Hate speech? or just speech you hate to hear. Ge a grip man

  4. Perhaps some one needs to tell Judeath to ‘zip it sweetie’, the only problem is she is not a sweetie she is one mean divisive sour puss.

  5. I thought it was Labour supporters who lived in the past?
    Remember the catch cry “ Nine long years.”

  6. Good idea Judith, let the people decide. Far better than having TV talking heads and virtue signaling wokesters changing our name by stealth.

    • Got a passport? Check the cover.
      You can call this country New Zealand, I might switch between the two and another might exclusively call it Aotearoa. One day, it might end up just Aotearoa. What will it do to you personally?
      No referendum will change that.

  7. This truly is incredibly boring and embarrassingly awful for Collins.

    The country has three official languages, seems sensible for the term in each to be official. For Māori if not Aotearoa what else? A transliteration of the name “New Zealand”? Consulting an online Māori dictionary entry for the term “New Zealand”, Niu Tīrani/Niu Tīrene appears to be such a transliteration. A name other than a bare transliteration with associated history is more meaningful.

    I find the visceral scrutiny of the Māori term for this land peculiar. If anything the name “New Zealand” deserves scrutiny for its peculiarities. Considering Tasman referring to here as “Nieuw Zeeland” the term “New Sealand” would make more sense or “New Zeeland”. How is the Danish island of Zealand in anyway relevant to this land?

    It wouldn’t be surprising to hear next of a crusade by Collins for Māori to be rejected as an official language.

    I disagree the Left is blessed with such an inept opposition. If the opposition was effective perhaps we would be blessed with some actual progress towards addressing meaningful issues instead of a government comfortably coasting along doing practically nothing.

    Then again there appears to be a devoted adherence to a cult of meaninglessness in this country, reflected across the political spectrum.

    • Yep in a Post Graduate Paper I did at Auckland University, Maori referred to New Zealand a Nui Tirini, I think we should have a Referendum on NUI TIRINI as that is the true Maaori translation of New Zealaand. Maaori originally referred to the North Island as Aotearoa.

  8. Maori is an official language.
    Aotearoa is the Maori word for New Zealand.

    What’s the issue?

  9. Good point , the under 50s somehow know more history than us old hoaries in this matter. I’ve just been expressing my appreciation of ‘our’ National on Fbook. They are not anti-rational like the Oz Right (re climate change), nor that and anti-democratic with the Republicans.

  10. Can I give the Maori view of the name Aotearoa. About 1200 years ago, Kupe followed the migratory birds and whales (along Kermadec Trench and East Auckland Current) towards their settling places. Kupes wife first sighted the cliffs and clouds of a land mass and exclaimed “Aotea” meaning a white cloud. This is Great Barrier Is of course. Kupe landed at Aotea and later saw the mainland which was covered in a long lines of cloud hence the name Aotearoa – Long white cloud. Kupe eventually found a safe entrance to the mainland and landed at Te Whitianga a Kupe and named an area at north end of Buffalo Beach as Taputapuatea after a sacred marae site on Raiatea, Hawaiiki, Tahiti. Perhaps Duncan Garner and Leah Panapa should undertake a little research before they embarrass themselves with their views.

    • I would like for any new govt, of whatever stripe or combo, before they began their new accession, to universally commit to respecting and protecting the land and the water of Aotearoa. This should be unequivocal, an absolute. Thereafter it should underpin every other law that was passed.

        • It is meant to be above and beyond all Parties. It needs to be our foundation – the land on which we live. Without our land, without our water, we have nothing. If they are sold off, so are we. If they are degraded, so are we all.

  11. It’s always going to be New Zealand for me. I am very proud of my ancestors

    If people want to call NZ by another name go ahead, I have no problem with that either

    win win

  12. You cannot possibly conceive that one of the reasons Labour is getting hammered in the polls is *because* of all this ‘Aotearoa’ nonsense?

    Nobody has a democratic mandate to change the constitution and Labour didn’t even campaign on it. So why not have a referendum on this, 3 Waters, Maori wards and a bunch of other things and let’s see exactly where we stand?

    • I actually agree with you on one part of that – I do think that the WATER biz needs much closer studying before they go further with it.

  13. Collins is a disaster. She know she is toast so she does what she wants now without thinking. Must be her idea of fun…her 5 minutes of powerplay….

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