Dear Wokies, it’s over- the Edgeler has spoken! No hate speech purge for you!


Soz lol cat wokies, no Hate Speech purge for you, the Edgeler has spoken!

Soz Spin-off and stuff subscribers, Wellington Twitterati, the woke, middle class identity politic micro aggression policers , 4th wave feminists and trans ally mummy bloggers, you can’t get your hate speech laws to start a purge because the great legal mind that is Graeme Edgeler, he who must be obeyed when it comes to legal rights (and my lawyer against the State in their illegal breach if my civil rights) has come out against this Hate Speech law.

Watcha gonna do wokies??? You can’t cancel The edgeler! There’s no action station petition to remove him, he can’t be cancelled!

He is of course correct, the activist woke want to weaponize Hate Speech laws so they can immediately begin a purge against anyone who has disagreed with them on social media in the last 5 years, Police will be swamped with complaints and will be under political pressure to start prosecuting.

With the Maori Party pushing for a secret police force to hunt down white supremacists based on woke narking, the danger that the NZ Police could seize the Hate Speech law and start an unofficial Stasi is a genuine concern.

Police are already champing at the bit with illegal face recognition mass surveillance powers, they can’t believe their luck at the rising demands from Hate Speech mania.

The activist woke see hate speech laws as a weapon to smash those they hate by manufacturing threats the way they did with a Rachel Stewart.

So imagine 5000 complaints in the first month of the hate speech law passing.

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If Police don’t take any complaints to prosecution that will start a new wave of criticism from the woke that Police aren’t protecting them from hate.

But what if Police actually see this as a unique opportunity to gain more power and resources.

Police could say to Jacinda, ‘Look Prime Minister, we would love to arrest all those hateful people saying hateful things, but there are so many complaints, we need extra resources”.

Police could argue for more resources to arrest more people from the tsunami of woke complaints.

Suddenly an operating Stasi to hunt down hate speech gets specific funding and infrastructure and before we know it, Police are incentivizing triggered millennials to make Police complaints to keep the entire madness going.

The unintended consequences of this Hate Speech law continue to mutate.

Throwing someone in jail for 3years using a law defined by the police is not a liberal progressive democracy no matter how noble the life goals!

The speed and glee with which the Woke are demanding the criminalization of speech means the knock impacts are being ignored.

What about inadvertently creating more radicalization?

Why has NO ONE asked if this heavy handed over the top approach will actually generate more radicalization?

Won’t we be inadvertently creating a thousand new radical recruits by allowing Woke activists to play out all their revenge fantasies by constantly demanding Police investigate everyone they hate?

We recently saw the woke have a racist dickhead sacked from his job. What happens when that creates a radicalized backlash and pushes desperate people into acts of violence?

Why is everyone so excited about gaining powers that inadvertently cause the very radicalization the woke claim they are fighting?

It’s because this isn’t about social policy, it’s a revenge fantasy for the woke to hurt those they disagree with.

Woke justice has already cut 9% from Labour, let’s not allow the woke on Twitter mutilate Jacinda now!

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  1. The true irony here is the reason why we need to fear more funding for police stasi tactics. All this crap is allegedly in response to the Christchurch shooting. The shooting happened because the police did not have adequate funding to do the firearms licence vetting properly, thus allowing an evil bugger to legally get firearms he had no business owning. A conspiracy theorist might suggest the firearms vetting was deliberately allowed to get very soft to allow a mass shotting and thereby end up gaining for more state power. Personally I believe it was incompetence every step of the way. As recently as 2018 the Government and police tried to loosen the firearms laws even more than they already were… not a happy ending. And now we live in fear.

    • the police did not have adequate funding

      The depletion of funding for our police began under the Nat govt, and guess who was Police Minister… one Ms Collins. It got so bad that some rural police stations had to close up shop. Kaitaia, for example, had to close down at night completely. If you have been there, you will know how isolated it can feel at times, and that was at a time when poverty and homelessness were growing incredibly fast. It was not a quiet, peaceful place. At one point, if you needed police help at night, cops had to come up from Whangarei! …Through the Mangamuka gorge, which was washed out recently and closed for months.

      So, in the first budget of the new Labour govt they began to improve the situation. Herald 17 May 2018, 300M boost commended by police assoc

      However in their most recent budget, promised further increases were not there. Simeon shouted, “Atrocious!”, but it was still better than before (though not good enough imo).

    • The police still have huge problems and backlogs apparently for their gun licenses, so whatever millions the government gave to the woke, it doesn’t seem to have gone to a better and more efficient gun service as the honest gun owners can’t get licensed and every week there seems to be a street shooting, presumably with the growing disorder from unlicensed guns, the 13% rise in gangs, the 2.75m incentive for mobsters which shows crime does pay, and the missing meth, because in spite of the much celebrated joint stings police failed to recover any sizeable seizures of Meth from the NZ gangs! So doesn’t take a genius to work out the woke in the police don’t seem too interested in stopping the big Meth trade but more interested in pretending to be doing something for the media and easy revenue for the proceeds of crimes act, (now going to the mobsters). Like housing pretending doesn’t work very well as things just keep getting worse.

    • Ben if you watched the abbreviated submissions on tranche 2 you would have seen the industry guy pointing out police were only using half their budget for firearms actually on firearms and using the rest elsewhere- he was quickly shut down as this was supposedly going to be part of the Royal commission , which was subsequently buried entirely from the public.

      • The whole thing stinks. In 2018 The police tried to reduce the number of firearms vetters and centralise everything, so that the vetters would not have had the same personal contact with applicants. This was after Tarrant got his licence, when the system was already broken, and they wanted to save even more money by simplifying it even more. As you say, the funding that was menat for firearms was beng used elsehwere, but the reaon is often overlooked. It was because we had a world-leading licencing system that worked when applied properly. Australia since 1996 had a far, far more restrictive firearms system, but slightly higher firearms crime per capita, proving it was not the accesss to firearms that made criminals. Then after the shooting the police blamed all the shooters, in what can only be described as an extremely cynical (yet effective) effort to deflect blame for the failure of the police vetting system.

        I trust the average cop on the street, I know several and they are good guys. The higher the rank, the less trust they often deserve. It appears to be an organisation where promotion is easier if you have flexible morality.

  2. Well said Martyn! Bloody obvious isn’t it?

    The precedent has been set by Sadiq Khan and his hate speech police that run around the capital breaking down doors guilty of ‘wrong think’.

    Meanwhile knife crime soars in London

    Of course with SO many complaints, the Police would have to select the ones they addressed and so prompted by the government, you can bet they would follow up all the comments made about say, Muslims and basically none critical of Christianity. Not that I’m a Christian, but you know what I mean.

  3. Lol. You still hold out hope your former babysitter isn’t championing the wokeborg. Sorry Katniss Bradbury she is donkey deep in this madness. Once assimilated the wokeborg doesn’t give back.

  4. As I’ve said before, turn away from fighting ‘woke’. Push our great cause. Demo-cracy about reality.

  5. wow, just saw this on NewsHub, it’s a link to a TikTok video of an NZ police officer warning ‘street preachers’ about “hate speech”:

    Though the officer seemed nice enough, his use of the terms “hate speech” and “incite” lead me to believe this is a sign of things to come.

    Interestingly during the video, someone remarks; ‘the hate speech law hasn’t come in yet’. I understand many ‘street preachers’ [whom actually often preach A FORM of blasphemy] are a nuisance, especially if they have a sound systems and are on a busy thoroughfare..

    Maybe a noise control issue? Were they blocking access somehow? Regardless, it was predicable police would use hate speech laws like this, yet many predicted they’d wait for the “hate speech” laws to pass.. indeed the sharks are already circling.

    On YouTube there are many videos of groups of armed police turning up at Kiwi homes to do ‘thought checks’. The police in such videos don’t exhibit high interpersonal or mental health skills.. and why show up unannounced, armed-to-the-teeth?

    Police need to file charges against people in NZ to keep staff employed in the justice-system/sector. As NZ has become an anarcho-tyranny, police are only interested in certain crimes and only if committed against certain people.

    It’s risky going after violent offenders. It’s time consuming solving crimes like theft – even IF it prevents future offending. What an opportunity – “HATE SPEECH” laws are~!! Now the police can focus solely on solving crime for a select few.

    If the courts/Ministry-of-Justice/lawyers/whatever are running low on funds/customers/whatever, the police can just turn on their social-media scanning tools and charge as many people with ‘hate speech’ as is ‘necessary’ to prevent unemployment.. while funneling ever more police resources to those benefiting from this anarcho-tyranny.

    Pretty safe scanning social-media for ‘hateful comments’.. but where on the internet would you ever find anybody being hateful?

    The future of policing in NZ = Click and Collect.

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