Everyone angry at climate change must now blockade every All Black test match


Every Kiwi concerned by the existential threat from catastrophic climate change must look to the 40th year anniversary of Springbok tour to inspire a 6 year campaign of civil disobedience against every All Blacks match now they’re sponsored by environmental vandals INEOS.

As we remember the Springbok Tour, we must seek inspiration in their civil disobedience because now the All Blacks are sponsored by a company as destructive as petrochemical giant Ineos, we have no choice but to blockade and shut down every single All Black match held in NZ for the next 6 years.

We can not allow a team like the All Blacks be used to greenwash the environmental genocide a company like Ineos creates.

This must not stand!


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  1. When professional rugby came along it was the beginning of the end, for me. I won’t pay to watch any rugby on principle. It’s our game, or was. Now just a bottomless pit of money and corruption with players half killing themselves to fulfill contracts. I love the AB’s but selling NZ’s soul to stinking overseas corporations is close to the last straw for me. Count me in.

    • Agree, Greenbus, I’m ambivalent if the rugby is on now days, too much horse trading and crap in the professional game. Feels less and less like a national team.

      The other big turn off for me was John Key on the magazine cover and a couple of great players but non rocket scientists lecturing on who to vote for (Nats).
      I won’t boycott tho, I’ll stay in my state of meh.

  2. So we got rid of alcohol and tobacco sponsors but now we have environmental vandal sponsors.

    • Fun how all the world’s worst people with money spend to hide their fealty to R’lyeh, worship of Cthulhu, and adherence to the traditional religious precept of “No Lives Matter” as given by dead Cthulhu himself.

  3. Bread and circuses (but without the bread). That’s all this dysfunctional LINO government is capable of…maintaining a long tradition of dysfunction and eco-vandalism that goes back decades.

    Oh, there is one other thing our political leaders are capable of: perpetual lying to the masses in order to keep their snouts in the public feeding trough a little longer.

    Not that any other political is any better than LINO: worse-than-useless clowns and criminals, the whole lot of them.

    But as for getting the dumbed-down masses to see how shockingly bad the politicians are -good luck with that. I’ve been trying for 20 years and have got nowhere.

    So now the dumbed-down mases are about to face the consequences of their own stupidity -of failing to become informed about anything of significance and for repeatedly voting for criminals and clowns.

    By the way Martyn, it’s not ‘climate change’: it’s Planetary Meltdown at the fastest rate in geological history, by a huge margin.

    ‘Past extinction events took hundreds of thousands to millions of years to play out, but our current rate of change is 25,000 times faster than the last known event (Paleocene Thermal Extinction) which took a million years for CO2 to increase by 100ppm. We are on track to reach 1000ppm within a century, but we’ll never get there of our own volition because our civilization will be toast long before then; however, once tipping points in the climate system are breached, positive feedback loops will have been set in motion that will propel CO2 levels upward beyond our control. For instance, the Amazon is now emitting more carbon than it is absorbing. In an interview four years ago, Dr Ward gave this warning:

    “…we really are going to have unintended consequences and much more rapid heating than even the models say — for the simple reason that the [IPCC] models are highly conservative, too conservative.”


  4. Martyn
    Last I checked, the All Blacks are ‘owned’ by all us, all of New Zealand. Not just the Greenies. In fact, I doubt that Greenies can bring themselves to have any fun…like watching the game with a cold beer in hand – after all, that would take 2 hours out of their valuable ‘outrage’ schedule. So yeah, good on the ABs for stitching up sponsors who want to plough money into sport to make in feasible. We should have a public referendum to see if most of the AB supporters care who sponsors them…or maybe not, eh?

    • Martyn
      Last I checked, the All Blacks are ‘owned’ by all us, all of New Zealand. ??? surely you jest sir. Not for a very very veeerrryyy long time. If you still think of the all blacks as a national team you are dreaming.

  5. What shocked me was that fact the All Blacks CHARGE cities up to 1.2 million to host their games?!


  6. So, do we stop using products INEOS produces?


    I see elsewhere: “More than 70% of the plastic used in automobiles comes from four polymers: polypropylene, polyurethane, polyamides and PVC.” Do I stop using my EV if I find it has components made with products from INEOS?

  7. Lol. Grunter and the Blairite will still use every opportunity to hang with the team even though they declared a climate emergency. No one does hypocrisy like a corporate sports team.

  8. NZ’s rugby team no longer represents NZ.. It works for the fossil fuel industry now.. The NZRU really need to find someone who wasn’t a front row forward to think for them.. Oh, btw, fuck you rugby NZ.

  9. I’m struggling to think of to many financially capable sponsors that won’t have some issue with either climate change or chemicals we don’t like. Once again there’s different grades of bad. The bad we see and the bad we don’t. I’ve done no homework here because I don’t need too. The natural products we use are most likely using plastic containers or wrapping. Just one example. Why are we so blind to this. If a disposable nappy company sponsored the ABs would there be the same reaction.

    • New view
      Interesting…different grades of bad. Grading things as ‘bad’ of course was invented by those who passively sit on the sidelines, as opposed to those who got down a dirty and building progress and productivity. Ie. You’d never find a Greenie who would have worked on an oil rig would you. Or built a highway. Or a car. Or anything.

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