Farmers and banks – the deadly duo destroying our country


I’m happy to see farmers taking protest action as part of having their say in a democracy.

But the saddest thing about Friday’s farmer protest is that while farmer complaints are unjustified, the government will bend over backwards yet again, will water down planned environmental protections further and extend the timelines for compliance. We’ve seen this too many times before. Gutless governments refusing the challenge farmer ignorance and arrogance head on.

When interviewed on TV after the protests Agriculture Minister Damien O’Connor, who has always been a foot-dragger on environmental protection policies, has said his door is open to discuss farmer concerns. He says they want to work with farmers. Translation = we will backdown.

Listening to the “Groundswell” organisers of the protests its clear they are driven by a heady Trumpian mix of climate denial, visceral resentment of “their rights” to do whatever they want with “their land” being challenged and wilful ignorance for any concept of the common good.

They are living in a Maggie Thatcher world where there is no such thing as society – just individual rights and interests.

Far too many of them live in a self-delusional world where they believe they are “the backbone of the economy”, they are “carrying the rest of us” and we should be grovelingly grateful.

Meanwhile the rest of the country are paying for the environmental destruction caused by unsustainable farming practices which most farmers seem deeply reluctant to change. We are paying more than a billion dollars each year to subsidise their greenhouse gas emissions and hundreds of millions more to clean up our rivers, streams and lakes – most of which are not swimmable and some not even wadeable. And further down the track we will face horrendous costs to get nitrates out of our drinking water.

Farmers have known about these things for decades but most simply refuse to adapt and change. I think most of the rest of us are over it.

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Whenever there are droughts or floods, increasingly driven by climate change, we pour taxpayer money in to support them; whenever there’s a crisis like mycoplasma bovis hundreds of millions is expended to keep farmers afloat. Similarly with funding for the likes of agricultural research etc.

And meanwhile New Zealand farmers pay tax rates typical of most businesses and much lower than the rates paid by the migrant workers on low wages they employ. (That’s not the fault of farmers but the fault of governments who run the economy for the rich at the expense of the rest of us).

New Zealand farming practices have been unsustainable and environmentally destructive for many decades; it has now passed crisis point for all of us.

I feel sorry for young farmers who are in effect working for the big Australian banks to pay back huge mortgages. But that is the last reason anyone should give for the destruction and despoiling of our environment and stubborn ignorance of climate change.

However I suspect we won’t make much progress till farmers fear community condemnation for unethical farming practices more than they fear their bank managers.


    • One of the interesting things about this protest is it was NOT organized by a political party.
      The Nats and ACT tagged along at some of the meet ups by the sound of it, but they are observers.
      No sign of them at ours.
      This protest to me is about the rural urban divide, not asking for a license to pollute.
      There are issues, but they need genuine collaboration, not fines if the mud is too deep on Saturday and crops aren’t on Tuesday because it rained. Some of the rules are so dumb and clearly made up by a desk jockey with no clues.
      The Ute thing is only a few thousand bucks but what it represents is a fine on rural people to subsidize urban egos- extremely divisive.

      It will also be interesting to see if this protest grows in to a political movement, there were many thousands of rural people protesting across the country – this may be the start of a grass roots movement -excuse the pun, definitely not a National party rally.

      • The whole rally looked like, and smelt like, a Don Brash ‘Iwi – Kiwi’ moving tribute billboard. Right out of Judith Collins and her old mate Whaleoil’s dirty-politics’ playbook.

        Perpetuating New Zealand’s “Big Lie” and sowing division.

        National, ACT, Billy Te K and MSM are rallying around every grievance known to “real men” to attack Labour and Greens. It’s like a USA Tea Party, but this time, on the back polarising “big-lie” pickup trucks and utes.

        Sexist and political condescending attacks of the “Cindy –> Stalin”

        Racist trope signs on the back of the pickup truck & utes read ‘Stop ramming Maori language down our throats!”

        When is the planned storming of the Beehive scheduled for? Matariki? Waitangi Day? Will ‘real proud-boy’ protestors be riding on the backs of tractors, up the steps of Parliament, like they did when they protested the “Fart Tax”?

        Will Judith crush the tractors, that were driving illegally on NZ roads. Don’t think so!

        Apartheid Judith, Cameron and Don, the stale white privileged faces of dirty, racist, sexist politics.

        Divide Kiwis along rural or urban lines.
        Vaccine, or tin-foil-hat solutions.
        Separate left or right sides of the political watershed.
        Apartheid choice of kiwi-iwi.
        Climate or cows.
        Women have choice, of swandris, or maternity bras.
        Water for Kiwis to swim in, or for cows to swim in.
        Guns for farmers and hunters, or guns for gangs.

        National are distilling New Zealanders again into binary choices. Dividing us again, like Trump and Bannon did in USA, and Iwi-Kiwi Brash tried decades ago.

        It needs to stop.

      • Provincial towns swung to labour, some might swing back but Farmers compaining about Green Tail wagging the labour dog are laughable when they themselves being only a few percent of pop are trying to wag the Gov dog LOL

  1. Saw an article about how uber eats, were they were wailing that they can’t find enough drivers to deliver the takeaway meals. As well as that this discourse seems to be related to increasing foreign soft power in the Pacific, it showed a mountain of plastic of undelivered orders… something is wrong here, when government is supposed to find cheap workers from overseas for overseas companies workforce who are not paying taxes in many cases, so that more people can die of obesity! And that is what the government is being constantly lobbied about!

    While I don’t think the current farmers bug bear of ute tax is a big thing in the scheme of things, I think farmers have been scapegoated and undermined (like all the other attack groups, aka apparently landlords and zoning were the biggest problem for woke and right wingers, they got rid of both and seem to have quadrupled their previous problems because that was never the root cause). Now the attack on farmers, will drive similar problems aka sell off of NZ owned food to be an expensive, non nutritious, fake monopoly like the US and China.

    NZ builders and farmers can’t get logs and wood now in NZ that we produce due to insufficient stock, the only thing not nailed down up for sale, is the rest of NZ farms and land! Sold to the new ‘kiwis’ who also get kiwi residence with each purchase and can start claiming the corporate benefits ASAP!

    • The tax seems unfair, as there are no alternatives yet for them to buy anything electric. And then is an electric vehicle really that much more environmentally friendly or is it just a greenwash for some wokists to pretend that they are saving the planet with their huge new EV cars whose battery can not be recycled.
      And looking at Germany/Holland/Belgium (all countries with high public transport use, high use of bicycles, cars with catalytic converters etc) and feel confident that James Shaw taxpayer funded future EV is gonna save the world?

      • Shaw and his Europe centered view is destroying NZ’s Green Party. The man is geographically illiterate, a non farmer , doesn’t drive and thinks we will have hydrogen fuel cell powered vehicles in a few years time. He is ignorant and uninformed and has NEVER consulted in any meaningful way with the Energy Industry.Hydrogen fuel technology is a by product of the Nuclear Industry. James hasn’t noticed yet but neither Aussie nor NZ has one of those oh and also the cost is prohibitive. Aussie has estimated it will cost $400 billion annually to power up a quarter of their truck fleet with hydrogen fuel cells. But wait there is more there is no waste recycling plan from our government or the witless energy illiterate Greens as to where all these batteries are going to be recycled/ disposed of? Also no costings or even a whisper about the cleanup of Marsden Point. A great chunk of which is still Maori land.No plans for a biofuel industry or plan for a mandatory amount of biofuel to lower emissions for vehicles like nadah zilch zero. Plenty of divide and rule istraction communication from the PM so we won’t notice the Hate Speech neo-facism .

        • +1 Shona

          Where are batteries are going to be recycled/ disposed of?… Dome Valley of course along with other international toxic waste of the Pacific to create toxic landfill and pollute the Kaipara. Look at Europe the rivers are breaking their banks and so climate change is creating systems that the so called experts are not predicting.

          Agree hydrogen power is not a goer, it needs power to create it and you lose 80% of energy to get to the end point so is very inefficient and there is little demand.

        • In addition hydrogen energy is a green house gas and can not go along traditional pipes, when compressed for travel it loses most of it’s efficiency or need chlorine to stop it leaking …. it really is not a good solution!

        • Shona, hydrogen is mostly made by steam reforming of gas, so very polluting, not from nuclear energy. Hydrogen has to be made, and the only true green way to do it is via electrical power splitting water. At present there isn’t a huge global demand for hydrogen. In NZ it seems mostly a sop to Taranaki in return for ‘banning’ exploration. Really NZ politicians don’t seem to understand where the energy sector is heading. Cars, busses, trains and light/medium trucks will all be electric. As will construction machinery. Long distance shipping and planes will likely be electro-fuels i.e. synthetic fuel made using abundant electricity and processes like the Sabatier reaction to synthesise longer and longer chain hydrocarbons from atmospheric CO2.

      • Even when the power system is 100% coal, EV’s still save money and reduce emissions because they are 80% efficient (total system from generation to wheel) versus around 25% for cars (well to wheel).

  2. Agree it’s the fault of the Government particularly the present one who are all about protecting the wealthy.
    NZ farming practices are the envy of many countries in the world.
    Major subsidies were withdrawn.
    To quote from Jim Anderson’s speech notes for an address to the Californian Farm Bureau July 2007.
    “We can boast not only the most efficient farm process – but also standards of social conditions as high as anywhere in the world, and the cleanest environmental conditions in the world.”
    Since then we have made further advances and will continue to do so.
    That does not signal to me a reluctance to change.

  3. Where is pollution coming from (sunset business heavily subsidised by taxpayers, for the most part for billionaire business), and why do the woke not want to acknowledge that or the difference between intensive multinational farming and sustainable local farming?

    Rio Tinto

    Documents reveal government offered to pay millions to Rio Tinto

    Dairy firm wants ocean wastewater outfall

    Harbour of doubt: The tiny creek that drains Auckland of its waste
    “St Lukes mall, one of the single biggest contributors of sewage into Meola, and likely among the biggest overflow points in the country.”

    No plan to tackle environmental degradation by increased tourism – Commissioner

    NZ Government Secretly Funded Water Bottling Companies

    Nice to see the government has no problem ripping off consumers though while giving hand outs to offshore polluters.
    Way to be cleared for big electricity players to prey on low-income households

    NZ Power Companies are not even Compliant under EU and US Laws!

    “A dam illegally constructed in an Auckland Council reserve is set to be lowered before Christmas, but not removed
    The impact of an illegally-constructed dam has been described by the Environment Court as “critical” for New Zealand’s most endangered bird but its removal will be a slow process, with the company which built it unlawfully setting most of the terms.”

    Waihi runs out of water, council distributing water bottles

    Appeals against Chinese water bottling plant dismissed

    EPA grants drilling and discharge consent for Otago coast to oil and gas company OMV

    “Directors of Tamarind Taranaki, the New Zealand business of a Malaysian oil and gas producer say the company “may be insolvent”.

    EPA’s ‘inappropriate’ reaction to student’s speech

    Palm oil giant Wilmar goes to full control of Goodman Fielder

    TRONW MEDIA RELEASE – Te Rūnanga o Ngāti Whātua To File An Appeal On Dome Valley In The Environment Court

    Watch: Consent allowing for 20 billion litres of water to be extracted bought by Chinese investors

    Exclusive: Annual consumption of plastic bottles is set to top half a trillion by 2021, far outstripping recycling efforts and jeopardising oceans, coastlines and other environments

    (Great business destroying the planet, you buy up water bottling (huge polluter) and then buy up waste management companies to be paid to pollute the land to bury the waste your country created in the first place with help from NZ government!). Thanks NZ government (Sarcasm) for allowing this to happen under our so called environment laws! NZ government can get rid of freedom of speech and pest control for guns and no warrant surveillance, but apparently hands are tied to stop major pollution and stupidity on water with our laws! (and nobody is buying a ‘restructure’ for water control as helping, change the laws not committees for the control of the water!)

  4. Yes ironic isn’t it, John, that the name Thatcher is more than likely derived from someone who put a roof over people’s heads yet her policies and the policies of her followers are doing the exact opposite to the large proportion of the population.

  5. Yes ironic isn’t it, John that the name Thatcher is more than likely derived from someone who put a roof over people’s heads yet her policies and the policies of her followers are doing the exact opposite to the large proportion of the population.

  6. It is all part of the divide between groups caused by this government. It is interesting when Maori protest in Northland against the lose f control of their land they get support from Greens but when Pakeha farmers on the West Coast do the same think James Shaw calls them trouble makers.

  7. Jacinda=Stalin eh?
    In that case why is not all New Zealand land owned by the state and worked by farm collectives?

    If New Zealand really is a Stalinist state farmers are marching down city streets carrying huge portraits of Jacinda and shouting ‘Long live Aunt Jacinda! God bless the mother of our nation!’
    Labour Camps are full of ex-wealthy farmers and bank managers rising before dawn to plant trees, repair railway lines and do all manner of useful public work.
    Extra rations and privileges for people who inform on their neighbours for ‘”çounterJacinda’ speech and actions.
    No more problem with gangs or drug dealing. The specialist police teams have eliminated them without time wasting legal procedures.
    Having lived in a place where there is a genuinely oppressive government I feel some of these rural Joe Hunts need to get some perspective.

  8. Be careful because the attacks seem to be driving us to this model and it doesn’t seemed to have helped out housing to get rid of Mums n Dads landlords and investors and replace them by international business who seem to be getting millions of subsidies while quadrupling the price of housing and polluting the country with construction waste and carbon emissions!

    NZ Food and water assets being sold/given away , at the rate of NZ housing price escalation helped by the stupid woke and right wingers believing the lobby groups that are heavily lobbying for themselves (like climate change)!

    Happened overseas and US seems be be losing the battle!

    Investigation shows scale of big food corporations’ market dominance and political power
    “A handful of powerful companies control the majority market share of almost 80% of dozens of grocery items bought regularly by ordinary Americans, new analysis reveals.”

    In NZ there are signs that multinational companies and/or private equity are taking over NZ farms and farming practises which are highly polluting. The reason that they need foreign farm workers, is that they don’t farm the land themselves, are farming unsustainably, and driving the need for foreign workers to come into NZ to work for them. Previously local farmers farm the land themselves without the need for external staff. (NZ taxpayers pay for the risks, health care, schooling, welfare subsidies of the foreign farm workers etc in the new model)

    United States citizens and companies are buying up New Zealand land for farming, forestry and wine-making, an RNZ analysis reveals.

    While Chinese interests seem to hold the majority interests of NZ’s largest companies and expanding from Silver Fern Farms, Comvita, water bottling, Wrightsons, Milk NZ, Westland Milk, NEW ZEALAND KING SALMON INVESTMENTS LIMITED (ultimate holding company registered in Virgin Islands with Callander Group Limited) and this practise of NZ façadism disguises the true identity of the true owners, who often live elsewhere or have been handed NZ citizenship/PR recently.

  9. Yes the whole capitalist system is based on fractional reserve lending and the banks ultimately pushing up property prices, just as in residential real estate, NZ farm value is based on speculative value for the last decades not its productive value.
    This means in order to farm, it is necessary for many to push the limits of productive capacity to pay the mortgage. Practically this means higher stocking rates and more fertilizer and irrigation.
    It’s a fight to make mortgage payments and hopefully sell with decent capital gain. NZ had been farming capital gain for some time.

    This becomes a problem when some corporate farmers extract maximum dollar with no direct connection with the land they farm.
    The vast majority of farmers know they are farming their topsoil and look after it.
    There are countless thousands of trees not being counted in emission schemes across our farms.
    I ask you in your cities of concrete with no forests , pumping your shit in to the sea, unable to swim on your beaches or eat the shellfish or swim in your own toxic rivers, who gets to preach here? How many billions of liters of water is Auckland taking from the Waikato River to continue its unsustainable growth? Building landfills for foreign toxic waste in your own water catchment?

    We all need to do our bit, what that doesn’t mean is buying a cheaper electric car and pointing the finger at the guys in the country helping you pay for it.
    This government is the most divisive we have ever had, don’t buy in to the divide and conquer.

  10. it is all good, the EV cars will safe us.
    Surely someone will do a write up of the selfish pricks in towns that use single serve private transport aka car mon – fri for work (cause puplic transport is for suckers and poor people), that will then use that same car to pull a boat several hundred kilometers to go speed boating on a river/lake, that pull mountain bikes several hundred kilometres to go ‘biking’ and such.
    Farmers are just pone part of the puzzle, in the meantime there are some 3 million people that drive a gasoline car to the dairy for some milk, flush several times while using the toilet, shower and bath with huge water usages etc.
    I don’t get it why intelligent people pick one part of society and pick on that as if that one part was the issue. And it would also be nice to make a clear distinction between farmer and industrial farming. Or is that too hard. Heck i am not even a farmer. But still, can the so called left just have a moment and check on themselves and their wokeness and realize that they themselves are also to blame, after all, cars, boats, mountainbikes, big tv, a new phone every few month, sport fishing – surely someone will pay to pull the last fish out of the acid oceans are also part of the pile of rubbish left everywhere.

  11. Farmers destroying our economy? You sound just as OTT as the “Cindy Stalin” sign, Mr. Minto.

    And maybe you need to get out more. I know plenty of farmers who have voluntarily done good things to protect the environment, including covenanting patches of bush and establishing riparian protection on their land.

    • You may know some but honestly give us the percentage of farmers who are actually doing something without being told they have to. The fact is they have all those modern tractors with stupid signs on about a range of things that have nothing to do with the issues. The tractors @ $100,000 a pop will be written off. Another win win for farmers. Show me the wage worker that can use this system.

      • Many of those tractors are WELL north of 100k, more in the $250k range. Makes arguing about an additional 8k for a ute seem very disingenuous, especially when they should be a business purchase so tax deductible.
        Really the ‘ute tax’ rubbish is just bitching about change (EV’s) that these dinosaurs don’t want to happen because they are climate warming deniers. To them this is all nonsense and should be removed now so they can keep doing what they have always done, right up until the moment they are driven into irrelevance by climate catastrophes and artificial milk and meat (change that is blindingly obvious to all but denialists and farmers).

        • Nukefacts you are reverting to trite stereotyping.
          Expensive tractors are owned by the bank.
          Dairy farming In NZ – for all its negatives-especially, is world leading in accepting new innovation and technology, if clean tech can be used efficiently on farm it will be adopted, but has to make economic sense.

          But you can’t wave a legal stick over when someone can put crops in the ground- what if it hasn’t rained for 3 months and it’s too dry? What if it’s too wet? You can’t legislate the weather. Animals starve or farmers go bust if nothing gets planted.

          And do you expect farmers to sit by and lose land at the stroke of a bureaucrats pen as a SNA, especially when it might only be still be there because they planted/fenced/predator controlled it?
          Is that fair?

          It’s an easy, lazy cancel culture technique to cry “denial” and not examine the issues.

          • Just an observation based on your statement “what if it hasn’t rained for 3 months and it’s too dry? What if it’s too wet? You can’t legislate the weather.” No but the govt will handout money for farmers to help them over those periods. This has happened many times before so to imply govt against farming is exaggerated.

            Just this week with all the flooding the govt will be handing out money to those in need, including farmers

          • “Expensive tractors are owned by the bank”

            Shouldn’t farmers be protesting against bank policies. Sounds like they put more stress on farmers than a 8k tax.

            I dont understand why farmers dont create their own banks with special rates for farm purchases instead of feeding these greedy OZ banks.

    • “I know plenty of farmers who have voluntarily done good things to protect the environment,”.. and so do I, but that doesn’t counter the weight of the rest of them who aren’t.. It really is that simple… Once again, the debate reduces to name calling and utterly self serving drivel.. I despair of this country sometimes.. The obsession with driving ourselves all off that cliff is pathological it seems… What I witnessed was a willful act of intimidation, and therefore utterly unacceptable behavior from “responsible, mature” adults.. Waffle all you like. It just makes you, and your fellow colonial apologists irrelevant..

      • “you, and your fellow colonial apologists …”

        Looks like you’re a creative type, Stefan. I’m not sure how you pull that out of my brief comment.

        But you seem to have proved yourself right about one thing: “Once again, the debate reduces to name calling”.

  12. What I don’t get is; these clowns were allowed to drive unregistered, with no licence plates and without wof’s tractors on a public highway!
    They didn’t get one ticket! Like the lycra lot in Auckland on the Harbour Bridge a month ago!
    One thing I noticed was that they were not Maori, because if they were, I can guarantee you that they definitely would have been arrested, ticketed and trespassed in a court!

    • Tractors and farm machinery are legally able to use the road without a WOF or COF if travelling at less than 40kmph – the ethnicity of the drivers is irrelevant regarding the legality of driving these vehicles provided that they have at least a class 1 licence

  13. Denny recent traffic violations by gangs resulted in no infringement notices being issued.
    I have empathy for your feelings on the lycra mob.

    • Wrong John. They had Warranted and Registered and licenced bikes.
      It’s the Polices fault for not ticketing them for an offence which obviously there wasn’t.

      But, the Billion Dollar Lycra Mob-Dance posse from Grey Lynn. What a fuck’n joke!

  14. Denny, really enjoy your posts but here you’re upset about the wrong thing. Most mass protests have a bit of lawlessness about them. So what. Who cares. Tell us what you think of the farmers’ motives? Why are farmers so upset? Why is NZ now hating on farmers, lead by Labour and the hypocrites called Greens? By world standards are our farmers really such bad bad bad polluters? Have the sanctimonious woke social media urbanites ever stepped into a river? Let all swum in one? Can they even swim? Will they really give up their real trim latte and drink synthetic latte? Is NZ being taken over by overzealous righteous Wellington administrators who are neither productive nor industrious?
    All these questions…

      • carrot v stick. Give the farmers incentives to comply rather than whack them with fines for non compliance. Incentivise riparian planting, incentivise winter housing of stock to separate rain from shite, do this rather than set up a prohibitive regulatory system for box ticking zealot job worths.

    • Well I used to swim at Coes Ford in the lower Selwyn River in the early 90’s and float down (sometimes swim up it) the river with my pack & Rifle when I was in the Army. The Lower Selwyn was also for good for eels & was once described as one of world’s best Brown Trout Fisheries in the world. I took court less visitors from the UK to the Selwyn to fish prior to heading into the Alps to fish or hunt if fish weren’t bite etc. Nowadays you can’t even swim or fish because of the state of the river from dairy farming in the Selwyn River Catchment

  15. Anyone reproducing is the problem. Imagine how many future humans (including their pollution) can be caused by having one kid. Literally, Billions. Each person should be provided a CO2 allowance at birth. Have one kid and you can only use a cycle and not fly on planes. Have none and you can drive what you want and travel where you want because you could never come close to the damage that selfish parent has caused. The ignorant (boomer types) cannot see this for what it is, they think they should have their cakes and eat it. This mentality was caused through successive governments pandering to them like spoilt brats. Zero reproduction will save the planet, nothing else.

  16. But how seriously can National be taken by farmers when they have David Bennett as their agriculture shadow spokesperson? He’s a clown – just listen to his puerile interjections at QT in Parliament.
    If she is any judge of talent at all, Bennett may well be high on JC’s list to join Smith and Muller.

  17. If the NACTZ and Judith cant gain 10% in next polls after the National Party Rally on Friday supported by all the old boomers and has- been radio and TV talk back hosts and commentators going orgasmic and salivating over their microphones and old nanny herald with its has been scribes, Judith and NACTZ will be dog tucker.

    I dont know of anyone who hates farmers its only raised by the tories and right wing media (and farmers themselves). Most of us in the cities have had some farming background. I can see NACTZ dirty politics being brought out next year.

    As said above The unregistered tractors (and cyclists on Harbour Bridge) were not ticketed. The mongrel mob in BOP and Auckland were photographed and ticketed the next day.

    Note how media was concentrated on these hillbillies while Jacinda was hosting a meeting of the 3 most powerful leaders and economic powers in the world and others. Thank you Jacinda for keeping us safe and thanks Winston for siding with Jacinda. Aotearoa has been lucky alright – lucky Seymore and Judith and their useless Tory members of Parliament weren’t in Government.

  18. There was a guy back in the 1970’s down Invercargill way, who developed an internal combustion engine that ran on water. In a Mini car. They even showed it on telly. I watched it as about a 12 year old and was intrigued. Years later , I understood it split the atoms of hydrogen and oxygen into two combustible gases,…using one or the other. It wasn’t long after the telly news article that it all went silent.

    Now I understand why it did go silent.

    And why wars are fought costing countless lives for better commercial opportunity’s and better mechanical amusements…

    The Last Samurai – Cpt. Nathan Algren show

    Now let me get back to my whisky.

  19. Sooo we ignore the cynical actions of Grunter and Beetroot to tart up the economy during covid and blame the banks 100%. If the government didn’t doll out the cash a lot of the mess we appear to be heading towards doesn’t occur.

  20. ‘Farmers and banks – the deadly duo destroying our country’

    A deadly duo indeed.

    But of the two, the banks are far more deadly because they are operating a monstrous, fraudulent, global Ponzi scheme which is the process of rendering the Earth uninhabitable for most existing forms of life -including humans of course. And whereas farmers will cease to farm if economic or environmental conditions become too severe, nothing will stop the banks from operating their fraudulent Ponzi scheme because they can create money out of thin air and charge interest on it whenever they like.

    Indeed, the worse that the government makes everything (governments being agents of banks) the more likely banks are to utillise disaster capitalism to suck the last remnants of value from the land and the people -via their agents, the government.

    So. America is on fire, and the FIFTH heatwave is about to hit the western states.

    And all the hype about Covid ‘vaccinations’ turns out to be hype.

    Interesting times indeed, and getting more ‘interesting’ by the day.

    Interest rates -how unfortunate we have two meanings for the same word!- are on the rise. Mortgagee sales anyone?

    It won’t be the farmers who will benefit from mortgagee sales, will it?

    Not too long now till it all collapses.

  21. My observations from both the farmers and the public cheering the farmers on. And a sign being ripped out of a climate protestor’s hands. Speaks, that we the people have had enough of taxes lying and a very iffy pseudo climate science formed to fit a political agenda to get more money out of us and asking us to give up more. well, finally we the people have had enough. And at future protests against the climate green agenda more of us normal kiwis are going to push back.

    In case you cannot join the dots. Climate change and the totally incredulous figures people are waving around is a lie. And it is a lie that has sucked in many of the stupid and morons.

  22. Unsustainable farming practices is indeed the undeniably truth where they burn thousand acres of land to rid the crops creating haze within the country for weeks yet nothing has been done personally I think government has to make amends with each other to find solution for both party

  23. New Zealand farming practices have been unsustainable and environmentally destructive has been a undeniably truth burning down and destroying acres of land has been detrimental to the environment personally I think the government and farmers should make deals for both party to be happy

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