1 Year of Judith Collins as National Party Leader and what do you get? Another year older and deeper in debt


So Judith has been in power for 1 year and what does she have to show for that 1 Year?

That her execution of Nick Smith and Todd Muller to ensure a naked Caucus majority shows a bloodlust for power that would make the average Great White Shark look fragile.

That her ham fisted Maori racist separatist crap just isn’t working because the majority of those under 50 know enough about past injustices to see cogovernance as a solution and not a collapse of the Westminster system of democracy.

That she is so desperate to stop David Seymour cannibalizing the vote on her right she’s begging Don Brash to help her.

If she is so desperate for power that she will reanimate the unholy political corpse of Don Brash back from the crypt, it shows you ole Judith is in it to win it.

I mean if you’re prepared to open the race baiting Gates of Hades for mere personal advancement, that just means they don’t share your go getter attitude right?

Judith’s leadership is like Tinder for sociopaths.

They always swipe right.

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Her willingness to enter very cheap Faustian pacts is like a Warehouse bargain home brand Machiavellianess, in that it’s not very good but it’s very cheap.

This basic He Puapua racism shtick won’t appeal to anyone other than men over 50 who think calling the Prime Minister ‘Cindy’ is clever satire.

And National already have their votes.

Likewise the impressive Tractor protest, men in utes don’t vote Labour.

Judith is so focused on stopping David Seymour from becoming the Leader of the Opposition that she can’t be the Leader of the Opposition.

National have no policy announcements, no big ideas and no intellectual integrity.

But they do have Judith’s desire for power so she could slaughter National Party sacred cows with the ease of pulling Kauri out of a swamp.

Look at Jacinda’s assertion last week  that isolationist nationalism must be stopped and the globalist agenda continue.

What if Judith announces another Orewa Speech but this time gives the speech of her career?

What if she starts talking about re-reading some of Robert Muldoon’s books and speeches? What if Judith points out the reality of Covid isolationism and argues the case for Fortress NZ, spurning free market trade for a hyper vigilant border and self sufficient industry.

What if Judith proposed isolationism and self reliance? Imagine the titanic shift in the political tectonic plates as National went back to its Muldoon isolationism and nationalism.

A make NZ great again campaign without ever having to say those words.

Radical nationalism that seeks to protect all bypasses race and class lines. Judith goes from crusher to defender.

Such isolationism would squeeze ACT out while pulling the center out of Labour.

It’s a mad tactic that could ignite a deep sense of insecurity in a Covid plagued world with increasing climate crisis events.

The psyche of a people locked down is exploding with a surge in violence and abuse as frightened people grappling with uncertainty vent at each other.

A state that shuts the borders and promises the hope of self reliance and protection will be greedily rewarded.

Is Judith willing to slaughter that many current National Party sacred cows to reanimate Muldoon’s Think Big?

Could National win using Fortress NZ?

If Judith doesn’t think big soon, voters will be remembering little.

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  1. Couldn’t agree with you more Martyn, Collins is a dead loss. Take it from a right leaner.
    However, when you say National have no policy announcements. Do you expect them to announce them now? Even if they had ideas, voters are not in ‘idea absorption’ mode. It would be a total waste. Remember 2017…everything changed for Labour in the last few weeks. But yes, Collins is a disaster and don’t worry Martyn, she’s a gonner. On another note, talking about Fortress NZ, thus somewhat self-reliance. It would be difficult with the current mindset of NIMBYism. We don’t wann mine, drill for anything, have no industry and reduce farming. We were discussing the closure of our refinery at Marsden Point. I think it’s a MAJOR strategic mistake…to be totally reliant on refined fuel coming by tankers. It make us totally and utterly vulnerable to a perfect supply chain situation. Bad idea.

    • Even if they had ideas

      Too funny 🙂

      They’re searching… Gotta be an idea round here someplace…

  2. Oh, I get it: the opposition don’t like her. Keep her on then. If the Establishment (the leftists and their PR arm, aka the media) don’t like Collins, then she’s definitely on the right track. It would be concerning if this were not the case. Unless the former are having a fit over something “muh racist” or something “muh colonialism” then Collins is not doing her job.

    • Her own caucus doesn’t like her and certainly as P.M.. most of N.Z. don’t like her either. So to think she is on the right track may be a tad misguided or at the very least, hopeful.

      • “Her own caucus” need to be sent out to pasture as well, so I don’t think their alleged distaste for Collins is a problem either. Most of them may as well join Labour, such is their liberal worldview. National have been Labour-lite (but with more brains) for years now. Time to take the gloves off.

        • “National have been Labour-lite but with more brains” You may well be right about the first part but the more brains part you may need to offer just a smidgen of proof?

          • Sometimes you make me smile Bert. Just a bit. You say her caucus doesn’t like her but who do you hear that from. The media mmmm maybe but if they can make some news they will, you know that Bert. If Jacinda puts a foot wrong with Covid maybe some in her caucus won’t like her either. Leaders don’t do much. They certainly don’t write policy. Their biggest job is to stay popular, however useful that is. One thing Judith hasn’t had a chance at is being PM. Jacinda has. As a Right winger I’m still waiting for her completed achievements. Just one.

            • “As a Right winger I’m still waiting for her completed achievements.”

              Okay I’ll play your game.When you do hear it, where will you hear it from, thin air or the media? Everything that she has supposedly not achieved, where have you heard it, in the breeze or through the media?
              You are funny New View.

  3. I saw Judith Collins as an asset to the National Party when she initially became the leader. Unfortunately, I now see her as somewhat of a liability to the National caucus. The lack of policies, the sarcastic gestures, and general lack of deference for anyone in the National caucus except herself speak volumes about how it is currently being run. It is not making any rent whatsoever in Jacinda Ardern’s armour. Simply because a recent pill showed otherwise gives no indication of National’s potential success this far out from the next general election. Very dissatisfied with Collins’ efforts thus far and wish for better soon.

  4. Martyn, in the words of Judith herself, “you don’t get angry you get even”.
    Yes she is rotten to the core, she made the Chapel drop a few degrees in temperature when she entered to pray the election demons would not devour her, and the candles fluttered out as she walked by, casting no shadow upon the wall where the writing is. She will turn to look upon the polls and will be turned into a pillar of salt. The same salt that is in all those national party tears

  5. Excellent, and if a Keynesianist leader like Muldoon appeared, I would be tempted to vote for him or her in a heartbeat. Three decades of dead Thatcher, Reagan and Douglas AND Blairite Adern neo liberalism done and dusted.

    I’d take Muldoon any day.

    Heh heh haaa.

  6. National are too dispirited and depressed to take the obvious step to ditch Collins.
    The longer she remains leader the grimmer the prospects for National.

  7. The current labour tactic is to reinforce the narrative that National is a disorganized mess. This is being reinforced by their trained seals in the MSM. Accepting Bridges and Mitchell remain the balance of the caucus appear now to be on the same hymm sheet. This spells trouble for the Blairite unless she can ink out covid for another 18 months.

    If Britain the US and parts of Europe begin to live with covid and report significantly lower fatalities with a vaccinated population then this will force the political debate to move onto traditional topics such as housing, law and order, race relations, education and (non covid) Health. Given no traction nor results (outside of woke-based policy and frameworks) in these fields then that does tilt the playing field.

    Remember elections are lost NOT won.

      • Depends what you classify as doing well against a worldwide endemic virus. Unless you want to become a hermit nation for the next decade and confine an entire generation of young adults to not having right-of-passage and an OE experience along with economic stagflation; covid-19 will have to be re-introduced into (little) Aotearoa.

        If in 2 months time covid19 mortality in the UK remains at approx. 0.3% (lower than the season flu) then worldwide the pantomime is over. Then what for those (including the Blairite) in the covid cult? Imagine if 2023 is based off results and philosophies on the economy, law and order, race relations and education? What if the current government has to defend it’s results over the past 6 years?

    • Traditional topics was where National lost in 2017 pre covid. National have gone backwards since then, or like Key used to say “I can’t recall”

      Back to the subject at hand, Ardern will never lose to Collins if it becomes a popularity contest and if it was based on race relations, Collins has no chance given her appalling record.
      There is also the elephant in the room that is ACT, as Martyn points out, ACT has canabilised Nationals vote. Collins has also the added disadvantage of having an appalling history.

      • Gangs, crime and economic stagflation Bertie. Collins won’t win an election. Moreover though due to inability to fix any and indeed add to NZ’s main issues such as pover(d)y, law and order and housing the Blairite could still lose an election.

        The middle won’t flock to Act; the middle could and has (in the past) flocked to National.

        • Big opening in the middle ground for Winston and NZF however I think the party has self destructed and their supporters have scattered. The big question is can NZF rebrand and emerge from the ashes of the 2020 General Election and regather some of that middle ground. By the way there is a striking resemblance of Judith and Robert Muldoon with their smiling cheeks ?

      • Hello Bert
        Collins won’t be around to have a popularity contest. You know how it works…her haters in that party are just waiting for a few more bad polls to give her the ‘dignified’ boot. I just hope the next National leader has some solid ideas to sell.

        • Be careful TheKraut, Frankie has you pinned for a Labour supporter…

          “The current labour tactic is to reinforce the narrative that National is a disorganized mess. ”

          I suggest to Frankie National don’t need any help from Labour, Collins and national are doing it all on their own.

  8. Yes Frank and Arderns mob have done enough to lose or is that they have done nothing which is enough to lose.
    Blood lust for power clever satire?

  9. Is Todd Muller really leaving at the end of this term? Or is his resignation an Amy Adams-style one, where you sit back and hope the tide changes so you can recommit yourself to the party under a new leader? Not sure who the next leader will be, but they can probably count on Muller’s support. Collins managed to gain a supporter in Harete Hipango ( imagine poor Andrew Bayly trying to pronounce that name), but doesn’t Muller still sit in the party caucus?

    And I am not sure National is the party of isolationism. Open borders and migrant labour are more their cup of tea.

    • It’s not just you. If Judith slept on her left side (of face) more often, she’d look like Muldoon’s twin. Lucky for her, she’s all-right

  10. Judith and Nactz are hoping to get traction from their farmers rally on Friday. They got plenty of free advertising on the National party Magic and ZB Fox news, nanny herald and tv. Will All be forgotten in a month or two – do you remember the Mallard issue?

  11. The left is starting to sound shrill.
    Is this because National is gaining traction, despite being quite hopeless compared to the ever so slick Ardern?

    • Sorry exactly where are National gaining traction other than Don Brash and right wing racist donations?

  12. Thinking big is what got NZ into the shit in the early 80s.

    And thinking fossil fuel use will continue into the future will get NZ deeper in the shit in the 2020s.

    Everything is now fucked, Martyn, as a consequence of the diabolically bad polices of ALL the political parties, imposed on the masses by obsequious or negligent self-serving liars over many decades.

    The ‘implosion’ is underway.


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