Powerful broadcasting on Q+A.

Jack sat down with Harry Tam who coordinates the Mongrel Mob meth rehabilitation program.

My issue with this was that if we have $2.75 for this, we should have money for Mike King.

That aside, I salute the focus on helping gang members off meth because we need hundreds of millions in rehab if we want to dampen down supply.

Harry Tam proved how essential it is for him to be part of the debate. He reminded us of how poverty and alienation generates gangs and powerfully laid down a real challenge to the never ending get tough on crime rhetoric.

Following the true insight and wisdom of Tam with the Police Minster Poto Williams was terribly confusing as the Minister scrambled to justify her get tough on crime rhetoric with funding the program.

If the Minister had spent less time saying she wanted to be clear by actually being clear it wouldn’t have been so painful.

All that interview highlighted was shallow Labour’s talent pool is.

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Next into the water returns. The truth is local government are too underfunded to prop up safe water and the State needs to step in. We must protect our water supply and we need better technical capacity and expertise.

We should also ban water bottling for overseas companies.

Debate with mayors on the rural-urban divide. Same boring talking points – blah blah premium prices blah blah sustainability blah blah. No mention that Dairy is a sunset industry once synthetic milk becomes cheaper than real milk powder.

The madness of the UK experiment to create a new hybrid mutation of Covid that can bypass vaccination protection by reopening early for ‘Freedom Day’ is discussed.

Personally I think we should indict Boris Johnson for possible biological war crimes against humanity.

Tokyo Olympics is up next. I’m not sure how this doesn’t end badly in the middle of a pandemic.

Good show.

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  1. Why should gang members get any preferential help or money?

    I’ve never seen a poor patched member of a gang. Those guys and their clubs are loaded.

    such BS

    • Did you actually watch the interview. Harry Tam is really impressive. His talking about the disconnect that some young people feel which makes them vulnerable and open to joining a gang. Start at where the problem lies.

      Two young people did courses through Polytech, just a little sample, both passed their exams etc. One was for plumbing, can he got a job as an apprentice NO NO NO, the other for a mechanics apprenticeship, can he get a job NO NO NO. They both of course have student debts.

      This is disgraceful. There is Poto waffling on about getting these young people good, well paying jobs. HO HO HO!

      OMG Poto Williams was appalling!

      Stupid stuff saying we have to get rid of gangs, why are these all bad people what is this about. There are other Gangs in Aotearoa ripping off workers and doing all sorts of damage to people.

      • Oh yeh Harry has always been good at talking things up. That’s what he is paid to do.

        Where’s the fiscal and governmental support for all the non brown gangs?

        How about we invest some money in retraining the 4th Reich? You know start where the problem lies? Or do they not have enough privilege?

        • “Where’s the fiscal and governmental support for all the non brown gangs?”

          National and ACT have plenty of money, they’ll be okay.

        • Do you ever do any reading and consider what has been written. Most of your contributions are indicative of a narrow minded ignorant bigot – probably of a racist bent.

          Now go and find out where the funding for the specific programme comes from (it is not the taxpayers!) and don’t buy the bullshit that it is being stolen from victims. That is unless you consider willing buyers of P are unlike buyers in any other commercial transactions.

          As for intellect, it must be galling to know that Harry would leave you for dead when it comes to knowing what he is talking about, along with being able to back up his assertions with evidence and research and personal involvement, both positive and negative.

  2. A Labour Party hack who was helicoptered in when Lianne Dalziel resigned as MP to run for mayor.
    Poto’s selection caused a lot of controversy in 2013 because she was tyre-levered in above a brace of local Christchurch candidates.
    Yes, Labour was rotting away back then…

  3. Arguably the best debater that the right had to offer was Simon Bridges. Obviously not in his prime though defeated to early by Covid19.

    At this point you not know that a Jacinda gone rotten will be, the best debater not only the leftbhas to offer but also the best debater that the Aotearoa New Zealand debate community has to offer.

    Specifically though I consider a Jacinda gone rotten to have the most potential in becoming the best debater that the Kiwi debate community has to offer, after the defeat of neokindness.

    None of you should be surprised by this answer. Jacinda mania should be considered one of the most gifted election campaign that New Zealand has to offer or atleast among the left.

    For 3 decades Jacinda relied on her superior gifts and superior communications skills to make up for her lack of competence, many believe including myself that if Jacinda truly works hard then she could become the most powerful debater, ever, and that her competence would progress much more rapidly.

    Instead though Jacinda is filled with conflict trying to remain in the path of kindness while constantly hearing the songs of neokindness in her ear.

    A Jacinda gone rotten though has no such conflict.

    At least during Crusher Collins reign Jacinda has been forced once again to sharpened her fighting words as Jacinda can no longer rely on her superior communications skills. She is no longer the clearest, Judith serverly hampers Jacindas communications skills and it us because of this Jacinda must work, and develop a brand new hybridised communications skill that can defeat hatespeech, not to mention a new communications skill set that can toy with Crusher Collines and make dozens of David Seymour’s seem like a whinging child.

    This new communications skill set would be a variation of all of the emotives of communication put into one. Although Jacinda will predominantly use kindness to her advantage this hybridised system must make up for a lack of mobility and presence among the community.

    Her heart must become stronger, her skin tougher to damage, and her iron will is something that can be inside of a loving heart.

    A Jacinda gone rotten is, in my opinion, Someone who could not be defeated in life.

    • What is the point and relevance of this diatribe Sam?

      Are you losing the plot, as nothing in your comment relates to the Q. & A. Review,

      • It’s just Jacinda waxing lyrical after a heavy night questioning the damage she has done to her ‘historical’ core voting block, ignore her.

      • In this situation Sam is not alone. Often the article has responses that are turned into a rant on Labour or Jacinda when the article has nothing to do with them. Clearly many respondents have got no interest in the article, but their anti left pro right wing ideals ignite an attitude that you can’t debate, no matter facts or evidence or topic. I call that lack of critical thinking or a specific part of the brain that has shut down.

      • Your whinging would only makes sense if you believe in Poto Williams debate skills. Did you even watch the interview? You like that? You want some more of that quality relevance and plot? All you relevance nerds are amazing.

      • Yeah. Major break through, big things there, great things, just wonderful. Amazing quality stuff. Keep going.

      • But a lot of people will need it thanks to her. Mind, they won’t get it, right cause they can’t even spend 1.9 million allocated for mental health and therapy.

        • Not ordering something doesn’t mean that anyone or all of The Labour Party disagree with mental health. Things can fall through the cracks, basic misunderstandings about statistics:

          Randomization reduces systematic error.

          Larger studies reduce random error.

          Meta analysis reduces random error.

          This is the tip of the iceberg and, even if we pretend suicide is the only issue (it’s not) if your suicide rate is high what do we do then?

  4. It’s important that patched members aren’t on the product they sell or the fiscal implications on the gang as a whole are quite negative.

    Plus members who are users become horrendously unreliable and this is bad for business and in short they become high risk and a liability.

    It just goes to show gangs can be just as sensible financially as any other organisation albeit they don’t pay tax. But they get financial assistance from the money and assets taken off them. Win win for them.

  5. It’s a sneaky ploy by the PM.

    Remember not so long ago when NGO’s were refusing to hand over their client’s data to MSD? MSD threatened to cut their funding.

    This is a covert op. By giving them the funding in exchange for info on members.

    They’re a bit sloooow to pick this up. They probably haven’t read the details of their contractual obligations in regards to sharing client data.

  6. Martyn, I agree we all suffer from an appealingly shallow talent pool. What on earth qualifies Poto Williams to be Police Minster???…nobody knows. She’s a professional politician of some sort. It shows the importance Labour put on law and order to have a complete inept grommet heading such a portfolio. Shocking! It’s a serious achilles heal.

    • I’m sure Poto Williams is a nice person but…as with so many ministers in this government her expertise in her portfolio is zero. This makes her unable to make decisions based on her own knowledge and worse, totally reliant on “officials” advice. And our public service are truly woeful in this area.

      She’s inherited a police commissioner from the previous lightweight minister, who actually has almost no experience in policing but has got instead a deeply religious individual from a wealthy background and that makes him a well wisher. A man with a sizeable intellect whose specialty was advancing his way through the police ranks more quickly any officer ever has, entirely in back office administration roles. In the process he lost any ability to think as an individual but he is a man who could play the corporate game instinctively. Coster could take lectures in university on the subject of career advancement at a Professor level but on policing in the same venue, wouldn’t make it past freshman.

      All of which adds up to truly poor decision making from ministers, from equally poor advice.

      Hence funding a meth distribution organization with the very money taken from the and others like them to get their junky members off the shit they sell to others. Because I’m sure all other officials in this decision making equation were absolutely reliant on the police to give the green light before they did.

      If Poto and her government have egg on their faces, and they do, blame to some extent the low callibre of politicians we have in this country, who have virtually no real life experience, reliant on low rent officials for advice. And expect ongoing bad decisions ad nauseum.

  7. The 3 water scheme is a mechanism for passing control of water to the Maori by stealth . They should be at the table but not given control. Listening to reports very few mayors are on board with the plan even though they were offered a bribe . Even ex Labour ministers cannot be convinced . This could lead to another protest as I for one would hate to lose local control and have my water chlorinated through rules made in Wellington.

    • Oh Trevor a little bit of racism there. Honestly don’t be ridiculous that has absolutely nothing to do with it at all. It is about the government taking control, perhaps privatising water..

      • It is about the government taking control, perhaps privatising water

        Yes! That is the concern.
        And, that it’s happening so fast, without discussion.

        Individuals wanting to choose a certain medical procedure or to munch quietly on a particular weed?
        “Must have a referendum.”

        The govt take all the Nation’s water and put it into the hands of a very few greedy bureaucrats who are in no way accountable to voters or the general population?
        Instant GRAB & Snatch.
        …By the same people who SOLD OFF OUR AQUIFERS!!!!

        There needs to be limits placed on this or ANY OTHER government as to what they can and cannot do. Once in power, they all seem to lose the ability to set reasonable limits – ethical or otherwise – for what they think they can and cannot do to the whole country.

      • Allowing the govt to take control of our water is equivalent to allowing your mother to be placed into the care of organ harvesters.

  8. Q+A isn’t a very accessible show. Lots of hoops for my generation to jump through to watch. Besides, Q+A features low quality guests and seems to be propaganda targeted at older generations.

    Many NZ-talking-heads are the BIGGEST Welfare Queens in the country. The NZ Government propping up dinosaur media and directly funding propaganda is doing horrendous damage to the 4th Estate.

    New ‘Hate Speech Laws’ seem aimed at stopping the rise of a stronger 5th Estate. Seems Labour want to have it both ways; to have an in-the-pocket, milquetoast, MSM happy to push propaganda AND to disallow alternative views/the truth.

    Totalitarian tiptoe?

    • but surely she could not find a better use for it. Mike King just to name one. Beds for Starship hospitals. Nah, they can have bake sales. New ambulances for St. Johns? Bake sales. a new truck for the volunteer firefighters. Nah, bake sales.

      • Or bake sales for kauri logs extraction?
        Or bake sales for new sofas, or maybe, just maybe a support network to a marae that will help support people to come off meth,oh wait?

        • Dear Bert
          It’s an appalling decision, just admit it. And your continuous and persistent reference to ‘what National did’ exposes your shallowness. It’s a tiresome tactic. Who cares what National did. kauri log extraction…OMG! hardly like fundin meth dealers! Labour is in charge now for the second term (live with it Bert) and they are making shocking decisions. Aweful decisions. Yeah yeah…I’ll do for you: But what about National’s shocking decisions?…boring!

          • A total admission, who cares what National did? WTF! We learn from history, you’re clearly not interested.
            I have no issues with Labours decisions, you need to live with it, your constant gripes and moaning is tiresome.
            Funding meth dealers, oh dear you need to go away and let us adults talk. What an absolute moronic statement. You are a bore.

          • Labour in power an working on meth rehabilitation Sabine, do you have a problem with meth addiction and rehabilitation or shall we just build more prisons, spend billions on border control, monitoring NZ’s perimeter. Just not sure what sure your solution is other than an attempt to rehabilitate?

  9. Based on many of the comments above I can see most of you know f… K all about rehab for meth addicts. And forget the money comes from meth and crime proceeds so its being used for what it should be used for.
    The police are not experienced in rehab of drug addicts or rehab of gang members better to utilise those that can relate to those seeking help. Have we not learned anything in this country still trying to do the same shit and wondering why it doesn’t work.

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