Best New Zealand tourist destinations and resorts for gay couples


Nothing brings people together as traveling to exotic destinations, and New Zealand has several magical locations for gay couples looking to deepen their relationships.

If you want to get to know someone, spending a week or two with that person will tell you all information you need to know. That’s why many couples dream about their first vacation together and want to make it truly special. With a mild climate, long coastline, plenty of things to see, and more than solid tourist facilities, New Zealand is the country that could provide a great backdrop for a romantic story.

Of course, gay people are welcome in this country and can freely enjoy some of its most impressive sites. Online dating is very popular among modern people, as they greatly simplify their personal life. Especially it concerns gay men hookup, thanks to online dating, you can find your soul mate and go on an exciting journey across New Zealand.

  1. Milford Sound

This scenic destination on the South Island has so much natural beauty that you might forget how cute your partner is. Jokes aside, steep slopes, high peaks, and waterfalls are contrasted with amazing beaches and great waves in this amazing place. At the same time, the area is very accessible and has plenty of first-class tourist resorts to choose from. If you enjoy time away from the city, Milford Sound should definitely be on your shortlist of romantic getaways to visit soon.

  1. Hero Festival in Auckland

This is the largest LGBT-themed event in New Zealand, so it represents a good opportunity to learn a little bit about the local gay scene. The festival happens every February and includes many different activities from street dancing to educational workshops. In this atmosphere, you and your partner can be completely relaxed and organically interact with native residents. Of course, Auckland is a modern city with plenty of cultural happenings, so you can add a few museum visits or sightseeing tours to your schedule.

TDB Recommends
  1. Napier

This small town is unique for its architecture in the art deco style, which is why it attracts visitors from all over the world who appreciate its visual charm. To accentuate its history and bring it to life, the town holds an annual festival where everyone wears costumes from the 1930s. Located in Hawkes Bay on the North Island, Napier is just 200 km from Wellington and deserves to be among the destinations to visit during your stay in New Zealand.

  1. The Bay of islands

Nothing is more romantic than the ocean, and the freedom you will feel on the sandy beaches of the Bay of Islands is one of the best experiences New Zealand can offer to gay couples. With plenty of small islands and secluded locations where you can be alone with your partner, this area is simply fantastic for some emotional bonding and uninhibited fun. There are plenty of marine animals to see, and the scenery is nothing short of breathtaking, so make sure you bring a high-resolution camera with you!

  1. Rotorua

For those who are interested in the indigenous culture of New Zealand, Rotorua is a must-see destination that can offer an authentic experience. This town on the North Island is the center of Maori heritage, where many of the ancient crafts are still practiced. This area is also renowned for the intense geothermal activity that creates geysers and hot mud pools. You and your partner certainly won’t be bored if you stay in this lovely destination while you are exploring the country and its natural wonders.



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