Look at that – the exact same gang dynamics leading to a gang war TDB warned about 2 years ago! 

endangered species

Look at that – the exact same gang dynamics leading to a gang war TDB warned about 2 years ago…

‘Targeted assassinations’ becoming more prevalent in gang scene

Drive-by shootings and “targeted assassinations” are becoming more prevalent in the criminal underworld, with the influence of Australian deportees likely to blame, an internal police report says.

It comes as gangs become more sophisticated in promoting their lifestyle – hiring professional crews to film them on rides and posting flashy videos of themselves online with wads of cash so that they can post them online in an attempt to recruit others.

A police intelligence report obtained by Stuff reveals parts of the country have experienced unprecedented levels of gang violence in the past year, much of which can be attributed to the influence of deportees who have been influential in the establishment of motorcycle clubs like the Mongols and the Comancheros.

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…The 501 syndicates are targeting the Tribesmen because the Tribesmen move the meth from importers like the Head Hunters and Hells Angels (who bring meth in through Triad contacts out of Asia) and distributes it to regional domestic gangs. By disrupting the internal meth supply lines, the 501s are replacing them with South American cartel meth.

The ratcheting up of weapons by domestic gangs is a response to the 501 stand over tactics.

I’ve only been pointing this out for 2 years.

Let me be as clear as I can for my fellow New Zealanders. I know you think you know crime, I’m certain you think you know the Mongrel Mob, Black Power, Head Hunters etc etc are bad. You’ve had dick head politicians pretending that our domestic gangs were some major danger to society.

Which is bullshit.

The domestic gangs have come about through alienation, poverty and cultural resentment. To conflate them to serious organised crime misdiagnoses the problem.

What is happening now is an unprecedented moment in the NZ crime landscape.

501s bringing a level of violence from the Australian underworld into NZ has created a vast power struggle between the domestic gangs and the 501 syndicates. The syndicates have Mexican cartel contacts and this is what has sparked a meth price and turf war.

Allowing the South American Cartels ANYWHERE near us is extremely dangerous.

NZ is the sleepy Shire, the South American Cartels are the Nazgul. Allowing the Nazgul to set up a local store in the weekend organic Hobbit Farmers Market doesn’t bode well for the Hobbits.

There must be a multi pronged response to get the Cartels out of here. They bring with them an uber violence and sophistication of corruption outside the scope of our experience.

We stop this now or we will become irreparably corrupted.

There needs to be a sit down with the Police hierarchy and domestic gangs to work together to remove the 501 syndicates.

  • The Police form a heavily armed and protected unit who hunt those syndicates.
  • Special prison wings created for the 501s with long term rehabilitation programs alongside long sentences.
  • Curtail demand by legalizing Cannabis & MDMA while making LSD, mushrooms and Ketamine prescription micro dosing.
  • Deal with the current meth epidemic by spending a billion each year on 14 month rehabilitation programs for those addicted to meth.

We have to heal the addicted, ruthlessly punish the syndicates and curtail demand by legalizing other drugs.

We must do everything to keep the Cartels out, watering down demand, eliminating market share and locking up franchisees are our best bet.

This comes to a head when an innocent middle class white bystander gets shot in the cross fire of gang tensions. Once that happens NZ will cry out to Simon Bridges for his Raptor police.

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  1. I read what you say and my head nods in agreement with much of what you say then I remember who is in power and know nothing of the sort will happen unless a few heads roll and some strong ministers come into their own . Stop listening to the Greens and forget colour and race and make a move to protect the young people.

  2. Release them all and Bradbury can look after them at his place, the poor unfortunate lost souls who are only in gangs because of oppression.
    Not to make money from drugs and extortion and getting to pay cash for big flash motorcycles, and the 95% cause, just being fucking moronic dickheads.
    I couldn’t give 2 fucks if they all kill each other NZ would be a far better place.

  3. Unfortunately the police have a commissioner who is a cross between the worst of Judge Andrew Becroft and trusting 97 year old who thinks an uncle in Nigeria he’s never heard of, really does need $200 grand sent via Western Union to unlock his fortune to give back to him. Andrew Coster, from a privileged Christian background and a high intellect thinks everyone just needs to be understood and absolutely everything will be kapai! Bless him.

    So relying on the police at this time is futile.

    But having said that, no, NZ gangs weren’t a bunch of misfit young men looking for a good time, they’ve been making a fortune from drugs and larceny, intimidating and pointing AND using guns and boot rides against people for years, 95% of which goes unreported snd of those who do, it’s because they’re on life support in hospital. They are and always have been a big problem.

    But yes, the 501 crowd who have comparatively, flooded the criminal shore, have worsened things in a highly competitive market place, for sure.

    Probably why 44% of Hawkes Bay residents do not feel safe.

    Probably why Paihia residents took the time to call a standing room only community meeting to ask their local police chief to actually have some police in their community only to be fobbed off. And then for their police chief to be assaulted whilst having dinner in a Paihia restaurant in a random act of violence shortly after.

    Where is our Police minister anyway?

    • I know several police officers, all of whom are actively looking for other jobs and are thoroughly sick and tired of not being able to do their job, and sit back and watch as criminals actively mock them. One example is the no pursuits policy, my policeman neighbour had to go and tell someone that he was not going to pursue the kid who had stolen their car because police policy stopped them. Meanwhile the kid in question is speeding around the block, very dangrous driving and coming back to yell abuse at the police as they fly around in the stolen car (right in fron of the people they stole it from and the cop). They asked my cop neighbour why he wasn’t doing anything about it, he told them it was police policy. They asked “why?”. Answer; don’t vote Labour. When he told me this story the anger was palpable.

      I had my pest control firearms confiscated to make NZ safe, despite the fact I used the rifles to protect growing trees which are now disappearing into goats along with all the associated carbon. Nobody needs tools to protect native bush anymore obviously, ecological diversity and native forest is ‘so last century’. So are we safe now? My daughter was in Taradale the day the gangs had their shootout in the streets, long after my guns had gone to the crusher. There are a lot more gang members now in Nashs electorate. They’ve got guns and even didn’t pretend to hand them in. The police cannot raid them without a search warrant. But as for me with a firearms licence, the police can raid me anytime WITHOUT a search warrant because I am a threat to society. This is the kind of ‘safety’ and ‘kindness’ we have created in NZ.

      Gang members are largely drawn from our lowest socil-economic layers, and Maori are over-represented in this layer. So the ‘academics’ (the technical term for someone educated highly enough to believe all kinds of self-evidently bullshit fallacies) consider going after the gangs to be racist. No!!! Assuming all Maori are gang members would be intensely racist and a shocking thing. Assuming all gang members are Maori is equally abhorent. Class-left people should surely see that the gangs are drawn from Marxs lumpenproletariat class, the lowest levels of society regardless of race. The race issue is a total red-herring, the only way to fix this issue is to make gang life unpleasant at the same time as creating employment opportunities for this class of people and the ability to have pride in themselves as an active participants and contributers to society. Most of our current policies paints and pushes these people into the victim class, in stead of trying to lift them out of the hole they are in.

  4. Thanks for your insight Bomber. I know next to nothing about meth. I do know families who have been /are being destroyed by it. And I do know it is plentiful and cheaper than ever in the Far North.

  5. ” This comes to a head when an innocent middle class white bystander gets shot in the cross fire of gang tensions. Once that happens NZ will cry out to Simon Bridges for his Raptor police ”

    Well this scenario fits perfectly with the move to a police state with the drone of helicopters overhead , armed siege’s and gun warfare in the roads and streets we live in and being denied our freedom of movement while the ” emergency ” becomes the new normal.

    The top twenties are the only ones who can afford to protect themselves as they will retreat into gated secure mansions while the rest of the enslaved will bear the full consequences of the great Australian ” dump ” that has now left us with a major threat to deal with.

    To see the future you only have to see the gang wars in Latin America and the fear and horror that danger brings into innocent peoples lives. No where is safe and Hobbiton is only a collection of small islands so escape is problematic.

    All the money spent on surveillance and spy agencies which are meant to focus on external and internal threats better start earning the money they are paid instead of being asleep at the wheel.

    We will be so consumed with the new threat that we will quickly forget about the climate , kindness , freedom of speech and other serious pending problems as safety and security become the number one issue as we loose our much lauded freedoms and safety and look to blame someone or somebody for the lawlessness and war which will become a daily feature in our lives.

  6. If we get anywhere near the levels of Aussie POLICE CORRUPTION ,,,,, That Have been part of Aussie policing since forever and a day ,,,, then we’ll have something to worry about.

    I mean it’s not like the police can have their own gang culture going on ,,, can they ?.

    Mike Sabin & Clint Rickards have been de-patched…. 😉


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