When Military Juntas come for the tongues of poets


I’m not sure why it stuck with me all week but it did.

In 7 days of ever accelerating violence and terrible hate, this one tiny story of pain sat with me and refused to fade like so many other horrors in the churn of 24 hour news.

It was the story of the brutal murder of Khet Thi by the Myanmar junta. They killed him because he was a poet.

They desecrated his body and cut out his tongue.

They cut out his tongue.

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Anytime a military see a poet as a threat you know terrible things are about to follow.

When Military Juntas come for the tongues of poets, we have an obligation to turn our backs on that regime in disgust.

The NZ Super Fund holds shares worth $100m in companies linked to the Myanmar junta. That must be ended immediately, it is immoral to trade with anyone who kills poets.

“They shoot the head, but they don’t know the revolution is in the heart”
– Khet Thi-

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