Will someone please shut Trevor Mallard up! He can’t stay on as Speaker now!


What on earth is he saying???

Speaker Trevor Mallard and the false rape claim – the ‘truth’ revealed

Speaker Trevor Mallard has used the legal immunity of parliamentary privilege to say that a worker – who he apologised to for falsely accusing of rape – had committed sexual assault.

In a debate in the House tonight during the annual review of the Parliamentary Service, for which he is the responsible Minister, Mallard sought to paint himself as on the side of victims and the Opposition as not.

This is despite admitting he has never spoken to the woman complainant at the centre of the saga.

Mallard told the House tonight that two complainants had accused the former staffer of sexual misconduct, and overall there were three women, three incidents and “at least two perpetrators of serious sexual assault”.

He did not agree that he had destroyed the former staffer’s life.

“That man’s life was destroyed when he sexually assaulted a woman,” Mallard said.

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That triggered an interjection by National’s Nicola Willis: “Say it outside the House.”

Mallard said the first internal investigation that found no wrongdoing was a “disgrace” and was done amid a “culture of cover-up”.

“The women involved were put back to work with the man who sexually assaulted her. That is the sort of human resources and approach, in my opinion, that belongs in the previous century.”

He said it was a judgement call about who to believe – the victims and the police, or the former staffer.

“I start by standing with the victims.”

Ok – put aside the radical woke definition of rape he is using, he is telling Parliament that sexual assaults DID occur, despite paying out over $330 000 to compensate the Staff member he smeared???


This is madness. Utter, total, crazy madness.

The Speaker wrongfully accused someone of rape, paid $333000 in an apology and then told Parliament he didn’t mean it????

He can’t stay on as Speaker after this.

Watching tribal left trying to defend Mallard on twitter today is so painful.


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  1. He will stay. We all know the Blairite won’t have the stones to throw him out nor does Mallard have the intellectual awareness to know he is in the wrong here.

  2. The worlds most prominent deliverer of, kindness transparency and accountability will defend him, yet again.

    • It’s the patriarchy bro. It’s all male dominated rape culture. Jacinda Ardern is a rapust and racist. That is the only allowable conclusion of the cis patriarchy white male rapeculture society. Just straight facts.

  3. Just heard Collins on RNZ news this morning insisting Mallard has to go as well, this is the same Collins who was happy to throw Iain Lees-Galloway under the proverbial bus for his indiscretions. Politics can be a nasty business but if there is any suggestion of a double standard regarding whatever the individual did & how other people are treated for the same thing it needs to be revealed. I have no knowledge about the situation & maybe there are unjust accusations or extenuating circumstances regarding the women concerned but until all the information is available I am not willing to pass judgment on this matter.

    • And of course there was Collins and Dirty Politics, Brownlee and the airport saga and Smith and the Bronwyn Pullar affair. Nationals rhetoric is around the word bully, clearly they look internally for the definition.

      • How does that change or acquit Mallard’s actions? Just because ‘the other side did it in past’ doesn’t justify he continuation of poor behavior.

        • Frankie it doesn’t change his actions but the bullshit hypocrisy of the right even for your bias is astounding.

          • You have a somewhat point


            the tribal left always portray themselves as above the fray and persons of honor and values. This portrayal is hypocritical if your response to bad behavior is “well the other side did it”.

            If Mallard doesn’t go this will be a festering sore that Collins, Seymour and co will exploit.

            • I’ll point this out very clearly for you, they were gunning for Mallard well before this event if Collins or Bishops comments are anything to go by. As reported “they hate him”.
              I suspect the tribal right also do.

  4. I agree with Bonnie. The facts are as follows: an accusation by 2 people was made of sexual assaults by someone employed by Parliamentary services. When confronted with the accusations, the person accused resigned. Mallard conflated the sexual assault to Rape. He then admitted he had made a mistake and settled with the accused. The accused has taken legal action claiming constructive dismissal. Parliamentary Services say that they will fight the legal action. I have no idea if the Police have laid charges against the accused or even if the complainants want that to happen, perhaps being happy enough they no longer have to interact with the accused in their workplace. I do know that the National and ACT parties both did a review into the safety of their staffers which was not released to the public. ACT, specifically, were addressing a charge of sexual assault made by the former deputy leader of Young ACT. Despite promises of public release or at least a statement on this matter, ACT have also declined to say anything. All in all, I find the concern for the accused former staffer by the right to be pretty disgusting as it is being used as an excuse for political game playing and head hunting. Perhaps we could see the infamous underground carpark video of Judith Collins interacting with a journo re Maurice Williamson, or perhaps replay her apology to Katie Bradford, not to mention the political utu served up to ILG to see what bullying can really look like.

        • Gilmour’s behaviour as an entitled and noxious prat is hardly in the same class of as that alleged in the Darren Hughes affair.

        • Ah yes Aaron…makes one stupid remarks and he was relieved of his duties.

          Trevor on the other hand destroys a parliamentary staffs career (I thought lefties cared about the little people?), accuses someone of rape, changed the law so he wouldn’t pay $100s of thousands in legal fees, uses the tax payer as a cheque book to pay for said legal fees, forced to apologise, then uses the power of parliamentary privilege to double down.

          …and get prime ministerial protection

          Yes those things are exactly the same…

          • Nothings the same because if it was Collins,Smith,Brownlee nor Woodhouse would have jobs. The right like Key have selective memories

    • And Nicola Willis wants Mallard to say stuff outside the House. That’s all to do with her concern for the victim of sexual assault? Or she thinks there was no sexual assault?

  5. His own people are distancing themselves from him now.
    His position is untenable at this point so Ardern has to make a difficult decision, where cuddles and “be kind” won’t cut it. Either she drops him or becomes equally guilty by association.

  6. If the PM is going to mount a “last stand” for any thing it should be something worthwhile–state house mega build and benefit increases, or decriminalise Cannabis and Basic Income for all. Not defending a long past his useby MP.

    The Nats are determined re Mallard, but their own motley crew is pathetic where standards count. As others have said Collins executed Ian Lees Galloway on TV, Mrs Collins husband put appalling fake porn pics of Jacinda online!, and Mr “righteously aggrieved” Bishop was caught if not grooming, then being over friendly to teenage girls online.

  7. Leave Trev alone we have far more pressing issues than this. This issue and Nationals divisive tactics for relevance are like an ever ready battery that just keeps going on and on. This morning I listened to Judeaths RNZ interview and her change of monotone (softly softly) does not fool me and hopefully others. She is the type of person that can turn on the head of a pin and we saw this during the election when she was so desperate she started to reveal the real her and obviously many people did not like what they saw or heard and they voted accordingly.

  8. Who knows what happened anymore! Truth less important than power.

    Yesterday, The Herald ran a sexual complaint article about a woman that was sexually assaulted and the police did not do anything because the complainant went overseas and the victim was told that he would not be coming back due to Covid. Then surprise surprise, he’s back in NZ and police apparently told the woman nothing could be done….

    Now – article totally disappeared!

  9. Guilty by association like what happened to John Key (NOT) and other National party members with the raid on people homes, taking of computers and the career ending tactics used on long serving state employees who had done nothing wrong but had their names and reputation destroyed. And nek minute hush hush payments being made to rectify the mess and unrepairable damage. And hello Nationals hit man, what his name? was all of a sudden missing in action never to be seen again. Pull the other one Andrew your biasness is once again blinding you.

  10. Guilty by association like what happened to John Key (NOT) and other National party members with the raid on people homes, taking of computers and the career ending tactics used on long serving state employees who had done nothing wrong but had their names and reputation destroyed. And nek minute hush hush payments being made to rectify the mess and unrepairable damage. And hello Nationals hit man, what his name? was all of a sudden missing in action never to be seen again. Pull the other one Andrew your biasness is once again blinding you.

  11. Mallard will stay as speaker.
    There are complainants who have allegedly been assaulted by the ex staffer who have not gone to police. Due to the media circus that would ensue.
    What does the ex staffer have on National that makes them defend him so strongly.

  12. I get it. Mallard should go because he interpreted what he heard as rape and said so. It was only sexual assault.

    When it became a political hot potato he should have come out and said his interpretation, the impression he’d gained, had been wrong it was only sexual assault. Then everyone would have been happy.

  13. A storm in a beltway tea cup.

    It’s hard to know whether to laugh or cry at National. I recall Paula Bennett rolling around like a pig in shit with the “victim” of the so-called Young Labour monster. National used her and abused her to the last inch for political gain before it transpired there was little to it. It was repulsive. Then dropped her just as quick

    National and ACT couldn’t care less about this person, it’s all bullshit politics, end of story,

  14. It is a pity that it would seem no politican it without sin so going for the high moral ground seems hard to do . I am sure young voters coming through will lose interest in voting as they see through the lies and realize they cannot believe the promises made at election time.
    Time for a new party without the history of all our present main choices.

  15. Agree with ya bert but National are acting like a dog with a bone not prepared to drop it or let it get away, there tactics have been to poke and probe not only Mallard but also Jacinda and its starting to get some traction. So now its time to bury the bone for once and all. And I suggest Labour make sure its buried where National can’t dig it back up, throw the bastard in the sea.

    • So if Mallard goes can Labour at least have someone in the same capacity of David Carter. Because we all know how neutral he was.

  16. Mallard has been in parliament since 1984 when i was in the fourth form and i am now 52 years old.
    He has been sucking at the tax payers tit for 27 years and will have his gold plated pension and other perks awarded to him when he finally does give it away on the condition of a knighthood or an ambassadors’ or high commissioners role where the parliamentarians go when they still yearn to be relevant and enjoy their gold plated status paid for by people like me.
    There should be a time limit on how long one can serve at her majesties pleasure while they have their snout in the trough.
    It is offensive and Mallard should exit gracefully with his pockets full of tax payers money.

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