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  1. I see our Race Relations Commissioner has apologised to the NZ Police for calling them racist, he said ‘he shouldn’t stereotype’ but the Police stereotype us Maori, are they going to apologize to us? some how I doubt it as its part of their DNA.

  2. When the borders open, instead of having a debate on what the target population numbers or immigration numbers should be, how about allowing anyone to immigrate to NZ as long as they build a new house, which would make immigration housing neutral.

    The recent rental property changes, will hopefully see less people buying rentals to run as a business. So more of the houses will be bought by people who actually “need” them rather than want them. And other types of business can get investment directed to them instead.

    Thinking outside the box, the govt could take over Trademe, and then decree that anyone who is not an importer, can sell goods on Trademe with no tax liability. The tax then being the Trademe fee, with no middle man. This would markedly encourage all sorts of domestic trade, hugely.

    • “…and then decree that anyone who is not an importer, can sell goods on Trademe with no tax liability.”

      This is an excellent idea. I’m sure it wouldn’t even require the government “taking over” anything, and it’d collect those tasty tasty taxes they love so much. The IRD is particularly studious in crushing small enterprise before it starts, and this would be a great way to solve all kinds of localised lack of/employment issues.

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