Latest SIS propaganda less ‘Mission Impossible’ and more ‘Dependent on what my PSA rep says’.


Before the SIS had to appear this week in front of Parliament’s Intelligence and Security Committee, they rushed out some propaganda…

New Zealand spy agency NZSIS intercepted multiple potential threats to 2020 general election

As New Zealanders prepared to vote last year for who they thought should form the next Government, potential threats to the integrity of October’s general election were being intercepted.

Newshub can reveal the New Zealand Security Intelligence Service (NZSIS) identified and responded to “fewer than 10” leads relating to the general election, which had been postponed due to COVID-19.

…isn’t that convenient folks? As the SIS desperately attempt to gloss over their cascade failure to stop a white supremacist terrorist  from committing an atrocity in Christchurch (and the most recent revelation that they haven’t been monitoring 4Chan at all) they suddenly have all this ‘evidence’ of how much they are ‘protecting us’ during the election.

Cool story bro.

If these threats were so real, why did they dump investigating them during Covid? Does the SIS honestly expect us to believe they walked away from investigating legitimate threats to the integrity of the NZ election from external actors because the HR department said everyone had to work from home?


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So the SIS are less Mission Impossible and more ‘Dependent on what my PSA rep says’.

There were no legitimate threats to our election! It is bullshit propaganda the SIS are pushing while fending off questions like, ‘why the fuck do you have time to spy on Nicky Hager and breach his civil rights for embarrassing a National Government who gave you a huge increase in powers and resources and yet you can’t catch a red flagged white supremacist who spends 2 years criss crossing the border while you are picking up downloads for white supremacist manifestos in his area’?

You know, questions like that.

Their appearance in front of the Intelligence and Security Committee was even worse

Kitteridge said the NZSIS relies on receiving information from many sources. 

“We continue to value information provided by the public. Public information has always been, and will remain, crucial to alerting us to issues of concern and providing us with leads,” she said. 

…let m get this straight, despite the most extreme mass surveillance powers on the face of the known planet, the SIS are relying on tip offs?

“We can also generate our own leads, by accessing information networks and data holdings beyond our own to ensure we can see as many dots as possible and discover unknown threats.”

But Kitteridge said that’s not to say the NZSIS monitors the entire internet. 

…this is disingenuous bullshit, we aren’t asking the SIS to do mass surveillance here, we are asking them to have a google alert on 4Chan FFS!

Pretending they don’t have mass surveillance powers is to quietly draw back from any obligation that the SIS fucked up…

“Unlike the public, the tools we use are subject to careful controls. Our work must be targeted, necessary and proportionate, and comply with the law. We need to take into account ethical, privacy and human rights considerations.”


You mean like the way you illegally spying on Nicky Hager?

Where the fuck was this “targeted, necessary, proportionate, and comply with the law” stance when you were breaking Nicky Hager’s civil rights you fucking liars?

SIS apologises to Hager over unlawful spying

New Zealand’s domestic spy agency has apologised to investigative journalist Nicky Hager for unlawfully helping the Defence Force try to uncover one of his sources.

The Acting Inspector General of Intelligence and Security has upheld a complaint by Hager against the NZSIS (Security Intelligence Service) over assistance it gave to the NZDF in attempting to figure out whether a military officer they suspected was one of the sources for the 2011 book Other People’s Wars.

The book covered New Zealand’s participation in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

The spy agency’s efforts included collecting two months’ of Hager’s home and mobile phone records. The source was never identified.

The only honest thing the SIS told the Committee was this…

Kitteridge said intelligence sharing with allies – particularly the Five Eyes group including Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and United States – is very useful for New Zealand. 

…this is the loophole that all 5 Eye Members use when they want to spy on their own domestic population. We get other nations spies to spy on our domestic targets to side step domestic laws so if the SIS had made white supremacy terrorism a priority to the other 5 Eye nations, they would have provided us with intel.

Hilariously Kitteridge then undermines her own propaganda about the SIS claiming they had protected our election by saying…

she was pleased to confirm the NZSIS did not detect any significant state-driven interference in last year’s election.   

…r-i-g-h-t so this earlier claim the SIS had protected us from threats to the 2020 election was the bullshit I claimed it to be at the start of this blog!

We spend $200m each year on these agencies to keep us safe from the ‘what ifs’

The SIS (Secret Intelligence Services)

The GCSB (Government Communications Security Bureau)

The NSG (National Security Group)

The CNSN (Cabinet National Security Committee)

The ODESC (Officials’ Committee for Domestic and External Security Coordination)

The SIB (Security and Intelligence Board)

The CTCC (Counter-Terrorism Coordinating Committee)

The NICC ( National Intelligence Coordination Committee)

The IAD (Intelligence and Assessments Directorate)

The NRU (National Risk Unit) and the NSPD (National Security Policy Directorate).

Why aren’t we safe?

I spy with my 5 Eyes something beginning with 1984.


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  1. Fucking brilliant post from our esteemed Editor, written with a scalpel. In a better world it would have “led the news” for days, but also in a better world, nasty “remnant” snooping organisations would not need to exist.

    It was a typical “pump & dump” attempt by the state security forces. They create suspicion of something but do not describe it in detail beyond fright headlines. So often their nasty little innuendos are under the legislative cover of protecting their snitches and technological reach.

    NZ National Party is the only Parliamentary party so far in recent years to be seriously implicated in suspicious activity with Chinese “actors” via its candidate selection processes and brown paper bag, and split funding techniques. There was a Chinese operative in the Nat ranks from 2011-2020, one Jian Yang a PLA spy trainer according to various sources including the NZSIS themselves!

  2. C’mon, now, the spy with the pearl earrings ? Probably from the Hutt Valley ? The spy that is not the earrings. The earrings were perhaps conjured up by two sublime tenors singing a poor fishermen duet, with optics of a train passing through New Zealand’s Southern Alps, where who knows, possibly oysters from millions of years ago lie waiting to be unearthed to provide gems for the ears of spy ladies hoping to feature as a reality television programme, in between studying Mad Magazine and that other rude one.

    Five Eyes. A poem by Walter de la Mare

    In Hans’ old mill his three black cats
    Watch the bins for thieving rats.
    Whisker and claw
    They crouch at night,
    Their five eyes smouldering green and bright.

    Squeaks from the flour sacks,
    Squeaks from where
    The cold wind stirs on the empty stair,
    Squeaking and scampering everywhere…

    And so on.

  3. The biggest threat to ‘national security’ is Planetary Meltdown. And no one in the establishment is at all interested in dealing with, or preparing for, that. They are so blind they probably haven’t even noticed its happening.

  4. Kitteridge said recently “We are not conducting mass surveillance of New Zealanders” (RNZ, 2021). This disinformation was debunked by Ed Snowden who exposed the information full take and real time searchable capabilities of the intelligence industrial complex, of which New Zealand is a partner through 5 Eyes, who are able to penetrate any online system globally (including that of heads of state), through legal means or not. Ed provided actual proof of mass surveillance on all of society unlike Kitteridge, Little and the rest who rely on their (unelected) status to protect their interests, who offer opinion over fact, who use the media to push their message, and who would rather construct wild narratives of foreign boogeymen interfering in elections than investigate real threats.

    RNZ. (2021). Andrew Little defends SIS, criticises media coverage. Retrieved from


    Good to know the SIS is doing its job by keeping us safe from Nicky Ha-… Uh, I mean, from the lef-…. Uh, well, yes, they are doing a fine job at keeping “us” safe from “potential threats” to “our” elections.

  6. Personally I think Kitteridge should have had a whisper in her ear, to resign to save the embarrassment of being sacked.

    She fed the christchuch killers prejudices and stereotypes ,,,, when he murdered his female victims ,, was he killing “jihad brides” & Islamic breeders. ,,,,.

    Also it is very clear where ‘the boss’s’ attention and fears were focused .

    Everything new about the Christchurch failure ,,,, which was also a 5 eyes failure ,,, just gets worse and almost criminally negligent.

    For starters no information or data sharing between the SIS or other spook agencies with the Police ‘National Security Investigations Units’, which are the police counter terrorism response / branch.

    and …. “IP addresses noted but eventually not followed up on that turned out to be those of the killer (making racist comments and buying ammunition in bulk, among other things).”

    …”Reports of his use of a drone to surveil the mosques, again not followed up on in any significant measure. Prolonged travel to conflict zones amid tourist spots by a resident foreigner with no job. And yet no organisational failures–”

    No information sharing with Immigration ….

    Perhaps Kitteridge is our Hoover ,,, presumably she filled the draw full of files about people ,,,, that Key bragged he had.

    I was very disappointed and lost a bit of respect for Andrew little when he exonerated his department that he had inherited from the Nats ,,, before any inquiry had even been done ….
    ‘Christchurch terror attack: Did New Zealand’s intelligence fail to protect Muslims?’

    Tribute …

  7. When is Kitteridge going to get honest enough with Aotearoa’s citizens to say “Actually the reason we want to keep Huawei out of our country’s networks isn’t that we are concerned that would let China spy on us, because Huawei switches & routers use open source software so finding data diversions would be a doddle. No the reason we don’t want Huawei in our networks is that their switches & routers don’t have the backdoor in them that allows US agencies to spy on us but the US & Euro manufactured gear does.”
    For example all current IEEE encryption protocols used by kiwis for WiFi, internet and mobile encryption are developed ‘in conjunction’ with the US National Security Agency (NSA), you know the mob Edward Snowden used to work for, so we can be sure they will be chocka with backdoors.


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