NZ Trade Minister suggests Australia should speak with ‘more diplomacy’ in dealings with China

New Zealand Trade Minister Damien O’Connor has suggested Australia has mishandled its relationship with China, saying it should follow his country in speaking with a “little more diplomacy”.

This is an outstanding contribution  how to behave as a Trade Minister for New Zealand.

And a salutary lesson to Australia who are learning the hard way: 

Be a poodle to Uncle Sam and the outcomes range from, Glug Glug Glug (aka Pearl Harbour) as former Aussie PM Paul Keating once warned America over its policy toward China OR being crippled by trade barriers imposed by the country Australia once called its largest trading partner.

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And has Uncle Sam stepped in to take up the slack?

Hon Damien O’Connor!  Take bow mate.

My respects to you.

A former colleague.

Ross Meurant, graduate in politics both at university and as Member of Parliament.  Formerly police inspector in charge of Auckland police spies; after that Under Secretary Agriculture & Forestry; currently Honorary consul for an African state; Trustee and CEO of Russian owned commercial assets in NZ and has international business interests.



  1. What right has this government got to tell Australia how to handle it’s foreign affairs. It is bad enough we turn a blind eye to the failure of China over human rights in the name of free trade but to tell others to do the same is outrageous.
    A similar situation is arising with the way Australia has closed its boarder and Jacinda has raised her voice against it say it is an over reaction. It is a pity her government do not act in the same with to protect us but it does not fit in with her let’s be nice story line.

    • The day we publicly comment on the outrageous concentration camp that is Gaza, run and maintained by an acknowledged apartheid state, Israel and challenge the USA over it’s support of the Saudi humanitarian disaster that is Yemen is the day that we get to lecture China on human rights with our heads held high. Until then, any human rights abuses by China pale into insignificance. Yemen is described by the UN as the greatest present human disaster created by a medieval siege enforced by the USA. So your crocodile tears over China are just that.

      • What happens if we stumble across some wonderful politician who gives you your wondeful Autopia where no one commits human rights abuses?

        Well the carrying capacity of planet earth still goes from 8 billion to 1 billion people. Just wonderful ain’t it.

        No I don’t believe for a second we will make any type of hay out of the political class. We should have been through the design and approvals phase and be well into a massive climate hardening program.

        No we have to take to the streets. Demand better and make a leader of our own from a soup of dedication and ferocity.

  2. Genuflect, Genuflect, Genuflect,Ross.Your knowledge of things Australian clearly amounts to 3/5 of diddlysquat Ross.
    Oh OK, one more just to be sure where your head is at Genuflect.

  3. Personally I am happy very those immature racist Aussies caught this scumbag. The CCP member responsible for the biggest meth bust in NZ . 500kg found on Te Oneroa-a-Tōhē.We have a methamphetamine epidemic Ross that is destroying our country. The meth comes from China. It is a deliberate policy. We are a rich food supply that China needs. Wake the fuck up.
    The NZ Parliament is full of of ignorant self serving muppets bought by China.

  4. the proverbial has been taken here – not a good reckons

    ” diplomacy , and in saying so humiliates Ozy at their attempts to hold China accountable

    ” I can’t speak for Australia . . but clearly if they were to follow us and show respect .. ‘

    the timing on this is atrocious – what a fool and uncalled for .

    he doesn’t get to take a bow , Damien needs to learn when to keep his mouth shut and get off the stage .

  5. Our primary industries exports to China are booming

    This means jobs from bosses to tree fellas

    Humanitarianism starts at home

    Aussie are blocked out because they support American dreams of world hegemony

    But has America taken up Australia lost trade

    Look after number one

    Labour display sagacity in this situation

    • Labour have been bought. No info on what China gets from the FTA.
      No info for us mushrooms down here in the South Pacific. Kept in the dark and fed BS.
      Very logical ….not!

  6. It is truly sobering to see just how uninformed, narrow and juvinile what passes for “mature debate” in NZ.. I got trapped here in NZ at the beginning of the coronavirus lockdown.. I had spent nearly half my adult life living in Australia and using it as a home base for my forays into the northern hemisphere.. I can tell each and every one of you “geniuses” that O’Conners comments were actually quite reserved considering what he could have justifiably said.. The Aussie response is the standard one and is no more than can be expected considering the quality of their elected representatives… What I did find disturbing were the number of factually innacurate “facts” being stated in these comments.. Then we have this “Ross.Your knowledge of things Australian clearly amounts to 3/5 of diddlysquat”. That is laughably naive… As one who has lived there for many years, been involved in political activism there and combined periods working on the major mining/gas extraction projects as a welder/boilermaker, with traveling all over playing my guitar for a living, I think I’m in a position to comment on the political culture in Australia.. Which is why I’m saying that O’Conner was actually very gentle with them… The Australian government is in fact, doing a good job of ensuring that if there is any escalation of tensions between China and the USA, Australia will become collateral damage.. Irreparable collateral damage… They really are that stupid..

    • Thank you Stefan
      I have family in Australia in the finance sector.
      These artificial sanctions do hurt.
      But then one does need to ask why they are applied.
      As Logic suggests above: humanitarianism starts at home and trade is jobs and jobs is pay and pay is elevation from the depth of humanity.
      Tragic? Perhaps but this is reality.

    • no you can’t tell me

      it was not ‘ gentle

      Damien . belittles . Australia – why the fuck do this ?

      this is not as you say ‘ reserved – Damien has ‘ attempted to tidy up the comments .

      whether you think OZ is stupid or how long you’ve lived and done what there , is beside the point

      already having a shit time of things they don’t need Damien to rub it in – stupid

      it’s not ” geniuses ” . you’re right ” mature debate ” is uninformed , narrow and juvinile , by the likes of you

      now that’s sobering

      • Oh – bullshit Hemi. Australia didn’t need a NZ politician to belittle it. As long as Australian Governments want to be bent over with their pants down in front of Stars and Strips shorts at half mast, they need basic tuition on the ways of international diplomacy. In reality, O’Connor made a pretty mild comment that was blown out of proportion with the exaggerated headlines of a ‘diplomatic blunder’ pushed by the NZ media. Besides, when did the Aussies ever think it appropriate to hold back on criticising the words and deeds of politicians of other countries and NZ in particular?

      • Oh – Bullshit aom .

        and by your own amission – repeating what i’ve already said ffs – australia didn’t need a nz politician to belittle it – so . why . do . it . ?

        instead of being stupid woth words like ‘ bent over , stars , pants ect – pay attention .

        ozy scramble to find a new export market for $1.26 billion worth of wine / liberal MP Dave Sharma quoted as saying – It betrays a lack of acquaintance

        theres nothing mild about the comments at all , ‘ in reality

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