Spooked America promises violence over Taiwan but China may have already won 


Two extraordinary things happened recently that suggest China and America are locked towards military conflict.

The first was the unprecedented release by America of plans to attack China if China attempts an invasion of Taiwan.

Currently China’s leaders are frightened that internal dissent is building while International pressure over Covid and how China hid the true nature of the virus will damage their standing. China is looking for a symbolic crack down to reassert their authority over their domestic population while clearly signalling to International audiences that China will answer to no one.

That leaves China a military crack down in Hong Kong, sparking a military confrontation in the South China Sea or invading Taiwan.

The first two China could pull off, but the lang lamented dream of forced reunification might be a symbolism that echoes throughout history, which suggests why the US released their plans to  protect Taiwan…

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Bombshell White House document reveals US plan to defend Taiwan against China

A US national security document stamped “SECRET” has been declassified and published, revealing the superpower would defend Taiwan against an attack from China.

The 10-page “US Strategic Framework for the Indo-Pacific” report, approved by President Donald Trump for implementation in 2018, was previously not for release to foreign nationals.

…the problem for the US  and the West is that we may have already lost to China’s technological dominance because something happened last month without a lot of fanfare that tilted the entire game in favour of China’s authoritarian brutality.

China conquered quantum computing…

The quantum leap forward: On birthing the world’s fastest, most advanced internet network, China claims supremacy over the US

Beijing’s new quantum computer can solve mathematical problems in 200 seconds that it would take current supercomputers millions of years to solve – and the network around it will revolutionise how we live and work.
China achieved “quantum supremacy” with the development of its Jiuzhang quantum computer, which last month surpassed Google’s Sycamore quantum device with its ability to calculate 100 trillion times faster than the fastest classical supercomputer.
The development sent shock waves around the world. But before this news could be fully digested by rival players in the quantum race, Beijing announced it had also built the world’s first fully integrated quantum network. Earlier this month, a network of satellite relays and fiber optic cables between Shanghai and Beijing was able to “teleport” huge amounts of data. 


… what does this mean?

This means the West have bow and arrows while China has a nuclear bomb. Quantum supremacy is not only a step forward towards super AI, it allows China’s machinery and internet of things to run at a level and efficiency maximisation utterly beyond any capacity of the West, it is an enormous technological break through that if not matched by the West will set China in a position of total power unlike any other nation in human history.

With China’s horrific human rights record, the West should be deeply concerned they have a technological advantage like this.


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  1. Welcome to our new overlords. History is littered with such examples of how civilisations rise into ascendency while the old champion navel gazes. The real pain will be when India surpasses the west as well. Then we will realise we are number 3.

    All the while the West’s focus is how to demonise someone that has no friends of influence and is leaving the building in less than 2 weeks time. Everyone should read the demise of the Roman Empire – it is truely a mirror to what is happening to western civilisation right now.

    As for Taiwan – don’t expect a war. China always plays the long game. They will wait till the West and their Asian satellites of Korea and Japan are too weak and conflicted to care. It’s not worth the risk yet. All the pawns aren’t yet in place.

    • Looking back, cataloging failure is easy to do because historians have done the job and every drunkard knows a Rome story. What’s more difficult is charting a course into the future surrounded by drunkards who think they know and don’t want to admit they’ve got problems.

  2. Both China and America play important roles in world affairs. Ask some ordinary klutz who’s drunk every evening why they can’t get along and you’ll get something resembling New Zealand.

    New Zealand has had a run of terrible nation builders and now we have to do it with a falling America and superior China.

    Michael Joseph Savage, New Zealand’s premiere nation builder couldn’t have done it without WW2 and the military. Kiwis now come from all over the world so we just don’t posses that stoic nature so we will find it in NZDF so to build a foundation of society for all.

    The issue is how to rearm NZDF surrounded by a great many political enemies who would rather see NZDF die. First NZDF requires American & European military technology, Asian production and Chinese resources.

    It’s not just military hardware it’s the military infrastructure as well. A larger dry dock, airfields, hangers, training facilities, logistics facilities. 4 frigates double the size of the ANZACS, 2 classes of corvettes for patrols in the southern and Pacific Oceans and 22 Advanced F18 superhornet fighter jets and 4 full time infantry battalions (I can just feel the browse looking down on me hard for mentioning military stuff).

    Also the social policies at home has to match the military build up. International trade and supply lines have to be shortened and brought back to New Zealand where we can not easily protect those interests. Housing needs a revolution, it’s no good hardening NZs foreign interest when your people is susceptible to cheap Chinese production and a fair work act that says wages will rise relative to increases in production.

  3. The US can always nuke China back to the Stone Age if it wishes and, unlike other nuclear powers, the US is really the only country that has shown an apparent willingness to use them for offence. So China is always teading on thin ice when it comes to US relations imo, even if it has the capability to retaliate.

  4. Regarding quantum computing, perhaps it would have been more useful in this article to have provided a link to scientific publications.



    From the Live Science article:

    This doesn’t mean that China has a fully practical quantum computer yet, according to Xinhua. China’s device is specialized, and mostly useful as a tool for doing GBS. But it’s a major milestone on the way there.

    Considering around two years ago Google claimed their quantum computer to have been a breakthrough, this clearly is not a field where someone can claim to have definitively “won” some kind of contest.

    It is not uncommon to read articles over the years of nations claiming some great breakthrough usually with regards to military technology. Some examples: a few years ago claims from China of a stealth defeating operational quantum radar, recently the US claiming the design and construction within a year of a sixth generation fighter jet. Allowing some time not much information is subsequently forthcoming. Which leads one to consider these claims largely rich in bluff value.

    Then there are cases of some weapon touted as some innovative breakthrough which in reality is not. An example, the air launched ballistic missile of the Mig-31 even though its predecessor the Mig-25 was considered to deploy such a weapon when it was being designed in the fifties.

    Belief that China is now technologically superior is misguided considering numerous examples. Some examples: the jet engines they produce are largely derivatives of Soviet designs of the seventies, some models of attack helicopter are lighter to compensate for the lack of power, as well as issues regarding the powerplants of their newly developed airliners.

    The Soviet Union was at the peak of its technological abilities when it collapsed, the same could be argued for Nazi Germany considering the well known technological advances and constant assurances to its population of war winning wunderwaffe. Regardless, technology can’t save corruptive regimes. Considering the the technological prowess of the US, one can see how limited it is when considering their interventions in Vietnam and Afghanistan.

    • As elusive as Quantum computing is they do exist. There are Quantum computers available on Amazon but they’re extremely limited in use thank to limited numbers of quantum algorithms.

      Without a quantum algorithm there’s no difference between a qubit and a normal bit. Quantum physics says that qubits can not be observed and requires a zero state environment to exist. It’s unimaginable that a quantum computer could exist in a tactical millitary vehical going over pumps or helicopter with out a humongous materials development leap into a star trek future or exceedingly.

      Quantum computers are only useful for a relatively small set of skills simply because of an algorithm required to process petabits per second. So quite labour intensive and only useful for things like obliterating every open source encryption on the internet. Takes an absolute stable geniuse to ignore that.


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