Billy TK Qanon virus virulent but is it as deadly as Plan B Death Cult Capitalism?

Spot the difference

TDB was one of the first media to pick up on Billy TK and his madness, so it seems fitting that I was at breakfast at a cafe in central Auckland on Wednesday morning last week and lo and behold who sits down next to me without recognising me but Billy TK who was loudly having a phone conversation.

Here are the 2 things I overheard as he was preparing to fly to Wellington for his latest bullshit attempt at political relevancy.

1 – The disgust on the looks on the faces of other diners when they saw him.

And 2 – the legal case against his previous colleagues sounds like a voyage into madness and his anger towards big tech shutting out Qanon fanatics would be pure comedy if it wasn’t so dangerous.

Billy TK is the Qanon shaman without the horns.

He sells fake bullshit to the easily manipulated and frightened but I think his pathetic showing at the election has robbed his movement of any legitimacy or wide spread support.

Kiwi’s like their fascism the way they like their anti-intellectualism, laid back.

We don’t do goose stepping in uniforms because that takes too much effort, we prefer our fascism behind the veneer of Don Brash respectability.

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The Plan B Death Cult Capitalists who are arguing that we should open up the border and just get on with the death wave so the strong can survive is the type of laid back fascism Kiwi’s love.

Thankfully the Plan B Death Cult Capitalists have been as wrong as Billy TK

In New Zealand that was the Plan B group, who claimed early on lockdowns don’t work.

“I believe that this has been an overreaction and that locking down New Zealand for too long is going to create more problems than we’re going to solve,” University of Auckland epidemiologist Simon Thornley told Newshub in April. 

Just weeks later New Zealand was back at alert level 1, the lockdown having eliminated local transmission of the virus – albeit at great economic cost. New Zealand’s zero-tolerance strategy has since earned praise from the World Health Organization, along with other nations such as Taiwan, Vietnam and Australia.

In October, Plan B said the elimination strategy wasn’t needed because of “plummeting cases and deaths internationally” – daily deaths now, in January 2021, are three times higher than they were in October. Plan B has since removed the statement from its website

Dr Thornley in August said the Swedish approach of voluntary restrictions is “the best approach”. Sweden, with a population about twice that of New Zealand, has suffered more than 10,000 deaths. New Zealand has 25, and currently has fewer restrictions on movement, business and socialising, and has had an economic bounce-back better than most other countries. 

…right now we have different mutations of Covid vying for global dominance, in NZ we are seeing those same mutations of fascism. Billy TKs version has been overtaken by the Plan B Death Cult Capitalists but that shouldn’t scare us because there aren’t enough stupid NZers to flame this into a movement. We all have the internet, we can all see with our own eyes what Covid is doing, Billy TK and the Plan B Death Cult Capitalists can only attract the delusional and the petty.

New Zealand punters pointing to the Orange Lives Matter Insurrection and trying to claim ‘it could happen here’ are really wishing it could happen here so they can live out all their Hate Speech Identity Politics martyr fantasies.

The true demarcation of power in NZ isn’t between neo-nazis and the righteous, it’s between property speculators and the poor!

People in NZ were drawn together in solidarity at the shared sacrifice of lockdown and were led by a Government that kept money flowing into people’s pockets, it is only when the economic conditions become so unbearable that we will lose the people out of desperation, which is why this Government are so focused on ensuring we don’t get to that level of economic damage.

Billy TK and the Plan B Death Cult Capitalists will not win. We are a better people than that.


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  1. Your point regarding the elite of NZ spoiling for a hate speech fight is 100% on the money. It’s the main difference between old right/left vs new right/left. Happily most on the site appear ‘old’ left and the type of people you could have a couple of drinks together, debate our differences but go home understanding that we are all human just with different views. Back in the day this was Shadows at Auckland Uni.

    This has changed now to an visceral ‘hate’ between the new right and left. Ourselves on the old right sit back somewhat and understand bollocks like woke are cycles and will change overtime, the new right sees it as life and death, the old left fares the new left because (quite rightly) experience has told them social control tools can be turned around against them whereas the new left are this century’s puritans and can’t be persuaded to see the fallacies in their argument.

    What does it mean – we are hurtling towards the collapse of Western civilisation as we know it. The US isn’t the only powder keg out there – you can add the UK, France, Italy and ever increasingly Germany to the mix. Then there are the ‘prophets’ on the new right/left who understand clearly the situation and wish to fan the flames.

    The great irony of course is most old right/left can see this slow moving 747 crash moving towards a giant moving nuclear fireball however in the current economical and political environment are powerless to stop it. The population dynamics Bomber has quite rightly spelt out previously here make it doubly as hard.

    Strap in people – in 2 weeks Trump will be the new Franz Ferdinand and this will only stoke the fires moreso.

  2. “who sits down next to me without recognising me but Billy TK who was loudly having a phone conversation”

    What an opportunity, I’d have asked the Cafe if they’d sell me a strip of kitchen foil, made him a hat and loudly presented it to him.

  3. 150 people turned up on the day . We know from the Chch massacre it only takes one idiot with a gun to cause
    havoc with the idea sown by someone they believe in.So the authorities need to be aware but there is little chance of a USA type storming of parliment especially before 2 pm as most would not be up before that.

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