Assange’s Extradition DENIED by British Court – what does it mean for Kim Dotcom?


Incredible news overnight, Assange’s Extradition has been DENIED by the British Court!

This is the most important defence of journalism we’ve probably ever had, and it’s a surprising ruling because we had all assumed the interests in destroying Assange as punishment for exposing war crimes by the West was done and dusted.

Incredibly, Nicky Hager’s astounding witness evidence given in the show trail against Assange in September was ignored by most NZ media because most NZ Media rooms are now slavish cowards to the woke social media lynch mob, and the Woke’s denigration of Assange as a rapist means any coverage in NZ must be deplatformed and never spoken of lest the Wellington Twitterati cancels you.

However, with this now as global news, expect the NZ media cowards to all jump on board with their empty praise.

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The decision to not extradite Assange was weighed up by the mental health impacts of such draconian demands by America and this ruling to refuse extraditing him becomes a Pyrrhic victory for the rights of journalists while dramatically resetting the power dynamics between the State and whistleblowers.

In terms of Kim Dotcom, the Supreme Court of NZ or the Immigration Minister need to ask themselves if Assange didn’t meet the threshold for extradition, then how the fuck does Kim Dotcom’s trumped up charges meet the extradition threshold???

The mental health damage to Dotcom and the total destruction of his business has been as extreme as Assange’s, why would we do what the UK won’t?

I wept genuine tears of joy this morning.

A great day for journalism.

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  1. Baraitser’s judgement is pathetic.

    She has simply passed the buck to another court on a point which the US can easily appeal.
    Meanwhile Julian is still in covid-riddled Belmarsh pending a bail application – still without winter clothing.

    Any bets on whether Baraitser will grant bail?

  2. Sadly, it is only a partial victory for justice. Assange won’t be extradited for health reasons. The absurd narrative that he was a danger to US security was accepted by the judge, and still stands.

    I suppose if you are a corrupt, lying, fascistic warmonger, then exposure of the truth about your war crimes does pose a threat.

    ‘There was dismay among Assange’s supporters that the ruling was solely based on health grounds, with the judge stating she had no reason to doubt that “the usual constitutional and procedural protections” Assange would be afforded in the US.’

    I have just read a very interesting article relating to the wide-ranging and repeated failure of ‘experts’ in the US, and the consolidation of power at the top of the social-financial-political pyramid despite those repeated failures.

    ‘After months of repeated errors and deceptions, experts and institutions are more powerful than ever…’

    ‘Underwriting the growing power of this interconnected media-administrative-political elite is the new American oligarchy led by Silicon Valley. The same tech industry that led a heavy-handed approach to the pandemic, censoring non-expert opinions while amplifying institutions like the World Health Authority, while the WHO at various points opposed wearing masks, criticised travel bans as ineffective, and disputed that the virus is highly contagious — all while lavishing praise on China. The US is down 10 million jobs since the start of the year. One hundred and sixty thousand small businesses have shuttered. Children are going without school and friendship, ordinary people are languishing in isolation and despair. But with government stimulus spending facilitating an immense upward transfer of wealth, the top tier of corporate profits has soared along with the stock market….’

    For the American ruling class, expertise is a ceremonial costume conferring power through mystifying rituals. The mantra of this cohort, “believe science,” says it all. It’s an incantation in a cheap magic act, one that has nothing to do with science….

    The future is looking bright for the DC foreign policy elite whose combined wisdom produced the Iraq War, abetted the catastrophe in Syria, scoffed at Trump’s efforts at a peace deal in the Middle East, and who now fight tooth and nail to keep US troops stranded in a lost war in Afghanistan…..

    The iron law of the American elite is that as long as everyone fails together, everyone fails upwards. Regime loyalty is the herd immunity of the ruling class, a protection against the consequences of their own failures…. a kingdom of experts without reliable expertise falls back on propaganda and state power.

  3. A great result and quite unexpected but don’t get too carried away. The magistrate’s decision was based only on Assange’s mental health, current and future, and she upheld ALL of the US government’s arguments. The threat to journalists has NOT gone away.

    • Ans so Assange will continue to be discredited and vilified because of his mental health. From the CIA’s basic psy -ops manual for undermining an opponent. Still a win for the scum bag yanks!!

  4. I will never trust the “establishment in whatewver form it chooses to change into to hide their deceptive controlling manneri.

    “When money talks truth walks” is the correct deception of the control of the global cabal we now sadly live under.

  5. Good on Nicky Hager for defending Julian Assange ….and yes the NZ mainstream media is sycophant USA – British deep state propaganda…. not real investigative journalism

  6. For Julian Assange this is a way out of his personal hell. But the judge agreed with virtually all of the indictments brought by the US. This sets a dangerous precedent for all investigative journalists. That is the big win for all countries who adhere to this worrying trend of challenging the freedom of the press. It has been a long time since we have had a worthwhile NZ response to any foreign policy transgressions by any of the signatories to ‘the five eyes group’ especially the US. Sadly if Assange had been a kiwi the government, left or right would have played the same game as the Brits. A stance that has exposed the political establishment as morally weak but prepared to protect their secrets with what ever tool they can find. Assange has become the ultimate political scapegoat and for that reason alone his extradition under the UK/US extradition treaty should not have proceeded. But when a state is embarrassed by truth telling as Assange did their vengeance can be extraordinarily cruel. For those who see Julian Assange as a torchbearer for holding the establishment to account this decision is to be celebrated but overall there are stormy waters ahead for journalists who challenge hegemony.

  7. ” However, with this now as global news, expect the NZ media cowards to all jump on board with their empty praise ”
    Yes but like some of the others here he is far from being out of danger. Expect the intense pressure to deal to Assange to continue with the U.K determined to make an example of him.

  8. Assange wins. The cost: Press freedom is crushed, and dissent labeled mental illness

    By Jonathan Cook
    ” There is a final lesson from the Assange ruling. The last decade has been about discrediting, disgracing and demonising Assange. This ruling should very much be seen as a continuation of that process.

    Baraitser has denied extradition only on the grounds of Assange’s mental health and his autism, and the fact that he is a suicide risk. In other words, the principled arguments for freeing Assange have been decisively rejected.

    If he regains his freedom, it will be solely because he has been characterised as mentally unsound. That will be used to discredit not just Assange, but the cause for which he fought, the Wikileaks organisation he helped to found, and all wider dissidence from establishment narratives. This idea will settle into popular public discourse unless we challenge such a presentation at every turn. “

  9. Best news for freedom of Speech and human rights for 2021!

    Great decision by UK courts!

    Can we tentatively think that there are some glimmers of hope, turning the tide from legal tyranny by political persecution and power hypocrisy?

  10. Journalists angered by Assange ruling, Chris Hedges reacts
    Barney Fife
    47 minutes ago
    Question: What has been your biggest disappointment? Answer: “Learning that even intelligent people can be cowards and that courage is a much rarer attribute than intelligence”. Julian Assange.
    48 minutes ago
    The US has no right to extradite Assange. Every journalist that is not outraged by the unlawful detainment and torture of Assange should be ashamed of themselves
    26 minutes ago
    Assange’s “crime” was that he exposed Deep State corruption and terror.

  11. After getting excited and thinking it was a victory for justice, just read the comments and sadly sounds like just the usual judiciary passing the buck to someone else to make the decision because they are too weak to say nope to the US and power interests…

  12. the US won’t rest until he’s either extradited to the US or 6 feet under…that’s his reality for the next 6 months. I’d be very surprised if they let him out on remand, there’s an application being made in the UK on Wed.

  13. I have no forgiveness in my heart for the wokester lynch gang members who for years took liberties with Assanges reputation, and who acted in a way that only true totalitarians can, declaring guilt without evidence or process.

    You know who you are, you remain miserable non-entities. Truth will always shine a light on your sordid thinking.

    • We shouldn’t extract surplus enjoyment or negative enjoyment or even positive enjoyment from this hard fought but ultimately ruling of justice. It shouldn’t be this hopeless and corrupt. Learning is the only thing we should be chasing.

  14. This result was always a possibility.
    Throughout Julian’s trial the extreme prejudice that the judge seemed to treat his case with, and the pathetic reasons given for her ruling, are possibly consistent . If Assange was to be freed of the extradition claim , what was that going to do for UK/ US relations?
    I always wondered if this would be the judgement; not that I predicted the lame excuses, but it always seemed likely that the UK justice system would be at pains to demonstrate no favouritism toward him in the interests of showing the US that they did what they could for their favourite ally . The more biased the procedure of the court the more hope there was for the right outcome.
    What happens next will be interesting. If he is given his freedom he will be the go to for any whistle blower across the world , and I don’t think he will stop doing what he does best. This might be evidence of the insanity implied in the judgement, but for telling the world about the bad things that our leaders are doing he will be it.
    Let’s see if Trump now pardons him anyway. Just to spite of the US establishment that has screwed him.
    D J S

  15. Nah mate. We’re on track to hit 2⁰ warming by 2030 and 4⁰ by end of century. At 4⁰ warming the carrying capacity of planet earth goes from 8 to 1 billion people. Assange’s court ruling is an important step towards managing the collapse of civilization as we know it. Get your head in the game.

    • We are all suspected ‘Russian agents’.

      Didn’t you know that by the CIA definition, anyone with a pulse is a suspected Russian agent?

      ‘National security’ one of the biggest scams ever invented [by Allen Dulles].

      The biggest scam of all is Fractional Reserve Banking and the charging of interest on money created out of thin air, of course.

  16. Does the US Want Julian Assange Dead? | Interview with Yanis Varoufakis

    Jim Smith
    4 hours ago
    District Judge Vanessa Baraitser has acted like Pontius Pilate, she has washed her hands of it, but unlike Pilate she has been careful to follow the set narrative by accepting the prosecution arguments. She will probably refuse bail when the US appeal and in doing so show that her reasons for refusing extradition are bogus. It’s a way for her to relinquish responsibility for a miscarriage of justice; it pushes the decision to a higher court. By refusing bail she will certainly add to any mental health issues.
    1 hour ago
    It’s fair to say that Judge Baraitser was chosen carefully. She will undoubtedly go far, though – for most of us – not far enough.

  17. CENK & TYT Smears Assange And Side With The CIA

    Too Much Drama In The Milky Way Galaxy
    Too Much Drama In The Milky Way Galaxy
    1 hour ago
    The main reason Assange will likely spend the rest of his life in jail is because of media outlets like TYT pushing propaganda fed to them by the Military Industrial Complex. They are literally helping the MIC silence other journalists by helping them make an example of Assange. Keeping the public misinformed on this issue is what helps keep the man locked up.


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