TVNZ Multi-Party Debate – Winners and Losers


Winston Peters vs David Seymour vs James Shaw vs Jami Lee Ross vs John Tamihere.

Are you not entertained?

This is a gladiatorial death match with chainsaws and motorbikes.

This is public broadcasting of the apocalypse.

John Tamihere was welcomed with a Haka on the TVNZ foreground. Excellent.

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Jessica Mutch: She hosted the best debate to date! She was direct, no nonsense and managed to keep all the stray cats moving in one direction. Excellent job.

John Tamihere: Wrote off National, talked directly to Māori Labour voters and called on them to give their candidate vote to the Māori Party because the Māori Labour MPs are getting in off the list anyway. Was probably the most effective at delivering clear strategy instructions to voters. The Māori Party could be the surprise winners on election night.

Winston: Oh he’s not coming back from 2% and he’s not winning an electorate, but he’s just so cuddly now grumbling and spluttering about things in his day. We are going to miss him when NZFirst get cut from Parliament. The fact he has no King maker power any longer means all his power has evaporated like Jared did at the end of Labyrinth.



James Shaw: Begging not to be electorally executed isn’t much of a rallying call is it? Oh he was ok, but the testosterone in the room looked like he had passed out. He was never going to shine here. Or anywhere for that matter. The Left have to rally around and keep them above 5%. We will do that.

David Seymour: Who slipped 10 Xanax into Dave’s diet coke? Jesus, why was he so sleepy? Was this him trying to be a statesman? Yawn. He’s the the smart arse under grad with intolerable right wing opinions, that’s who he is, a rebel no one likes following a flawed free market philosophy that isn’t relevant any longer. He’s not this dry balls City Council requisition officer who turned up to speak slowly tonight. ZZZZZZZZZZZ. A rare misfire by Seymour who is usually witty, funny and sharp. This was a terrible strategy tonight.



NZ First didn’t gain any new voters from tonights debate, but people respect Winston and have a soft spot for him, but they aren’t voting for him.

Someone needs to slap David awake.

James Shaw was always going to fail in this male ego environment but he’s doing enough to get over 5% because the Left see their policy platform as far more progressive.  Expect the Right to launch a vicious attack on the Greens over the next week.

John Tamihere had another good day at the office following up on his previous public debates. If the Māori Party win 3 electorate seats, we could get an overhang in Parliament.

If the Māori Party win 3 electorates, the Greens come in at 5% and Labour 47% you could get a Labour+Green+Māori Party Government!

How glorious would that be!

PS – Fuck Jami Lee Ross.

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  1. Jessica was good but let Seymour ramble on to much and talk over the others so we hope Jessica does better with the leaders debate between jacinda and Judith. Fingers crossed.

    • Anyone needing any convincing that the NZ Herald is nothing more than a right wing mouthpiece, their result has Seymour winning the debate by a massive margin( based on Epsom readers I suppose)

  2. Winston…. ‘he’s just so cuddly…..’ yeah right !!! Are we going to miss him ? Hell no ! But we will remember him….. for his lack of conviction and principles and the damage he has done over such a long time.

  3. I thought all their answers towards the Housing Crisis questions were lame.
    I don’t even think they acknowledged it was a crisis.

  4. Seymour was a pain in the arse trying to talk over the top of everyone all the time and should have been controlled better.

    The short times frames for giving an opinion to make way for the constant ad breaks were a disgrace.

    It was nothing to do with informing the public and everything to do with ratings and selling advertising.

    TV one needs a big clean out.

    Bring back tv7 and let them run it. Then we might actually learn something.

    4/10….. Can do better.

  5. The only one who seems like would be ‘very’ in-compatible with the correct current phase of debt management to the sine wave (which is momentous globally also) is Act.

    The right had it’s moment to prove it’s raison d’être, after the Clark era’s run and globally, but it couldn’t rise above the back room deal golden handshake, leaving behind a right shambles in all but dodgy economic indicators.

    If viewers discovered any new party out of that debate, would have been NZ First imo.

  6. Tamihere & Shaw presented well & demonstrated to viewers how Green & Maori Parties could work well in a Coalition situation. I was pleasantly surprised. Tamihere ruling out National was a strong positive statement. Although given the rot and decay in that festering carcass, he had no choice.
    I would still argue the only Green New Deal that can be delivered in timely fashion and not be beholden to the Banksters lies with Social Credit rather than the Greens. Acknowledging of course that by timely I mean it would only mitigate the horrific future we’ve locked in for ourselves, rather than avert it of course.

    Rimmer suffers the same problem as the Judipath. If you’re a vacuous liar, then it’s really hard to hide that for a whole hour. Only Key could do that, albeit with the support of a patsy media.
    ACT’s suicidal recycled failed Rogernomics were shown up as well. They really are lunatic fringe and deserve the same fate as the other lunatic fringe parties like Advance. Will be further exposed if they get into Parliament. *popcorn*

    Winston showed his political prowess but, well … Darth Vader said to Obi Wan – “Your powers are weak old man”. He’s had his time at the trough it would seem, and this election is his swan song.

    JLR was just an embarassing unnecessary distraction.

  7. The wisdom that accrues as we age will mean, if NZ First does not make it in this time, we will have lost something very valuable in our government.

    • Please explain what we will lose . Winston has achieved little for this country. The last 3 years have been a waste of time . I do not agree with many of the Labour policies but they were elected to lead and should be ben given the chance to proverseas themselves.

    • Red Buzzard,

      What has your sister being doing with the butcher to know that? You obviously have a very close relationship with your sister. That helps explain a few things.

  8. I been saying for some weeks now that Tamihere could be there if the Greens miss out which is a scenario that has been overlooked by the MSM and Tamihere does not want your party vote just your electorate vote if you are voting on the maori roll and want an independent maori voice at the table. It will be an election night worth watching for the first time in twelve years. Do we dare to hope that we will get our first real progressive government in decades ? but the Greens need to be there.

  9. The Maori Party, will win Tamaki Makarau, Waiariki and the Northern Maori Electorate Seat I am 100% sure about that.

    NZF will get 6.0-7.0% currently polling at 6.3% with their Internal Polling and I have heard that from the horses mouth – please keep this information confidental.

    Labour + NZF + Maori Party Coalition is my pick.

    • Act are showing now as becoming a frighteningly to be the “super right wing party”.
      I predict that they will loose votes after that debate as they are planning to roll back so many of the new labour social ‘poor folks’ policies. – I believe NZF will survive.

      • Just imagine Winston’s wrath towards the media and/or everyone in general if he gets back in. The polls suggest he won’t but you never know. That would be well worth watching.

    • Yes I believe the Maori party can win a few seats if our Maori whanau split their votes. And I also believe the Maori party candidates should have been hammering this message out to our people right from the start. There are still a lot of undecided Maori electoral voters and many are still not registered, I know I just registered some of my young whanau online. I also think many Maori want to give their party vote to Labour as they don’t trust the National party cause we always end up at the bottom of the heap when they are in power. I also think the Maori party should target the rangatahi even it they can get them out on the day to register and vote.

    • Yes NZF does believe in putting New Zealand’s interests and New Zealanders first…that is NOT racist!

    • …so you are a globalist?….and do not like New Zealand for New Zealanders first?…you would like open borders and no controls on immigration or NZ housing and asset and land buy up?…you would like us to be a CCP outlier?

      • I agree that New Zealanders should come first . What I have a problem with is Winston and a NZF attitude to our Asian/Indian trading partners. These countries provide NZ with much needed revenue and jobs . If we start jeopardize this NZers will lose out , not others. That is my point !!

        • NZF is NOT against TRADE….where is your evidence?….Proof?

          ….Winston Peters gets on extremely well with Asian leaders , who understand him and his loyalty to NEW ZEALAND and NEW ZEALANDERS first and foremost

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