QAnon Lunatics ‘protesting’ in Auckland are manipulated by Billy TK & Jami-Lee Ross


I didn’t go to the Black Lives Matters protest in Auckland because it wasn’t right to protest during a pandemic.

I supported their reasons why they were angry and understood why the never ending murder of unarmed African-Americans saw them take to the streets.

So while I didn’t agree with the BLM protesting during our pandemic, I understood why. Thankfully we saw no infection spike because of the protest.

I can’t offer the same concessions to the QAnon Lunatics who now number in their thousands thanks to Facebook algorithms and the political manipulation of peoples fears by conspiracy theorist Billy TK and venal opportunist Jami-Lee Ross who gathered in Auckland yesterday to ‘protest’.

I say ‘protest’ because yesterday wasn’t a valid political expression of any philosophy beyond naked chaos…

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Coronavirus: More than a thousand turn out for anti-lockdown rally in Auckland

Over a thousand protesters gathered in Auckland CBD on Saturday for an Auckland “freedom rally” alongside Advance NZ party leaders Billy Te Kahika and Jami-Lee Ross.

A sea of people, many of whom were not wearing masks, turned out in Aotea Square around midday and held signs protesting against the Covid-19 lockdown, 5G, vaccines, the New Zealand government and the TPPA.

…The Covid virus is not a bioengineered weapon spread by 5G to bring about a shadowy one world Government.

Jacinda is not conspiring to implement a secret socialist police state (I wish).

There isn’t a plan to forcibly vaccinate everyone with a mind control serum.

These things do not exist and fermenting fear into a fantasy world where 2 + 2 no longer equals 4 isn’t politics, it’s toxic damaged thinking that exploits peoples fears and lack of scientific literacy.

This QAnon lunatic fringe stuff has been able to spread because of Facebook and marginalised people who are alienated by a mainstream media who only exist to sell them stuff they can’t afford.

Of course those abused most by the State are going to believe in an evil far larger than what they see.

Jami Lee-Ross and Billy TK are exploiting this marginalised group in an obscene way.

It is sad to see so many good people tricked.

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  1. Hopefully many of these people would not have the intelligence to fill in a voting form or find their way to a voting booth .

    • Ha ha ha Trevor very funny.
      Martyn I am seeing some interesting twists here with the Advance Party coalition with Billy T’s Party policies of taking some “conspiracy” theories and capitalise on them as some are really not that extreme at all, take the TPPA as we all railled agaist this during the last election and got Labour to offer to oppose TPPA before the 2017 election and we now know that did not happen!!

      So using broken promises is smart to use by any party and labour needs to still clearly explain why they agreed to sign onto TPPA in the end even after they changed the name but kept the ISDS clauses intact. Jacinda did say “pull us up if we break any promises at the first Whitangi day.
      I do oppose the open meeting in this way as several will become infected by the Covid 19 virus and that may affect the election equally sadly. – Obviously this was engineered by the national Party as part of the dirty politics saga again. – Just my thoughts.

        • Agreed. Just another who has not done independent research to figure out what is going on. Such a shame. We really need some courageous critical thinkers and speakers in this country.

    • Main stream media are the real virus. Go , check WHO website , Lockdowns do not work. We have to live with this virus which has such a low fatality. Really dumb people who do not research and comply with all the msm bs. God bless the Advance NZ Billy Te , Jamie Lee and the people who came to show that people do research alternative media and reseaech the latest behind the scene Science and facts.

  2. “Auckland is still under alert level 2.5, meaning social gatherings of more than 10 people are not allowed.

    The maximum penalty for failing to comply with orders under the Covid-19 Public Health Response Act 2020 is six months’ imprisonment or a $4000 fine.” – From Stuff’s cover of the rally.

    At some point the laws need to be acted on, swiftly and strongly. Where public health and safety is being wilfully placed at risk, arrests need to be made. If that does not happen soon, the govt will be seen to be weak, unable to keep order, and this will play delightfully into Nat’s hands as voting days arrive.

    • Also from that Stuff article
      “University of Otago epidemiologist Michael Baker has previously commended the government’s lockdown approach in Auckland.

      “The essence of the elimination approach is you work intensely with all the tools you have as rapidly as possible before you start to get exponential increase.” ”

      I’m sorry to say this, but the govt already get a “Fail” mark from me for letting it get to this stage. The time to act was yesterday.

    • Yes Kheala- I suggest that after the election Billy watshizname and Jamie be charged and spend 6 months in prison for organizing this travesty of community danger. The govt could announce that they will be considering charges but will act after the election when Silly Billy’s party and Jamie’s Retard NZ party get their .0001% of the vote because if prosecuted now it will be seen by the loopies as political persecution.(Paranoia doesn’t need much fuel)
      By the look of many of the placards I suspect that most of the protest marchers are just anti-Jacindarites and/or National/ACT supporters grabbing a chance to swell the opposition ranks and vent their frustrations enhance the optics and feel less ineffective. I didn’t see any anti-Judith or anti-National placards. If you wonder why so many people joined the march I think therein lies the answer.
      I’d like to have seen some real journalists asking the marchers,”who will you vote for then?”All the journalist were concerned with was the superficiality of a crowd of people, not the real underlying issues.

      • If they are breaking the law now, then they need to be charged now!! Otherwise, there’s a shocking message being sent out to all: “Hey, you can all now pick and choose which laws you break!! No one can touch you!”

        • Yeah about that.
          So illegal roadblocks with gangs were allowed under lockdown level 4, Gang tangi and BLM marches also “allowed” under lockdown, now these people.
          It is a very very dumb road to go down choosing who is worthy and unworthy of enforcement in these situations.
          Team of 5 million? Some team members are just worth more than others apparently.
          It’s intersectionist logic.

          • KC, Each of those situations was different.

            Funerals and Tangi – I was against their re-opening for larger groups at that time (was shouting at the tv at one time 🙂 Pressure was put on by the media – reporters were harassing and chasing after both Jacinda and Dr Bloomfield respectively, asking, “Do you apologise?” … for the apparent hurt they had caused to bereaved relatives.

            I saw it as a bit of a rort by the funeral industry, who stood to make tens of thousands more dollars when larger groups could attend.

          • The BLM marches were a one-off, one time event. If they had continued after that and were ignoring distancing and masks, I’d have been shouting about it as loudly as anyone. It all happened so fast..

            • Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!! You legend. A one off BLM protest won’t spread the plague but repeated protests will. The idiocy from the Ardern acolytes is stunning.

          • The difference between the road blocks during the height of the pandemic and present political rallies disguised as “protests” could not be more stark!

            One of those was protecting people FROM the pandemic, the other is exposing the wider community and ultimately all of us TO the coronavirus. One was saving lives. The other is likely to result in the loss of lives. Including Health Workers’s lives.

          • What about the young couple that got lost in the bush and we were at an alert level they were not suppose to go into the bush but they did never the less. This rescue cost us hundreds of thousands and there was no repercussions. Where is fairness when that Maori women escaping to see her children’s fathers body served two weeks in prison.
            Then we have the Asian Guy in the high court at Rotorua Xianju he got home detention and he was so drunk he couldn’t remember hitting and killing someone. And then Mr Strickland who was high on P got 9 years prison for the hit and run in Christchurch. It seems brown people particularly Maori and PI are still getting harsher sentences in this country.

          • Kaya3 – If you cannot write with numerical consistency, you are not in the position to suggest that others do maths.

            Your mixed metaphors aren’t very good either.

            • Whatever. The “left” in NZ are a pathetic bunch of suburbanite idiots. Like the UK, the left is dead. Move over. Time for a new movement. You people are totally and utterly irrelevant. Morons.

              • Cough.

                You do see that Jacinda Ardern is looking at an unprecedented majority Government right? I mean, you talk a big game about the Left being dead, but you are saying that right when Labour are about to win an unprecedented majority in the MMP landscape.

                I mean I like to see passion in my political enemies, but you seem to have misjudged the Polls there comrade.

  3. Stuart Nash is the Minister for Police. It’s time for him to step up. Have a chat with Jacinda, decide on the best course of action, and take that action, clearly and decisively. This is a situation that will not go away of its own accord, and it will escalate at some point if it is not stopped in advance.

    We don’t need the riots and violence that we’ve seen across the ditch. Look at what has happened there – It has all become quite horrible. We can take note of that and avoid it, but only if strong, clear and swift action is taken in advance.

      • Well, Jacinda’s State is sure picking the winners and losers.

        Houses at record prices, child poverty getting worse, savers getting near Zero Percent Interest Rates, etc, etc

        Why wouldn’t you support Advance NZ? Seems reasonable, they can’t be worse than Labour and National.

        I’ll pretty much vote for any party that admits houses are at record high prices and/or promises to legalize cannabis.

      • ” I see people breach rules all the time, and nothing gets done about it. It is laughable ”
        Yes i was nearly killed by speeding morons and arrogant shits not observing the road rules on my Sunday drive and i was not laughing !!!
        So much for kindness and the team of five million its certainly not like that in reality.
        As for these irresponsible drongos like Ross just reinforces what i have thought all along
        He has left his mind somewhere down the road.

        • Agree with you Mosa about the appalling, rude, impatient driving. There is very little kindness on our roads. We need a dedicated traffic force again.

      • Because the plague is so bad……..8 people died on the roads 2 weekends ago. Get rid of cars. Actually no, get a grip on reality.

        • How many on the roads not killed that are now living with life long effects from car accidents? As you yourself said, get a grip.

    • Kheala – That’s exactly what they do want – a riot here and there- wails of police brutality- wearing their martyr beanies. Ignoring the stupid clowns may not be at all to their liking.

      That they are happy to endanger the rest of the community is proof that their leaders are sociopaths, and the last sort of people who should be in power.

      What’s Ross got to lose ? His good name ? Haha. As far as I know the boy’s never had what I would call a proper job.

      Marc suggests the police may be shitting themselves. Because of that pathetic rabble ? I doubt it. This is policy area – interesting, apart from the fact that lowlifes are spitting on the rest of us. The last cop I spoke with was a bit emotional after attending a small child’s murder. I imagine that’s quite hard on them.

      I don’t watch television, but sweaty Ross and that other slimeball’s mob should have their faces televised every night, so that others can see them for what they are. Will they be protesting after the election’s over ? Nope.

      • Yes, Jami-Lee’s naked opportunism is on full display here and he will keep on exploiting Billy Te Kahika, and his followers, as long as it gives Jami-Lee the profile he so desperately craves. It will implode at some point, in the meantime, how to counter the bollocks? Be factual, be informed, and be kind to those who are down the rabbit hole. This is Jami-Lee’s last hurrah. After the election, reality will kick in.

      • Alexis, Are you from the US?
        And if so, are you there now? Or are you over here in NZ?
        (This is a genuine question, I would really like to know?)

    • Kheala – The Minister of Police interfering in police operational matters is not necessarily the best idea. Under the Key misrule, the police seemed to be used for political bullying fairly vigorously – too vigorously – viz Nicky Hager, Martyn Bradbury et al.

      Currently it’s a balance between the public good, and implementing policy. Most New Zealanders have behaved very well under the pandemic. Chances are we may return to that post-election; the menace of the God-botherers is where the cops could do their social worker bit and get a reasonable response – if the religious people are genuine.

      Kelvin Davis is ok, but a police minister like Collins, for instance, is a reminder of the need for caution in setting precedents – the current scenarios could be awful if she were still in the job at a time like this.

      • If they act NOW, then they can head it off before it gets to the stage where some sort of armed riot police need to appear.

        If they fail to act, that will be needed, probably right before the election. Because that is the pattern, the exact pattern that is happening elsewhere – the same groups in each country. It looks like a small, harmless thing at first, then the agitators appear, then rioting etc. Including in Melbourne this weekend: Melbourne Police Arrest 74 Anti Lockdown Protestors (More info in the QAnon info links above or online.)

        It doesn’t need to get to that point! If they just take it seriously now, and act quietly and unobtrusively – but with quiet strength, sufficient to command respect for our laws around Health and Safety. Honestly, they are looking weak, and asking for trouble, which is destined to arrive if they do not act very soon.

        By “They” in that para above, I mean our Health and Safety authorities, and our ability to ensure that Laws for our safety have sufficient meaning and effect, that flouting them has consequences. (Eg use of fines – Max fines, early on.)

      • Stuart Nash is Police Minister, unless I’m mistaken. (Kelvin is Corrections.) And, I do think he should sit down and talk with the main Health Authorities, including Dr Bloomfield, as well as with Jacinda, and really sort out between them just what is the best approach. Then they need to act on that.

        With these rallies growing exponentially each week, and with agitators about to move in, the next two weekends should be a concern. There is nothing to be gained by allowing it to continue unchecked. But that does NOT have to mean going in with riot gear, if they can just find a more peaceful way to act pre-emptively.

        • Ok. Looks like I got that wrong. There’s
          a good chance Ross and that other fool could face police charges – but preferably not before the election – which is the whole point of his finding freedom stunt -but afterwards, when he’s back to being the nobody that he is.

          If there is a legal case, then there’s nothing to stop someone like Graham McCready bringing a private prosecution – been there – done that – too old and tired now.

          Meantime, yes, these hungry lowlifes are prepared to put the community at risk because of their own ugly ambition. Their followers may be stupid, or sociopathic, but I’d struggle to accept that Ross doesn’t know what is at risk here.

          Readers of Hager and Stephenson know that layers of skulduggery are the modus operandi of the dirty politics gangsters, which is one reason I think and hope things settle down post election, and when we’re in a less stringent social phase.

    • Good stuff Kneala
      But the use of force in ‘mass demonstrate rioting is now in the US with BLM actually causing negative poll results for the Democratic party.
      This may happen here as National/act and their cling-on’s all advocate for rioting and fan the fire and the flames of dissension to riot in the streets.
      As we saw with this mass demonstration against the Covid 19 lock-down as it was a clear message to Government to riot.

      If National don’t speak strongly now publicly in all media against these public demonstrations in public under lock-down 2 then National will suffer more in the polls; -0 so go hard National we will watch you sink.

  4. Grant Robertson says people are allowed to protest.

    But given the fact we have certain laws and rules in place, now under Level 2 Alert, or rather Level 2.5 as Jacinda wants us to follow, why did the Police just stand by and let hundreds breach those rules, some of which give them the power to enforce them and fine people for, even put them into prison, if found guilty?

    We have a situation where the message is: If you are in large enough numbers, or if you are in a situation where we will have trouble enforcing the law, you are going to be let off the hook, no matter what.

    Is this going to assist us all to beat Covid 19 and contain the Corona virus?

    I doubt it.

  5. Very disappointing.

    What is worse is it’s an MP leading these nut jobs who is breaking the law, worse again, no consequences, worse and on that subject the police are talking about “educating”. Educating? Seriously? For fuck sake, give up and take up social working or knitting socks! These pricks are laughing at you!

    You can have all the laws you like but these ain’t much point of there is no teeth to it.

  6. You all need to do some research as to what is happening behind the scenes of this govt . . . . You sit on here like self ritious prats without even looking into whats being said by the protests . . Look at it with an open mind and you may discover some truths . . . . What if they are actually right . . . Jacinda said shed save 10s of thousands of lives . . We havnt even had 2000 cases . . Regardless of lockdowns . . Where are all the people dropping dead in the streets that were shown in Wuhan . . . . where are all the bio hazard bins for all of our masks that people discard . . . There are none . . The reason is because its not as deadly as first thought. . Look into things dont just follow what the govt is saying . . . The govt even said to start with that masks did nothing . . . Now they have scared everyone into wareing them . . . . WAKE UP NEW ZEALAND . . . THE VIRUS IS NOT THE AGENDA what the govt is doing behind the scenes is the true agenda . .

    • Oh sweetheart, I’m very well versed in what goes on behind the scenes in this Government and that’s why I can state with such clarity that your conspiracy theory is a fantasy being used to manipulate people who don’t read much outside of Facebook.

      I have looked at this with an open mind, you are being manipulated.

      Of course jacinda saved tens of thousands of lives, that was the warning given by the modelling experts as to how many deaths we could expect in NZ if the virus went exponential. That’s why she locked us down, TO SAVE US!

      We haven’t as you claim ‘even had 2000 cases’ BECAUSE WE LOCKED THE FUCKING COUNTRY DOWN!

      The bodies of those who died in wuhan have been cremated.

      Your question regarding bio hazard masks is meaningless.

      It is not as lethal as we first thought because the amount of those who can be infected and who aren’t being counted lowers it, but it is far more lethal than the common flu and people with the virus can have severe complications that are far greater than influenza. These are scientific medical facts, your assumptions of those facts suggest to me you don’t know what you are actually talking about beyond some cut and paste thing someone has sent you on Facebook!

      That’s right, the Government didn’t acknowledge mask use at first, they had assumed it would only be limited to close contact and needed the masks for Drs and nurses and first responder types. This was a fast moving event and as data came in, they changed their positions. This is a basic human function of learning, you understand that right?

      Your claim that we need to ‘wake up’ because there is something else going oil behind the scenes is pure fantasy.

      You are being manipulated.

    • “Jacinda said shed save 10s of thousands of lives . . We havnt even had 2000 cases”

      I’d suggest if we haven’t even reached 2000 cases, then indeed, Jacinda HAS saved 10,000 lives!

      • Again. Jacinda said 80,000 people will die (if you believe her, and you surely do) and in the US, 8 million were supposed to die. So that means Trump has saved more lives than Jacinda. Perhaps he should be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize…ops he already has.

        • Did Trump get nominated for grabbing as many “pussy’s” as he could?
          AGAIN your numbers are like Trumps truths and Trumps nomination is from a far right radical leader, so not sure why you’d be promoting this?
          AGAIN you’re more than welcome to move to America and raise the IQ of both countries.

    • This government has Phil Twyford, a senior minister and high ranking caucus member who if given free access to Lion Breweries entire warehouse stock, could not organise a piss up!

      If you think this government are clever enough to run an alternative hidden agenda, the delusion is far worse than any us ever dared think and quite off the scale!

  7. Lol Oh you have no idea that your rights, democracy, and freedoms are insidiously being stripped away. I’m so proud to see people have the courage to stand up to tyranny. Why on earth the author of this article would WANT a socialist police state, I have no idea. I can only assume he writes such things out of pure ignorance.

    • No, that’s a grotesque misrepresentation of the truth. Our democracy and freedoms were not insidiously stripped away, we had a legal order from the Head of Health to implement pandemic powers. Those powers weren’t technically legal for the first 9 days, but as the Court points out, the State was acting in the best health interests of the people to an immediate threat!

      We expect Governments to do that.

      Your rights have not been stripped away.

      This is not standing against tyranny, this is inspiring fear laden chaos.

      The author of the post wanted a socialist state as a tongue in cheek moment of facetiousness.

      I’m going to take a stab in the dark and assume you don’t know what facetious is.

      But then again, I might be writing out of pure ignorance. You are being manipulated into believing a fantasy conspiracy that doesn’t exist.

      You are smarter than this Freedom.

  8. The media’s tactics are pathetic. So people losing their jobs, their homes, their ability to travel, ability to connect with friends and family, or potential right to say no to forced, dangerous medical treatment have nothing to do with it? Honesty you need to write something more meaningful than the sort of garbage that is posted by the Media on a daily basis. NZPP People are doing what they feel is right their country.

    • Yes, fear from a unique event like a pandemic creates job loss, ability to travel, etc etc – that’s the sacrifice we universally pay to ensure the virus doesn’t spread exponentially.

      NO ONE has to be forced into treatment, only isolation. If a moron willingly refuses treatment, that’s their right and they can die.

      The NZPP are cultists following a snake oil merchant. Your fear is being manipulated.

      • And when there’s fear and uncertainty who do you turn to for rationality and sense and calm? Well, one Billy Te Kahika of course.

        He and his supporters like everyone are entitled to their views and to express them. The same as everyone else is free to rubbish those views and call them lunatic.

        If someone says all road rules are an imposition on personal rights and should be got rid of, they could muster a raucous band to make the point on the streets. I’d could them mental. When those like BTK and certain pastors say crazy things about covid-19 and to not worry because ‘God is in control’ I’d call them mental too.

    • Please give an example of the “forced medical treatment” that people are losing “their potential right to say no to”. Not one you imagine might happen, one that has actually happened.

  9. Arrest and detention will only vindicate these dickheads. Disappointment among the marchers that they weren’t bundled into army trucks and sent off to the re education camps for behaviourable micro chip inplantment must have been palpable. better luck next week. In the meantime, can we get the cafes and venues to use this march as a drawcard for punters along the lines of ‘come watch the circus parade’? Surely the laughter from the ‘norms’ will make them think twice about this weekend outing for the afflicted? Cafes to ask if they could do the march daily?

    • ‘Softly sofly cachie monkey’ ; – must rule to ‘get civility to reign’ and be accepted to all.

      Or it’s the french revolution day again, so is this what you all want???

      Not a good plan.

    • Lol you people make me laugh talking bs on here like you have a clue when all you talk is false hoods so laughable.As for cafes being open they can not that is why these people are marching putty this has to be spelt out for you poor miserable ignorant

      • Or bert this looney lot could offer themselves for the Covid drug clinical trials after all they have nothing to lose or fear and they would be helping our country.

  10. It is useful to distinguish between the premeditated misleaders and the miss-led.

    What is building here resembles a Trumpian rag tag army, or Brexiteers, or Hungarians. Sometimes alienated people with genuine grievances that the mainstream will likely not sort out in their lifetimes. Others are just internet fuelled Incel type fuckwits taking the piss. But nonetheless they are becoming a political fringe force.

    The penalty for an inadequate left and a neo liberal Labour Party, is the potential rise of authoritarianism.

    • Tiger mountain; Yes its either rule by ‘a fair minded Government’ or it’s descend into anarchy, so we know what’s the right choice for all here, – not just some but for all.

  11. I think what the planners are ding is similar to how ACT picked out at “sore points” to capitalise as ACT did and hope they will replicate.

  12. Shifting civil borders…

    Corona Politicians are blind to the insight that they have to limit themselves. More and more often they succumb to authoritarian temptation.

    The news and pictures that reach us from the other parts of the world are terrifying. Injured protesters in Sydney and brought down protesters in Melbourne are seen, their arms fixed behind their backs and masks put on by police officers. Previously, a depressing video had gone viral ‘Down Under’ showing the arrest of a 28-year-old pregnant woman who was still handcuffed in her pajamas, even though she did not offer any resistance.

    Her offense: she had called for protests through the Internet against a lockdown that had been imposed since July.

    Australia is not alone. Other states with open societies are also increasingly succumbing to the temptation of the authoritarian in the fight against the virus. Everywhere, politicians are flirting with a ban on demonstrations – but only for the critics of the containment measures.

    Politics and the media speak out to discipline a reckless population. Distance is the new social norm, the primacy of hygiene applies.

    Anyone who follows the reports on the protests that have been going on since March cannot shake off the impression that the majority considers any criticism of the measures taken by federal and state governments to be irresponsible. After all, it’s a matter of life and death. The containment measures, which have changed quite often in the last few months, were often contradicting themselves, sometimes seemed arbitrary and almost elevated to the rank of constitutional principles.

    How authoritarian the German Corona policy (for example) behaves can be seen in the way it deals with its critics. Nobody seems to perceive that the police can in future restrict freedom of assembly at any time by imposing conditions on demonstrations that are precisely directed against these conditions, even if the fundamental right formally continues to apply.

    According to the standards of the Berlin police that are now in force, any protest in Belarus would have to be resolved immediately because nobody wears a mask there. Incidentally, with tens of thousands of participants, the strict rules of distance would only have to be observed if everyone marched through the capital in a row. No, some measures taken to combat it are unreasonable.

    The abuse of guest lists in restaurants shows how quickly infection protection displaces other legal interests that have hitherto been held up, how quickly a habituation effect sets in here. And anyone who still speaks of solidarity in view of the rigorous enforcement of the mask requirement is perverting this term.

    It is already clear that the past few months have permanently changed the relationship between the state and citizens. Because the authorities intervene not only in people’s faces, but also in many private areas of life.

    The borders are being pushed further and further and do not stop in front of the citizens’ own four walls, as letters from health authorities that became known at the beginning of August show. In it, parents are threatened with their children being taken into care by the youth welfare office to spatially isolate those who may be infected with corona within their own household.

    Anyone planning a birthday party with more than 50 people in Berlin has recently been confronted with four-sided hygiene guidelines that not only specify the type of hand cleaning in the toilets (liquid soap!). But also require a dishwasher to clean the dishes. The examples appear banal, but the tendency towards a paternalistic state is fatal.

    The German-Israeli-Iranian author Rebecca Niazi-Shahabi recently warned of the authoritarian temptation of a hygiene regime: “Because the bad thing about totalitarianism is not that bad guys are planning bad things, but that what is well-intentioned is excessively expanded until everything else is finally included. The ‘totally good’ person is dangerous because he/she believes until the last moment that only they are on the right side.”

    ”Yes, these times make it really easy to feel like the better person. All you have to do is stay at home, post a photo with a mask on and get upset in a quick tweet about people who are spending their vacation abroad, celebrating with the family, or are simply exercising their basic rights.”

    Based upon excerpts of an article by René Schlott, “Der Freitag”, edition 37/2020 (a centre-left weekly).

  13. The very same manipulated morons were in Nelson on Saturday bleating about their freedom, 5G and other conspiracies. The Outdoors Party were in attendance together with Advance.
    I would love to know how they feel about really losing their freedom when they are forcibly detained and locked up for contributing to another level 4 because of their stupidity.
    I had to muster great strength to not get out of the car and give them a piece of my mind.

    • Oh really? Give it a go. Should be entertaining. Stay in your car, keep your mask on. Actually stay home, you’ll live forever. Muppet.

  14. Every time I hear QAnon I cringe, not at what they oppose but by the possibility they are another controlled opposition movement against the corporate elites and other oligarchs. Whether you are a, and I get a mouthful of bile when I say this old chestnut of propaganda, ‘conspiracy theorist’, there are extremely wealthy and influential people and organisations that seek to influence markets and in fact the globe. Western media is owned by a small number of oligarchs which should raise red flags. I’m in two minds about NZPP and their sudden desire to have other minor parties drop their parties and dissolve into theirs. JL Ross? He seems to fit the ilk of many of our politicians but it should be noted he’s pushing for binding referendum. As for lock downs, Plan B is useful to gain another non-politically controlled perspective. The fact that fatality stats have been manipulated and even MSM are now admitting this and the fact only a very small minority of the population is at risk should bring into question the devastation of societal and economic lock downs. If Covid19 isn’t nearly as deadly as we’ve been told it is then why the sudden explosion of fear induced reactions? Where have been the lock downs for other pandemics we’ve had? Why now? Why this one?

      • Corona has exposed peoples mental health and how we interact with each other and we need to take care of mental health as well as physical health and if we have high levels of testing then we will pick up abnormalities.

  15. Martyn, you dismiss the one world government claims out of hand, but are you aware that the UN organised a virtual concert in August during which a choir sang a song that contained the lyrics “A new world order behind closed doors”? This isn’t a conspiracy theory, or something I read on Facebook or Twitter. Details of the concert here:

    Also, since June the World Economic Forum has been heavily pushing what they are calling The Great Reset. They are talking about resetting the planet and every aspect of human behaviour. They are insisting that life can’t go back to normal. Klaus Schwab, the head of WEF, co-authored a book entitled ‘The Great Reset’. It’s available to buy on Amazon.

    Bill Gates and his wife smiled beamingly a few months ago after Bill said that the next pandemic would get people’s attention. For some reason the idea of a terrible future pandemic caused both of them to smile and look very happy.

    Do you see now why people are worried? I’m not sure whether you’ll address what I’ve written, but it’s very easy to dismiss people who have genuine concerns as “conspiracy theorists”.

    • Kia ora Buaibh, lovely to have you here.

      I want you to reflect on what you’ve written here because maybe you don’t appreciate how fucking ludicrous your argument is.

      Let. Me. See. If. I. Can. Get. This. Completely. Fucking. Straight.

      YOUR evidence that a shadowy one world Government secretly waiting inside the UN to pounce and take over the planet is a song someone sang that had a lyric that proves it????

      Can you reflect on just how fucking crazy that is?

      PS – Saying ‘I read it on Facebook’ isn’t helping your case.

      Of course the UN are asking for a great reset, WE NEED A GREAT RESET, but to conflate a UN who are pushing for better treatment and a culture of change that becomes more friendly towards the environment and civil rights IS NOT EVIDENCE OF A SECRET ONE WORLD FUCKING GOVERNMENT???

      Your fear and your ignorance are being manipulated mt dear friend. There is no shadowy one world government, there isn’t some secret UN Police state and dragging Bill Gates in as some anti-christ is so deeply stupid I am really having to hold my tongue here least I start becoming abusive at your bewildering stupidity.

      You have no comprehension of the issues you raise and yet you have the fucking audacity to suggest I don’t know what I am talking about here.

      Look, are there conspiracies in the world?

      Fuck yes.

      The mass surveillance conspiracy, the way petrol companies kNEW petrol cause climate change damaging gases and hid that, the underlying bias of capitalism and the 1% richest are all real conspiracies – that the UN is out to get you using a bioengineered weapon using 5G to bring about a secret UN Government is total fucking bullshit.

      You are being manipulated into believing things that aren’t true.

      • You really are so full of shit Bradbury. Seriously. Anyone thinking you are some sort of “left” intellectual has the mental capacity of a cup of soup. Fuck the left in NZ. It’s a sad joke. Fuck 5g. Follow the money. Gates is the biggest funder of the WHO. Gates is funding vaccine manufacturers around the world. Gates has publicly stated vaccine development is the best return he ever made in his life. 20 dollars to every 1 invested. Gates the “philanthropist” has doubled his wealth in the last decade, poor shmuck can’t even give his money away! But it’s a “conspiracy”!! You are a moron. Oh, don’t mention that the only cases of polio in Africa now are from the Gates funded oral vaccine. Is that a “conspiracy” Marty honey? Is it? Go on sweetie, show us how smart you are. Disprove that statement. You middle class, faux left tool.

        • I love your passion.

          It’s hot, but a couple of phrases there trip you up and the emotive language helps explain you are someone utterly manipulated by emotion.

          Your claim that 5G, Bill Gates and vaccines are all somehow a nefarious plot helps explain why you are so deep in the conspiracy forest.

          5G is not a transmission for virus paths. Bill Gates is a very rich man who believes disease is a major problem from his malaria research. Your half sentence statements that somehow there is a shadowy path that those three things lead to is like me saying, Moon, Stars, Shape shifting Lizard people.

          You are throwing up a spectrum of nonsense and then declaring ‘Prove me wrong’ when you’ve managed to say nothing right.

          I’m fascinated in seeing how far this crazy conspiracy virus has run. Thank you for letting me see how crazy this manipulation by Billy TK and JLR has run.

  16. If you want to make a lot of noise and achieve nothing, start a protest. These ideas aren’t going anywhere with these people at the helm. Unfortunately we can’t unteach stupid.

    In terms of Black Lives Matter, I’d do whatever someone with a gun and a badge (or just a gun) asked me to do. “Get on the ground”. Ok. Again, stupid people though…..

  17. Caught a few fish here Bomber. Kudos for actually engaging as opposed to cancelling even if i don’t subscribe to your views (or theirs).

    We will look back in half a decade and see how badly we handled this pandemic (both here and abroad) by taking a political approach (masked as a health approach) worldwide to this pandemic.
    The hard left can’t have it both ways – if you come out and protest your pet politics (note: not everyone supports BLM in its current form) then you have to allow the other side to do the same.

  18. “We will look back in half a decade and see how badly we handled this pandemic ”

    Many won’t, they will be dead.

    I digress, the world will look back and see New Zealand as the beacon.

        • Dont need to be Nostradamus Bert, just need to have a grasp of reality. Your emotional, I get it. I tend to look at it statistically and those statistics affecting the world population, far far outweigh anything Covid has presented so far.

    • Complete bollocks. Far more people will die in the next five years from the results of government policy around this bullshit. Look no further than the mathematicians at Te Punaha Matatini. 1.3 million in funding to reference the fuckwit from Imperial College London, Neil Ferguson. His code was described as “the Sims without the graphics” by computer experts. AFTER it had been rewritten by a team of experts from Microsoft. Totally discredited, as has been everything he ever “modeled” in the last ten years. He should try ladies swim wear. He couldn’t do any worse than he does at predicting outcomes of disease outbreaks. Imperial College won’t release the original code. Too fucking embarrassed.
      Great, economy destroyed, lives destroyed, people saved? Fuck all squared in a box. Change one of the parameters and the numbers will change. Hendy and his buddies might as well use tarot cards or toss a coin.
      None of the Ardern acolytes on here has looked at the statistics. Or if they have they are struggling with numbers over 10. It’s blatantly obvious now that this thing was over stated at the outset. Being generous that allows for the initial panic, but every stat since then has shown this thing to be no different to any other seasonal virus. Maybe at the upper end, but even that isn’t clear yet as it’s now proven that the stats have been completely fucked up. UK had to drop over 5000 deaths off their covid register recently. That’s the ones they are admitting to. The PCR tests are bullshit.
      This is the most insane shit I’ve witnessed in over 50 years. Are the left so fucking enamoured with Ardern they have completely lost their ability to think critically and rationally? It seems apparent they are and they have. A movement I did everything I could for most of my life. Finished. Over it. Same as when they destroyed Corbyn in the UK. The “left” as a movement is full of shit.

      • Your regurgitation of cut & past QAnon mantra don’t impress me much.

        Of course we haven’t seen the mass deaths that were predicted BECAUSE GOVERNMENTS LISTENED TO THE MODELLING AND THEN ADOPTED THE MEASURES!

        You QAnon devotees keep trying to point out the lack of deaths as evidence that we weren’t in any danger and that is the most hollow conclusion one can use.

        Your fear is being manipulated, but you have a worse case because you are infecting others with ridiculous falsehoods.

        Yes, we didn’t get the death rate the modelling predicted BECAUSE Governments listened to the health experts and we avoided that! Holding this up as you are doing and claiming it’s evidence that proves the whole thing has been manufactured is insane.

        You are attempting to spread insanity.

        It is people like you who help me understand why so many people in Christchurch believed there was a satanic cult killing children that Peter Ellis was supposed to have been part of.

        It’s good to see how far a logical fallacy can go.

  19. What is wrong with some people?

    What do they expect to gain by flouting the health restrictions and rules during a pandemic, other than cause mass infection of society?

    Science tells us CV-19 is a highly contagious, fatal disease. The evidence is there. Any rational and reasonable person will listen to the scientific advice and act accordingly to prevent community spread, by protecting ourselves and others. But not all unfortunately …

    • It’s good to see how utterly insane these acolytes are and the incredible level of brainwashing Billy TK and JLR have managed to produce in such a short period of time. Lusk would be proud.

      • Martyn – My friend Karl – real name – would say this is what happens when people lack a spiritual dimension in their lives – not meaning religion – and he’s younger than me, and a bit right wingy, and we’ve had good conversations about what is wrong with New Zealanders.

        Jock Phillips’s revised edition of, “ A Man’s Country?” gives a good analysis of the contemporary Pakeha male, tracing back to our frontiersman roots still ,alas (me)prevalent today. It’s a thought-provoking read, and from memory, says nothing with which I’d disagree.

        Putting Phillips aside, more gets blamed today, both rightly and wrongly, on the effects of colonisation. I blame the deification of rugby and the All Blacks even more, setting fairly exclusive physical goals, glorifying violence and brutality, and putting very narrow perimeters around blokes’ brains.

        After a life time of being defined by a ball game, it is quite nice to see this country being defined globally, at a much higher spiritual or metaphysical level, by the advent of
        a prime minister who has met some massive challenges better than most world leaders.

        The advent of television, and its decline into mainly mindless garbage, has probably helped keep some of these acolytes IQ’s lower than their body temperatures. If climate change smashes us, tv too, may become part of our historical memory, and people forced back onto their own inner resources. Not sure which way this could go, but relying on science as we are currently, is eminently more reasonable than herding into the market place wailing, “My rights ! My rights!”.

      • As an aside where do you think these supporters are coming from – left or right? On the surface it looks both – could have significant ramifications for NZ politics downstream. Is this our OneNation party? 5% is not unachievable if voters are being picked from both the right and the left.

        • Good point. That’s why it’s interesting seeing the vehemence directed at punters labelled lefties etc because of the views they hold on specific issues, and the issues themselves being sidelined instead of being objectively addressed.

          (Muldoon started all this – I’ve forgotten a lot – and was out of the country for most or all of his reign.)

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