Te Ao with MOANA – The Jami Lee Ross & Billy TK interview


Well that was a lively debate…

#WATCH One has been described as desperate, the other as a conspiracy theorist. Billy Te Kahika from the New Zealand Public Party has joined forces with former National Party MP Jami-Lee Ross. Moana went head to head with the latest controversial political alliance.

Te Ao with MOANA screens on Māori TV 8pm Mondays


  1. I am a huge fan of Moana’s, but I have to say that I felt she really bungled this interview. It is extremely difficult to confront conspiracy theorists effectively; to do so one must be ultra-well-prepared and ruthlessly persistent. Moana is often both of those, but last night she appeared out of her depth with these two devious dudes, and in the process gave them a huge gift of extensive free air time to disseminate their dangerous crackpot ideas without effectively challenge. Somehow, they managed to come off looking “reasonable,” while she appeared rather disorganized and underprepared.
    In my opinion, she should’ve hammered only on BTK’s Covid conspiracy theories, JLR’s facing charges of sexual harrassment/violence, etc. (In contrast, RNZ did a decent job this morning of pinning BTK down on his insane rantings around the completely aspirational and non-enforceable UN Agenda 21, which is a favorite bugaboo of the American far right.) The previous produced segment on Moana (a week or two ago) about Billy TK was also confused and ineffective at exposing the dangerous nature of his conspiracy theories, so he’s now had two weeks of valuable free publicity on Maori TV. Ouch.

  2. JLR to try and table a document showing the National party received donations from the CCP tomorrow during debates.
    Let’s see how transparent National are in allowing it to be tabled. My $5 says big Gerry will veto the tabling of said document immediately.

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