Winners & Losers: Latest shocking Boag revelations are the end of the National Death Star!


The latest Boag revelations are so extraordinary and speak to such a depth of dirty politics it’s difficult to see how Muller’s leadership survives this.

National must be headed towards a historic defeat, the self implosion here is just jaw dropping.

So it turns out that Boag lied, and that she had actually sent information to Woodhouse as well…

Former National Party president Michelle Boag has quit the party after revelations she sent Covid-19 patient details to another National MP.

National Party health spokesman Michael Woodhouse confessed this morning to receiving four unsolicited emails from Boag between June 21 and 25 which contained patient details, but it was not the same information that was sent to disgraced MP Hamish Walker.

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…and that Muller KNEW she had done this and had said nothing to the media…

His confession follows National Party leader Todd Muller’s comments yesterday that he had not asked his MPs whether they had received confidential information as Walker had.

“The issue is sorted from my perspective,” he told reporters yesterday.

But a party spokeswoman told the Herald that Muller knew about Boag’s emails to Woodhouse on Tuesday.

…so let us get this all straight.

Boag took privileged information, was leaking it to Walker and Woodhouse while they and Muller criticised Labour using the leaks.

Hamish and Boag get busted, Boag lies about giving the information to anyone else, Muller says the issue is over and then we find out Woodhouse was also sent information and Muller knew he had while telling Media he hadn’t.

Jesus wept – their deceit and the attempts to cover up the lies rather than admit everything up front is simply extraordinary.


Labour: Today Bryce Edwards was suggesting that the Greens would be the only way Labour win, after this extraordinary cascade of implosions, Labour must be on their way to an outright majority. The public backlash at the deceit by Muller’s leadership team will be enormous now.

Chinese Spy Jian Yang: On the same day National implode, Chinese Spy trainer Jian Yang resigns (after we launched our petition to have him kicked off the Party list) is retiring from politics following the election and so will be able to slip under the radar and won’t gain any real attention.

Simon Bridges: How smug must Simon be feeling right now?

ACT: Right wing voters will walk out on National over to ACT. They could hit 5% this election.



Matthew Hooton: He walked away from a credible career as a political commentator in the media and abused his platforms to aid Muller into place and this is what he gets in return for it? He makes masochists flinch.

Political commentator Ben Thomas: It’s not just Matthew Hooton who gets damaged here, his purse Ben Thomas who works at Exceltium, Hooton’s PR company (that’s about to have no clients) will hurt Ben as well. Those Spinoff Political Podcasts and appearances on The Nation can’t pay all Ben’s bills.

Michael Woodhouse: He must reign now, he withheld telling the public about receiving the information.

Todd Muller: It’s over, he knew Woodhouse was also sent infmoration and withheld that when asked by the media.

Nikki Kaye: With the historic defeat National are about to be handed as Kiwis turn their back in disgust, the only National MPs left will be the conservative white south island electorates and they will not support Kaye for a 2023 leadership bid, so her career will be damaged by this as well.

National: They face a historic defeat after all this.

Dirty politics: The biggest loser here is dirty politics. When Hager first exposed National as a pit of political sin, the populace of NZ didn’t want to believe it, but watching Dirty Politics raise its head again, the public who are feeling pandemic solidarity for their lockdown sacrifice are now no longer prepared to tolerate this kind of politics today.

This just gets worse and worse, and the inquiry has barely started and will return its findings before the election.

It’s over.

The only way Muller wins now is if the Labour Government got caught bio-engineering the Covid-19 virus themselves.


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  1. Brilliantly summarized. I’d add another major winner David Clark . His “misdemeanours ” make Nationals look like crucifixion on the cross by comparison. Clark will stand and be reelected in Dunedin, will learn and become a minister again.
    And will leave tarnished, Walker, Boag, leave tarnished and Muller and most definitely Woodhouse remain whilst tarnished.
    Now Mr Muller, how was that ” fantastic team” you were going on about?

    • Clark got in his car and went to the beach and carried some boxes up the road = capital crime = beheading on the steps of Parliament. That’s what they wanted

      Walker, Woodhouse, Muller (and those whose names haven’t surfaced yet) = showed poor judgement = one walks away with a golden handshake and the other two get to go around for a couple of months telling us they have integrity, they know what is best for us, we should trust them and vote for them.

      • “the other two get to go around for a couple of months telling us they have integrity, they know what is best for us, we should trust them and vote for them.”

        Apparently “Muller said Woodhouses handling of Covid very different to Walkers”

        Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh right!

    • Michele Boag had two major failures. First was the discovery, election ad prime ministership of John Key. Second was overseeing the demise of Bill English. Sorry. I’ve caught the schadenfreude boagvirus. I’ll try to dampen my glee.
      But truly I think these people entered politics to do good.. so thanks.

  2. Yes Labour have failed on a couple of flagship policies but Jesus wept, National are turning out to be the most corrupt in our political history. One must ask how long has this been going on?!

    • I think the primary difference between the two is that Labour failed us n some of the things they promised- some of them big ones,… whereas National has been caught out again and again in corruption and lies. Not just with Mullers watch , but Bridges , Key and English.

      Something really odious happened to that party when Bolgers Finance Minister Ruth Richardson did what she did especially to the working people of this country. It goes back that far.

      It was like she opened the floodgates of a very evil ‘dog eat dog’ mentality and endorsed that mode of extreme capitalism which pitted New Zealander against New Zealander.

      It was far too late to see the error of your ways, Mr Bolger. If you’d had any conscience you would have sacked Richardson, instead you encouraged her.

      And now we are seeing the fruits( indirectly ) of that decision. Take solace that the same fate could befall Labour if they don’t tread carefully in future… as Labour was the party that started it all.

    • @ Bert. Since the first frozen meat shipment left New Zealand on 15 February 1882. ( Paraphrased: NZ History.) and has been [going on] unabated since then.
      Easy money attracts the lowest of life forms. Ask any real estate agent or banker?
      The National Party latched on to agriculture for a good reason. That reason was easy money and the power it gave to those on the ‘inside’. Aye boys?
      But no one could have seen the internet coming.
      I think what’s happening is that old Deep State fuckers beyond and behind our politics are done for. And they know it.
      If I were Labour I’d be very, very careful at this point. Labour should woo the farmer and crush the foreign banksters. There would then be a new dawn, a new day…
      Nina Simone…
      Feeling Good.

      @ MB. “… the only National MPs left will be the conservative white south island electorates”
      That’s unfair and shows an uncharacteristic ignorance.
      You been to Dunedin recently? Is fast becoming a Bohemian town of youth and old and of the most interesting racial diversity I’ve seen anywhere in AO/NZ.
      You heard of Flying Nun records? Christchurch ? Heard of?
      You been to Invercargill recently? Clearly not. Heard of The Black Shag Cafe? Just around the corner from an amazing vinyl record shop which is beside a fabulous Barber Shop? Heard of The Batch? Heard of The Auction House? Been to Bluff? Omaui Beach? Riverton?
      You need to head South more often Son.
      Don’t believe the media.
      Then have an opinion.

    • C’mon, this is the party that brought us Jason Ede, John Key and the GCSB and the Joyce Key casino. That’s just recent. This is the party of Muldoon and Colin Moyle.

    • Forever !!….. it’s just that the averaeg Kiwi hasn’t noticed because NZ media runs such great ‘pass interference’ for National and is basically their propaganda outlet.
      BUT they eventually took too much rope and hung themselves.
      Natz got too arrogant and assumed they’d never get caught out as the Propaganda media have done such a GREAT job protecting them over the decades, that they became more and more corrupt until it was so obvious, even with the protection of ‘full spectrum media propaganda’

    • Read Nikki Hager’s Dirty Politics -you wouldn’t believe how deep they went how wide it went and how grubby those people got in their zeal to discredit anybody in their wa so they could get back snorting at the public trough.

  3. They are headed for a defeat but not an historic one.
    That would mean getting below the barely more than 20% that English got the 1st time around.
    They will likely get high 20s or low 30s.
    Muller’s leadership will be over before Xmas and Aderns will be over immediately after the following election as no party could survive the imminent economic apocalypse.

      • Muller is a muppet for challenging for the leadership before this election.
        The incumbent almost always gets a big boost in a crisis so as soon as corona virus rose to prominence the National party leadership became a poison chalice.
        Unbelievably Muller is making Bridges look quite competent.

          • Given Muller’s christian values and morals, where does straight out lying fit into the grand scheme of things?
            I expect a bolt of lightening any day soon.

          • Well duh! All politicians are.
            I wanted to vomit prior to the last election when Adern claimed she doesn’t lie.
            She obviously thinks we are all 5 year olds.
            I wouldn’t brake for any of the bastards in parliament.

            • That’s bullshit! yes they lie but they do it in a way they cover themselves i.e spin, this is not one of these occasions Jays, so I call you out on that. Muller now stands at the precipice and that’s why I’m outraged, because of his principled christian beliefs. Ardern doesn’t proclaim religion, in fact she got out.

  4. Slow down on your typing there, Martyn old son,… in your glee there was a fair few typos , – your getting like me 🙂

    But this is a long time a-comin.

    Remember that old Rabbi saying?…. ” Evil destroys evil ”?… well it sort of apply’s here. I am amazed at how fast this is all unraveling before an election, … but that is what you get when you have factions and skeletons in the closet. And people are notorious to save their own skins by dumping on a colleague in such a toxic environment. I recall a known poster here at TDB who questioned me just how Key would be gone due to his Textor Crosby facade ‘popularity’,… all I said he would be shortly, it was just intuition, probability, but it happened.

    Actually , it was more the out-workings of ‘evil destroys evil’ at work. You cannot have so many weak points being used as leverage against fellow colleagues without factions boiling over and spilling out publicly in vengeful spite. The short term satisfactions gained will surely come round to bite you in turn. Sooner or later.

    Add to that political foes and a media hungry for scandal and your walking in dangerous turf.

    But that’s also a warning for the Labour party and any COL arrangement after September, – if they continue to pursue the neo liberal agenda and defend it against rising social economic bedlam, – particularly of the working class and lower middle classes , – there will be trouble.

    The protection of thousands of small businesses, workers , the unemployed, and the creation of new ventures using a modernized form of Keynesian economics is needed,… whether those ventures entail large scale infrastructure or govt backed industry’s such as IT componentry for domestic and foreign sales, …and a new aggressive marketing strategy…will be needed as well increased investment in our traditional primary industry’s. This is also a time to develop the vast potential in our fisheries , – and to also police them properly to ensure sustainability.

    The last thing this country needs is to end up like Italy did for so long, – with a change in PM’s and party’s on average every 6 months.

    • We are still running with personality politics.
      Policy, proof of intention and how we will achieve it surely is not too hard.
      Track record is definitely very relevant as is the party’s history.
      Our fickle judgements allow accusation without evidence to demolish often good people.
      Emotional manipulations is a well established industry. Its called PR

  5. Rotten to the core, the poisoned tree bearing it’s poisoned fruit, an idle mind, (Nationals collective caucus) is the devil’s workshop, ya da ya da ya da.

    BUT…this is the rancid corpse known as the National Party we’re taking about, few if any expect morals or ethics. They have plumbed some mighty depths before and no one cared.

    Still, the spy trainer bailing out, boy oh boy that didn’t take much heat now did it?

    Wonder what the learned Judith is thinking right now, backing that flea bitten mangey nag called Muller?

    • Appalling opinion piece, wasn’t it Muttonbird?
      How many articles were headined “ACT could save Key” when the Nats were at peak polling?!
      Yep, zero.
      Bryce Edwards has betrayed his lack of impartiality……..but then that’s the only B.S. Stuff will publish I suppose.
      Just how many Nat apologists are there pretending they are serious contenders for the next election???

      • has betrayed his lack of impartiality

        Jase, Yes, at times Dr E. does appear to do just that. He seems to have an almost personal dislike of Jacinda at times – though I hope I’m wrong, – it’s there when he talks about her “star power sucking the life out of others”. That is a twisted way of presenting what is happening, in my opinion.

        However if you turn it all around, ..what he’s written, and try to take the positives from it, my very rough translation (lacking his linguistic refinement – heh) would be:

        “Greens and Labour need to wake the hell up and get over themselves, and learn to work together/ support each other leading up to the election, (while each remaining true to their essential core values). They will need each other as the election draws closer.” (And I would agree with that!)

    • Dr Bryce has zero idea what he’s talking about.

      Well I think his appraisal of the state of the Greens is close to the mark.
      Eg, They have been “attempting to broaden their appeal by becoming more polished and mainstream.”

      And, Former supporters of the party complain it has lost its soul and become part of the Establishment. Yes.

      On climate change and the environment – particularly water quality – the Greens’ efforts have been watered down to the point where many of their core supporters are wondering “is that it?”

      And in particular, this para:
      Last year, former Green Party co-leader and current Greenpeace NZ executive director, Russel Norman, dismissed Green Party leader and Climate Change Minister James Shaw’s claims New Zealand is making the planet safer: “More like keeping polluting businesses safe from those businesses and people who genuinely want to save the planet. Be in no doubt. This is the ugly face of realpolitik from an administration that seems to care more about ending up in opposition than it does about climate catastrophe. They may discover both will come to pass.”

  6. National, the party of spies, lies and alibis.

    Was Michelle Boag also the “reliable source” that Michael Woodhouse used to give information on the “invisible homeless man” issue?

    Interesting that Jian Yang’s reluctance to be interviewed by English speaking media came to the public’s notice, has now led to him retiring.

    Could be a big hole in National’s donations come this election. Yep the party’s over for Natz.

  7. Very sad of course to finally be witnessing the vile National Party implode.

    Bridges will be one of the few in the party smiling. Well done Muller, Brownlee, Woodhouse, Goldsmith, Collins, Adams, Bishop, Smith, Lee. All latrine Rodents so couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch. Hilarious. So much for his extremely talented team 🙂

    My take on Muller is a little different from most others. I felt they knew he had zero hope of beating Ardern in September. Losing there was bad enough but what was worse for them was losing numerous MP’s. They just couldn’t tolerate that. They believed Muller would stop the bleeding of National and limit their losses in September. That’s been an epic fail. Muller is vile and hasn’t connected with New Zealanders at all despite all the assistance he’s had from his PR Team at TVNZ. His relentless attacking, undermining, and misrepresenting Ardern when the rest of NZ could see her hands were clean was not well received and he just couldn’t see that. Spouted off about not barking at every passing car as NZ has had enough of that. Nek minute, that’s exactly what he did every day. Muller will be remembered for three things. 1) his underhanded coup. 2) leading National when their dirty politics was confirmed and owned for all to see. 3) an unprecedented election defeat.

    Well done Todd. Stick that in your CV.

    Despite all of the above, this will be his speech in September when Luxon takes his job.

    “it’s been a hell of a ride and I’ve enjoyed every moment of it”

    • He showed his hand by hiring Hooten – an individual up to his neck in Dirty Politics as Nicky Hager pointed out.

      In fact he hires Hooten – then claims “goody goody Christian leader of a nicer Opposition”, whilst quietly stuffing his MAGA cap under the sofa.

      He may yet take Bill’s record for biggest electoral defeat.

    • Add in Jacindafan – all Mullers moral outrage about private names being made public, when that sits easily alongside Paula Bennett’s naming of beneficiaries. Or as the undeserving poor don’t they count?

    • “Spouted off about not barking at every passing car as NZ has had enough of that………”

      Apparently via some leaked medical information Muller lost his hair from chasing parked cars………..No no no how could Woodhouse be so cruel!!

  8. Another winner here will be John Luxon: He is such a dead cert for National’s new leader after the election that I bet Ladbrokes have already stopped taking bets on him.
    It really does look grim for the Natzskis, doesn’t it?
    Rats deserting a sinking ship is a saying that comes to mind.
    Labour should not be lulled into a false complacency, however. National are like a wounded animal, dangerous and unpredictable.
    There are still a lot of people in COVD-19 quarantine, and there will always be a few prepared to take a bribe to escape and embarrass the government.
    Crosby Textor are the masters of unethical electioneering and their (mal)influence should not be underestimated.
    Agreed that the election is gearing up as a convincing Labour majority win, as long as they don’t make any supreme blunders.

  9. Yes, NZ National is like a Deathstar with a blown warp drive, crewed by treacherous mutant remnants…will enough of todays short attention span, low information voters get that–and care–though?

    My caution is just from seeing so many elections and the persistent hardwired tory vote (which does look likely to fade from 2023 as more boomers head to aged care). Hamish Walker may as well have said “Whites Only” because that is the message his volk in Southland received loud and clear from his early statements. But I guess the provinces have long been that way and Bomber is really talking about the Party Vote. And Jacinda’s record on Covid speaks for itself.

    On the positive side are voting in supermarkets, extended early voting, the Cannabis Referendum–which may attract a few more voters. I would like to see the unpublished roll promoted more too to attract debtors, migrants, women in abusive situations, and others reluctant to be identified. The other thing about Covid is that people are a bit more receptive to political contact and messaging, not that the New Zealand media has done much beyond carrying National attack lines!

    So yes, National should be gone for all money and I hope it is.

  10. End of the National Death Star, Martyn??

    It might be, IF the MSM ACTUALLY reported on what is the complete reputational shredding and disintegration of our biggest political party.

    But so far……..*tumbleweeds*.

    New Zealand Maintream Media: “To Serve and Protect*” (*certain interests)

    • To be fair the Heralds Amelia Wade has plainly joined the dots both detailing Mullers lying about other Nat MP’s knowing, i.e. Michael Woodhouse whom Toddy knew that he knew when previously asked.

      And secondly, detailing Woodhouse’ s painful, excruciating explanation thinking that we’re all idiots by saying he thought, all innocent, the emails he received from Boag about patient leaks were not the same ones Walker received. Talk about dancing around the head of a pin. What a contemptible fuckwit. Imagine someone as alienated from the truth as Michael Woodhouse as Health Minister, God help us all.

      Both men come across as blatant liars (and by virtue totally unfit for public service) in that article made all the worse by Woodhouse’s prior truth defying indiscretions, homeless man in a hotel, etc. Refer;

      “National leader Todd Muller knew Michael Woodhouse was also sent Covid patient data”

  11. I see Woodhouse has admitted receiving 4 similar dubious emails from Boag containing Covid-19 patient details.

    Assuming Boag knows Woodhouse REALLY well, why did she send those emails to him? We all know that answer. It’s a given that had the Government not called for a high-level enquiry into the source of the reprehensible leak, none of the sewer rodents involved would have put their hand up. It’s all about damage control for them now they have all been caught with their hands in the turd infested toilet bowl.

    • Yes, exactly Jacindafan. There is another point here. Woodhouse said that he received a list of names from Boag but it was not the same as the one Walker received. Question – how many lists of peoples names, in clear and intentional breach of their privacy, did Boag send out and to who? She cannot claim, as she is, that she made a mistake and already others are jumping on the wagon to support her in her pathetic claim. If she is sending out lists (plural) of people’s names to different National party MPs and no doubt others, that is not a mistake. It is a blatant and criminal breach of peoples privacy and in my view she should be prosecuted for serious and egregious criminal offending.

      The other point relates to Woodhouse. He said that because of his health background he realised that the names Boag sent to him were a breach of those peoples’ privacy so he deleted them. All well and good but why did he then delete the deletion? Oh, I know, he was in on the game with Boag and probably receiving all sorts of e-mails from her, including information about the COVID Karens as they are referred and possibly sent them on after which he deleted the e-mail and lists and then deleted the deletion so he could not be traced. Dumb behaviour because from my uni studies I know that deleted material on a computer can be recovered.

      Then, to top it all off today after news came out about the third person absconding from managed isolation Muller pointed the finger at Labour and said that they have mismanaged the whole process. Mismanaged!!! That’s a bit rich isn’t it Muller. Talk about mismanagement – how are you going managing your own team? Perhaps its time for a hot toddy and another lie down.

  12. Hands up anyone who’d be surprised if Boag turns out to be the “very reliable source” for Woodhouse’s ‘homeless man’ fantasy.

  13. Don’t get too complacent people.
    We still have a neo-liberal public service which as Idiot/Savant sums up as doing this TO us rather than FOR us, but over the past 3 decades one that not only does that, but it does it with the cultist beiiefs of of its worshippers:
    AND we still have a load of Labour MPs who’ve grown up knowing nothing else in their adult life – well-intentioned, and often very very ‘nice’, but at times utterly naive, and a feral opposition that are more like cornered shithouse rats that are now willing to try anything (The latest concerns Gayford concoctions – I don’t do social media but I suspect that’s where it will all play out).

    Even though the dripping Ms Boag has fallen on her sword, don’t for one moment think there are not others lining up to take her place. All we’ve seen so far are cornered rats deciding to eat each other and there’s still a fair amount of food for them yet

    • Spot on OWT. We must not lose sight of the fact that we do still have a neo-liberal Public Service.

  14. I just found out from one of my reliable Wuhan connections that LAB-our engineered the Covid virus themselves in a petrie dish. LAB-our chief scienclist, Covid Clark was in charge of the project.

  15. I’m thinking of setting up a Give a Little page to buy Michael Woodlouse a ‘Moral Compass!’ God knows he needs one! One for Todd Muller too! Perhaps for the whole Natz party.

  16. Winner: Simon Bridges. He’s looking pretty good right now in comparison. My patsy theory is being confirmed as we speak. ;-).

  17. As former National MP who in recent times has made (legal) dollar donations to the Party (most would consider – substantial), and who will vote against Labour this coming election (probably ACT for my Party vote as a strategic initiative to accommodate MMP), I gotta say, I am absolutely delighted to see Boag out herself.

    For me who has been in the ‘other camp’ to Boag and Sue Wood, I as far back as 1984 Waipa selection when I was beaten by 2 votes in a questionable outcome (I entered parliament 1987 and was there for 9 years – until MMP arrived and demolished my safe Tory seat); this outcome is a matter of, Vengeance tastes best when served ICE COLD (and I didn’t have to do anything).

    Hilarious. A good day at the office, m8

    • “As former National MP who in recent times has made (legal) dollar donations to the Party (most would consider – substantial), and who will vote against Labour this coming election (probably ACT for my Party vote as a strategic initiative to accommodate MMP)”

      You are, what shall we say? you are a complicated person.

  18. I suspect that new arrivals in ‘isolation’ who are identified as National supporters are sussed out by the National’s campaign team. Some are vetted to support the election campaign by going rogue, leaving their lockdown. Watch to see if National employs their lawyer when they go to court.

    • “Hipkins said other than the three who absconded, people in managed isolation were following the rules. “Let’s put this into perspective. We’re talking about three cases out of about 30,000 people going through these facilities in recent months,” he said.

      If they have the same percentage of success in encouraging people to vote for them as they to abscond things are looking good.

  19. We should never forget the reason that these National Party MPs were given this information was for them to engage in a racist campaign against New Zealanders of Indian or Korean heritage..

    According to Michael Woodhouse the email message from Michelle Boag that came the personal details of the Covid positive patients, was, ‘you might find a use for this’.

    That the list of names given by Micheel Boag to Michael Woohouse, included New Zealanders with Korean and Indian sounding Surnames was the ‘use’ that Michelle Boag intended Michael Woodhouse to indulge in.

    In effect Michelle Boag was encouraging Michael Woodhouse to engage in a racist attack on New Zealanders of Indian or Korean heritage, which were the minorities singled out by Hamish Walker for his racist dog whistle which implied that you are not white or of European heritage you cannot possibly be a real New Zealander.
    That Michael Woodhose sat on this information for four days until he could be sure which way the wind was blowing, is not to his credit, just that he was more politically astute than Hamish Walker.

  20. Labour and Jacinda are very vulnerable. The emotional swing for supporting jacinda can easily be undone by dropping dirt and lies close to the voting day.

    • Agree that we need to be cautious and remain aware. The election is still more than two months away, a long time in politics.

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